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Android 4.3

We are merging 4.3 now. Keep your cool, this might take a while.

In the meantime, collect things you might need from XDA, like radios.
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Lol radios. I will not sacrifice my lte lol
i dont know jeremy, we will release the 4.3 kernel for now
The Master Chief aka John at the BBQ? Wuuuut! Love it. 
Marco M.
Oh sweet thanks :) btw +Paranoid Android you should really consider uploading a video on how to make the leap from 4.2 to 4.3 for the beginners and the new comers :) they and I would really appreciate it bcus some times things can get a little confusing
So fast, hats off to you guys...
Wait what? Seriously?? I was considering flashing back to stock to try this out for a day but screw that I'll just wait for this! Awesome!!
Thanks in advance, keep up the good work :-) 
That pic reminds me of a local DJ here from a decade back. P.A.L.A.D.I.N (prototype artificial lifeform and data integration network) spun some sick tunes wearing and even crazier master chief like suit. 
+Dovah Kiin there's a flashable zip with newest Radio on XDA, message me if you need direct link, but it's compatible with 4.2.2, running that radio on PA atm
Dovah nothing really to do, ONLY if u want to update to the new radio that came with 4.3 otherwise your good to go...
Will this require a clean or dirty flash?
Photo, Typical Holland look? 
How can I go back to stock 4.2.2 then update to 4.3 ?! 
+Dovah Kiin if your getting good reception theirs no need to update to the new radio, currently I'm on .33 radio for LTE the updated radio from 4.3 doesn't have LTE included so personally I won't be updating my radio.
+Jason Newman Thanks, going to start my backups now. The new radio will also be included in this update as well correct?
+Emanuel Yhap if you are flashing a custom ROM you will need to flash radio and bootloader separately. 
+Dovah Kiin correct u can always go back to the radio u had previously by flashing it... To check which radio u have go to settings > about phone > and baseband version and the last 2 numbers after the period is yout radio version.
In south korea, Its dawn now. I gotta sleep, and i hope OTA notification when i wake up :-)
Cheer up, guys! +Paranoid Android 
Did the new source is out ???
+Muhammad Ali Alshakarti you don't have to, like I mentioned previously if u had good reception with the radio your currently on and don't have dropped data then your good to stay on the radio your currently on... If you want to update to the newer radio feel free to do so and test it out, u can always go back to the radio u have now by flashing it back.
I just installed android 4.3 from the Google website , updated the radio and boot loader but if knew PA would start working on 4.3 right away I would have not done it.
+clinton carr Supposed to be .84 according to XDA chatter - I'm still downloading the factory image for JWR66V so I can't confirm personally.
Its 84 if you guys want I can upload a screenshot 
Was going to use stock 4.3 until you guys merge it, but it doesn't look like it's gonna take long time, so just gonna keep using PA. Thanks for the quick merge my friend :)
+clinton carr I've been at work, won't be off for a couple more hours so I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. 
Will this PA build be available for the GT-i9300?, or are we bound to wait for Samsung to make his move? 
+Dovah Kiin You should be able to just download it via PA OTA and flash it. Just like previous versions of PA. If anything goes wrong, just factory reset. You won't lose root at all and you won't lose data as long as you don't factory reset
+Nathanael Abbotts I was afraid to hear that. I'm currently running PA 3.68 and it's awesome.
I'll have to wait then. About the Nexus devices, they are great but I find some features to be deal breakers for me. Like the lack of external memory slot. 
well, that's fast!! PA never disappoints!! thumbs up
paranoid android is always the fastest. and I mean it, they were the first with 4.2.2 and now look at 4.3
Will it be aviable for the find5 also? Because of the kernel..
to get the new bootloader i just need to flash the zip in cwm ?
why don't add  radios and all we need at rom zip ??
4.3 boot loader works with android 4.2? Just flash it and wait for pa 4.3 build and still working with 3.69??
Yeah this is awesome. I'm on 3.60 and waiting until the latest versions are bug free but if they cook 4.3 into they newest one, well I'll be flashing pretty soon. 
hey guys, i want to flash the newest build 3.69 to my n4, i am at 365, but how do i upgrade? i mean i know... using goo manager, but the part i dont know is if i make the wipes after or before i flash the new version of P.A, and another question, if i flash the newest version of P.A, i will loose my franco kernel? i mean, i will get the kernel that comes with the rom ? sorry for posting here guys..cheers.
+Paranoid Android I'm confident and I'll waiting that they release their PA build to upgrade to 4.3 - thumb-up team, you are the best team around android. I'm keen on PA build. 
do all wipes .. if the update come with kernel you will lose your franco kernel and you need to flash it again if you want

