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4.4 BETA1

On this week’s dose of awesome sauce from PA Headquarters. We are proud to bring you Theme Engine, a stable Hover and a bunch of fixes. Hats off to +CyanogenMod+Clark Scheff ,+Andy Mast and Sony mobile, for their work on Theme Engine Truly outstanding work. Porting it to an AOSP base was a massive effort, lead by +Carlo Savignano. We tried to do it in a way so that it can be easily ported to other AOSP based ROMs for the benefit of the entire community. We are also proud to mark Hover stable, after many betas and three rewrites. We apologize for all the betas, but we really wanted to try to get this right, we encourage you to compare this build to beta 1, some major improvements have been made. The lessons learned here means more/quicker awesomeness in the future.

With Google IO only a month away we are nearing the end of Kitkat, but that doesn't mean development is slowing down. Our team is comprised of numerous students and with school ending we are now doubling down on making PA awesome, we plan to finish strong and have a few Major projects to release that we have been working on internally for quite some time. Awesomeness is coming :)  

P.S. This is still 4.4.2. We have merged and are testing 4.4.3 internally but it was released too close to our release to allow enough time for adequate testing. 

P.S 2 Like the Themes shown off in the image below they were made by our own +Matt Flaming  and  +Lo Huot  and are available on the play store (PiazzA will be available soon). Show them some love.

- Translated into over 30 languages!
- Backported numerous fixes from AOSP master.
- Improved quicksettings.
- Removed lockscreen blur feature in favor of custom lockscreen background from Theme Engine (it will come back as a component of theme engine in the future).

Theme Engine
- Bring full CM11 theme engine. (First AOSP based ROM!!)
- WARNING: Home button gets refreshed only after reboot or by force killing SystemUI  if you want to  a avoid reboot. Will be fixed in next build.

- Stable status!!
- Removed Jank (its a technical term)
- Fixed remaining bugs, including spam and invisible notifications.
- Fully working and improved inCallUi.
- Restored default swipe to dismiss behavior. An upcoming swipe up gesture will let you dismiss hover as was replacing the old behavior.

- Fixed immersive API Thanks for the developers who helped diagnose the issue
- Vastly improved triggering, and allow you to trigger from any area on the edge on tablets.
- Pie now rotates like the navBar (will appear on short edge).
- Enabled pie only on immersive mode enabled by quick settings tlie (not in app immersive).
- Fixed AOSP immersive bug issue where apps would register a touch when swiping statusBar and/or navBar.
- Fixed numerous freezes.

WARNING: We recommend a clean flash this time due to massive changes



Kraken Icon Pack:

