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HALO goes open source

Non PA users:

If you dislike this rom, or us for that matter, make sure to tell your developer to take a look at these two links:

2: 3:

Commits are streamlined and squashed, should be merged in a few minutes easily. HALO is still in beta, code has not been cleaned,  support for TabletUI and PIE is unfinished, among other minor things. But it's ready enough for release.

As for the feature itself, we can honestly say it's been the most exciting Android project we've been involved in. We can think of absolutely no reason why anyone would dislike it in its current state. We sincerely hope you enjoy it, whatever rom you run it on.


Again, we would like to thank Facebook’s clever engineers for this idea. We've had a blast bringing expanding to new levels and making it entirely and creatively our own. This isn't just a random carbon copy. We've tried hard to make it adapt to Android as best as we can, starting by extending the basic functionality to cover all apps, of course, and ending with the sort of integration which you would expect from any native feature.


As for threats to Android’s Ecosystem, until now apps have reacted nicely to our changes. Apps adapt, & simply assume a smaller screen size. We do have some remaining issues to clear & it should be safe enough when we are done.
Should any doubt come up as to our integrity, we are prepared to do whatever we can to lessen negative impact. We have created HALO white & black lists, we have flagged this feature beta and instructed our users of their responsibility to respect app developers should any issue arise. We earn nothing from our feature and do this solely because we enjoy Android and the freedom of Nexus/AOSP platform. Our goal is not to spread and hack, we simply want to demonstrate the powerful potentials of AOSP platform and its compliant devices as already being the one of the most creative & effective breeding ground that anyone could wish for.

PA users:

There seem to be no crashes or spontaneous reboots that we know of and we have observed and measured it long enough to know it poses no danger to your battery and general performance. Therefore, the code has been merged into our main branch. You'll get all the features and changes that happened outside of HALO's scope. We will try to sum up what we see on Git:

- HALO has white & blacklists now. Blacklists prevent apps from pinging through HALO. Whitelists do the same but only allow pinging when you explicitly allow it for individual apps.
- Everything is silenced
- Dismissal of notifications has been improved
- PA Wallpapers has been taken out of the rom and can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store:
- DCHSPA symbol when the DCHSPA network is being used.
- Dirk Rettschlag's Quick unlock
- PIE option for empty angle (the start gap)
- Brightness dialog updates
- StatusBar Date/Time layout changes
- Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
- Launcher does not need to be started when you go in and out of full screen (no more black flicker)

Oh, & we took out GooManager since we will soon replace it with a custom solution that will make updating many times more convenient, with full context awareness (Hybrid Properties, Backups, Kernel updates, PA-gapps, etc.).







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Can Altas
Yeeees! You made it better than Facebook. You made it more "Androidfriendly"!
Awesome work.. now you have deserved much time to relax :)
Android is so exciting, and you make it happen! Thx you so much for your hard work and enthusiasm.
So did the restarting android class your blacklist bug get fixed? 
A whole lot of updates. Sounds exciting!! thumbs up
Here comes the kanging, can of worms. 
yeah! you rock!

+Paranoid Android , how about you guys implement the icon pack to the halo))) app. I mean, for the custom icon in halo))) app can be chose by icon pack that we have installed in our ROM.

That gon' be awesome, man. No shit, seriously.
Awesome!! Best dev team! It's a pitty that this rom drains my battery as hell :-(
Using i9305

I've said it before, I'll say it again: you guys are turning Android into what it should have been in the first place.
Big thanks to PA development.. looking forward to trying this out.. don't currently use PA but still have a port on my old device and it rocks..
I don't use +Paranoid Android just more options then I need. But I did want to say thanks to them for all they do for the Android community.
I really hope this comes to cyanogenmod :)
Gratz on open source, you champions of android! 
when will there be next update??
i see flickering when closing all apps by one click kill button
and screen goes black and even try with the sms fix this time for paranoid...plzzzzzzz
goo is down right now. i cant upload. im thinking mega but this will take 2 hours or more. i'll let you know later.
well i have a server if u want... a vps for now.. and through that we can upload in seconds to multipla servers..hope i be at help for u guys.. :)
Are you keeping the  Apache license, or re-licensing those changes in another license? Can phone manufacturers take those new features and integrate them?
+John Burke floating notif is not in the same field. all it has in common with halo is a ball with a speech bubble. you could just aswell drag down the curtain, saves you one tap i dont see the point of it tbh
+Siddesh rane i dont  remember seeing anthing going black. might be a port youre running. take a look at chrises video, theres nothing flickering or going black.
I know +Paranoid Android but similar enough for me especially since he's adding Quick Replies & Badge Notifications soon.
Then the only big difference will be that Halo))) gives you full access to the App itself.

