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PA 3.93 4.3 JSS15J

- Per app color works
- 2G/3G toggle works
- Margins fixed for toggles, statusbar and tablet UI
- App Ops, Googles App privacy guard exposed in settings
- ParanoidOTA bugfixes

We will perhaps work on the App-Ops front, it seems a nice enough feature and is probably a worthy replacement for Cyanogens privacy guard., which we dropped for 4.3.

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Blown away, once again. You guys never fail to amaze me/us.
My day is nearly complete now. Thanks PA team. 
I'm going to flash 4.3 within the next one or two updates, this seems to be coming along nicely :) Keep it up guys!!
Im new to that, so be kind :) is there a version of the current pa for i9505?
Same games fc without warning any ideas why? Golf pro, scrabble..
Does flashing custom kernel still break root?
+Bruno Goerg Nexus 4 (Mako) is usually released first... other devices come after, usually nexus devices
PA officially only supports nexus devices and oppo 5... all non official devices will be released whenever the maintainer for those devices decide to build and release, so no strict timeline 
Great work, is there a way to change the color of halo at all right now? Thanks 
+Paranoid Android  Any progress on Halo for tabletUI? How hard would it be to add "floating mode" (long press) to the notification bar on notifications. I think this would be a great way to use Halo without using Halo :) floating mode long press works great in recent apps, it seems like a natural progression to have it right on notifications if you don't have halo out/running. Keep up the great work!
My Flo PA 4.3 love now to wait for my GS3
+Christopher Cote What do you mean by progress for HALO in tablet UI? what's wrong with it? for bugs
Long press your notification in status bar right now and see what happens... it's broken, had been since 4.2. Lone press menu can't be selected, you jump right into the app
When there will be new grouper build? The last one was 3.91.
Just got home.. Loving the change log.. Time to update. :-) Thanks a lot guys! Great job as always. 
+Paranoid Android Sorry, I mean natural progression. When I long press a notification on android, 4.2 it says, "app info". When I long press a recent app it says, "app info", "floating mode", "remove from list". Why not allow "floating mode" on a notification too. If you don't have Halo active, this seems to make sense. Maybe I am not articulating correctly here.
+Paranoid Android I guess I should say from the notification shade? All your notifications are in this shade, why not allow "floating mode" here, just like you do in recent apps.
Nice Update, im only missing your calibrated bright kernel. Is it coming for 4.3 too?
What I am missing is NFC pooling with screen is locked option... :( Still, it is not a priority so I will patiently wait. Thanks for your hard work!
Hi. Im new to using PA. I usually use AOKP, but I thought id try it out. I have a question tho. Im using an ATT Note 2 What is the difference between 3.67 and 3.69? Is 3.69 just a nightly build? Which one should I use?
+Paranoid Android Sorry. I should have been more clear. On Toro :)
Does this seem like a good idea for accessing floating mode when halo is not running active? It seems like it would save a few steps. Provided you fix the bug of course... Thanks again. You guys rock!
Would it hurt me at all to stay on 3.69 until you reach 4.0?
+Paranoid Android sorry for bugging u guys about it just woundering if themes are in it yet. Im on a cm 10.2 build. Thx for new build guys great job
where can I get the new kernel source?
+Ilan Derech  you could use xposed framework and theme that way, I don't know if pa plans on re introducing the theme engine.
Just updated to this release from 4.2.2. I can not get pass the "Welcome" screen. It says "settings has been shut down" and returns to the Welcome screen. Bootloader and Radio is installed. Any ideas +Paranoid Android ?
when is it available for s3 ?
+Ben Collins since the universe rewards those who take risks on it's behalf, yes... it would hurt you. 
+Emon Waller 3.69 is android 4.22. 3.90 and up is 4.3. These are just versions, take the newest.
+Jason Newman Yes i did...factory reset then flashed radio and bootloader, factory reset again, then flashed the rest :/
Greg W
every single time i try to download this rom from that site it drops :( any mirrors? even from pc or my mako download fails
I'm having that issue as well. Did a clean wipe and updated to today's build. Settings is force closing while trying to initialize at then select language screen. I'm getting ready to flash the last build and just dirty flash today's over it. 