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Now that is awesome. Not that you only bring the Theme Engine to AOSP first, you also make it available to the community for easier porting! 
whaa? I thought theme engine was totally against the design ethos of PA this time around?
Why not give them a thanks rather than playing like a kids :D ?? By the way great job PA.
Pure awesomeness post v.2? (Da'hell happened to the other post? Lol)
Awesome. Really great work... Goint to flash as soon as possible. Thanks PA Team. You are the best :-)
Is this theme (PiazzA) available for other roms or PA only?
I miss the Pa colors that themed the status bar and navigation bar, but great work guys 
Hover is stable so when will it be open source?
Really nice, have really missed theme engine, this will be good!
There is a function that I would like to request: "auto immersive". Games are always better in immersive, but it isn't every developer that adds immersive mode to their games. So if you could have a list where you can add apps that goes immersive automatically it would be nice
No offense 
but i thought that Mahdi was the first aosp rom with theme engine
and i think so now cyanogemod 11s camera might work on PA 
it works on my Mahdi rom
Good job guys.... Downloading now...hope to see another build to android 4.4.3...keep it on 
I would like to wipe, but I'm sure I lose some app data when using GoBackup (yes, "backup apk+data" is checked). What are people's preferred tools to do this, and why? Also is there any way to restore other things like data usage history by month?
Hey I haven't flashed a ROM in a while. If I'm on CM11 currently, do I have to do a factory reset before flashing this?
Will some other CM stuffs come to PA? I mean the Control brightness by sliding on statusbar, wakelock blocker, bypass calls/messages  during quiet hours, ...
Damn, awesome, finally theme engine. thanks devs, you rock !!
yw btw  for the 30 languages support its a pain in the ass to manage....
When trying to use theme manager I get a "Unfortunately Themes Provider has stopped" I'm not sure if that's just a me thing or everyone has the issue. Good update though.
Anyone point me to the download link for i9300? Thansk 
No i mean the latest paranoid Rom for this phone, I can't find the link from that download page posted. +Andre Saddler
What is the theme on the 4th(down-left) screenshot with Hera Icon?
When I do clean install, Google Keyboard doesnt work :\
Where do I find themes to apply with theme engine ? :)  thanks for the help in advance !
Google keyboard not working 😒
why theme engine? in my opinion its definetly far from stock android experience.. anyway great work  PA
Finally, flashing it now.
I redownloaded both gapps and rom, but still no clean install possible because of the google keyboard...
+Paranoid Android Thank you guys for the Update and all the work you put in. Just one question: Are you still working on the hover feature that allows to start an app in floating window? I really miss that from the Halo days. 
I never thought I'd see this on PA. Kind of flies in the face of your supposed close to stock design ethos. I guess it could be a nice little earner selling your themes 
Maybe and maybe they just chose to don't write about it so I prefer to ask. These community is so nice....
I just flashed factory image >.>
I will come back next week 
+Daley Carter , while it is a significant amout of code it is integrated properly into the system so it is light and fast. Themes have been something users have wanted and when disabled has non affect on stability or performance.
+Andre Saddler don't tell me its redundant. I'm playing right now with the theme engine and might think this would be more comfortable; not necessary, sure. But thx for your feedback 
+Aaron Gascoigne my point was that it is far removed from stock, purely from a design/aesthetic standpoint. Dont get me wrong though, I think its a great feature and sits well in any Rom
+Sven Rosen ive been playing with this theme engine for a week now, just like old theme engine. They are APKs.  go to settings > apps  and uninstall from that location. simple procedure
Messes up my 'quick settings' after applying a theme 😕
I switched to 4.4.3 today... one facepalm wasn't enough when i read this update. 
I miss hybrid settings feature... ;(
Is it okay to come out and love the Aospa team?
sorry if this is a stupid question.. which one is the correct step to perform a clean flashing?
(1) Complete clean wipe - factory data reset
(2) Flash ROM & GAPPS (3) Wipe cache & dalvik
(1) Complete clean wipe - factory data reset
(2) Wipe cache & dalvik (3) Flash ROM & GAPPS
+Andre Saddler What about the 'start app in floating mode'? Is this coming back to Hover? I remember it was announced a while back. 

PA...a badass development team, with excellence in vision and excellence in implementation!

Huge props and big-ups. Respect to the PA Team!
+Andre Saddler But u have to admit that it was very useful, navigate through the notification was never as simple as using halo
PA with theme support...thats more like i will w8 for 4.4.3 and flash it!!!As for Hybrid...xposed with appsettings for now!!!
Yes! I don't need Xposed Unicon anymore! :)
Which steps to I have to take in order to update to this version? You mentioned something about clean flash, I don't think I had to do that before (I've been running PA on hammerhead for about a week).
+Paranoid Android Don't apologize for betas. Betas are awesome, and gives end users a chance to play with this awesome ROM. Thanks for your hard work and diligence 
Wow, theme engine is back! That's awesome! Than you very much PA team!
I'm just wondering... Why is this marked as a Beta still..? When will a firmware be marked as Stable instead? 
Wow I had planned to clean flash this week's release and then what do you know, PA releases an awesome update that requires it. Thanks PA team! You make my Nexus 4 awesome. It will be hard to stay on the official cm11S when (if) I get a OnePlus One. 
My Google play store was deleted in the update is that normal
I was just about to flash the stock image(4.4.3). And now I'm confused. :/
Can you swipe from the notification shade to launch the app in floating mode?
This is the type of update that makes me a giddy and makes me glad that I haven't left PA.  I love you guys :D