I personally prefer how +Floating Notifications bubbles show up side-by-side (the way Facebook Chat Heads do), that'd be the only thing I wish Halo))) had.

Anyhow, both are great & evolve Android Notifications exponentially - awesome work!
ow. yeah!! i love u guys. u making a whole new level using android phone :D
Liam W
I would try HALO, but the lack of TabletUI doesn't work for me :(

Unless TabletUI is working now?
Waiting for update!! Please, upload it for example in google drive or any other server 
Great job. As usual. Big thanks.
+Kilian von Pflugk there are hundreds of servers i could upload to but with adsl it will take hours. goo allows me to upload in 5 seconds flat via ssh. im uploading to mega right now but i hope goo will become functional coz my internet right now can't even open g+ now under 1 full minute.
+John Burke quick repliy meanshe's go to hack his way into these apps and write things that are already there. play store has one million apps, we support them all in one go. chatheads uses two apps, sms and fb -these two you can display without looking dodgy, again, we're dealing with each and every app that exists, doing it in a cluttery way is not what we wanted - apps are already displayed in a nice row by android itself, so why not making use of that.

you should probably use the last version. i sincerely doubt you'd go back. especially since there is simply no alternative to its multitasking capabilities.
+Liam W  +Tomek Wnuk-Lipiński ... did you guys even read the post 

HALO is still in beta, since support for TabletUI and PIE is unfinished, among other minor things. 
This is such exciting news! Now that it's open source lots of us will have multiple unofficial builders as well as the official maintainers, which gives us options and a higher chance of getting new builds right away. Thanks +Paranoid Android you guys are amazing!
So proud to be part of this Fantastic Voyage! 
+Liam W no time for that. it will  come. take a look at the code to get a picture just how much work this is. tabUI integration doesnt just fall into your lap, it must be written by hand.
Well i still face on the 6 june update..will see if its resolved in this update..
Ok cool, thanks +Paranoid Android I'll check out the latest PA Build on my N4...or maybe my GNex before I decide to put it on my primary device.
I personally didn't like the scrolling with my finger (my only real complaint) & over the weekend I went back to stock which is why I stuck with +Floating Notifications but I'll give PA another try.
Thanks again!
Huh, a reason for me to switch from CM10.1 nightlies. I'll switch back to CM once stable 10.1 builds are online but for now, HALO!
That's AWESOME !!! Thanks for PA Team for bringing to us a lot of cool features !!
I'm about as excited for the quick unlock as I am for HALO. Huge props to the PA team and to notta, who ports it to my device.
Let the building commence!!!
+Paranoid Android question, is the fullscreen facebook app issue resolved with this new update? As of the June 6th/7th HALO10 Beta 1 build Facebook still opens in fullscreen.
+Paranoid Android , it's not about disliking, it's about respecting your work but looking for something else in one's daily firmware. At least, I think that's the sensible behavior for people with a brain :-)
+John Burke They aren't the same thing or even competitors, Halo is a whole multitasking setup.  FN is an alternative way to receive notifications.
+Paranoid Android No hacking will be taking place
Is there a better timing for this than during Apple's WWDC?XD
Where's the link for the new update?
+Nana Okyere If you would learn to read the comments rather than just blindly ask an already answered question you would know that is down and PA Team is uploading it to mega but it will take a few hours. Please, don't be lazy in the future and take the time to read before asking something.
Hey +Paranoid Android is there a gerrit I can cherry pick these from? If not whats the best way to implement this into my build?
+Paranoid Android I wanted emoji support on my MMS.apk. I think I'm using the cm MMS. So what exactly do you change so it doesn't go back home when you click halo when a notification comes in?
+Connor Ray This is a great question, I have a mildly themed Mms.apk that I would like to have fixed so I can use it as well. The only changes are cosmetic for mine except that it also allows me to change the emoji button to an "enter" button, which I prefer more.
awesome guys, thanks a lot for all your hard work.
Hey does someone know how to add this to cm9.1.0?
Yessssss, this is more exciting than WWDC all together :)
.... and leeching. Thank you for your hard work! 
New build is also up on Bittorrent Sync, the key is in the Mirror section fo the Community!
+Byron Cotuc doesnt matter, just grab it. these are script based installs, has nothing todo with flashing (except kernel). say its broken, he wouldnt even be able to open the zip. say its corrupted, he wouldnt  be able to execute the commands inside. say its so freaking corrupted that he still executes something, then you get a cute little softbrick.
Sorry guys but..this is only for nexus 4 ?? 
+Paranoid Android Sorry if I ask again, but is it safe to dirty flash it over the last build? I mean, you did some bigger changes in the latest build. Not sure, if i should dirty flash it..... :-P
+Paranoid Android Did you see my question about Facebook app being fixed? I know there is alot to sift through on these posts and some stuff gets overlooked. I am just wondering if the facebook app is finally fixed on the new update. It still opens fullscreen on the June 6th/7th build. It's literally the only app that still does this.
Really loving your latest build on Toro. Great attention to details on the PA team. Keep up the good work!
+Paranoid Android Gotcha, thanks for the info. It's obviously not a dealbreaker, was just wondering. Seems odd since Facebook chat opens in Halo no problem lol. Oh well. Keep up the great work.