i hope this help you :)  
+Ricardo Lugo
 There is no need to wipe before you upgrade from 3.65 to 3.69. Put PA 3.69 in your SD or phone memory + latest gaps. Go to CWM, update and, as always, wipe cache and Dalvik. Thats all.
Can't contain my excitement. Hope it's available when I get off work! Love PA and it keeps getting better
+Paranoid Android Will come in that time of building 4.3, PA 3.70 or will be PA 3.70 Android 4.3?

I ask because im still on 3.60 and il wait for 3.70...
But when it takes longer than 1Month il update to 3.68

And we just need to wipe cache and dalvik cache for the 4.3 update?

A question to the I9300 build
Will it come at the same time as the nexus builds?

And what do u meant with Radios?
4.3 bootloader and radio work fine with PA 3.69 (Jul 22), just in case anyone is wondering.
No rush, 4.3 really isn't that major from a user standpoint (from what I saw). It's more for developers, so take your time :) 
I am waiting as patiently as I can guys :D
is there an updated bootloader from the official builds somewhere?
Wooo alright!
You guy are awesome and take your time. =)
I flashed stock 4.3 over PA 3.68 because I thought you guys would take time ..... But now nothing can be done :(
Picked up +Paranoid Android on my N4 a few weeks back. I remember thinking "but what about my sweet instant release updates." Well I see I have my answer......much love you wonderfully nerdy peeps...much love indeed. 
+Ryan Borden Best not to speak out of ignorance. PA is built from source. CM is not the end-all be-all in aftermarket ROMs. From my standpoint their work has always been unstable on any device that I have put it on. Lastly, "you're" not "your." 
+Daniel Greer Aw dammit, I usually never make the you're/your mistake!
And you are right about my ignorance. I try to educate myself on PA but it seems to have a lack of information/websites. Download it from where?Their change logs are where? Then you find the change logs and their in some sort of technical developer jargon... I'm not a dev. 
So great to be part of this amazing community
After flashing the new bootloader, will it be unlocked? or do we have to do the unlock again??
speaking of the rom but on version 3.69 I keep getting the OTA reminder that there's an update which there isn't its like it doesn't recognize that I'm on 3.69 anyone else have this issue..and how do I fix it?
Anyone got link to stock kernel... Can't find 
+David De Leon I think it's a known issue with the OTA. Go into settings and change the update frequency to "Don't Check"
Great! But some one have 4.3 boot loader and radio yet? Or there's no difference between mako and maguro radio's and boot loader's? :-)
Dan H
AVCRP 1.3 is all I care about
Sweet! I will wait for PA release ;)
hope its ready for today, i want to try it right now!! :D