Do you think we'll get another update this week merging 4.4.3, or will we be waiting until next week?
Aww yiss, i really love theme engine on cm and now it available on pa 👏👏
Aaaahhh, who needs coffee this early when I have PA!!
Awesome PA is becoming better like it was b4.
I love pie, but I have a case and in landscape mode, I have suffered from using it. And now... 😄 "Pie now rotates like the navBar" One of the best new features ever!
Best coding team ever! 😊 #StayParanoid
I love PA and been using it since it came out. The only thing I liked in CM was theme engine (love customizing) so this is a much welcome addition.

I believe this just pretty much killed CM in terms of stability and useful features. 
Damnit! I fell asleep! Wish I could have tested it last night.
+Paranoid Android haven't been following all updates and change logs lately, is there any consolidated list of gestures and such for all features I.e. long press in recent apps list to enter floating mode etc.?
Flashed 4.4.3 today,,.. Will wait (hopefully for just a week) till team PA bring out the 4.4.3 build in your next rom (I love the new dialer actually)...
+Andre Saddler I have done my donation also. I know how hard it is.. But I just said my wish list and I'm enjoying beta just for paranoid.. I just love some developer moles, darkyness, etc.. If you can't move faster then I didn't ask you to work for me.. 
If i do a factory reset, will i lose my photos and music, and any kind of file? :/
Anyone knows if hover is now open source. I would like add it to my roms!!! Thankss!!!
Ammar A
plz dose support samsung galaxy s4 i9500 
Ammar A
+Simone Marino so... dose or not??? plz you don't know how much I hate TouchWiz 
+Andre Marinho no. Only apps and settings.
+Ammar T. Legacy device is device supported by someone and have an semi - official paranoid build. Search legacy device on google or google + and you can find the list. The i9500 is supported as far I remember. :)
I want to change just the navigation buttons from another theme, is this possible to do without changing the rest of the style?
Chris M
Please please please make Hover open source now
Where do you download the themes/fonts from? 
Ammar A
+Simone Marino thank you so much 
pa the first to bring theme engine to aosp ?
This is awesome :)
"We tried to do it in a way so that it can be easily ported to other AOSP based ROMs for the benefit of the entire community. "