One more thing, as was asked above by another, what is it we have to alter in the MMS.apk in order to get it to work properly with halo, I have an MMS I like to use but it kicks me back to homescreen if I try to use it so I've been sticking with your stock MMS.
One possible security issue I would like to point out. I am currently using the latest PA on N4 (that is 3.57) and have a secured lockscreen (with a pattern safety). However, if I swipe right to enable the camera widget, HALO reappears and someone could easily access my pinned applications. Could this please be addressed?
I would also like to shout out to any other users who could check if they experience the same behaviour.
+Paranoid Android Sorry for my ignorance but..I have PA 3.15 and i have a galaxy s2..what can i do for having the lovely HALO? Sorry again..
Top notch! Ok to do standard wipe cache/dalvik cache over 0606 version?
+Albion Hilaj You can try and get a developer for the S2 to compile a newer build of PA for you, PA Team does not support that device so it has to be ported by someone that has the Galaxy S2.
Mirrors can be posted in the Paranoid Android Community. The Mirrors category has several posts dedicated to the various devices. Simply comment in the Mako post. Make sure to include the build date in your comment.
Thanks for all the hard work !
Fuck WWDC. We got some actually interesting news here!
Any complaints about download speeds on what are you guys getting? Everything is coming off fine on my end
When changing orientation HALO either bounces of the the side of the screen multiple times or just hangs in the centre of the screen. +Paranoid Android 
+Paranoid Android Whats up with the "Quick Settings: Swipe to Switch" commit. Its been added and reverted multiple times, so is it included in the latest build?
So, is this a proper release, or? My PA Updater says everything is up to date-
Maguro was left out.. awwww.... :((((

But still a great job to the PA Team and all the devs. Keep up the good work, thumbs up! 
Will I need a new Google apps? Or will the last one work fine? 
Could this be implemented into a tw ROM if the dev puts time into it?
+francisco garcia gonzalez there are multiple links for gapps in community mirrors. Also, it's still the last version 07-Jun-2013. It has not been updated since. 
If you can release a d2mtr version of your rom, I wouldn't have to rely on shitty ports of PA for use on my phone. Is that something that is possible for you guys to do?
GAPPS are Temporarily unavailable (mega) :(
+Vance Boo it wasnt left out, its just that i release mine, aaron his, yamil his and so one. whenever guys are ready. we're allspread around the globe so you dont know whos up when
+Patrick Evans it should bounce. when its in the middle that would only happen under very heavy load as the animation timing runs out.  no big deal just throw it aside.
+Paranoid Android I meant bouncing off the side then bouncing again once it hits the side of the screen.Like bouncing twice in one orientation change. No big deal just gets annoying. Would rather halo came from the side of the screen like the change from Landscape --> Portrait.
Yue Ma
Well done, PA teams! Congrats!
+Vance Boo in which post? I only saw the rom in the post. Unless you mean the rom for the 7th. If that's the one I already have it 
Dirk Rettschlag's Quick unlock only affects the passcoded unlock screen?
PIE option for empty angle (the start gap) is the gap between the PIE button and the bottom of the screen?
Great intro... "If you dislike or us for that matter...." Lol. 
What is the PA grouper? PA Tilapia? PA find?