I'd love to try PA, but I can't find an official ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCH-i535/d2vzw).
Users in settings gives me fc. Should i full wipe? 
+Paranoid Android  Everything seems to be working right from the change log except I can't find the tile for 2G/3G toggle in the "Toolbars" Settings area. Am I just missing it or is it not there?
Oh, I'm so going to flash this in my N7 when it's ready :)
excellent job! thanks +Paranoid Android , as soon as possible will purchase the application to support your wonderful work XD i have a question, Selecting the colors of the pie, from the lockscreen, when i activate the pie, the colors are stock .... how could I do to make even the colored ones as I want?
Hey guys i want to update to 3.93, im currently in 3.65,do i have to make a full wipe and loose all apps.? I apreciatte the help guys
+Teguh Santoso Trippy. Mine doesn't have it. I guess I'll need to reflash or something. Thanks tho! If someone else has it, it means somethings wrong with mine. I'll look through and see what's what.
Hmmm.. Let me try this one out...
Can you include Koushs latest superuser which fixes the read in /data issue? 
Hope to see you guys working in Mountain view soon. Would be revolutionary 
Are you going to release tilapia update soon? This is a Nexus device, why there is no 3.9x update created for it? It's a pity.
Am I the only one that finds the halfbreed colors too over saturated(dark if you will)? The stock colors seem way more accurate and cleaner.
+Paranoid Android i flashed 3.93 and most of my apps were crashing .. so i rolled back to 3.69 and my N4 is stuck in bootloop .. is downgrading not possible in this case? or will i have to factory reset?
+Paranoid Android I second (or 3rd/4th/etc) Floating Mode from notification shade. That would be great! Thank you for all your hard work.
Cant get past the welcome screen. Everytime I try to set it up, it says "Unfortunatly settings has stopped working"
+Paranoid Android any word on tethering and it being noticed by the carrier with 4.3 ? No issues with the 4.2 builds but with 4.3, T-Mobile can detect tethering.
+David Santos This is happening to me too, guess only those who dirty flashed were lucky, if we full wipe flash we always get stuck to language selection, and if you select a langauge u get force close.
Greg W
I also am getting a fc on settings -> storage
I dirty flashed and not even one issue, everything runs as it should!
For anyone that clean installed, use the old trick of touching the top left, top right, bottom right and bottom left corners of the screen. This will dump you straight to the home screen. You'll have to then add your google account through settings.
+Paranoid Android Okay I feel like a total noob asking this but if I'm using PA 3.91 on the 2012 N7, which one do I download?
Greg W
I did dirty flash from 3.92 I've got settings storage fc.. Hm and I hear clean install is having problems at language select screen?
Love the move to not have the theme engine in PA 3.9x
Feeling guilty that I have been using your ROM for so long and haven't donated; I'll fix that :D
How is there no build for a Nexus device yet (toro)?
Will we ever see voice plus in pa? I love it on cm
Wow it works just fine for me everything thank you pa team 
Good job 
I think the settings.apk is broken (at least on mako)
Clean installed and couldn't get passed the set up screen "settings closed" issue. Went back and installed 3.90 - as already had in downloads folder - and then dirty flashed 3.93 over the top, which did the trick. I'm getting fc in settings storage now though.
Finally an MD5 that matches! I really like the new App privacy settings too. They are much better than CM's.
+Sean Stone old trick for you, totally new for me. For that reason i love ANDROID. Thank you for that tricky workaround 
+Aziz Kilic yah dude, I think your right... R u getting a fc on users option and storage option?
Greg W
Yep fc on user and storage 
+Keshav Sonal No, just flash the rom and gapps, you dont have to flash bootloader and radio anymore, just once.
Sweet! Not sure if known issue or not: hangouts emoji keyboard doesn't pop open when the app is opened from Halo.
Settings FCs on clean flash. Should I just try to dirty flash?
New PA-Gapps released (a second one i noticed ;) )
Some say app ops is the cause
I'm going to be honest, with all these updates of paranoid android, I'm fucking lost lol idk what to do anymore -___- who knew rooting and using a custom ROM would be confusing as fuck lol
Some say app ops is the cause
Some say app ops is the cause
Problema con el teclado se queda pegado en una letra por unos 7/8 segundos
+Cole H I had the same issue on grouper. I did a dirty flash and everything seems fine so far