Another reason android and custom roms will always > CrApple
Now that Hover is stable, will it be open sourced?
Why do the pie controlls sometimes show system information while holding the home button, and sometimes show a small grey line? Is there any way to always show sysinfo? When in FB app I get sysinfo, and while in nova home it shows the line...?
+Martijn B. If you hide the status bar or use full immersive mode it will show that info but if you're just hiding navigation bar then the info won't be showed.
You know, I really enjoy paranoid Android and I love your new features. Everyone's opinion is that hover is a step into the right direction. But what really ruins it for me is the problem that I am using SwiftKey as my default keyboard. So now, everytime the keyboard opens up I get the notification via hover and have to wait 10 seconds until I can type into my browser. And when I am using other apps the notifications are annoying, too. Is there anyway I can blacklist this notification? 
+Simon Peters yup. Go to settings/apps/look for Swiftkey, click on it and then: Blacklist from Hover. And there you go :) 
+Glenn Correa It's persistent when I hide both navigationbuttons and notifiactionbar. Any way to make this persistent with just the navbuttons hidden?
+Glenn Correa unfortunately it doesn't work! The notification is not coming from swiftkey but rather the system program handling keyboards 
I can flash this over 4.3 beta 7 without a factory rest right? Because I just upgraded to 4.3 b7 yesterday and this came out today. 
This is exactly what I have been waiting for. I no longer have to use hacky xposed framework mods to get themes working.
I cant swipe notification in Hover as in Beta 7. 
+Martijn B. That's not possible, sorry.
I mean, that info is showed to replace the status bar (kinda) and would be redundant to have both at the same time.
+Simon Peters my bad. I gave you wrong indications.
Go to Settings/Language & input/ untick selector notification. 
Pie are working terribly here. Inconsistent and hit and miss at best. :(
What do you guys mean by doing a "clean flash"? and what should i do instead of the regular flash rom / wipe cache??
Dirty flashed this muthertrucker 30 minutes ago. So far everything is OK. If I run into errors I know why
Finally Arrived !!
Stay Paranoid Day and Night !
Anyone got a link for the PiazzA theme? 
You make me to the happiest guy ever -
+Tyler Ralston Thanks for the info. Then, in recovery mode, i need to do a factory reset (wiping data, cache and dalvik) and then flashing rom and gapps, that's the right order, right?
+Ben Traves believe everyone is awaiting its release. I guess it'll have an announcement when ready.
I do miss the lockscreen blur :S
Great job. This is easily the Best ROM available.
how to do a clean flash? 
I'm sorry to say it but I preferred the old pie behavior. It's disappointing it doesn't rotate to the landscape sides anymore and automatically activate when using full screen apps anymore either. It also causes a bigger problem if you launch apps first in immersive and after without. You have to force stop them or you lose navigation completely. For me that's what separated pa from other roms. I liked using my phone horizontally when watching full screen video or playing a game full screen and being able to use pie at the bottom of the screen. Now I have to think about what I want and switch beforehand and on top of that have to touch the far right of the screen. This is annoying in landscape orientation. Am I alone thinking this is worse?
For people having google keyboard issues, re-enable keyboard in language settings. Worked for me
Do anybody has issues with the battery? i've found it charging very slow. 
+Paranoid Android I am getting system UI crashes on reboot after playing with the Theme Engine.  Is anyone else getting this?

Nexus 4 Franco Kernel r208, and I clean flashed this morning, THOUGH, the first theme I installed and did not like because it messed up my quick settings so I uninstalled it before reverting to stock.  Could this have broken something?  I have reflashed a couple of times now but not 100% clean.
The Google keyboard issue popped up twice the first time, but doesn't happen anymore since 
Everything else is working smoothly as far as I've been able to test it. Thanks for this update, I hope many more like this will come
this is so buggy, google keyboard doesnt work, random black screens, other system crashes. reverting back to 4.3 beta 7...
Woooo I really can't decide between cyanogenmod and PA but this is pulling me closer to PA 😃
Nice! I can't wait for the update! Things are really getting interesting now!
Well done guys!!!
Waiting for your Pa Android 4.4.3 version!!! 
I dislike the rotational pie. I would like it so that you can change the pie dependent on the orientation and it saves for each one.
Yes Roberto, 4.4.3 is going to be exciting!
+Paranoid Android Thanks for:
Enabled pie only on immersive mode enabled by quick settings tlie (not in app immersive)
Why is PA unavailable for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Such a large screen would look killer with the theme engine and hover. Guess its back to the Nexus 5
will this be available for ville (htc one s s4) ?
+Jason Simmons you would have to ask someone to maintain it...PA only officially supports the Nexus line of devices.
I can't find one of the themes in play store. Kraken should be available or not?
"Pie will now rotate like navbar" so will the pie trigger no longer automatically switch to the bottom when in landscape mode? Because i use it when on my car dock and now it is very inconvenient.
Awesome job guys. But lately, my battery on my nexus 4 lasts only for half a day. Thought this was a problem with my phone. But when I reverted yo stock ROM, the charge lasts through the day.

