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The dissemination of information isn't always an easy task. Controlling the spread of that information is at times even more difficult. Rumors seem to spread while facts are ultimately buried ...

Based on recent interactions, it's apparent that some users aren't fully aware of what's taking place with regards to Paranoid Android and the Android 4.4 release.
It has been stated previously, some time before the release of KitKat, that we intended to rework/rewrite the core features of the ROM. The following are some of the main points from that post.

We will re-do PA from scratch.  The focus is on modular design and clean features. Features will be polished and integrated when stable

We will reduce kanging to a minimum. We never did that much but even essential things like Cyanogen's Quick toggles will be dropped. Instead we will write them again, but in "Googly" way.  Our goal is to stay closer to stock, things must be nice to look at, simple, uncluttered and easy to modify (like not having to sift through hundreds of system settings to add a toggle). Other essential things that have that polish we can kang if there's demand

Another thing that is of great importance to us is steering things away from that of the "common" ROM scene. Unix types and crackflashers are welcome, but we want normal Android users as well, those that enjoy stock but want more without having to study command line tools, reading endless how-tos from dubious sources 

In short: Features from PA 3.99 will not simply be ported to PA 4.0. Instead they will be reviewed, re-thought and in some instances re-written, providing a cleaner UI that maintains a stock feel with useful enhancements.

At the present state of development, a few of those points have already been covered. 
Quick toggles has been re-implemented to not only reduce the number of tiles displayed, but also remove the need to sift through hundreds of system settings to add a toggle 
Basic custom ROM features have been added to more native places within stock settings. Some non-intrusive enhancements have been integrated without any optional settings. 
The "on-the-spot" dialog, which made it's first appearance via the quick toggle quick pull down prompt, has been created to handle those enhancements which affect UI elements but only need to be configured once.

In regards to developing/reintroducing original Paranoid Android features, these are ALL currently being worked on. Updates will be provided as time progresses. 