Do I need to install them now? How do I do it?

Thank you! +Paranoid Android 
+Paranoid Android oh I see, so I've gotta wait for my dear BigBro to get it all setted up. Thanks for your great work anyways!!
Well you guys are just plain fantastic
+Paranoid Android Great work.. big +1 iam on Halo since day one of first alpha release..
just one Q, in this release, any change made for wifi problems.. it is only single problem i have (solved by modified franco kernel r151 with wifi prima drivers and .54 driver which iam force to use)
+Paranoid Android what about having some customization settings, like changing the color of the Halo circle for example. That could be awesome.
BTW, whatsapp sometimes doesn't want to pop up. 
I've gone to several mirrors, but it's not there yet. I don't want to have to build it myself if possible :P
Omg best update ever. Love me some paranoid.
+Paranoid Android using HALO on my Note2 thanks to be_vigilant's and co. ports, noticed a bug related to DPI settings. 

The lower the DPI, the more space you need to travel with your fingers to switch app.

I was going insane thinking it was broken on my phablet until I swept my finger the whole screen, and at 5.5" it's no small feat to do so one-handedly.

Is there a way that we could config the travel distance to switch apps, for those that, like me, like lower DPI settings?

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT : it would be AWESOME if we could get to the last open app (meaning not the current one, but the one we used before) by doing double-tap on the bubble.
I hope the future will being custom halo colors and transparency 
David S
How can I get rid of the permanent notifications? Somehow blacklisting them doesn't work - or is this just an error in the implementation of my ROM (Rootbox)?
+David Schwarz settings/app/uncheck --- the regular option. persistent notifications are impossible to clear, you cant even do that the thenotification curtain. the app has to finish for that to happen. halo basically reproduces the same behavior
+Stanislav Hokr you gotta direct this question to franco. wifi seems fine though. he checked in some changes in a previous build and that did it for me.
Love it! The most stable custom rom I've ran. 
+Paranoid Android Re: "we will soon replace it with a custom solution that will make updating many times more convenient, with full context awareness" :

