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First HALO hands on

Thank you +Chris Nacca  for this! That's so much better than me filming stuff with my Nexus7 front camera.

As you see, this is only a ticker for now. This was a very early alpha we sent out, it is still missing a lot of finetuning und functionality. It will go from there to a fullblown notifcation-switcher.

At this point let us express our absolute gratitude to Facebook for this idea! We loved it from the start. You people truly changed the Android landscape. And as always, all it really takes is a nice and simple idea. We hope you are not mad at us for extending it, but we liked it so much, one single app didn't cut it, this just had to work with everything.

Everyone, first builds will roll out very soon. I'm wrapping up last things i wanna clear.

PS. Popups running without stopping apps: VID_20130503_022407.3gp (optional in latest build)
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Looks awesome, so glad I dumped Verizon and got a nexus4
awesome stuff, keep up the good work and thx :)
Amazing how awesome that is! 
I switched to Paranoid because I was so amazed by this. Really enjoying it and looking forward to halo 
+Kaleb Pace for now. for now its a ticker. then it will be a notification switcher. not sure if tabs, but yes - something will be done. then who knows what. technically you can launch ANY app like this just by providing a simple startup flag. Intent.ACTIVITY_MULTI_WINDOW, done. we will make use of this in many scenarios in the future.

we will not do apps side by side. that is out of the question. we leave gimmicks to samsung. this is all about getting stuff done in the best way possible and still making it seamless as if it were a native google feature.

perhaps lettings apps run in the background will probably come, too.
Wish I had a computer so I could flash PA. Ugh I need to get one soon!
Quick question say if your watching netflix, is that bubble always going to be there or will it fade out and become transparent?
+Bailey Cook yes, just days. tomorrow, day after, maybe a week. but very soon. def before 4.3. either way, we'll merge 4.3 quickly so it doesnt matter.
+Nate Damm I have yet to see a nexus 4 build. I could be wrong but it's not listed on the PA xda supported devices thread. Works great on my Verizon galaxy nexus though :)
Would be nice if there was a way to hide it in specific apps like dragging it to another point like when deleting it but just one that hides it in that app until reactivated.
+Matthew Hunter if you watch closely, theres an X. drag it over there and its gone. until you launch it back from the notificationdrawer. i think about doing another transition though, right now its a push-back after 8 sec. maybe after 15 it could go really out of the way just barely peeking through. there is a lot of room for this stuff - it can be anything we want it to be.
This is awesome!!!!!! Is there a Paranoid rom for the S3?
Looks great. I can see how powerful this could be. I trust that you can repeatedly switch between apps in this way, i.e. once you switch back to your main app the bubble is not dismissed? I'd probably have g+ in a window while getting on with other stuff and check back from time to time.

Bravo. Really good work. Had any job offers from the big players yet? I predict they'll be calling.
Amazing way to do multi-window on a smaller screen. Great work guys!
+Glen E.Ston sure it will be open source. but as always, we build crazy impact features on bitbucket. i dont want this stuff in other roms until its wrapped up and working. 
I love this. I want a build now! The paranoid team is the best, I love pie, I love hybrid mode and this is absolutely incredible
+Paranoid Android 2 questions for you guys.
1.) Will you have it so you can stack multiple notifications and go back and forth between them? Like how facebook has it now when you have multiple notifications?

2.) Will you give us the ability to just open apps that way instead of waiting for a notification? That way, we could truly multitask and do two things at once? I'm not saying leaving the background app running... pausing the app is fine. But lets say, I'm doing some research on the web and want to open up a notes app in so I can quickly switch back and forth to copy and paste etc... Or if I'm in a game and want to quickly message my wife, I can open up the sms app while in the game or before I start the game etc...