sop, PA work first for mako...also Franco kernel too , sop i hope i can get both today!!!
Does that mean I won't have to unroot my nexus 4 to enjoy 4.3 
Oh.. hah. The Rom with Halo..and Master Chief playing Master Chef. Clever. Very, very clever.
+Ryan Borden It's cool. The technical aspects were the reason I held off flashing this ROM initially. My own ignorance made me nervous. Their developer thread at XDA is the best overall description I have found. Changelogs do get somewhat technical, but I know that I'm the one lacking the knowledge required to understand everything. After using PA as my daily driver for the last few months I've come to the conclusion that the changelog is largely irrelevant to me. There has only been one version released since I started with this ROM that acted weird, and I think that it was my device acting cranky. No other users at XDA were reporting similar problems at the time. Other than that this ROM has only gotten better. I... can't... help... it!! They're not their. (Feel free to shame me for being a grammar nazi!) 
+Manuel Salcedo We'll see with PA - it depends on the number of conflicts they hit with changes in 4.3. And you won't get a Franco kernel for 4.3 until at least the 29th as Franco is on a well earned vacation (from his real job). :)
Thanks Francis. That is so good to know 
I just pooped in my pants! You go guys!!!!
+Daniel Greer Actually 'their' is correct. A true grammar Nazi would have known that "they're" = they are.
Franco is on vacation until the 29th. So I'll wait until then. Hopefully .33 radio will will still work to enable LTE. In the meantime.. I need to get me a new Nexus 7 tablet. :-)
+Ryan Borden "Then you find the change logs and their in some sort of technical developer jargon..." This was the instance I was referring to. I know, I know. I'm a PITA. :-D 
+Marius Freitag lol thanks man I read that about a minute after i posted which made me feel just a tad bit stupid..just a tad lol
As always the PA team is on top of things.. A+
Wow, I hope the 4.3 will released soon and fix my GPS issue
+Julio Lagara ik right that shit is crazy! Like a nexus Q 2 lmao but 4.3 is pretty big if pa comes out with something amazing like they did with pie or halo
Why's it feel like Christmas damn it! >,<
Don't think it's coming today for n4 at least. Molesarecomming must of passed out. Lol
+Wicked Martinez If you were reading that from the S4 forum, the guy had a few problems even with the AOSP kernels - mainly with the graphics. JB 4.3 is mainly an under the hood change that makes things faster, smoother and more responsive. In a number of cases, this was achieved by offloading what was originally done in software onto hardware. The graphics software layer has also been updated and I expect that might need some different functionalities exposed from the hardware by the kernel. Also, 4.3 incorporates some Linux security stuff at the kernel layer. So I expect that we are going to need an update of the kernel that has the right hardware functions exposed in the kernel or modules included and enabled, as necessary for the 4.3 OS to be entirely happy. But it would be a nice dream if the 4.2.2 kernel had all the right stuff for the OS.
+Paranoid Android I really feel you guys should start releasing the CDMA (preferably sprint..that's my carrier) versions of PA the same day you release them for GSM. It's just my opinion..I'm about 2-3 updates behind because it takes a long time to port, I believe. But it sucks. I don't even have the OTA update yet(where we get the new PA OTA app). im on 3.68 PA. ): Great work by the way!
GitHub Sneakpeek :)

AOSP ParanoidAndroid manifest
Last updated 2 minutes ago

ParanoidAndroid vendor files
Last updated 5 minutes ago

Android build system
Last updated 8 minutes ago
+Wicked Martinez Francisco Franco is pretty good at getting his kernels in order so I think we won't have to wait too long - except for him to come back from vacation. ;)
So the 4.3 updates automatically on your droid?
Da' fuck already a paranoid rom of 4.3
Can some one tell me what the heck is going on xD how much time to get the build
+Wicked Martinez I think you go with what you are happy with. :) I found Air can stutter a little bit with some things at start up, but that is due to the difference in core on-lining strategy between the two kernels and also the app you are using. I use Battery Guru so battery life for me on Franco Kernel is about 2 days for my usage and the apps I tend to use. I guess the other thing I like about the Franco Kernel is that I have the ability to set the color profile - I use Visceral Psyche's color setting that is provided with the Kernel. AndI if you really want fine-grain control on power usage, the Franco Kernel gives you power mode tuning on a per app basis.