Edit: fc's when accessing storage
Hey every time I flash the any 4.3 PA rom I get Warning: no file_contexts. The update goes fine. Should I worry? What's this all about?
+Lucas Ucciferri I don't know what it is, but it doesn't matter. I've flashed multiple times getting that error and no problems thus far.
+Cole H ok. I had no problem so far, it was just worrying seeing a Warning hehe
Awesome thank you. Having difficulty in downloading though, as expected.
Thanks team, appreciate your hard work! Working great!
Greg W
Yeah.. Settings storage fc on 3.93 on mako as well as flow... +Paranoid Android what can I do to fix this myself? Or maybe I'll just live with it til next update... 
+Paranoid Android hey guys im using pa 3.92 maguro and when pull down the notification bar no fit well the screen. Already I reboot the phone and uninstall/reinstall the ROM but the issue is still there. Some help? Or the 3.93 update is coming soon for maguro?
from 3.89 to 3.93 in a matter of less than a week. 4.3 is one step closer to perfection. +Paranoid Android is the only team that has such a smooth and bugfree 4.3 custom rom. 


For some reason Titanium Backup Won't restore any of my apps. I get a "Parse error"  and it just stays at 0%. Anyone know how to fix this?
+Cole H I have a Nexus 4 thats why lol. Wouldnt imagine it to be that much different. Ill see if I can find time to throw something together in the next day or so 
+Faisal Ejaz Thanks ;)
EDIT: I've seen a lot of people also having grouper, so I would like you to help them, too. I'm not THAT much of a simpleton ;)))
im currently using grouper pa 3.68 (4.2.2) .. can i just flash the newest 3.93 (4.3) on top of my current rom? 
storage  in setting
doesn't work and background app too 
Tried to to flash 3.93 on nexus 4 with cwm didn't work I for to the welcome screen then it said system stopped?? Did I do something wrong I backed up wiped data factory settings wiped cache wiped delvic installed pa mako 3.93 zip and latest pa 4.3 gapps zip then wiped cache & delvic and rebooted ????
+Faisal Ejaz no problem its just so much going on I lost track you know lol but thank you :)
Tilapia is the only device in the nexus family still stuck at 3.68
"Settings have stopped"...anyone got any idea why that happens? how to fix this?
I didn't make full wipe but storage in setting doesn't work 
Is it just me or the touch scrolling feels weird now? Like slower. And yeah, as already mentioned, the Storage option in Settings doesn't work.
Hank Du
What's wrong with the xda website? Is it down? 
+Paul Williams that's the samething I got on both my nexus 4 and 7 settings have stopped!
Hi guys tried to flash PA 3+ almost 15 min and my device is not booting up... PLEASE HELP!!!
I'll only buy the moto X when Paranoid Android supports it! Keep up the good job guys. I LOVE IT. 
+tony pazo nope. I tried it too with twrp 2.6 and had the same error. We have to wait for the next release. I even tried to replace the settings.apk or flash the factory image, sign in and install paranoid over it, but nothing worked. 
Settings force-closed on fresh install at the Welcome screen after booting. Any help would be appreciated.
+Cole H then should i flash stock 4.3 (jss15j) first?
i think i will skip this update
does it still recommended to flash bootloader and modem for mako? or it's not usefull anymore?
this build is much more stable 
I think 3.93 lost the touchboost. It's way too slow on scrolling. I went back to 3.92 for now.
+tony pazo no. I waited until per app color is fixed, because it's one of my favorite features. But the paranoid team is pretty fast, i'll just wait for the next release ;)
+Paranoid Android just wondering if we will see notifications like the moto x for pa 4.0? 
After flashing the 3.92 a while ago ParanoidOTA notify me that my ROM is outdated. :) So freakin fast on the update. Thanks +Paranoid Android 
I keep getting the dreaded "Settings has stopped" that other people are getting also. Can you please fix this
Right on thank you for everything you guys contribute to the community 
I am also getting the settings error on setup. Flashed 4.3 stock image and rooted/unlocked bootloader. Reinstalled with newly downloaded zip image. Still getting the settings force close.
Flashed my nexus 4 to pa 3.92 ROM and my nexus 7 to pa 3.90 loving PA AWESOME ROM Smooth as butter and fast
Pretty much lost here as well, if a rom update requires updating bootloader it would be awesome if links to the proper files and instructions on how to get your device up to date were included in OP.  And frustrating to see the same Nexus4 Step-by-Step how-to posted over and over, yet never a links to other supported devices.  Does this release fix the root issues?  Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro).
After installing 3.92, I rebooted right after it loaded and now its stuck on the "Google"... what the heck is going on.. spent the last 3 hrs trying to get this working.. should have stayed on 4.2.2... such a waste of my time...
+paranoid android nice to see system update getting fine tuned.... 
Oh why have you dropped privacy guard :(
Great work though.
+Paranoid Android flashed 3.93, 2G/3G toggle is fixed but the margins in toggles are still the same. dirty flashed from 3.92
I followed all of the steps but when I get to the welcome screen and tap start I get the error "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped." I can't do anything now but reboot to recovery or fastboot. What do?
+Paranoid Android hey! a question. why when starting to flash the rom. theres a warning no file_contexts? after i boot up. system UI error
I get a same problem, a senior member on XDA tell me that I need to flash 3.92 first and dirty flash 3.93, i am trying it
Now, Im in the 3.69, what i going to do if i want to this update?
Is anyone having problems with GMD Auto hide Soft keys? It doesn't seem to be working. It stays at "checking root access" for a while.