Can you please, please, please include a feature to backup/restore custom files? For example, I would like to preserve my hosts file and fonts between ROM flashes. Right now I'm using a custom script that does that, but ideally I would love to see PA's updater do this automatically. Thanks!
Does the "dismissal of notifications has been improved" mean the bubble clears when there are no notifications now? 
So cool it is!!!Just like it ...
Ryan R
+Paranoid Android since doesn't display md5 hashes, would you kindly post them on future posts? I don't want to risk flashing a corrupted or modified ROM.
Hi in this latest movie I can notices that when swiping between app in halo on status bar there are app icons. At my Nexus it looks liked squares and all apps have the same icon. Does anyone knows how to fix it? 
Vu Dinh
+Paranoid Android What do you guys think about making Halo even less intrusive on the screen real estate? Make it easy to dismiss (physics engine flinging away to delete ala Nova Launcher) and quick to enable (something like the PIE's Chevron target would be an excellent choice).
Just imagine, effortlessly swipe your finger from the edge of the screen and you have just dragged out all the things you would like to be notified of, which can be easily dismissed by intuitively getting flung away as effortlessly.
Is there any plan to make it where I can "maximize/minimize" my app I opened with HALO?
+Paranoid Android i can confirm the wifi is fine for now (not useing any modified kernel, just the one which came with PA rom, only .54 modem driver)
will be more testing during the day.. again thank you for awesome work :)
Awesome Review Man ..Can't wait for try on my Crespo..
Halo is just an impressive work! Thank you so much. This is just possible with the great android community! 
+Paranoid Android what's up with WiFi on todays build? I've been using the same kernel for the last 5 builds and had no problems, today's build keeps randomly losing WiFi. Its not the kernel. Everything else works great.
+Vu Dinh thats exactly what we did, watch the video. a "physics engine" wont help you to get real estate, the sanpping gesture we have in there does.
as for other gestures, there is a limit to playfulness. if makes sense for an item on your homescreen to be flung away. it makes absolutely no sense to dismiss a notification by flinging halo. it will eventually get somesort of flinging but simply for ease of use and it wont be asplayful as fb in order to not contrast the system around it.
+Daniel Chrapek not sure what you mean,sorry. its probably halo))) that youre running, all halo notifications have the same icon because basically thats the only wayto do it with the sdk fuctionality
Hi, I have PA V3.60. I would to get the Beta version of Halo. I was wondering how? Would I have to upgrade my Rom?
+Stanislav Hokr its not that. If someone else swipes right and opens camera widget he can access my pinned apps and notifications through halo
+Paranoid Android  innovating and improving. While Apple is copying Android features into their iOS7 and calling it their own.
Is there an option to autohide it to that state nearly not visible after a certain time? And I would love if after dismissing the last notification, halo would disappear completely till there is a new one.
+Paranoid Android Halo is great. Some weird behaviour as can be expected (sometimes it stops receiving notifications), but it could even be the ROM (i9100 Pacman) implementation. A couple of things:
·Halo bubble is pretty big, even after changing DPI. I think I read something about size config?
·When a WhatsApp chat is opened via Halo, after going back to chats list, chats can't be opened. [If WhatsApp is opened via pinned notif with Halo))) it works fine]. Is this behavior normal or just me (tried reboots, reflash, reinstall, dpi changes...)
Thank you!! :)
+Paranoid Android  is there a way to have halo stay where I moved it to. every time I restart my phone it puts it back at the default location (left side) where I prefer it on the right side. Besides that, great work I really enjoy it
+Marc Westermann In Halo Settings (somewhere in your Rom settings), check "Hide after activity" or similar. It will hide to nearly not visible. And +1  the disappearing, although sometimes it's useful for going back to it, which I think is the PA intention/design.
+Antonio Rodriguez Why is it useful to go back? you can dismiss all other notifications, why not the first one? If there is something new in the app, there will be a notification and swoosh, HALO is back :)
+Marc Westermann I got you wrong, I thought you meant that when a notification is opened, the Halo notif doesn't go away (at least for me). You mean the blue circle when there are no notifications? Yeah I agree, I'd like it gone, although now I have pinned apps :)
+Ashdone Nembhard This is to be implemented into ROMs, so unless you are a magician and you are able to flash Roms without root, yes you need root :)
+Stanislav Hokr In some Roms, notification bar dropdown in lockscreen can be disabled, so I guess +Nick Isaacs wants to extend that privacy to Halo too
This looks really promising. I may even take the leap and flash it as my GNex's first custom rom. My only worries are that I won't like these chat heads, though it looks like I can simply turn them off, or that the rom suffers a bit performance wise on the now aging GNexus.
It is for me, but I see Marc's point and I think he is right and would be a normal behavior (I would have done it that way) , don't you? I have checked the "hide after activity" and it just hides itself, no need to swipe down ;)
I haven't got what's happened on status bar ?! 
+Antonio Rodriguez well dont know what exactly Marc means :) but i am useing Halo all the time, so this new option to swipe down for "hide" is great, works for me with or with out any notification
+Marc Westermann +Antonio Rodriguez i get the point now :) but i wrote that few lines up, its stock behavior :( thats what guys from PA says.. 