I think we'll be a little spoiled with 4.3 in any case, as the tweaks the Google engineers have added will reduce battery consumption, with Bluetooth LE, location services, offloading functions to hardware and so on. We can probably live with stock kernel for a little while until the devs get up to speed. ;)
They're picking up the pace tho... We might get it tonight... That's insanely awesome 
Fucking cool and hilarious all at once.
What a dedicated bunch :) I'll wait until I know it's stable and stuff. It'll be interesting to see how things go once key lime pie releases! 
Did anyone else see the 2 dozen eggs and wonder how he's cooking them? 
Will we need to do a full wipe flashing this? I've been comfortable on PAC for a very long time and haven't flashed anything in quite some time. I decided to go back to PA, but I'd hate to have to do a full wipe now, then have to do another immediately after when this update is ready. 
+Brad Hoschar Many places still do not have LTE. You are probably doing everything right, but do not have LTE in your area.
I'm already in 4.3 on my toro! :) waiting for paranoid android rom
No traffic on git think they're done for the night? 
+Philip Blumel I know that much. I'm just wondering if I should flash PA now like I was planning to already before this announcement or wait until after they release this new build. I don't want to have to do two consecutive clean wipes. 
Thank you for all the awesome work 
+Brad Hoschar The Nexus 4 only has support for Band 4 LTE which in the US is only used by T-Mobile. Plus I don't believe prepaid devices are allowed to connect to LTE on ATT's network
Well good night people so much for an update today hahahan to good to be true :( maybe in a couple of days ^.^ 
Y'all are an amazing team. ;-) keep up the good work
Can I download that suit along with 4.3?
bet this will come sooner than OTA. lol. TIA PA team!
Tengo un Nexus 4, con PA instalado, que para si regreso a la ROM original y actualizó a 4.3? Ya no podre regresar a PA? O me recomiendan que espere a que fusionen 4.3 con PA? Y después actualizar.
Will you guys be merging/compiling the 4.3 kernel to work on N7000? Would be fantastic! Not that I'm not totally satisfied with current build :)
Keep up the good work, guys! Maybe complete multi-user for phones using hybrid mode? I can create multiple users, but have no way of switching from user to user... Maybe a user switcher in the power menu?

GOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u guys!!!!!
Vietnamese: Đợi chờ là hạnh phúc!
Should I install the new radio update before or after flashing 4.3?
+Tanner Leslie You should enable lockscreen rotation, and enable auto rotation, then lock your device. After that wake it and rotate your device to landscape. ;-) 
Thanks! And when do I flash the new bootloader?
+Ali Alhafidh

fastboot flash radio radioname.img
fastboot reboot -bootloader
fastboot flash bootloader bootloadername.img
fastboot reboot
can anyone help me to get the new 4.3 Bootloader for the Nexus 7 Grouper? +Mihaly Nagy 
never experimented nexus 7... as I know, and it is a nexus, so same thing... download factory image... unpack... extract bootloader... enable adb...

open terminal/comand promt as admin

(right click, run as admin)
navigate to ADK platform-tools...

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash bootloader -bootloader.img
fastboot reboot
+Mihaly Nagy i am a beginner so i hope i can get the nexus 7 grouper bootloader as flashable zip, can you help me please?
and is the new bootloader will come with new PA 4.3 by default?
Bruno S
... Waiting the bomb !
+Mihaly Nagy i have downloaded boot loader but I can't install/flash it. I don't have PC :/ can you make flash able zip for me?:-) maguro gnex ;-)
Maybe u +Yam Borodetsky should give us a ETA when u gtfo.
Give the devs some respect and time instead of posting useless comments like u just did.... 
You are the best! I'm hoping you'll finish it soon cause i'm starving :))
Come on guys the first custom ROM is already out
+Yam Borodetsky this is not a contest and PA is heavily modified compared to stock. If you can't wait just go to stock. 
Or throw some money at the team, that will help them. 
Eric Yu
when will release?
I love PA that's why I'm so excited. I have no Paypal money or anything though.
Everyone here loves it but each new version brings a lot of issues. You can't expect overnight delivery this isn't DHL. 
So, u ask for ETA's , u tell them to gtfo if they don't give it, u don't support the devs in any way, u compare a simple ROM build with PA........ Dude , shame on u +Yam Borodetsky u don't deserve PA! Now go home and flash stock ROM back.......

this is friggin epic news!
+Paranoid Android - since you're already cooking 4.3 and there's still no 3.68 for i9305 is it safe to say that no 3.68 is coming out for the i9305? Thanks for your working PA rules! \m/
Two questions;

1) Do I have to do a clean install? 