Hybrid Engine, Pie Controls and Halo Hover are confirmed...
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Hover you say? Sounds more logical to me than Halo, since the feature is all about floating app on top of another app.
Good post. Makes me want to try PA again and keep up with updates to it.
Good luck guys! I'm really looking forward to PA's evolution :-D 
Have no doubt it will be worth the wait. I'm happy with the betas thus far!
Sounds great, guys. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours...
Thank you. This was far more helpful than the day of troll posts that freaked a bunch of people out. 
I'm going to take a guess and say that it's something like Samsungs floating window
Pie seems to be unuseful for me since we had immersive mode. 
Hover Hover Hover... Release it please ASAP
+Charles Eye To be fair, the day of troll posts was simply a response to the how quickly the internet rumors spread about "the death of Halo".  We just decided to have some fun with it and address the issue at a later date. 
"Our goal is to stay closer to stock, things must be nice to look at, simple, uncluttered and easy to modify"
The reason why I love PA, keep it up guys. 
This post mean "dont wait for p
PA. Use another ROM until we have all ready..." and at the end, it will not be that cool.....also, I have a question +Paranoid Android we all know android 5.0 may come soon....why waste time rewritting something you may have to rewritte again when the real next-gen android come out?? :/
+Manuel Salcedo Another Android version has no bearing on if we will need to rewrite features. The choice of rewriting this for 4.4 was just that, a choice. It wasn't mandatory. Sure some thing would have definitely needed to change but that doesn't mean all features need to be rewritten. They can simply be ported. 
Also, why "wait" for PA... there's a world of custom ROMs out there.
Vu Dinh
I for one have always supported this notion. Modularity is worth refactoring for. And you guys are doing a good job with the UX design too.
Ken N
But , if you're taking all this time to rewrite code for kk, and when the next version of android is released, you guys would be back to square one, "rewriting" code again for that build, this another period of waiting. Sounds like an endless circle....
+ken n As I said in my previous comment, there is a difference between rewriting and porting. Moving over to the other version would simply require porting what has already been rewritten. While changes may be required it is definitely not the same as writing something from the ground up. 
+Brandon Phillips Can't say for sure ... it's more or less functional but we are working on some bugs. That doesn't mean much as we were in the same situation last week and then rewrote a good bit this week.
I guess im not up to date but what the hell is hover? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Manzoor A
To PA team, I would just ignore users who keep demanding features. Just keep doing what you are doing. You have many fans out there who appreciate your hard work. Thank you! 
+Chris Lugo It has not seen the light of day yet.  It is still behind closed doors until enough bugs have been squashed to let you play....
Keep up the innovating!! You never cease to impress.
+Vincenzo Fienga He said, "Don't ask for ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival), because it is rude and pointless to ask"
+Ronnie Ruff he does this with literally every single post that deals with paranoid android, yet he continues to use the ROM...I don't get it.
+Manuel Salcedo Hovet may be a skinned halo.  BUT Hover is an unreleased, rethought, totally redesigned version of halo which many of us are willing to wait for unlike you.  
I find it amazing that there is so much interest in the PA teams work (I do not mean that in a bad way). Seeing PA taking the 4.4 build so seriously is exciting... not that it's a new practice. This ROM (and others), are just another reason to look forward to new Android releases. 
ETA on the "supposed" re-works. NEVER. I can guarantee you wont see anything new from PA in at least 4 more months.
+David H. Please keep the negativity out of the conversation.  There is no need for comments like this
James P.
+David H. and what the fuck does that matter? Build it yourself. It's not hard. Find a tutorial online and build what you want instead of being a consumer and commenting like a 13 year old child on stuff that you don't contribute to or spend your time on. They don't do this for money like CyanogenMod. They do this to put out a quality product for us that just so happens to be their hobby.
+David H. I'm sorry, but if you don't like this ROM, then why are you commenting here? Move on to another ROM and let others enjoy PA
+David H.: +Paranoid Android team can port roms with our devices like any other developers but since they are putting their genuine efforts to bring best of kk and that too FOC so let's respect their commitment. 
I know we can't expect anything for Sunday but I am expired just the same for Sundays build. PA IS ON TOP
+Kushal Joshi The Betas will remain beta until PA features are incorporated. 
In terms of stability they are already acceptable daily drivers.
+Josh Rodeen If we got magic cherry pie for all bugs in the code I think you'd end up with a lot of buggy code. 
Maybe magic pie for every bug we fix would be better.
Take your time guys. I know writing a good and stable code takes time.
I used cm before on my older phones but then came pa and changed my world. I am ready to wait how long it takes for new pa stable to come out. Meanwhile for people who want the pa features can go to 3.99. 4.4 does not make a very vast difference anyway. Sure it has great new features, but most of them can be lived without for a few days if you want pa features
👏 Love it, I'm glad u guys are taking the time to do it right! different & innovative! Worth the wait! 
What is this hover/hoover everones talking about? I googled and found nothing /:
+Punket Rocker No real/official info has been released yet, but it seems like it's going to be a replacement for halo.
I think its great look forwards to watching this ROM develope . be nice to see something different ROMs starting to look all the same latley 
+Paranoid Android when you people say " why "wait" for PA... there's a world of custom ROMs out there" well trust me its wroth it!
now u wont believe but one of the reasons i switched to Nexus 5 was because I thought it will probably be the first one to get PA.. so i guess that speaks for itself....I check XDA thread everyday for any update abt PA..
so take your time guys!
we are waiting.. =)
+Paranoid Android thank you team for youre hard work! Love the idea of staying close to stock and integrating PA features in a more userfriendly way!! Can't wait to see it!
+Andre Saddler hm I could imagine something like immersive mode, but where you can instantly choose a nav control after swiping it in. The lack of it is really disturbing sometimes. 😅
+David H. Have you ever written/code a hello world! Program? I guess not. Coding takes a huge amount of time and logic. A lots of patience and caffeine. Also some white hairs ;-)
It's funny seeing how people react to this post after they reacted to the troll day posts. 
We, the team, wants cookies.
Thanks for the recap .. sounds .. like serious shit.. 
+Paranoid Android I "can't" switch to another rom, I need hybrid! I don't need such fancy things like hoover or pie, simply I really care about hybrid.
Every time I read the comments on your posts, I feel like being the only that feels that way :( I don't understand this.
This said, is there any information about hybrid? Some behind the scene status available?