maybe small security problem, notification bar can be swipe down on lock display, is it normal? i tryed wipe/restart
Paranoid Android 7. 6. 2013
+Stanislav Hokr this is stock behavior
When will Halo work with System bar (tablet UI)!? Really want to try it
should i download 1 of the 3 and gapps?
thank you curtis . just installed this rom yesterday . what should i download? i have a n7000 .. what of the 3 links should i download? thank you .
n7000 not included in the links provided. It looks the update is not yet available for it. Might have to wait a bit. 
and i cant dowbload on mega . i have a n7000
oww i see .. thank you .. i saw the update on aospa paranoidandroid on n7000 xda forum .
Awesome!!! +Paranoid Android , is there anyway, any plan..or is it not possible to get phone call notifications via halo only? In a game or video the incoming call screen is annoying!
Vu Dinh
+Paranoid Android I didn't mean dismissing the notifications, I meant dismissing the Halo bubble (one-handedly) and activating it without having to 1. disable PIE, 2. pull down that notification bar that I hid away, 3. tap the Halo icon, 4. Reactivate PIE.
I can't for the life of me integrate that semi-circular blue bubble into any of my homescreen/lockscreen theme, so while I'm not using it, it feels like an eye-sore. Hiding away over 90% of it is a neat idea, but you can still see it (which is sort of the point) and thus it doesn't resolve my problem.
+Adrien LE GALL It should be up on Goo by now. There are also other mirrors on the Paranoid Android Community 
Can someone please tell me if this is available to the GS3 on verizon? I really like this feature. But cant find the DL anywhere. 
is it possible to make it work like an app,without any rooting or other expertise?
+Paranoid Android What's the report about the exploit that was said that can access superuser? Is it confirmed and is it a very concerning bug? I need to know before I try it. 
Loving the halo, multitasking at its best! Although I came across one minor problem, when replying to a message, say a whatsapp message, after replying and pressing back which would bring me to all my other chats, I can't seem to go into the other chats. It would be great if that could happen!
(I dont know if its a stupid question) halo can work on a non-AOSP rom? like touchwiz based roms?
Everything new and useful is a unique experience and Bengs time of repetition deletes
Excuse my question, is there a way to turn Paranoid Android completely black like Dark Carbon or Dark AOKP?

PS: Keep up the amazing work, people!
Where do I download halo for Samsung note 2?
Im sorry if i have missed it, ive tried to go through every comment
I am on an s3 and PA 3.5
Halo dos not seem to work as shown in the video. If I tap and drag i just move the halo around, i dont get to shoose apps or notifications
Is there no rom for the s3 with the same halo features as shown above?

Thanx in advance!!
I don't know if its me but ever since +Paranoid Android included the Franco kernel my phone has been running extremely hot. If I switch ROMs the problem is gone. Is there a settings I should look at to fix my heat problem?
+Victor Herrero the PA team does not support the S3 officially, meaning any builds you find are from other developers porting the features. With that said, what version of the S3 are you using. There are a few ROMs out there for it that should be updated to the latest version of HALO
Hey do I need to be rooted for this? I have a galaxy s 3 
شيئ جميل ان نرى هذا ...طريقة ممتعة
+Curtis Mayers Thank you for your reply
I guess you mean me being i9300, right?
I guess the fact that it has been ported explains the lack of features, at least for now
Flashed it on my GS3 last night. LOVE it.
New interfaces for Multitasking and Multiwindow brought to PA...
What a cool features...
+Curtis Mayers Thank you again, you have been very helpful
I had stumbled upon that page but i thought it was not for my model
Looking closely i have seen there is a 3.6 version
I'll let you know if its better
Da fehlt noch ein wenig in den Einstellungsmöglichkeiten und auf dem S2 ist der Bubble zu groß. Nicht jeder hat eine Nexus oder S4.
Aber für eine frühe Beta nicht schlecht.
+Curtis Mayers it works like a charm. Exactly what's promised for the nexus 4. Definitely 3.6 is the version to go for the s3 out of the mirrors in the site you showed me.
This is an amazing feature I have always been missing. More so since I read on the phone. I find it very uncomfortable to switch apps constantly to chat while I read. Awesome
+Horst Georg Thiel Like +Curtis Mayers said its now open, so s2, like the s3, should be close behind since its still very popular and very capable (and has also a cooler design if you ask me) 
I think i cant adjust bubble size either, however. Mine is reasonably big though. 

Noch ein wenig Durchhalten :)
Any plans for running it on galaxy s3 lte or galaxy tab 2 7 P3113?
How do I get the Halo notification for Galaxy note i717D running paranoid android 4.1.2 rom? Please somebody help with a download link.
I used to love CM the most, until I met AOSPA <3
Nook Color dev. xda@mateorod built from PA 3.56 source for the barnes&noble Nook Color. Almost perfect!

I'm curious, if there is any listing of currently running devices for PA with HALO???