Can you kindly invest some time in battery optimization? 
+Jeff Manning aaaah OK. I was scared I broke something. Thanks man!
I LOVE YOU +Paranoid Android
Thank you for the theme engine.
Who said that it would never be back? Hmm? Show yourself!
O how i miss being able to launch any app into floating mode whenever I wanted wherever I was in the UI....we lost that ability when we lost halo...what possibly could you guys have in mind to replace that? Halo represented multitasking at it's finest in my opinion. I'm seriously hoping that what you guys have in store
will give us most of the functionality of halo back....DOPE ROM nevertheless!
Guys what's the theme in the settings menus?
Where can I get themes? Can someone recommend a good one?
+Kevin See , the ROM is stable all our feature are stable. every .1 update brings a new feature which is not stable simple to not being tested enough ( we have been using internally for a while ). Once we know it's bug free we move on to something else. But with such a limited team its hard to fix all the bugs and some slip though. 
+Paranoid Android Recent 4.4.3 apps have been leaked such as the new dialer v1.1, and I am trying to install after clean flashing PA 4.3 this morning but nothing is happening.  I used the stock GApps package so shouldn't the dialer 1.1 just upgrade or is there some incompatibility?
Anyone else flashed 4.4 Beta 1 and showing something different in settings as there ROM version?
For example I fully clean flashed 4.4B1 today and I am getting PA ota notifications cause it thinks I am on 4.3B2. I know I'm not on that as my theme engine is working fine from today's release and I was on 4.3B7 since release last week. I'm on N7LTE Deb, anyone else seeing this issue? 
Installing now. Thank you PA Team!
Where could I find that amazing wallpapers?
Now paranoid rocks. Back to the form congo team
i've been around for a long time by now (around PA,i mean), but i still struggle with what is meant by a 'clean flash'. does formatting the system, flashing, wiping cache and dalvik constitute a 'clean flash' or does it involve a factory reset too?

would love to get the definition from the masters :) thnx
I know of a couple aosp rooms that have cm theme engine for a couple weeks 
Conor O
Wish I could get it for my Evo :/
+Paranoid Android you mentioned that now Pie rotates like the navBar. This is the behavior I am seen in my case: I have Pie "locked" to the right edge of screen while in portrait, when I open an app like YouTube and rotate my phone to landscape to watch a video Pie moves to the bottom edge. Is this the intended behavior? Thanks!
+Paranoid Android I totally love the way PIE works on N7. Really well done. No more launching Google Now on accident :) Love the Theme engine +1000
I couldn't resist PA so flashed it.. Why has my dialer app background changed?  It is now black/dark grey back ground with blue numbers and dark grey call button than the usual blue colour call button.. is this only with me or anyone else has this new change?
How can I take the clock in the statusbar to the middle from right in PA?
+Martijn B. I ended up downloading directly from gooim and manually flashing. Rebooting now, seems to have worked. Gapps flashed 
Paranoid android the only rom I'll ever use! Fantastic work devs. 
fudge me, i love you guys!
So mahdi ROM got the new CM theme engine before it was released huh? 
How we'll get lockscreen blur as a component of theme engine? As a togglable opton, as it was until now? Or as resource that theme makers will have to integrate to their themes?
+Carlo Savignano Ok, thanks for the reply. I wish to get it back as togglable option, but is only my personal opinion. (And I don't get the "ETA detected")
I am having battery issues and few other bugs
+Carlo Savignano Sorry for make you think that I was asking for ETA, that was not my intention. I'm aware that developing the ROM is not the main job of the team members, and a lot of them are studying. I don't want to hurry you up. I'm been using PA since 2.99, and I'm very grateful for your job, even if I have to wait.

tl;dr I only wanted to know if you planned something about how will be back the lockscreen blur.
I didn't flash clean and it's golden! also thanks for the link, I bought me some nice icons :)
+Carlo Savignano Yeah, I know. I already thanked your reply, I only was clearing the intention of my first message. There is nothing more to say.
please revert pie touch area. 
for lockscreen wallpaper is there a sizing requirement I need? cant seem to choose the one i want.
FYI, +Andy Mast and myself are on G+ so feel free to tag us correctly in the post. ;) ;)
Nice....can't wait to get it on my LG G2 d803 😍😍😍😍😍much love to you guys!!! 
+Paranoid Android So I may have limited time typing this so I'll cut to the chase. I'm using the latest gapps, latest ROM version, etc., and I'm just sitting here using my Nexus 4 when the screen flash freezes and starts to fade black (if you're looking close you can see what was on the screen through the black.). Then the fade continues to a red color, and when it started getting white I panicked and hard reset the phone. Happened twice now. I have no idea what's going on 😭😭😭😭