Anyways, amazing work guys!
Amazing. A year from now, this will be in stock Android, version 5.1, and in another three years, and iOS will have it. Calling it now
Very impressive work. I don't see why you guys don't apply for a position at Google, first hybrid, then pie, and now halo is your latest innovation for the platform. 
can you add a feature where we can activate the bubble from pie... incase i am in a full screen game and cant access the notification bar... 
+Travis Henson That would be bad... Options like Hybrid would never make it to a Google consumer device out of the box and if they worked for Google chances are they wouldn't be able to do it on the side either. :(
+Paranoid Android video won't play for me at the moment, however is the option to remove "chat heads" and use normal notifications bit still have the Windowed app? 
+Kaleb Pace +Michael Perry yes. that will for sure come. its a work in progress - and until now its even fun working on it. it is very easy to switch between apps and i have all the data i need to pull it off - but finding a style that works is notso simple. i already made mockups for this:   --- but i havent found a solution i like enough
+Shamus Murray yeah, something like that. i,m thinking several stages. pushback 1/3, push back 1/2 push back 2/3 and black out the avatar. im already playing around with it to find a neat solution for this - i really dont want it to be intrusive or getting in the way
Could you pull the chat head in from an edge just like you do the pie? After all, you have four sides to the device and the 'pie gravity' only takes up one.
Super sexy 
+Paranoid Android Brilliant! How about doing just like 'chat heads' does it? You tap the circle and the other circles come out from behind it and line up?
Just awesome, Paranoid you are simple, you make amazing things for us and it's just what i love.

You don't want to say "hey our team is different than other".
You know why? Because you are different!!
Thank's a lot, i hope i will try it soon on my Mako
+Michael Perry its not so easy. fb deals with a fixed amount of icons. or at least i havent seen more than two or three. i want all icons to be present so probably it will need some sort of list for dragging and panning- at this point its just design choices, i am 100% certain it will come. 
Is this point for custom Roms or will it be available for stock devices?
+Kaleb Pace wtf are you talking about. I am able to use two apps at the same time. Watching streaming movies and checking my twitter and Gmail account has never been this convenient. The Pa team just can't do it. And you still can see the apps even if the keyboard is open. 
+Jamie Jankowski nexus. google gives developers a huge playing field, they support us with 100% of all needed drivers. what we get when we compile is stock. and then come the additions, neatly integrated and as clean as it gets. if you want things like this, don't bother with other devices, support google and support the developers. every nexus that is bought helps to spur android innovation.

as for halo as single app, way too complex. its not possible. otherwise facebook would have done it.
+Paranoid Android  Hmm... very interesting... have you thought about maybe doing it the way Android does folders? Tap on the notification bubble and a grid of notification bubbles pan out with a little animation?

BTW, I just msged you on XDA.
Would be nice if the thicker could also act as an all apps drawer.. Multi taking like a bowss.. Still miss webOS, but that would close the gap.
What about after 10 seconds or something it just starts to fade out and become more and more transparent until it is only just visible and you can make out the outline of the circle?

I think that would be really slick and unintrusive, then when the user clicks on it or you get a new notification, it just pops up again, fully visible.
+Paranoid Android have any of you used the website? It has badges you achieve. You can filter them to just those you have got (here that would be notifications), almost got (most used apps or a user specified group?) or all badges (apps). You can alpha channel out the filtered ones. Here you could add the idea of a blacklist to prevent apps you aren't interested in getting in on the act. You could switch between filters with a swipe.
+Ernest Marvin Esteban , Thats the beauty of android a rom for everyone. The fact is this is a different implementation than samsungs written by 2 guys in a week who have lifes, Vs samsungs which was written by a team as  a full time job over at least a month. 
It's things like this that makes me love Android!
Can't wait! Amazing!!! This will blow away the entire android will be the new standard :-)
Looks really really lovely. What happens when you got more than one notification?
Nexus 4 + PA3.x + Action Launcher 
Best android experience. :D
Sooo... Will this be a default feature in Android 5.0 keylime pie? :-P 
What's the word I'm looking for? Babababababallin!!!! 
I can see the irony that we've been using pop-up blockers for years and it seems that pop-ups are the solution to multitasking on a small screen. Similar to allowing g+ to send notification emails (spam) when a thread gets updated.