2) Once I flash the PA 4.3 rom, will I also need to flash a kernel or a radio? Those two things really throw me..
Can i flash the new bootloader to pa 3.69 with no problems?
You guys are what they call.. AWESOMEE.
Respect and Love for all the developers!!
+Thomas B - if by that you mean PA, yes I did! We need to support them for all their great work!
OMG!!!! i love this dev's community!!! can't wait PA (mabye 3.7) for my Galaxy S3 int.
Can I just flash my nexus 4 with the stock ROM?  or is there more to it?  I want to try vanilla 4.3 then see what awesome things PA does with it!
Can someone post a link to the radio for the galaxy nexus. Thanks in advance.
Just woke up, drinking my coffee...staring at this profile like a hawk... :D
I went to the xda forum for bootloader and radio but they had tons of different files I'm wondering if I need to download.... Can someone link me to the boot loader and give me instruction on how to flash? Much thanks.
I got my nexus 4 just the other day! i got 4.3 and i cant wait till you guys update to try the rom! 
+Brad Hoschar I didn't know that ATT added LTE to their prepaid plans which is awesome news. However like I said yesterday the Nexus 4 LTE radio only has support for LTE Band 4 which T-Mobile uses but unfortunately ATT does not.
Anyone have a bootloader zip for GNEX? I really don't wanna have to use fastboot
+Brad Hoschar No problem! I'm seriously trying to decide whether to buy an N4 now that TMO has LTE in Atlanta or if I should wait for the Nexus 5...
Btw guys, got 4.3 and it feels a lot faster. Flashed the new radio and bootloader too... Network seems faster now as well gmaps loading immediately in edge. Anyhow boot time 5 seconds. Looking forward to pa build to see what more can possibly be eine 
+Diaa Fares
bootloader is like BIOS for PC... just the kernel loader, and some basic I/O setups... from bootloader you can flash/write/erase system, data etc... having the new bootloader or radio DOES NOT affect PA or stock... if you have 4.2.2 than flashing new bootloader won't change a thing...
+Paweł Goliński
didn't made a flashable zip... I feel more safe with fastboot than recovery... thinking that bootloader is the thing that loads the recovery, perhaps is risky...
+Mihaly Nagy actually radio might improve the connectivity at some points. Agree with the fastboot method thinking otherwise
+Sven Karliner
connectivity, for me for example I got slower wifi, faster GPS lock, Ingress won't find lock btw but with GPS test only...
Radio won't affect OS, only HW stability... :)
+Mihaly Nagy well yeah it does not affect the OS but the functionality of the underlying hardware which seems as noticeable at some points even on OS base
I was reffering to the fact that here someone thought that flashing bootloader and radio will give them PA with 4.3
i think that those who doesn't know what is a bootloader, or where to get them... should be banned... o.O factory images for nexus...
+Mihaly Nagy Yes if you are using fastboot. We were asking about flashable zips. I personally don't know how to take the .IMG and make one
+Justin McIntosh
unpack the .tar file... you will get a gzip after or what... inside there will be: bootloader.img, a zip file... in zip there is the radio.img... simply get them and rename them... from radio_jfoif_jfoef_84534_jb_fewhrewkj.img to simply radio.img :)

enable adb, open a comand promt and do this:

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash radio radioname.img
fastboot reboot -bootloare
fastboot flash bootloader bootloadername.img

don't get confused with boot.img and bootloader.img :)
+Mihaly Nagy Thanks that's an excellent explanation. But I was asking how to make a zip though with some of the warnings against it I suppose I'll bring out a computer and use fastboot anyway
awesome ^^
waiting for port on Galaxy Note
+Justin McIntosh
to make a flashable zip you need ubuntu to compile the .sh script and to write it, also you need a make file to generate the make of the zip :) easier and faster via fastboot :)
+Joost van Ginkel
not a week... perhaps a month :) it's a whole operating system... not just a simple calculator where you have to change some lines in the code :)
+Michael Köppl
merging android 4.3 over 4.2.2 is not a copy paste functionality... you have to decompile it, research over it, see what is new etc... it's not a fast job.. it's a long term job :) it could be 1 week... it could be 1 month...
They didn't said tonight... in fact... they didn't said anything about it
Collected everything and ready to flash the new ROM when it comes out!
+Mihaly Nagy actually it's not a decompile job, Google released 4.3's sources to AOSP so it's more of a merge and resolve conflicts thing, but you're right about the rest, it could take anything from a few hours to a few months depending on how much has Google changed the framework.
Lol at these noob questions and asking for ETA's...patience my friends and stop posting stupid shit and do a little research. You are using a Google OS....use Google for what it originated from...SEARCH
What do I need it for 4.3 on my nexus 4. Can someone please point me to the right links

