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PA 3.97 -- HALO 2.0 --

First public preview. This opens up a whole new spectrum and this may even be interesting for plug-ins and add-ons.
HALO shows the actual notifications now, not just a lame text. The coolest thing, it supports multitouch so you can go in there and interact with these notifications while you task. It's easier than you may think, in the worst case you use two hands or don't interact - just lift the finger as always and you get your floating window.
There are tons of improvements and details in this one, too many to list right now.
This is a major shift from the original code-base so screw-ups could happen. This was only tested on Mako (Nexus 4 in default size). If maintainers build this for other devices, see if it works for you please.
Should we see anything bad we'll heal it asap as always.

Other changes
- Quick Settings: Option to use floating window
- MMS: Option to switch on screen automatically (+Francisco Franco made this for us, we think making features suits him well)
- ParanoidOTA bugfixes (still beta, sorry)
- Bionic/Krait/CAF optimizations

Gapps 0815
Updated Google+ to v4.1.0.50809204
Updated Google Play Store to v4.3.11 - Included Fixes may help with 'Package File Invalid' Error
Updated Google Play Music to v5.1.1109K.772337
Updated Google Play Books to v2.9.21


Rolling out in the next couple of hours/days.

GAPPS 0815
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I love PA more than the next guy, but the two finger interactions are just not user friendly at all. More of a nuisance than anything. 
thanks and waiting for it to show up .. it's not in the server yet for mako
Yeah...if someone would build this for jfltevzw that would be great...
This is insanely awesome!
Damon G
I'm all over this.... Thanks PA
what is the kernel you use ??
That's the true power of Open Source. Amazing work guys. 
Bad ass. I'm guessing the next phase would be using one first to slide across, the slide upwards into the notification window to change the setting. 
This is abslolutely awesome! Great work PA!!
+Alex Karol you dont have to use two fingers on one hand. you can use two hands, i mean thats what you do when you multitouchtask, right? also no need to interact - its a little bonus. its easier than it looks, though.
really where are the zips ?-)
Great improvement. My only issue is that I don't like the scrolling as a method to switch between notification. I prefer the separate bubbles like Facebook chatheads. Just my opinion. Keep up the great work. I'm loving 3.96 currently. 
No one knows what game it is? 
amazing as usual guys, but it's a bit exhausting to click with another finger while switching halo, why don't you pause the app selected while choosing it and tab the halo circle to open the halo "floating window" as we used too.
please add the pause thing and i hope you got what i meant to say :) thanks a million +Paranoid Android 
Make sure you check the xda thread for PA updates, some of the updates are not posted on the download site but are on the thread... 
Put halo in the dropdown notification center. Who wants bubble on the screen,??
+Ali Hussein nothing changed., you can open floating windows. use two hands if you like for multitouch.
+Paranoid Android its OK PAteam some ppl don't realize its better to have extra than not have enough. Its there if you want to use it if you don't then don't halo still functions the same as always.
+Paranoid Android my point is to make the multi-touch concept as a pause to the halo notifications while picking one; then do whatever in the paused notification (one finger will be used) as for the notification to be shown in(floating window) we could tab the halo circle. 
Can't wait for this to come out 
guess its time to start flashing again...
Yeah I like Ali's idea, using 2 fingers is too cumbersome to me. 
Tim JP
The only Android ROM that truly innovates.
+Dmitry Chorine there are several pseudo halos around, as single app. and none of them have a deeper reach. what makes halo special is that it is a native feature with full integration. this is impossible for an app. all they can do is make a bubble with text, you might just as well use the notificationcurtain.
Is this kernel jwr. Want to mod with beats off xda
Will I have to wipe data/factory reset when installing this from one of the latest 4.2.2 PA roms?
Are the notifications in halo expandable?
And will the HALO))) App be updated for Halo 2.0?
(Anyway mind blown once again O.O)
Now wait a second. The build is JSS15J. Is this still a mixture with JWR66V?
Is it possible to make the notifications opaque like before? That really made HALO look easier to multitask with, especially because you could still read the text underneath. :) +Paranoid Android 
Does this build include a way to completely hide it when no notifications exist, +Paranoid Android? That's the biggest problem I have with Halo right now and the feature I'm most excited about seeing. 
For some reason halo is not working for me right now. I think this has been the case since 2 versions or so, but because of the 2.0 update I'd really like to use it again. My Problem is pretty simple: Halo just doesn't show any notifications. I tried reboots, flashing the rom again but none of that worked unfortunately.
+Paranoid Android does this work well with the Galaxy Nexus?
Maybe we can do more features together ;) hint hint...
I have a idea you can which will be really awesome. Well u can add as a option. Some people might not like it. Well let's say u get message instead of opening halo and getting a window like we do get that same window but on the notification drawer would fit really nice. And something not done by no one. 
Isn't it a little early in the relationship for features?
Pedro B
I'd prefer an updated Tilapia rom instead of features many people will not use.
I've been trying to find info on PIE2 (which should totally be called like Pecan PIE or somesuch)  as that and hybrid are PAs killer features.  I agree that for the most part Halo is intriguing but not a gamechanger.  It's a bit of a distraction like that hover control feature for whatever mfg rom.  Sounds cool but what practical use? Maybe a bad comparison as Halo does offer a bit more than that but still.