Edit: when this happens, all functionality goes out the window
Jared S
+scott rodgers except vanir has a ton of cm code, its basically its base. That's why caf kernels work on their ROM.
Guys anyone else having the dialer color change?
So wait: does that mean the newest PA is aosp based? So the motox port could essentially have Motorola features provided I install the neccesary apps and add touchless controls to the settings menu? >.> 
+Paranoid Android could you consider providing the option to switch Pie rotation on or off, maybe something in the Immersive quick settings tile? It seems more intuitive, IMHO, to have Pie on the same edge (left, bottom, or right) relative to the current screen orientation, but I understand my needs and preferences are not the same of others. Thank you PA team!
I feel uncomfortable with this new immersive, sholde be as 4.3 :). When I playing game, i frequently touch home button 
Some of my games / apps goes into full immersive mode without turning the immersive mode on. And my nav bar just disappear i cant exit the app without pulling down my status bar and exit through entering the Setting and close the app with Recent app button. Any solution to this problem?
+Karthick Raghavan Batteries on N4s performance should gave decreased considerably by now, this phone is ~17 months old... Can't expect battery to be the same. I have ordered my replacement and it's on its way. I can report back to you my experience after I replace the battery if you are interested.
+Aaron Voegele PA has been AOSP based since version 3.x.  Your motorola is not officially supported and is handled by the legacy team but is reliant on CM base for device specific items.
C.J. R
Does anyone have a problem with the people section in the play store not being available for them?
Can someone share the wallpaper at right from AOSPA 4+ logo ?
How is the battery on N5 with PA? I'm thinking of change my old GNex with N5 but my greatest concern is the battery. I've not much money to spare so it has to be a thoughtful purchase
Hey, does the Nexus ROM just work on the Nexus 5? How long does it take to geht the ROM for the HTC One M7? :(
Very great job guys. I only dislike the new pie control trigger and rotate. I just want pie to alway be at the right. Why not making it lightly customisable (trigger area and positions).? 
+Paranoid Android  I clean flashed and Peek is not working for me anymore (maguro) on 4.4 BETA 1...Is there a way to enable it that I'm not aware of?
Just download swift key keyboard and disable the google keyboard
OK its great that the theme engine is here but some one please tell me from where can I get theme packs?
mahidi rom for n4 nd n5 is aosp based and it has cm new theme engine from may. how can you guys call yours as first? am i misteken
good work guys, i tried several roms but yours is by far the best! BTW everyone, dirty flash seems to work perfectly fine (i.e, no wipe). 
Can anyone confirm that Xposed is working on 4.4  Beta 1?
To everyone compaining that this goes against their design ideology of staying close to stock, shut up. This is a step in the right direction. Just appreciate it and don't make them regret doing it! Thanks PA team
With this build I seem to be getting a bug that whenever I connect to a WiFi network my CPU usage rises to 60-80% all the time, and the phone thus heats up. This doesnt occur on 3g/LTE. Or is it just me
+Alessandro Eppacher this is technically against their design philosophy by definition. They are not wrong for pointing that out. It's nice feature though, I just hope they don't go buck wild with customization because they were handling the stock feel really well. No need to tell people to shut up.
+Kostas Xirog Yes, Peek works flawlessly on my Nexus10. Weird that Xposed doesn't work for me... Did you do a clean install?
what is the best gapps to download with the rom? full, stock, mini or micro??
Any idea have to change navbar size? I've tried gravity box under xposed, but in combination with immersion mode it doesn't work. You can set up your size, but after a while it goes back to original size...
+Israel Gonzalez-Cruz I am experiencing the same behaviour. I always use pie locked to the right side with my phone in portrait. Now when I open a fullscreen app like a game PIE gets moved to the bottom. Based on the description given in the changelog I don't think this is intended behaviour.
Great ROM and very functional. Peek does not work all the times, around 50% 
I've got a problem with the quick toggles and themes, the multiple tiles like the 3g/LTE tile are see transparant with multiple themes i've downloaded. But i wasnt expecting the theme engine in this build! Keep up the good work fellas! 
Why was PIE changed? Being able to dock right and always thumb-launch PIE is what made it so awesome; now it ends up on the bottom edge, far from my thumb, and I can't use the same gesture regardless of orientation :(
PIE is completely screwed up now. WHYYYY?!?!?! Please tell me this is being fixed in the next update...
I'm sooo pissed I download any ROM from this and it doesn't install correctly in recovery mode . idk y and I have a galaxy s3 sgh1747 no matter what pack it is it doesn't work . and I really love this rom
What kernal is best with this ROM. I'm on nexus 5 and need the battery improved
My HTC One can experience PA! WOW!
Full screen landscape is broken. Ie clash of clans. 
Donde esta el apartado para activar el efecto de traslucido en la pantalla de bloqueo.???
When can I get me a slice of that PiazzA! 
The only thing missing now is omni switch
I was afraid that this would happen. No stable release at all for KitKat.
Did they get rid of the translucent lock screen? 
so long not in the party...flashing now..
+Aaron Gascoigne I know about this. I had a massive thread about this a few months ago. I realize that "BETA" means you haven't incorporated all the old features yet. And it's not like there's a better ROM out there, I just feel like these are all excuses. 
Where can i find piazza theme? th guys
Mike D
What happened to the lock screen blur setting under Security? 
+Mike D , Please Read The Changelog.