Hi Oscar,

Oh is it, Is PA 3.6 compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note i717?
Oh paranoid... I saw you across the room and thought, not a chance.... Then you came over and the truth is...
You had me at halo... 
I love HALO, but it would be great if you could stay in full screen if a notification from the app you're running arrives, instead of opening the little window. 
PA's HALO feature, which I love. Has a small security problem. When you access your camera from your lock screen (given that you have a lock security of some sort) inside the camera you have full access to the halo. Such a thing may not be a problem for some people but it very much bothers me. I hope this can get fixed because this almost keeps me from wanting to use the halo feature. :c
Pa is Bad Ass no question ' it's a the mist stable ROM out at the moment for me and I have flashed hundreds of roms
Loving PA's halo on my lgog. I've got one quick suggestion and I'm sure its been hit on before. But when getting multiple text or MMS, is there anyway that you could slide out to get the notification then slide up or down to choose the message/contact that you would like to reply to? Similar to up down gesture that you already have for hiding halo and deleting last notification. Thanks guys your hard work is very much appreciated.
Google and Apple should be proud and should hire your genius talent and skills ! Great Job PA team !
+Paranoid Android as of your update service you guys should just integrate the update service like cynogenmod and what will you guys do when android 4.3 gets release
+Paranoid Android thanks to your excellent work. I think you should share your skills and code with Google.If Google can add those to original Android,there is no doubt that Android must be the best mobile OS.Oh!So amazing!
hey +Paranoid Android team two things the june 12 update crashes my galaxy nexus maguro as long as pie is running..any reas y??

and two have yall ever taught of doing your own file manager with root access i use the cm 10 file manager but there are so much bugs and its hard to find a file manager on the play store that is well designed and at the same time have great would b nice if yall did one..
where do i find the option to use volume keys to access media volume
and the status bar date and time changes
this is way better than multiwindow, absolutely  wonderful !
+Paranoid Android I am having bug with halo and the new Google keyboard (I think...) Basically halo can get passed the keyboard top border. And when I get to the home screen if I drag halo down passed where the keyboard border wound be, it hides beneath an invisable layer. I did a clean install for last update. Moving out of Full screen fix it. I am sharing screenshots to you in a different post.
Multi tasking to a whole new level. Was always jealous of my desktop. 
hi  someone could  tell me if  Paranoid  Android 3.60 is  for  nexus 4  ?
Thank  for  your  answer Israel
That looks awesome
Works really well so far. Thanks!
Awesome rom!   where i could find  that  wallpaper?
I just rooted and flashed PA, it's great! Where can we find that wallpaper seen in the post? The red one.

I need some advice guys
should I install franco kernel with this rom?
what about the sound improvement, is  good?
if someone is using it, please share your  experience with us.
and  tell us if it's worth it or not.

Thanks in advance
we chat can not be close, hitting return but just looping in the app. exit only by menu button n7000 here
Hi guys, I'm using PA 3.60 with faux ensanched kernel. But I m facing poor performance, when I open apps. Anyone else is having the same speed issue?
Now that HALO is open source, is it possible for it to be integrated into a Sense 5 ROM, say on the HTC One? I really like some Sense 5 features, but would love to have HALO as well. :)
Would like to know that too for sense HTC one
Excuse my question, is there a way to turn PA completely black like Dark Carbon or Dark AOKP?