PIE.  PIE is delicious.  Let's make some PIE.
btw if i want google stock colours can i still use the JSS15J zip for it? 
Has the system not being able to be mounted error been taken care of?
Just flashed 3.97 on Mako. Running smoothly so far. For some reason SMS was waking screen even though it was not checked. I checked it, then un-checked it and it works flawless now. Awesome ROM! Keep up the good work PA!!
What happened to the advanced option in the settings where I could turn off the capacitive buttons backlight and stuff like that... 
When I remove an app from showing notifications, they keep coming back after a reboot even though the check box to block them is still ticked. Is this normal?
is dirty flash for this one ok? if i come from 3.96
Can Halo be used on unsecured lock screen? If so, how is it enabled? 
This great to control music without status bar. Just slide from halo and press skip or pause, without having to open the floating window.
+Rick Johnson I've done nothing but dirty flash my phone and i seems fine. i think the new radio and boot loader zips links are on some of PA's older post. i just flashed those then rom and Gapps and have had no problems. but i recognize that this doesn't apply to everyone
Any reason it keeps saying in the OTA that my device doesn't exist??.. Samsung galaxy note II is what I use, AT&T version... Using t0lte
I can see why people like PA, I too like it a lot, but I really don't like halo and since it's always in the notification I can't wrap my head around it and there is no way to uninstall it or get rid of it... in other words PA is not giving me choice. 
+Germán Camilo Martínez What do you mean there is no way to get rid of it... you can disable HALO. Actually you never have to turn it on. Only the icon to activate it remains in the notification shade
Hey how to work halo with the plugins and all as shown in the video??
I also want full notifications instead of just the texts..
Why are the new features not working for me? The power control in halo and status bar is not showing:(
Just WOW!!! I have no other word!
that is nice, the idea is almost the same that of the stock camera app, hopefully with the next build it can be navigated using one finger only like that of the quick toggles inside halo which you should use at least two finger to toggle. we salute you +Paranoid Android 
+Joaquin Payan The power control app is not included ... it was simply used as an example of how notifications now show and how they can be interacted with. 
Really!?! I'm glad that l that get all this cool new stuff but tilapia (one of your officially supported devices) is still in 3.68 running 4.2.2 while everything else is at 3.9!
I am sure +Paranoid Android can confirm but I think it's a safe bet this is still a JWR build so JWR kernels will still apply.  If PA exclusively went back to JSS, I think they would have stated that in the build announcement as that's a pretty big deal.  As far as I know, JSS still isn't stable.
+Paranoid Android Guys you are killing it !!! Seriously you are mad people giving a new build in 2 days and too with so much awesomeness  !!! Great work guys!!! People lets have 3 cheers for the PA team .. Hip Hip hurray !!!!
Can I run this with the older 4.3 gapps (I think its 0808)?
I updated the apps manually from play store and I know PA saves this in the system partition but I'm okay with the extra space. Downloading a 200 MB gapps file is a bitch
D Smuv
Is there a build for galaxy note 2 sprint l900?
D Smuv
Can someone give me an answer? 
So is this a preview build? Btw this looks so cool :D
This needs to be a app so the rest of us can enjoy. PA is for sure my favorite when I can install it. Stupid locked boot loader.
+Joaquin Payan I think you may have missed the point, halo shows actual notifications now, what you saw there was a standard widget displayed through halo
+Germán Camilo Martínez choice is not automatically a good thing. Does android give you the choice to uninstall the entire app curtain, no, it's part of the system. For pa this is native behavior, you use it when you need it.
Flashed rom then flashed stock kernel and now I'm having visual issues when scrolling and such. Any fix? 
+Brandon Meyer yes, notifications always come from android, we just receive them. Happens that you get a mms that cobra back after reboot even when rebooting, never understood why Google does that

