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Always Paranoid

Before you get too worried, we do not plan to stop being Paranoid, but things are changing. You see, a while back cough #NotALeakAnymore cough we were approached by a specific OEM, to pair up forces to make the best product ever. Considering you should be working with what you love and since everyone in the team has a passion for the green little robot, talks were had, and papers were signed. What happens next is still a bit mysterious and a lot of things are going on, but nobody shall ever forget you guys were and will be the driving force behind Paranoid Android.

To celebrate this amazing news, we’re giving away 100 OnePlus Global Invites. All you need to do is, open up the blog post linked below, fill in the required details in the giveaway form - 100 random users will be selected. These invites remain alive for 7 days, so you have plenty of time to make your decision! The giveaway runs for 2 days straight! 

Blog Post

Do not worry about Paranoid Android.

#NeverSettleBeParanoid #StayParanoid
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You guys just brought back life into my opo! (been using the n6 since launch) 
still going with the invites thing? ugh.

I buy something when I've thought about it and truly want it, not ermagerd24hoursleftbuyitNOWmwahaha
Congrats PA Team, great work as always.  Keep it up and here's to the future!
It is rumored that one of the PA devs is working on an exclusive feature for OxygenOS this begs the question how is the relationship between OxygenOS and PA going to be. Everything of PA is going to be available to OO, but everything (even now hw specific) is not going to be in PA: I assume that it is going to be this kind of relationship? 
+Arz Bhatia I'm not against you giving away the invites - that's great - I just find this invite system has done its job and should finally be abandoned now :)
+Reed Johnson - We're going to be keeping separate features for both the ROMs. Current PA features are mostly exclusive to PA.
Soooo, not Alpha 2 or Beta anytime soon? Damn. Just tell us, do we go to some other rom for now ? :|
+Dominik Holzapfel - PA and OxygenOS are separate ROMs made by the same people having different features. 6 members from the PA team were hired by OnePlus - Those 6 are still going to be working on PA.
Awesome for you guys, sucks for us. I have no desire dealing with One Plus to stay paranoid. Lucky for us, Lollipop is amazing as it is.
I'm slightly #paranoid I'm just sitting here waiting with a rooted Nexus 6, for PA to jump from alpha to beta..
Great news.

It's a sad day when 'giving away' a chance to spend money on something at full price is a thing. God I hope OnePlus ditch this dumb invite idea for their future devices.
A news for PA would be more considerable !! Waiting for it .. 
Looks like CM has a rival now in terms of stock ROM making for OEMs. OK, 2 rivals. OxygenOS is also coming up.
So in 1 sentence, what are you trying to say?
That's awesome!

I thought OnePlus has Tuesday's open to buy without an invite? Or have they changed it since I last saw it?
Well, I guess I can call myself very lucky to have bought a +OnePlus a month ago. Looking forward to you new ROM.
Well , this is good news for pa fans that pa not going to be closed , so still waiting you guys post a thread that introducing the latest build of pa , keep it up , we are always the pa fans 
...100 invites so I can spend money on a year old phone? Even though everyone can buy it in a few days anyway? Great.
Lol invites? Nah thanks, M9 is just around the corner. 😎
Sad news for the community. I know what you are gonna say, but based on other experiences, going professional for oems or incs, kills community rom projects (just like Aokp died months ago). Besides that, u guys owe us nothing, on the contrary, we owe you months/years of excellent work. So good luck (and please make something really good, as u usually do, out of Oxygen OS, specially with OPOs camera that's hugely neglected by CM code - lol).
Hoooly shieeet. When oneplus said that they have problem with cyanogen i said they should team up with paranoid.
I dreamed it :D
+Paweł Stepień That's like saying if someone treads in dog shit, they should go and find another steaming pile of shit to tread in.

You're a retard. You deserve a OnePlus. Fuck it, you deserve a fucking iPhone and a kick in the balls for being a twat. 
If you have nothing positive to say then why comment? Like we care about reading your bs reasons for disliking phone/company. Y'all waste too much time posting hate. Go outside, exercise. 
+Andre Saddler not all comments are about hating or loving Oppo; some of us just hate to loose AOSPA as it allways was, yet are very thankful about all the work and dedication you've put into providing us with excellent roms and improvements. But you need to suck it up... working for an OEM will make you put up with serious sh**. Take how bratty users acted till now that u did everything for free, and imagine now that they will actually be paying for your stuff. :D
+Andre Saddler Oh, I upset you?

Besides loving a ROM which is always 6 months behind the curve, you might also want to learn English if you want to try communicating in it. 
One Plus got the right guys this time, happy for both parties 😁
Teddy M
["We aim to not simply add to Android but extend it, utilizing the same design philosophies Google uses with AOSP (Android Open Source Project)"]

When others are trying to take Android away from Google, we embrace it. I love Android, Love Paranoid, definitely me encanta mi Oneplus One 😜 😉 Welcome Oxygen OS
Haters gonna hate Lmaoooooooo 
+Nando Masiá PA is not working for an OEM, few of our engineers are. Nothing has changed, so you won't loose AOSPA! 
+John Slater how is pa behind? In KitKat they were consistently ahead, and the loli Roms which came out before pa were not anything special.
That's what I was dreaming of. It would be really nice to have camera2 APIs available for OxygenOS. 👌😉
+Paranoid Android I don't need an Invite as I already have the phone since the first batch.

I'm just posting to say that I'm super thrilled to see you guys behind OxygenOS. I've been dreaming about this since the first rumors about OnePlus developing their own ROM.

If what you guys did with PA is any clue of what's to come, OxygenOS will be nothing short of amazing.