That would be awesome !!!
Yes what about hybrid .. that was something that you had really done a great job on (atleast from a user experience)
Arz Bhatia ... huh.. ill pretend to be dumb on this one.. 
Haha I'm done guys. Stop exaggerating 🙌
Arz Bhatia .. try cocaine instead .. might help. PA can provide the required paranoia
+Paranoid Android I loved the changes/new additions released since PA 4+ like the new toggles, but I still feel like some important ones such as NFC and Cloud Printing are missing. Why is that?
No longer going through comments. Too much immaturity. I miss XDA every time I see this shit. At least they have more decency than these negative ETA jerkovskis.
Do what you do.... I will never complain... I love flashing roms... I can wait... I love the art of what you do... Thank you PA... 
I am already hovering in anticipation and i don't even know what Hover is! Bring it on.... 
Come on everyone, Let the PA guys work their magic. Those that need Halo can use XHalo xposed module. I trust they'll come up with something even better. 
Sounds awesome! Keep up those aims
Great! Expect nothing less from the best cust rom devs! For best exp take your time +Paranoid Android
+Paranoid Android Thank God you guys finally addressed the rumours. So will hover be more of the same or completely different?
I like this version of PA much more than the previous. I 'm one of those who love polished rom and not the digging and scratching between hundred of settings. So thanks for the hard work. I can only imagine how much you are working right now. Thank you. 
Take your time. Keep up the good work. The good people here appreciate what your doing, with or without this explanation. Thank you for the things you've done, and the things you're bringing us.
Hybrid Pie Hover-----that's all I need!! 
I'll take whatever PA throws at me :P
How about a couple of quick settings next to the quick settings icon? Just an idea...
This is the benefits of android user :)
I have been on Xylon and there was to many settings there but i came to PA because of the 4.4.2 os version. Only things I miss are :
- Pie Control,
- vol+/- to move cursor when typing,
... but if you stick to the stock regarding the quick toogles, please keep the inverted behavior (long press to enter settings / press to enable disable) because Google did that UX the wrong way on stock. 
As a Galaxy Note 3 user, there are only a couple of things I see that need polishing. Unfortunately, they have to do with s-pen functionality, not android programming. The android programming is fine.
Great PA Team, we're waiting your "Artwork".
So I guess we will get PA kitkat in couple of months 
Guys, it would be super cool if you could continue developing the LockIt app you made. You know, the one you pulled from play store for some reason. 
doing ROM only for the nexus die. were better than I had cm hybrid and different platforms
+Paranoid Android Also, what about the PA preferences app from the play store? It did cost 4 bucks, promised to provide an early access to new features and whatnot, now it also disappeared from play store without a single word. This is far from a serious developer behavior. 
Always been a fan of PA, this is why I stick around , great work!!
+Paranoid Android I am a huge fan and follower. I have been recently introduced to Xposed. Wow, I am really impressed how much power and easy it is to modify a ROM. I think it would be kick ass if CM and PA teams focused on Xposed suites and modules. I would assume that would save time, but also bring normal users into the fold.
Thanks for reiterating this. As much I'm hungry for the next beta to arrive, this reaffirms the fact that PA team is hard at work. I'm really glad this is a modular and near stock approach - thanks guys!
Recently switched to PA and I am happy with the rom so far. Happy to wait. Thanks for the update!
This is why I will never leave PA. I love the dedication! 
+Gonçalo Vaz NFC and cloud printing aren't things that needs to be turned on and off constantly. So no need for a toggle.
while i wish to have a custom auto brightness control which could make it dimmer at nights... Nexus 5 is just way too bright
+Mayank Wadhawan modular code us always easier to maintain. During the lifetime of developer you are always learning, none of us started off as android experts, that said, there are things that could be done better, more efficiently or simply less hacky.
Not that we claim to be experts now, but there's definitely things that could be cleaned up
+Paranoid Android thank you for clarification.
About the toggle behavior, could it be switchable between the Google behavior and the inverted one? In my opinion, the Google way is better. Now I am speaking for myself, but I believe many others feel the same way. And in the end, having a free hand to choose for yourself is always a good thing. 
+Martin Holička can you describe to me the use case of jumping in to settings as opposed to toggling the setting? I would imagine that while sometimes you would indeed want to access the full settings, most times you simply wish to turn the respective feature on/off
+Paranoid Android I've made a plethora of tasker profiles for my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, so I almost never feel the need to toggle something manualy. It is the settings for the respective thingies I need to access when I feel like pulling down the Quick toggle bar. 
Any Trailers on hybrid 3?:Fingers crossed :
Keep up the good work you guys! I am that regular Android user (with some knowledge of rooting, flashing ROMs, etc, though) that you want. I love exactly what you aim for: a close to but better than Google experience. Stock + awesomeness = Paranoid Android! I know how hard you guys are working on the releases and I will wait patiently for the next release. Take your time, we're eager, but we all (including you) want that great PA quality that you've always provided.
I freaking love the Googly way. I won't run anything CM based anymore on my phone.
+Sean Millar answered above...No.
Note that rewriting has nothing to do with upgrading. The upgrade simply gave the opportunity for a fresh start. If we need a fresh start again that soon, it would mean our rewrite want very successful in the first place
+Martin Holička I could see how that's works for you, but sorry, it's unlikely a change would be made to this. This is one deviation from stock we believe works
Glad to know that hybrid engine is on its way...... Just love it......
+Paranoid Android We have the same line of thought, semplicity, No unnecessary settings, clean graphics, for this i love PA
It seems that PA team simply can't do more unique features.
Paranoid Android goes not to Google-stock. It becomes usual ROM, the same as hundreds of other ROMs.
Thanks for your hard work!
Thanks for the information and awaiting for the new features.
While I love the new implementation of quick toggles the selection should include more options. I believe ringer mode is one that is missing and frankly one of the more important toggles.