+Joshua Gillette that's legacy pa, is basically a different Rom, you gotta ask your maintainer. Nexus doesn't know capacitive
+Hernan Recendez it's as simple as always. Just text didn't look good and had issues because many apps don't use the ticker text. 
+Paranoid Android well actually i am. Im running the latest official version for the nexus 4 (the one this post is about).
+Paranoid Android why cant you make it work with whatsapp like facebook messenger (the text box showing the message sent directly).
Never mind solved my problem 
Lost my root access, anyone else experience this? 
Awesome! Great work :)
+Paranoid Android  just a question, when will you settle on some rom version that will not be updated after 2 days (i know you have plenty of work with 4.3 android, but still)
and more importantly why dont you make small packages, why do I have allways have to download whole rom again? its just... inconvenient
P.S. if small update packages, i wont mind daily updates, just downloading this bulk of data is something that repels me from updating
Incredible, great work, PA Team!
Love this! sounds awesome! But just wondering, whats that skate board game (i havent got many games)
+Pavel Jakubík I agree with you. Its a bit frustrating. But with innovations like this I am not complaining. I think delta updates are coming to pa. Pa team did hint about that a while ago in an earlier post. 
+Satyashiba Panigrahi I am not complaining about inovations, but i just dont have time to update like this, I bet plenty of people are in same position
+Paranoid Android The Paranoid OTA updater says "2131165215: This device doesn't exist."
But my device is a 2012 Nexus 7 (grouper) and you even have a grouper folder on your update server?
Can the halo expand into multiple instances on a click if there are multiple notifications? The dragging method drags me down a bit 
The halo ping is no longer working for me.
PA 3.97 with faux 20 jwr build.
Dirty flashed over previous build.
I've sent myself a test message, took a screen shot, got a regular notification, in all cases ping is not working. That is when waking phone up from sleep.
Must i clean wipe? +Paranoid Android 
hi freind
i have rom 3.97 and gapps 20130815
very good but one question
dont know kernel the rom ?
+Paranoid Android Hi... Awesome work as always :) thank you guys :)) I can't seem to get quick settings to work in halo... Is there a trick to it?
How to open quick settings tiles in the floating window? I switched it on in settings menu. But I can't see it in halo.
How to open quick settings tiles in the floating window? I switched it on in settings menu. But I can't see it in halo.
+Deepak Saravanan one post is enough dude. Go and check settings>toolbars>quick settings panel>floating windows. 
Link sutuble franko jss ???
I have franco jss not work
Excuseme . i am iranian and no speak english good
thx! it's amazing. the best Rom for nexus 4.
Tryed everything can't seem to get floating quick settings to work
Just when I think nothing can be done, you guys bring surprises that takes android to a different league!
This has my jaw dropped still. Halo is the most useful feature on my phone. This will only increase its usefulness immeasurable amounts. Great job guys. CM may have started it all but you guys innovate like nobody else.
Great, just great.What about bugs...?
+Paranoid Android HALO 2.0 is fucking awesome!! Thanks so much for your hard work!! Now with Bionic optimizations the ROM feels more fluid. Fluid as fluid.

Does anybody know how to setup PowerAmp to show up controls on HALO like PlayMusic?
+Sam Abdel Hamid read the post and xda forums. Halo CANNOT be made as a standalone app. It is integrated too deeply inside Android.
flashed today on my N4 and its so awesome, beautiful and super fastest
What is the toggle app name for notifications handling wifi data sync etc? 
Great work guys :) I would definitely use Halo if it had a physics engine similar to the Facebook chatheads so I can flick it away to dismiss it. It's very satisfying and convenient!
+Pavel Jakubík its an ongoing work thats all. we could just throw in a 'feature' and leave it at that for bullet points but we all use this for ourselves so we bump into this and that, new ideas, fixes, etc. you upgrade on your own pace, weekly, monthly, as you wish.