David (dsmonteiro in the Forums)
No matter how much you tell us not to be worried we'll still assume that the best PA features will now go to the One+ as exclusives. You guys might still be working on PA but we'll only get the leftover features.
1. Congrats to the devs. 2. Maybe shut up if you are complaining about a project you've enjoyed but not paid for. 3. Congrats to the devs again.
+Duran Berk​​ bruh cm is a business now... Pa is still a group of volunteers.. who work well together so one plus asked some of them to work for them. If they all opened an ice cream shop together you wouldn't say shit. Better that they earn wages doing something cool like this. Do you think money grows on trees? Fucktard
Good news :)
Knowing corporate average ruling I feared that part of the team would have been lost for at least some time... Seems it's not 👍
What's the difference between a 'global' invite and a regular OPO invite? 
I am very excited for the Oxygen OS.  The one thing that I am hoping for is that it has a KICK ASS camera! I have been enjoying the CM Camera very much.  Lot of features and RAW images.  Looking for to it......Stay Paranoid!
Congrats +Paranoid Android;​​ that's really awesome news. I'm so happy for you guys! :) 
Nice ! Congrants ! Oxygen OS looks more promissing now.
Is it safe to say oxygen OS will be close to stock android? Or will it be skinned?
I've got my OPO with bamboo running PA. Now I'm excited to see Oxygen. They couldn't have picked a better group.

Just watch out going from dev group to legit firmware division that you don't fall in the same pr and customer service pitfalls as CM. 
Rom will incur but unfortunately it is very late, I understand the commitments, but so will come out timing. it is not a criticism qiesta
A. Kal
Is PA done? and i cant updaate to android Lollipop i get a signature verification error
Who are the new Developers or are you currently looking for new developers to fill those holes.
Sorry to ruin this post But I'm paranoid. Please bring back the DSB system to lollipop . 
+Vinay Patil dude seriously? This isn't the place for that crap. They aren't asking for feature requests. Just be patient and wait for features to be added in, or do it yourself
Anyone building for S4? Just a side question.
+Kevin Spell Look for the Open Camera app. OpenSource code, free, amazingly full-featured :)
On my OnePlus One running PA I get stunning results 
+Teddy M you are mistaken, I'm not trolling at all. I have my point of view about this thing, based on experience, and I express it respectfully. And even before expressing it I clearly state these guys owe us nothing, and more than that, I express how grateful I am for all the work they've been doing for years. I just have a solid opinion about what open source and community projects should be, but still, what grudge are we talking about? Still, coming to announce this making a contest for invites to buy OPOs... when after making it so hard to buy for months, now trying to kill stock before launching the next OPO and right after they announced you can buy freely every tuesday, sounds like you are not taking users too seriously. It's like slipping into hotpants, wearing the company's hat and go promote the brand in the community project G+. Again, that doesn't look like protecting AOSPA project at all. Yet, I'm an OPO owner, so I'll actually benefit from these changes, but doesn't change the fact of what's being done here...
+Nando Masiá it is much easier for me to get a Nexus device than to get a One Plus One. One Plus dug out their own grave.
+Richard Sequeira​ I like the screen and battery life on the opo better. Plus the opo is a more manageable size.
Teddy M
+Nando Masiá dude you're taking things to damn serious life is not that complicated. Download backup/ wipe / flash reboot if you don't download CM backup wipe flash. Why trying psychoanalyze something so simple. 
Does this mean we'll see a Paranoid, inc. Show up soon? 😜
People are too selfish these days... " I want PA now... I want an OPO now... What I say about the future of PA is right, everyone else are wrong... What am I gonna do without PA... When is the next PA release, I want it now... " Every day I see so much disrespectful comments / post here or on the General Discussion community about the work they do, the feature they add, hell the features they don't add... the choices they make in their own life, jobs, etc... Leave them friggin' be! And you know what? In the end, they may stop working on the AOSPA project because of those disrespectful / selfish people and what people will say... "Ahhh I knew it, I were right, I... I... I..." Shut up and take what they GIVE you... Or move along... #StayParanoid
Welcome to the hate train guys!!!  :D
Teddy M
+Jérémie Blais​ agree PA team work countless hours when the rest of us are sleeping and still we keep talking BS , questioning their decisions for something that we are getting free.
+Paranoid Android  You guys have been workin on PA for a long time now. As for me, you deserve a great opportunity like this one, in order to get bigger, invent bigger and better features (of course u alrdy did;) ) +OnePlus created a brilliant phone, now was necessary to find a suitable partner. Hope the best for u, cant wait for the first #OxygenOS
+Teddy M probably cause I'm a psychoanalist? LOL ; I still feel the same, but maybe you are right and this doesn't need to be taken so serious. 
I hope that the development of the ROM AOSPA will continue and you're not going to stop the support for all the non-nexus devices. 
Can i get paranoid android 5.0 for moto g?
Has the PA rom been abandoned? My S3 is on PA4.6 Beta5, and there's been no release since last year...
Ja Ke
The brain trust was hired away. I think the best ideas will go to the paying OEM versus the users who get a free product. Yeah yeah nothing has changed. Proof is in the pudding. At least there are fewer bug reports. 
Soooooo gapps are gone and updates are nowhere near as frequent. I'm getting worried. Comfort me please.
+John Patrick Glattetre the fact that AOKP team is trying to make a comeback doesn't mean it's not dead. Right now and for the last 9/12 months, they've been completely out of the picture.
Wow... R.I.P. Paranoid Android too, or so it seems.
Ja Ke
You just asked the unspeakable question. Stand by 
With PA 4.4.4 the phone app just turn off the screen whenever I press call after dial. Anyone have similar experience? 
Ja Ke
You can't fix it until development picks back up and the devs are interested in fixing broken stuff. I would move on and check back. +Ovnez ™​
People are still whining about this?  Yes it WAS a great ROM but it's dead until it's brought back to life.  Just move on...