Overall you are doing a tremendous job and rewriting and reconsidering the implementation of PA features is a huge task and the end result will no doubt be phenomenal keep up the good work!!!
Bought my GNex used and the owner shipped it with PA3.99RC2. Sure I've used other ROMs, but I always end up back on the latest version of PA. Keep up the good work and don't let the ungrateful children who demand this and that and the other thing get to you.
This is the post I've been waiting for. Kudos to you PA and I think you've convinced me to flash PA beta as of today :). I'm really looking forward to those pie controls and thanks for being clear and concise in this post ^^. 👌
+Martin Holička woosa. We haven't re wrote that yet since hybrid has a deeper control on system. When we finish hybrid (no eta) we will have app to accompany it
+Christopher Cote xposed modules are terrible. Its open to malicious code to be injected to your device. Native built in code and features > modules. So we will never condone xposed
What I really want to see in PA is a few things like a "light mode." Where the apps backgrounds are light instead of dark. (Opposite of Slim's TRDS) and a "secret" menu where you can activate GB, ICS, JB, and KK easter eggs. 

EDIT: Spelling & punctuation.
+Andre Saddler Which version of PA is the most recent for d2att (d2lte)? I can't find any DL links for the 4.0 Beta anywhere.
I really like PA. Thank you guys for all your hard work on it. Very clean and well polished UX.
Since you'll be "starting over", kindly provide a list of devices PA will be suitable for. Thanks :-)
+Hameed Yussuph Nothing's changed...we still only officially support Nexus and Oppo devices. You can find ports for various devices on xda
There nearly is no change in your gerrit page recently. Like 2 weeks now. Just translations or little things. Are you not posting in your gerrit or are you developing this beasty secretly:) Or are you busy lately?
I want to believe that all the people asking about ETAs on features are just trolling you guys.. But no, just a lot of dense people out there.
+Paranoid Android Thanks for clarifying things PA. Much respect. Take your time. You can't rush perfection. Thanks!
+Paranoid Android I didn't know. I'm kinda new to PA and I was wondering why there's no "Device" page like you have CyanogenMod. Anyway, thanks for the clarification :-)
Soiz Z
Vert good post with clear explanation of PA vision. Glad to hear why you decided to re write everything. You decided to take the hard path... Were you aware at the time that it will be so difficult? Wish you the best
+Soiz Z Hybrid has a minor bug that is proving to be more than we expected, but it's not so much a matter of difficulty as it is finding the time to dedicate to development.
I have tried all the roms out there and always came back quickly to PA. So take your time we will wait as long as you need and we will be happy for every new thing in the next update.( sorry for my english)
+Nurhisyam Ariffikri the extra gesture for immersive was painful for me. I much prefer pie and can't use my phone without it.
Now if only they dev'd for other devices besides nexus. :(
+Andre Saddler isn't it great that people want support for every device but don't understand why that is simply not feasible? What do you mean you can't buy and support every single device out there? 
See... Now THIS is how you address your user-base when there is dissension and confusion. Polite, informative, to the point with all emotions aside. I wasn't considering moving away from PA, until I had read some of the inflammatory responses from devs towards comments and questions from upset users. I know the devs don't care whether or not a few insignificant users move on to other roms, but I'm glad I read this. Kinda helps me to believe a few dudes care in there.... even if we aren't paying customers.
did you know if the bug of the reset of the home is solve when the nexus 4 reboot. thx
Hola muchachos, esperando con mucha expectativa, por ahora a instalar , gracias por su gran trabajo 
Very strange.. In PA 4.0 for Note2 (unofficial), there is Halo.. Why There isn't in official builds? Unofficial developers are better than you? I don't Think..
+Dennis Beck As mentioned, and explained half a dozen times in this thread alone, a new version will NOT require a rewrite.  The rewrite was a decision to clean up the code, and had nothing to do with kitkat in general.  It was just a good time to do it.
Oh, I see - the demanding users...