Android system core
Last updated 17 minutes ago
17 45
AOSP ParanoidAndroid manifest
Last updated 20 minutes ago
Java 0 11
forked from aaronpoweruser/android_libcore
Last updated 24 minutes ago
C 0 7
Last updated 25 minutes ago

The suspense is killing me!
Want to try PA for the first time, been floating around other ROMS but i see that PA is the place to be. Do i have to flash the newest version now and update to the upcoming one or can i just do a full 4.3 upgrade with this new PA? (On Nexus 4) Thanks!
+Alex Deel Paranoid Android is the best Rom ever made, i recommend it over any other. You can flash the lastest version (3.67) with Android 4.2.2 now and wait for the upgrade or you can just wait until the new upcoming version with Anroid 4.3, don't forget to make a factory reset. Once you taste Paranoid you won't get back.
+Guillermo Carvajal  Thanks for the quick response! Seems like a really good community to be a part of and everybody is willing to help others out and good support. Probably just going to wait for the 4.3 version so I can get it all out of the way at once. Keeping a close eye on this page!
I burned a hole through my screen protector where the refresh button is... 
+Ahmed A Probably a good idea since you're upgrading versions altogether. It might not be necessary, but I recommend it for maximum performance.
Is it the PA v3.69 support LG P880? If available please provide the link for download, thanks^^
Take your time there is no rush
I know that the LTE chip in the Nexus 4 works only in Canada, on T-Mobile Network
+Mihaly Nagy i don't think it'll take a month ..a week would suffice for a stable build..
Hey guys, will the 4.3 bootloader and radios be a necessity to update to PA with 4.3? I am on i9300
Can someone tell me what is the radio used for in mobile devices.....thank you
+Steve Yelle There are about 50 links to the radio in this thread. >_> Why do people keep asking for it.
I'm waiting for you guys.
+James Stevenson  EDIT: Thanks I got it. You sure this is the ones for 4.3?
 OH ALSO do I flash these now or after I install 4.3? man I wish I knew how to use my brain!!!!!
Can someone please tell me what radio is used for....thanks
+Steve Yelle You can flash them now or after you install 4.3, it doesn't matter..
Is it require a new kernel/userspace EGL library?
I'm waiting... every 2 minutes reloading the page...  I hope you manage to make a 4.3 on galaxy nexus without any problems ;) I have faith in you
I think they r facing loads of merging conflicts...this gonna take longer than i expected >(
how to install ur 4.3 update in my device?
kindly explain yaar
what device are you using??you have a long road ahead of you bro
+mithun patel well, its not out yet so in less you have a vehicle that can travel fast enough to make you travel forward in time you will have to wait until it is released. Then install like normal.
it should install like normal, once it is released. 
I want to know about radio and xda otherwise...
Oh, my bad. Just place them on your device, boot into recovery and flash them. I did it with TWN no problem.
Which ROM is best in PA??
Mako or else?????
If u can suggest
gosh its taking forever for pa. CM is way ahead
+mithun patel Mako is a hardware id name for Nexus 4. mantaray, grouper, tilapia are the other Nexus devices.
+mithun patel Ok, ill break this down for you. If you have nexus 4, you want mako. XDA is an amazing online community for android phones. Radios are for your connections (3g and such). PA 4.3 isnt released yet, once its released, open custom recovery and press install, navigate to the new rom, and flash it. 
+Wicked Martinez Calm your man tits, sir. You're making the PA community look like unhelpful assholes. When someone posts somthing like that, if you dont want to help them, dont post anything at all. Theres no reason for you to get on with your caps-lock and yell at people who are simply asking the community for help. 
Wicked sir
1st of all.I am Dr.mithun patel and I have not that much knowledge regarding all these as I have no such time as well.
2nd thing as I have nexus and some one my friend had install me pa mako and suggest me to do install all updates.
I am asking you, have u ever knowledge regarding medical science what I have?????
If ur doctor will answer you,when you got ill then you can better understand...
My dear friend
+Wicked Martinez So scince you figured it out for yourself and had a hard time means everyone else has to? That doesnt really make sense to me. I think you should just let the community do its thing and watch. Maybe you'll learn manners.
What i am saying is I just become member before couple of minutes and I have no idea about all other people had asked all these.
I just ask simple what I don't know
If I have to learn manners then remember one thing is there is no age bar to learn
And I feel happy to learn from all your posts.