small packages would be an option but not right now. releasing a rom means one button press for me. the time i save i can put into programming.
+Bryan Lam you, too. make sure you dont wipe out root with a kernel. root works fine if you just install it as it comes.
+Paranoid Android or anybody..  Did you test new HALO with PowerAMP? I try to use it but it's horrible.. Navigations buttons dissapears when I press next song, and not shows again.. also buttons and distance between different notifications are too small (N4) it's uncomfortable to use..
+Paul Henschel Yup, I just pointed it out since you guys asked us to give feedback on the other nexus models about 3.97. Thanks for the quick response. Love how professional Halo 2.0 is looking!
+Pavel Jakubík Dude, it takes the same time to flash an update zip as to dirty flashed a rom. I havent clean flashed since 2.99 and I have not a single issue. Just dirty flashed if you dont want to fully wipe. This is a work in progress. Go ask CM to do update zips instead of nightlies and see what they say. These guys code everything from scratch for free, don't be so ungrateful.
+Paranoid Android , please tell me that I can flash another kernel rather than the Franco kernel, and if yes, which kernel can I flash on my GNex. On my Galaxy Nexus the Franco kernel freezes my apps, overheats my phone, and the battery dies within an hour and a half, at most...
Roy Al
Much too complicated. The 1.0 is simple and good. This is too much. 
its the same roy, nothing got more complex than it is 
+Berry McCockiner it features black and whitelists. either blacklist notifications you dont want or use the whitelist right away and apps that you want to interacti with via halo
+Paranoid Android The new halo is mindblowing. It needs some modification on its gestures, but it is a breakthrough nonetheless.

+Nikhil Varma Check this out :D
If we could do a pinch-to-zoom gesture to expand floating windows to fullscreen that would be awesome :D
I'm sort of thinking keeping the 2 fingers OPTION is a good idea after using it. If you make it 'pause' like Ali said then floating window becomes less useful and there are too many actions making it complicated. I don't know though. 
can't find how to add a widget to halo :(
So excited, gonna be checking for grouper build every 10 min
Guess the ota is still not working as it tells me my nexus 7 does not exist. 
+Paranoid Android I have just installed PA 3.96 (since i cant find PA 3.97) on my GNex. Unfortunately this version had removed the theme chooser from Setting. Please bring back theme chooser to PA because I really like to use different theme to match it with my screen setup.
Can't seem to get power toggles to work with multitouch.. Will keep muxkin around
Coming from PA 3.68 mako how do I properly flash this? Do I need the radio and bootloader?
That's why I say an option would be perfect, and probably a 1 line implementation.

Some of us would like that extra 10px visible while still being hidden.
Android noob here please be patient with me. I'd like the latest stable PA + franco kernel on my nexus 4. I am running stock 4.3 atm. can anybody point me to a full tutorial on how to do this. I have a device stuck in a bootloop I dont want my nexus to break as well. Thanks!
+Paranoid Android is there a version for the new nexus 7? I am new to android and I don't know much about roms but I think paranoid android is awesome. Thank you
+victor alcaras I say flash cyanogenmod first and get your feet wet, and the 2013 nex7 just got its code dropped so I'd think cm nightlies might be the place to start for you.

Once you got a custom rom loaded its a 3 minute job to move between them
+Paranoid Android Hello! I'm on mako and PA it's fantastic....Actually I found a bug: POTA says: 2131165215: this device doesn't exist....Could you say why?
+Paranoid Android just noticed this today... There is no MHL adapter support... So my MHL to HDMI cord actually freezes my phone and I have to shut it off... Please fix or add it...
Are there anyways to increase your Hotspot signal?
It works & well at times just trying to get the most out of it. 
+Paranoid Android Everytime i have flashed one of the 4.3 versions. I lose data on my sprint gnex. Is this a known issue or is it just my bad luck?
+Paranoid Android can you tell us if some how we can use halo over the lock screen?? Thanks a lot for all your work
Franco kernel breaks root for me? I can't live without my display gamma tweaked :)
+Ryan Jackson you can flash SuperSU to get root. Is there some kernel which doesn't break root?
really nice.  Hope this comes to toro.
Package File Invalid bug not squashed yet. 
You guys rock! Running this now. Sad panda for tabletui and halo bug :(