I want everything and I want it now! No bugs for sure. Should I add "for free" or you know that? By the way, I wanted it for yesterday and I'm already upset. Did I mention "no bugs"? Cause if I face one small bug, I will cry like a child in every single post here, on xda, or anywhere, that PA is piece of crap.

Ah, and BTW I just noticed Nexus and Oppo builds only. When will you support S2? Cause I got it free of charge and I don't plan on paying for device either. I could wait until tomorrow. 
+Paranoid Android I got one question. You said in a post last year that you would go into a more "Firmware" experience like a oem would provide. Is this obsolete or can we expect something like this in the future?
+Paranoid Android Only 2 or 3, and I don't think the icons occupying this space at the moment are important. A swipe to the full quick settings menu could replace the icon.
I cannot stress enough how much I woulda returned my nexus 7 3g if not for paranoid android's ability to give us an actual tablet ui, and the fact they make android not suck in every other way, and the amount of not suck is so intense in the new PA that I don't even care that I'm stuck on the retarded phablet ui again because the beauty of PA is how friggin good it works and anyone who thinks the rewrite wasn't anything other than the absolutely best idea ever needs to get out and they need to get out hard 
but what about PA colours?
+P Penkov Wow. You really help a lot. You won't cry, you won't find any bug. And these updates roll out with schedules and it won't come today. Well i expect it tomorrow since it will be 2 weeks. Probably will get it tomorrow. Would be happy with sooner update:)
Thank you for the update/clarification. I will be back on PA once Hybrid is back in PA.
Waiting for the hybrid..will be upgrading to nexus 5 this coming may..yippeee
+Paranoid Android is there any way we can help with development? I code primarily in Java so I would love to help you guys hunt bugs down. I know you wanna keep source on the DL til its bug free though. Anyway I can help just say the word
Been using PA & specifically Jesus' work since D4rom on the S2. I simply will not use any other ROM as a daily driver? I have tried many others they are either filled with loads of junk, too many features or not stable. PA shines because they take their time & get things right & most importantly not cluttered to death. Love the new toggles, Looking forward to seeing Hover! Keep up the great work. 
Guys, any update this week?
Wayne C
Thank you PA team!
ive been waiting for pie for so long :')
Beta 7 is available.
Check your PaOTA app.
What about pa colours though? I looked them
I really hope hover functions closely to what Samsung has in regards to multi-window.   With the advent of larger screens it's one of the singular Touchwiz features most people even went to P.A. in the first place for.  It was one of the major defining elements that separated it apart from everything.  I appreciate all the work the P.A. team puts in but a P.A. rom without a halo or hover is just a slightly tweakable aosp rom...and whats so special about that?  Anyways, I'm extremely excited and hopeful to see what comes. 
I want the ability to move windows and that they remain open if screen turns of or you interact with the background as app
Halo is dead! Bring on the Destiny! 
Why I can't install the Google keyboard from +Google Play? I've Google keyboard installed with gapps but can still see the official Google keyboard as not installed at +Google Play 
As long as a "native" mulittasker is implemented to replace halo Im happy. If the rom work im happier. I like stability over feature 
I really just want to comment about the pie but it won't me comment on that post. :P Thank you PA for your patience with us haha. I don't understand why people complain when all this is not only free, but incredible. Thank you for taking your time on pie and making it right. It integrates into 4.4 so well. I look forward to future releases. That is all. 
Wanted to comment about pie on that post as well, but remembered you guys disable them for update posts it seems.

First off, absolutely loving pie. Feels so nice and.. I don't know the word I'm looking for.. Comfortable? I guess. Either way, no issues at all. Can't wait for other items to start coming back! One thing that I think would be nice is if the background didn't dim, or didn't dim so much when using pie.
Just to confirm is hover available now?
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