- Removed lockscreen blur feature in favor of custom lockscreen background from Theme Engine (it will come back as a component of theme engine in the future).
Can Hover be disabled on the lockscreen?
who had the idea to move pie? sry but thats stupid like hell - i use it on the right side => i turn my phone to landscape => its on the bottom! wtf? seriously.... my hand is still on the right.....
Great job, you guys! Thanks so much!

Question: the ability to swipe away ANY hover notification has been removed? But it was just added in 4.3 beta 6!
Hi I don't have options either for pie controls or hover, just want to know is this is normal or I've installed wrong the ROM cause this is my first time doing it. Some help please
Does anyone know a good way to really clean house for a fresh flash? Factory reset leaves all sorts of junk. A lot of that junk isn't even visible from the booted device, but is from clockworkmod recovery (the stuff from before Android started using user directories).
You also need to wipe dalvik cache, cache, system and data.
+Scott McCallum Thanks! In the past I've only used factory reset, dalvik cache wipe and cache wipe. I'll use those new options this time.
Wiping in that way will also avoid wiping the internal storage.
+Paranoid Android  I'm having battery draining issues. It's been off charger for 2 hours and it dropped to like 69% with light Instragram usage. Plus, not sure if anyone else has this issue or they don't care but the PIE controls now take an abnormal amount of drag from the bottom to engage. I feel like I'm swiping up to the middle of my screen for the controls to pop up. Anyone else has this issue? Or the battery issue?
+Ronald Holliman I have no issue with PIE. I can record a video to point out how should it work, so you can see and check if is something wrong on your device, some dirty data etc. The distance to trigger it isn't changed, just how it records your touch inputs.
How do I get pie back. I accidentally selected the option to not use it when I first flashed beta 1
Fixed, just had to go into backup and reset and reset the preferences.
Galaxy Nexus! Peek not working! While shooting video, snapshot photo problem, (green blurry lines)! 
Thank you very much guys :) Been patiently waiting for the Theme Engine :)
Waiting for the Theme to become available. .. would love to have those wallpapers.
Working great on HTC one xl with exposed modules
I thought AOKP were the first to port the Theme Engine? The unofficial build for the HTC One M8 had it a while ago
What's new with pa 4.4 beta1? I'm still running 4.3 beta 2 
Forgive my ignorance, how can I get some themes? And also the themes in this images? :) 
Good work for all the updates, and I think we all appreciate the functions that you implemented. I also like that the pie controls do stay on the short side now (though I got used to how it was before). the only thing I miss is the see-through lockscreen, though it may not work well with cm11 theme engine. Keep up the good work and #StayParanoid
Works perfectly on my N7100 , thx PA
for a newbie that has never used cyanogenmod rom pretty much since Gngerbread, from where exactly can you get all those themes, icon packs, fonts, boot animations, ecc for this theme engine?
Where can I get those wallpapers? 
I like the new translations. But the new theme engine isnt translated (yet) could someone give me a link to the translations file or something?
Greg He
is it possible to not triggering pie from any area?
Please add option to pie only when in full screen. Nav bar when not.
You didn't specify which device either. 
I'm getting an MD5 mismatch on the latest GApps, any ideas?
Can pull up hover when got any notifications? 