Would be cool to add a toggle, like the floating mode in quicksettings tiles, that makes all notifications open in floating mode. Tabletui users (or anyone who doesn't use halo) could get some mutitasking love.
Halo is already 2.0. how about PIE 2.0 n Hybrid 2.0? i havent heard about that for a while now
It shows "This device doesn't exist" in PA OTA. What's wrong with that?
which rom should i download if my phone is galaxy nexus?
hey can one pls tell me how to get the quick toggles and music controls in halo like how its featured in the video
So is this stable I'm about to try on the HTC Wildfire S. I can't get back to my stockrom and nothing seems to be working. Paranoid was the best experience I had when I last used it. So if it's working I'd like to try it out. All all the features operational?
Hey I'm new to this. What should I do to get this rom... The version in the video. I wanna get dirty with rooting and installing ROMs :)
+Paranoid Android com.process.gapps often force-closes, using pa mako 3.97 & latest pa gapps.. clearing appdata of every google app and restoring google account works fine, until next reboot.. got this problem since 3.96 before everything worked well.. any idea? 
Is the OTA still down ?????????
hmm, funny, after I ran out of battery, the next boot cause abnormalities(home keys dont work- pie and original bar, power button only had 3 options - power off, reboot and, screenshot-> pie was missing). I reflashed the ROM and GApps, still the same. 
Don't know why for me Halo 2.0 is laggy. When I touch it and try to slide to next icon it takes some seconds. Mako
I am currently into pa 3.65 in my s3 i9300. Is this link for s3? I am really in love with the halo feature and I really want to update to halo 2. If any other link for s3 then please provide for the same.
Anyone knows how can be disabled that annoying unsafe volume popup? Its driving me crazy.which file should be modified? I cant find it... 
I haven't been able to flash my nexus, I get to unlock bootloader, root, load recovery but when It comes to changing ROM I haven't been able to run it, the text for the setup appears but it just doesnt fully run.

Do I only need ROM and GAPPS? or radio, kernel or something else?
+Paranoid Android I noticed that the multi-touch on Halo is a little bit mis-calibrated. Tried to pause Spotify and it skips to the next song. Dunno if it's just a grouper problem though. 
interesting updates.. can't wait to have a hands on :D
+Paranoid Android multitouch in halo not working properly for me, cant drag to see notifications, instead of scrolling threw noti. it just takes halo out to posision it elsewhere like if i double tap it. im in Nexus 4
Instead of adding new halo features you should add some more performance.. pa is weak ass when you compare it to cm for example... and with 3,97 there are often random reboots ..
+Paranoid Android So I just updated to 3.97 fallowing all the steps and everything booted back up.  But I'm trying to run a system restore with Titanium Backup and it just sits at 0% and wont do anything.  Any ideas?
+Nick Orth _Hello! I suggest you to change directory from which backup has to restore. Menu>preferences....if I remembere correctly :)
+Nick Orth go to settings in titanium backup and change the backup folder to legacy /Titanium backup 
+Terrell Taylor Have some respect, you dont deserve to use that picture as your avatar. If you are having all these issues then go to CM with that negative attitude because you are causing the issues not PA. I havent had a single reboot on any of the updates and performance as well as battery is great.
Guys great job again! Consider showing those notifications in expanded mode please it will be much better that way. For example Gmail doesn't have archive button this way and play music doesn't have back button etc. Expanded notification will be much better imo.
Error; this device cannot be found. This is what app for updates says to me... any ideas?
Kev C
Okay so I flashed 3.97 for grouper but I notice no difference at all to halo. It's nothing like in the video on my device. 
Please make a version for the galaxy MEGA 6.3
Im having a slight problem, if its already been answered sorry for asking again, cant read through almost 400 comments.

Basically whenever I view a text from halo, the notification in halo disappears entirely. It used to be that after I responded, i could still open up messaging if needed by clicking the halo icon for messaging. Like now it clears all notifications automatically instead of keeping them till I clear it.

This just started on 3.97, any suggestions?