+Wicked Martinez Isnt that what school is? And dont you learn from school? This community exists to help people, if you dont want to help them, then dont. Dont yell at them, though! Just let a different member of the community help them. Thanks. 
+mithun patel Okay, so tell me everything you're confused about. I'll help you. And if i can't, im sure one of these kind people will. 
For those who don't know what they are doing look at xda university
+mithun patel I am with you bro don't get too excited about +Wicked Martinez and all the other douche club attenders. Radios are stuff that let you use WiFi and 3G, LTE etc and get updated along with android updates. ROM is the software in your phone and stock ROM is the one that ships by Google, namely nexus devices. PA is a fork of AOSP which is the open source project that yields the stock ROM... Kernel is a basic thing in every OS that lets the software communicate with your hardware like mess with touch events, colors, and basically everything. So there are custom ones by XDA (a well known Android developers and designers forum community) folks. If you have more questions ask me. Yes developers and tech guys tend to be douchebags to 'noobs' but they often forget how they got their own information... The hard way, by looking hours for each thing. Making each newcomer do this is simply inefficient and the time wasted could be used to develop other more important things. And as a developer you should do what's efficient...
Sorry if this is a stupid question, i got a nexus 4 and im waiting for the PA update, do i have to get the radios before updating, or can i just wait for the update release?

Thanks in advance. 
You can wait but you have to install the radio sepratly it won't be included in the update as I understand it. (Please excuse my spelling)
^ looks at phone... Then remembers he Doesn't even know how to turn it on #classicnube 
a quick question, if I flash 4.3 rom can I flash also a custom kernel like franco one? or it wont work?
Remember that if you update to the new radio, you won't be able to connect to LTE.
There are hybrid radios out there with .33 LTE and .84 feature set.
+Rodney Coleman +chris molina +Dovah Kiin +Muhammad Ali Alshakarti +Alex Mendoza  if y'all are using a Nexus 4 with the old LTE radio, and you want to still run LTE in 4.3, I definitely recommend buying a phone that supports LTE on current radios. Running obsolete radios is hacky, the GPe S4 and HTC One support LTE, and you'll find that the N4 can be relegated to the dustbin of a pre-LTE-certification era.
Is it true that the nexus 4 can't connect to LTE on the at&t network? I'm an at&t customer and LTE recently came to my area so I'd love to take advantage of it. Thanks! 
Guys, sorry if I ask in the wrong "forum", but does HALO work with latest PA on Nexus 7 nowadays? Tried version 3.49 or something a time ago, and back than, HALO only worked on my GNEX.

EDIT: Asking because currently I'm on stock on my GNex and my N7, but really got tempted in trying out the latest PA now :D
+Francesco Pira Ok, thanks for the info! I've tried 4.3. Very few visual changes, but it sure is a little bit faster.. Is PA significantly slower? Because that was one of the main reasons I went back to stock after years rooted; couldn't find a rom so balanced in performance and battery life as stock on neither by GNex nor my N7 :(
+Simon Persson well, I don't know actually... I have same devices and I'm on 4.3 on both! After this announcement I'll wait for a pa version based on 4.3 (especially for n7 which is the device I study on). Android 4.3 is way better than 4.2.2 under the hood!
+Francesco Pira yeah, I might wait for a 4.3 release too.. Havn't got the update for the N7 OTA yet though.
hello I would like to know if it is possible to install the OTA 4.3 update on the Galaxy Note 2 by changing the build.prop by the Nexus
or if someone succeeded in porting
+david fagotin since Galaxy Note 2 isn't, well, a Nexus, I'd say a definite no on that. Different hardware.
you guys are awesome.waiting 4 your rom.btw,i had updated radio to .84 ^ω^
So I'm guessing we got a long time to wait for the first release of pa 4.3 huh and it would be cool if pa added more features on this one like adding a dark pa and battery mods and navbar/notification change settings would be cool and better.
Yay can't wait for the next update. So excited! Keep up the good work! 
Just curious, I want to be prepped for 4.3 on toro - will there be a requirement for new radios?  
Asi quiero mi traje para el sr de la mancha 
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