Beta 1 has big problems with signal, when i'm with stock i don't have much problems, but PA ROM doesn't do a nice work.. Is it only on my phone this issue?
Hi PA team, after updating to this beta, im experiencing 3G data connection problem. Btw im using galaxy nexus. Thanks.
Hi PA team. I've flashed pa4.4beta1 on my Nexus 7 2013 WiFi, and I'm new to PA environment. One question: I cannot find the customisation menu with toolbar options etc. in the settings. My friend had that in the previous 4.3 build. I'm a noob at this, so has that menu been removed or I did something wrong. Thanks
+S.S Bains have a look at the change log thread.  You will find that PA 4.x is completely different and a complete rewrite from the ground up, and nothing has been ported forward from the old days.  Check prior announcements from the +Paranoid Android account and read the information provided.
Guys, please help. I'm new with the theme engine. Can I know if the theme that I'm using is theming certain apps such as instagram and google+, is there a way to disable it? I prefer the apps to look as it used to be without any customization. I'm using Slim UI theme btw. 
Someone point me in a direction to get this rom on my nexus 5 sprint version some reason I'm having the hardest time finding it 
+stephen nicholson it's the exact same with any nexus. What exactly are you having issues with? Is your boot loader unlocked? Do you already have a custom recovery?
+Matt Flaming - Full wipe (even systems) is going to be needed from PA 4.4 B1 to the next build since it's a version jump?
Yes I'm rooted and unlocked I've been out the loop for about year and my nephew got a nexus 5 so he had me root and unlock it but when I search xda for the sprint version of the rom I can't find it and I obviously don't wanna screw up his phone ya know 
+Flavio Almeida I didn't.

+stephen nicholson there is no sprint version. Its just the same version across all nexus 5 devices. Put custom recovery on the device, factory reset in recovery, put ROM and gapps on the device, and flash both of them. 
OK since goo manager seems to not wanna install twrp where the hell can I get it and put it on it cause I cant do nothing without it
Don't use goo manager. Go to twrp's website and download the img file for the latest version. Flash it using fastboot from your computer or if you are already rooted, you can use flashify from the play store and flash the IMG from within the OS. 
XDA has always been my goto place for information on ROMs but nobody seems to post anything on the PA forum there anymore. What is the best place to find info about the ToroPlus and PA?
The builds link in this post takes you to download the ROM. Gapps are found on or through xda. We also have a link on our website
+Matt Flaming I just use the forums to see if anyone is having issues or problems. The devs update the links and such but the community just isn't active. Didn't know if there was a better place for PA ToroPlus info. 
Only problem I have with the new Pie is it uses the entire 'hot side' of the screen as a hot zone for it to enable, instead of just being the middle 3/4 inch or so. That, combined with it moving around like the navbar, makes it impossible to use some apps in landscape (including Remote Desktop). Having a setting for the hot zone and pie movement would be great. For now, moving back to the previous beta... 
+Joe Swanson Getting same error here and Chrome keeps force closing after I try and search as well.
Where can I find the Nexus 4 wallpapers shown in the above picture
If i install this, are my datas from my game apps are deleted? I reaqlly dont want to lose them.
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