Thanks everyone 
I got 3.97 and now my hybrid properties aren't working? Someone please help
error with the keyboard, from Venezuela (samsung S3 verizon)
Thanks for the awesome ROM, only one problem... there's nothing left for me to mod :(
+Marco Veldhuizen if you are referring to the toggles you should be able to just download power toggles from the play store and set them as a notification in the settings. Halo reads notifications.
Could anyone check if volumne up/down button works at desktop? Except this one place it working without any problems...
I know this may sound far of but is there a way by which you can add support for 3G-324M video calling? It's a standard not supported by USA but a feature widely used by other countries. As of now only Samsung Galaxy series support them n would be more than grateful if it gets integrated in PA. Would love to see it in my Nexus 4. +Paranoid Android 
+Paranoid Android +Paul Henschel hi, I'm having issues where I silence halo, and when i lock the screen and unlock it, halo starts pinging again.
To reproduce,
Put halo to silence.Take a screenshot. Lock the phone, now wake it and unlock it. And you see halo ping the screenshot notification. 
Saki Sk
Hello PA-TEAM !
Can you please enable module support in your Kernel ?
Its necessary for Touch-Control ! Thank you
Has anyone been able to get the "portable wifi hotspot" to work on any PA 3.9+ roms?
the game:True Skate
Guys, I've got a problem: on pa3.97 swype crashes all the time, had to disable it (.
However all the rest works awesome.
Saki Sk
No, its JWR !!!
Halo 2 works great and my device seems very stable. The thing is I'm still getting the annoying blacking out bug on most of my apps! Is this something that will be dealt with soon or should I just give up?
+Paranoid Android It looks incredible and it is very well done, however I know you can use it with two hands but what if when sliding up one 'tier' over the selected App kept Halo open and so one finger could be used to control said App. 

I like my current build of Halo(1.0) as it very very handy to check my notifications and dismiss them with a single thumb swipe from the right side inwards. If one finger use was brought in it would, not only make sense, but also make this update perfect. 

Can you see where I'm coming from? :)
+Paranoid Android I'm guessing it's a lost cause asking now, you probably won't see it. But what is the status of the physics engine? I remember awhile ago you had it almost working, and said it would be released sometime down the road. Is that project completely scrapped now or? Thanks!
I just loaded this on my Nexus S (Old as Hell), and the sound doesnt Work. Is this normal?
+Cipher Allah Yeah I wish there was a way to have it completely hide all the time except when there is a message and just have a hot spot you could swipe out from to bring up the circle. 
One question: is there any way to blacklist the USB and Debugging notifications from Halo without blocking all SystemUI? 
hi.....does anybody know if this ROM will install on my device?

i have a tablet with 7 inch screen and an ALLWINNER a10 chip and 1 gigabyte of RAM and 8 gigabytes of SD.

i already have a copy of my factory ROM that came with the device so would it be ok for me to try this ROM mentioned above?

i forgot to say itss an ALLWINNER a10 chip and a sun4i motherboard
+Paranoid Android How stable is the ROM now to flash? Love the new work, flashed to stock 4.3 for 2 Weeks now but miss PAs features and battery life a lot. How should I flash to PA again? (Didnt full wipe before flashing stock when i came from 4.2.2 PA to stock 4.3)
I got the jitters after flashing 3.97 on an N4, with the halfbreed kernel, then I tried the googlestock one, same thing. I went back to 3.6 backup to catch my breath.
Me dice al inicio que el teclado AOSP se ha detenido y no aparece y a pesar
que arranca la ROM siempre muestra el mensaje
Whats the persistant energy control app showed on video? 
KS Lee
+Paranoid Android any other reports of floating apps not receiving input (as if there was another layer blocking input?) whilst using the minuum keyboard? I seem to have to tap outside of the floating app when opening them up in halo, thereby closing them, then reactivating them before any of my inputs are "responsive" [on latest PA mako+gapps]
what's the name of the notification toggle used on video? 
will you bring back "vibrate on answer" in the future? 
I'm sorry, i'm a newbie, where i can find ROM 3.97 for my HTC one? I can find only 3.94 release :(
hi, I'm a newbie here. just wondering can we flash this 3.97 with matr1x kernel? can anyone help me with the link and how to flash them? thanks
Sorry i still have a problem with my 64GB sd card. Is there someone who got it working?
Android recognizes it like empty or damaged and recommends me to format it,
but when i try to do so, my system reboots.
Also tried some init.d mount scripts and searched for kernel that supports it - (i didn't find it). When i mount it from terminal, i can see files, but another applications don't. But my recovery mounts it and work with it fine.
any news about the new version of PA for find 5? 
:( wish this was available 4 my phone
I have a concern +Paranoid Android , why is that i already set the dpi of my apps (went to 260dpi for their UI) but the submenu of a certain app is not? One good example is the settings UI, the font size of like for example 'Use 2G Network' or in that section has the same size that of the original?
Can I put this on my Motorolla Droid X 1?
Looks awesome. Installing now. Doing a full wipe this time so hopefully the screen flickering to black will not be a problem again.
I've just installed the New 3.97 Pa Relase but I can see only the sms  notifications with Halo..there's no toggle,no Play Music notification and so on. How Can i fix it?
I'm having a problem with ParanoidOTA, it says it cannot find ROM or Gapps updates because my device does not exist... I have a Galaxy Nexus (maguro), help!
Is anyone else having screen freeze on Netflix? Is real annoying and I cannot find any chatter on the web about this other then the recent Netflix update fixed all 4.3 issues.
hey +Paranoid Android  team! i soooo want to get 4.3 on my sgs3 (gsm) but i am unsure if i can dirty flash from 4.2.2 PA3.60 to 4.3 PA3.97!
Havent been with PA for a few months, what happened to the theming capability that was found in settings?
works fine a bit buddy sometimes, but black screen comes in some apps, mostly root related( rom man, romtoolbox etc)