**Update - Fixed by flashing the new SuperSU, root permissions seem to work better with it.
Works great. Only issue I ever get is lag in the lock screen swiping pages and to the camera. Fantastic work guys. 
Only when I try to go into my storage mind... 
My camera magically disappeared and installing the Google Edition APK doesn't make it reappear. Any thoughts? 
I am waiting for theming till I change to 4.3.. bought some great themes and don't want to miss them..! 
I dirty flashed the new build and Gapps a few minutes ago and can confirm FC on Users and Storage in Settings menu.
+Paranoid Android , got most things right here apart from couple of issues, per app works but there is small error. The navbar colour doesn't reflect correctly. Instead the status icon colour is picked up for nav bar colour too. I checked the properties.conf, but the colour values are correct in the file as per GUI values set in per app colour. Also faced settings error on startup as already mentioned by few in the comments. I had to downgrade to 3.92, flash gapps, then flash 3.93 without wipe. But thanks anyways for building a smooth, stable 4.3 based custom ROM within kust 10 days of its launch. #StayParanoid
Disabling notifications in settings doesn't seem to work fully because they go away and the eventually return later on even though its been checked off.
how would i go about posting a logcat. i saw this update shortly after i realized the clock app crashes as soon as i try to set an alarm or when i try to set a reminder or alarm via google now.
Then after that happened i thought that 8/5 might have something for it so i ran it and tested it to find it still there. im not in xda much so i doubt i can post this directly on the forum dedicated for it so apologies if this is not where it should be.
Is there a new radio and bootloader (like for mako) for grouper as well?
+Rafael T please link to the SuperSU zip you flashed, as I have flashed what I believe is the latest numerous times and my SU is completely broken atm.
+j c-chord Here is the download link for SuperSU, so far i have not had any issues with it at all so far. In some cases works better then PA root at this point in time for me, are you using a custom kernel by any chance because that can also mess up the root if you don't have jss etc.  Happened to me with the unofficial Franco kernel it was jss but it took away my root.