Thanks in advance, KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!
Can't wait for a stand-alone app for this! So I can use it on my stock rom. =D
As long as well all know it's still in BEATA.
Anyone know where that red wallpaper can be found?? :)
+Paranoid Android hi PA team, again great work, love it :)
I have a simple Q i think for you.
I turn on whitelist for Halo and no app get whitelisted, but i still getting notifications threw Halo for USB debugg, USB connection etc. (system notification or Google cards).. any suggestion how to turn off these?
+Stanislav Hokr whitelist/blacklist stops notifications from pinging HALO. The notification will still appear in HALO when scrolling.
If you turn on whitelist you have to select which apps to allow to ping HALO
If you turn on blacklist you have to select which apps do NOT want to ping HALO
+Paranoid Android But even if I whitelist/blacklist my apps, the ones that have persistent or 'ongoing' notifications are always showing on Halo. How can I prevent that?
I need to know where to get a build of this ROM for my HTC one! 
+Paranoid Android  aha, thank you for info. So i need to turn off notification  completely for my goal to not see it in Halo..
thank you again for fast response and great work..
ps any suggestion how to turn off usb debugg etc. notification completely? :D
+Stanislav Hokr You can blacklist the app "Android system" ... android does not allow you to turn off this notification. When blacklisted this notification will not show in HALO unless you scroll to it.
Example if HALO is currently empty and you plug in your device. HALO should not respond. If you look at the HALO it should still appear empty, however if you scroll you will see the USB Debug notification. 
Sorry but this the only option available at this time because HALO plugs directly into the system notification ticker.
+Paranoid Android hmm thank you for info.. but this is what troubling me :)
sometimes i unwanted swipe on GPS, or USB debugg etc... well, hopefully maybe in future will be some option :)
It would be nice to be able to blacklist specific system notifications, such as available open WiFi network. 
hi, Id love to be able to beta test this rom, im not new to flashing roms, but I have never made an account, until yesterday (just for this rom) with xda so I cant comment on the forums. Is it possible for me to beta test the rom anyway? Id be willing to give as much feed back as I can through google+ If it means anything I do have a small youtube channel with over 460K views and just over 600 subs and I really look forward to reviewing this rom!
lol i feel so stupid it took me like 3 hours to find the ROM.
Only one question guys. Which is the difference between 10.6 and 15.6 gapps? 
Gapps are updated when google updates their app... the difference would simply be updated apps.
Thanks a lot. It´s a great Rom.
anyone know how to add apps to halos white/black list? for the life of me i cant figure out how
+Anthony Page 
Settings - Toolbars - Halo Policy (select white or black list)

To add an app to the list go to 
Settings - apps - select the app - you will see a check box under show notifications 
Do you have to be rooted to get this? I have a Nexus 4(not root) and I would like to try it 
You do not have to root but your bootloader must be unlocked and you must have a customer recovery installed
i'm tying to commid the halo

i have this error 

make: * No rule to make target `frameworks/base/core/res/res/HALO', needed by `/home/gabriel/beer-rom/out/target/common/obj/APPS/framework-res_intermediates/src/R.stamp'.  Stop.

can anyone help me ?
What kind of phone is this?
thank you , I like the look but maybe u might have some info on when are the G3 owners going to get the upgraded software from the G4 that we don't have?
Sweet but I have the G 3 so why don't you push the boundries one step further and come over to Jellybean or even what the G4 is using since we have'nt recieved the upgrade we were promised. I belueve its been out long eniugh to pass on the power to the OG's of the Droid dynasty. I had the first and I should have the power of 4
+R, Arruda ??? Please go complain to Samsung. I have no idea what you are talking about. 
since placed halo)) in open source, I've been waiting to take out this apk to install it on my phone, so off payment, but now I come with that necessarily I have to have 4.2 installed, it was the worst thing that could have cast, not all devices meet this requirement because the giant google not he wants to update phone diversity, and we have to fajarnos cosineros to adactar roms, or use the stock base, which so far has left teams paranoid (MT6577 ) zte grand example X, so waiting for this app for anything, really disappointed me ... disappoints me most is that place in his description "core functionality is available to any ROM"
+Spirud Argon The app in the play store only pins apps to you notification bar for quick access. You will need a custom ROM with the core frameworks HALO changes in order to get the floating bubble. It does not have to be a Paranoid Android ROM as quite a few other have included the HALO function
Halo has a problem with notifications from the app avocado and couple. The notifications are not mostly not displayed. If you tap on the empty halo bubble and swipe to the left you will see the contents. But there the bubble remains empty. There must be a problem with the notification-type. +Floating Notifications has the same problem. Only my lockscreen-widget NiLS works fine. I hope someone can fix this issue.
HI , 

    I am to include Halo featurein my phone . I have  Android 4.3 line as well as 4.1.2 .    I have few question about this feature , Can this feature works on all applications which are not based on notification .  For example say I want to add Calendar to the Halo .

I have cloned  code from the link attached .  and also the Settings code .  Now problem has started when I start merging .  Do I need to do this in 4.3 code or 4.1.2.  I have already did for 4.1.2 , but I cant add other apps to use them without losing context .

Halo application is not visible in 4.1.2 phone . 

Why should we merge Settings and what is its intent for Halo ?
Thanks for Halo.....i accidentally closed halo..not able to get it back on home screen...any help guyz ?
The same way you activated  initially...there's an icon in the notification shade
i can not find icon on notification using PA rom 4.1 b2
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