But thanks guys for the good work halo is amazing now! supper clean! cheers
How to blacklist voicemail and pin quick setting in HALO, I can't do either one
+Laith Abbas Long press the voicemail and see if you get the app info pop up... click it and it will take you to the app that controls voicemail... simply blacklist that
+Curtis Mayers it does not seem that there is an app for it, it just dials the number. Anyway I got rid of by actually listening to the two voice mails I had since a year ago lol. I still can't figure out how to pub quick setting. I was able to put the actual settings menu though 
+Laith Abbas ok.. you can probably try power toggles and use it like in the video in this post. Simply have the app create a notification widget and you should be able to access it via HALO
Does wifi tethering work with this release ? (on galaxy s3) 
Thank u
Ma Li
Great work as always but...
No themes anymore?! 
why is it being really hard to get a working rom for SGH-i317k rogers version? only rom that works properly is the CLEAN ROM
+Paranoid Android Ideally HALO should show expanded notifications so I can hit the quick action items right away. Please consider this. 
can anybody tell me how to add widgets
 on halo
Hi there.
Anyone knows if this ROM works on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos or if there is a specific topic that i should post this question?
Just checking.
Thank in advance.
Hi there.
Anyone knows if this ROM works on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos or if there is a specific topic that i should post this question?
Just checking.
Thank in advance.
Pablo B. Boldrini

Thank you so  much for clarify my question, i'll try the old version, do yoou suggest one?  I know there are some people who are working on it on XDA, but i'd like to try the 4.2.2 android, a good rom.

Paranoid Team thank you to for the awesome work, congratulations, i hope my Grand Duos gain the version too!
I tried this on my rooted Galaxy Nexus with stock ROM. I can pin Apps, bit there is no bubble shown at home screen.
Is there anything to solve this?
I want to try this ROM so bad. Anyone have a link to the most stable build for vzw note 2 (i605 I believe)? 
Great job guys. Thanks a lot for your cfw.
But there are some graphical issues on my Samsung i9300 which occur in different apps. Tried wiping and factory reset.
Keep up the good work :-) 
can someone tell me if these are stable or nightlies roms?
+Jose Ignacio Musso For the most part, they are semi stable. PA just made the jump to 4.3 and are experiencing some issues on some devices. Unfortunately for me, I haven't had much luck on my note 2 from vzw. My wife however is loving it on her G nex. 
+Haluk Levent Aka Try reflashing the Gapps package. If that doesn't work you'll need to check out the xda thread for your device and see if this is a common problem and if there is a fix for it. PA does not officially support the S3 so you'd need to report the problem to the maintainer
+Haluk Levent Aka cool..glad it's fixed.
The gapps package is supposed to do exactly what you did though.
Remove AOSP keyboard and install Google keyboard. Something must have messed up during the install
How do I dismiss a certain notification?!!!
Right now you can only dismiss the notification in forefront or dismiss all by swiping up
It would be good to be able to swipe sideways to get to the notification, then swipe up to dismiss it
Another unrelated question, the PA ROM itself doesn't have any RADIO or copyrighted material.. Correct?
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