If you want any more info visit -
Does anyone know the Model Number for the 2012 Nexus 7? I'm not sure if model number is the right word, (i.e. Nexus 4 is mako). +Paranoid Android will this be for the 2012 Nexus 7 on 4.3 too?
+Shikhar Tyagi you can check on under 'paranoidandroid' developer, or download goomanager from playstore, it lists all compatible ROMs from for your device
Great work thanks a lot ! My GN has risen from the ashes !
But I didn't manage to stream audio meta data in my Car, via Bluetooth. Android 4.3 is supposed to implements AVRCP 1.3, so does my car's audio receiver. Is this may be related to the merge with PA ?
Maguro build keep force closing..
Works great! Except root which is broken and works only with SuperSU. (Maybe factory reset helps but I'm lazy)
can we take cm theme back?
+Benas Dzimidas though, the change log says "Per app color works", it doesn't work for me either.
Happens to the best.. Thanks a lot 
It's only for JSS15J? Or in JWR66V works? 
Is anyone else's 3.93 for maguro not able to be flashed? I have downloaded the file 3 separate times and when i try flash through recovery it says it cant open with a '(bad)' underneath it. Anyone else have that?
You have that blue collor but my phone have dark blue. How i can change it.
Nightly support for jfleatt?
Ota says that there is a 3.94 version, but does not download and i cant't find it on internet, why?
Any thoughts when a PA 4.3 ROM will be out for toro? I know that root exploit thing is a booger, but I'd love to run a 4.3 daily driver that's not in alpha/beta condition :)

Thanks,PA for keeping the grouper moving forward.....!!!!
There is a bug on gnexus when the softkeys disappear and become points,they are too close and also the back softkey when there is the keyboard on the screen is smaller than the others
anyone knowing the "secrets"  for the galaxy nexus (maguro) versio of this rom for bittorent sync?
Hi +Paranoid Android are cell broadcast not part of PA? Before switching from stock I used to get the emergency broadcast, but now I dont . 
When will available the version with possibility of change themes? 
Does PA work on my s3 4g ( i9305)? :)
Ralph H
ricky b
I did that flash of the newest pa for mako ....and it said that my hotspot was unopen ( wouldn't work ) and hybrid wouldn't stick when changed and some other things I can't remember right now ... does anyone know if they are fixed .. and I was reading that I have to go threw extra steps to keep root is that true? Those are the reasons I went back to 4.2 main one being a non working hotspot
Still no root - and still no answers here.  sigh.
+Paul Henschel könntet ihr halo nicht so programmieren, das wenn man darüber eine Benachrichtigung aufruft, diese sich automatisch löscht? Bzw gelöscht wird, wenn man diese in der Notificationbar aufruft? Es is bissl nervig das man immer alle Benachrichtigungen die in Halo angezeigt werden wegwischen muss.. 
So I am a new commer for nexus 4 n I follow your PA it so beautiful n nice ROM keep walking in this updates
Want to report that the latest release fixed root for me, boot to TWRP, flash latest maguro build, gapps, and SuperSU_1.51.

Thanks to the PA team.
Camera is a laggy right now otherwise everything else is working great. Thx for the hard work. 
I'm on 3.95 and there's no add and remove toggles plus I've noticed there's no last app button for the pie controls...also I can't seem to find a way to keep my status bar while using the pie control...maybe these few things can be added to 3.96? 
+Jeff Yount Settings - tooblars - quick settings panel - tiles and layout
Exit full screen mode - hybrid properties - interface - set nav bar to 0
Last night was the first night I had paranoid and my phone would only charge to 46% and it wouldn't charge anymore , I had it on the charger all night and when I woke up my phone was still only at 46% and extremely hot, so I restored back to my rooted stock 4.3 rom this morning. Would flashing a different kernel help that situation? Or what should I do cause I really miss using the halo notifications. Lol 
Is there a way to make halo work on 4.3 stock
Is there a way to make this link work..
I flashed and now it wont boot.
Hi, I having an issue with the sound. Even when I uncheck the option to link call volume and notification volume, they are always at the same level (can't leave max call volume and muted notification, for example).
Anyone has the same problem? 
Any help paranoid 3.99 is available for Samsung galaxy s3 sprint were I can download ?any help guys
Goo manager from the play store is where you can DL pa-3.99 from
Jay K
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