If you can code a feature that knocks on my front door dressed up as a gorilla when I get an email or sms I will be super impressed.
I love all the features you guys put into your ROMs, gonna switch from cyanogen mod to paranoid android on my s3 international. Google should hire you guys to put your features into the stock os or at least an OEM should. 
Paranoid Android, why did this have to be a this vs that discussion? This is not the same as multi-window. This is about easily accessing notifications only. Both are about multi-tasking but in different ways.
Sorry for the zillion posts. Deleting the duplicates now... 
+Raymond Petit its a window stacked on top of another. the other window shining though. theoretically we can unlock both running at the same time. you are dealing with multiple windows on a small screen with a small surface in a way this should be done. it was like that from the start.
I'd like to see the bubble disappear completely when there is no notification or not in use. Otherwise awesome! 
Nice!! Definitely will be trying it.
+Paranoid Android 
Idea: pull down from left side, regular notification bar. Pulled down from right side, notification bar completely disappears and date, time,WiFi, etc are shown within the Halo until a notification arrives. Then when you sling the Halo back up to the top, the notification bar is back regularly as it always has been. The side you pull the Halo out of could then be determined in settings and what's shown in the Halo as well! It then becomes more intuitive to activate and makes a better flowing workspace on the phone! 
Yes!!  Finally ive been waiting for this...Now can some one tell me how to i get this on my N4 or is this just a pre-release video and they havent released it yet
My vzw Gnex is sometimes unresponsive to wake up so I have to pull the battery at least once, and then it takes a year for it to update the time and date.. Any fix for that? 
this feature will force me to switch back to pa!!
This looks awesome. The only thing that worries me is how it'll handle multiple notifications. Will we have to dismiss then one by one or will we be able to glance at all of them and choose on which one to act?
How about making a setting to select an amount of time of no interaction and it'll fade away. Then when a new notification rolls in it could fade back into view
+Paranoid Android a list for dragging and panning sounds awesome! i imagine maybe sliding your finger over a bubble and a pie opens up with all your notifications/other apps! thanks for all your hard work! 
Woohhoo this is freakin awesome! +Paranoid Android U guys r really genius. I've got only one concern tho, it would be way better if Halo is hidden when there is no notification.
I chose PA from day one i got GNEX and never change it, why!
Simply it's devs are innovative
Thanks +Paranoid Android for all the amazing features 
+Paranoid Android Design idea: tab on the bubble: opens last notification / app - tab and hold the bubble let appears other bubbles around the first one. By still holding and swiping to one off these bubbles you activate it.
I'm sure they'll eventually have an option to have it hide if there's no notification. But for the time being, this is pretty awesome. Haven't used the PA rom for about a month now due to lag issues but this is gonna make me go back for sure.
By the way, I still have the opinion that it would be great to have real multi window in addition to this overlay solution. And I still see no point why to say strictly no to it! 
Since you gutta are awesome and actually read comments: My only suggestion to help really replace the notification bar would be to show the clock/time when there are no pending notifications. That is my only gripe with PIE mode. 
That's not the point, Paranoid Android. Multi-window is not really notification based its more of an app launcher. Your new app opens apps related to notifications only as far as I can see. If in browser you won't use your bubble to open, say, the calculator. Or the calendar, or the music player, etc. Not saying your app isn't nice, it's sweet, but it's not all about notifications.
Wow....If ever a donation was deserved it's now..... Can't wait to install the alpha build when its up.
got fed up with all the complainers - so, now apps run underneath without stopping. took 10 minutes - thats open source for ya. i'll make this into an option now, i guess older phones do better leaving this off. my nexus easily handles it though.
+steve augustin yes it's exactly that and full credit has been given to Facebook. They definitely gave PA the idea.
I'm thinking YouTube will benefit greatly from continuous running. YouTube in back playing - gmail in front. You guys walk on water! Awesome!
Oh and I love how HALO still works when pie is enabled.
This is truly revolutionary and it can only get better as time goes by. I can't wait to test it out.
+Paranoid Android 
Can we have the option to disable the pop-up function of halo. Or technically as its layered windows, have it pop-up behind the main window (current app). And the user can then actively decide when to address the notification by either selecting the permanent halo notification from the notification panel or as others have suggested swiping from a selected side of the screen.

Selecting from the notification panel works best if your in Pie mode as its not accessible in full screen apps when not in Pie mode. This fact lends support to the swiping in option... so if a user is not in Pie mode and they don't won't have access to the notification panel (due to full screen app) they can access still access halo by swiping.  
Please let me know when this goes live as I want it yesterday.  Great work.
+James Alexander I second that idea. No notifications, halo is half hidden, 50% transparency, showing wifi/3g, signal, date and time. That way you alow unclutter Pie! 
Is there an official/unofficial build with halo for vzw galaxy nexus? Everything looks amazing.
By the way... Would've badass if when you clicked the bubble a tiny pie popped up to select the app or notification. 
Kya khas hai dudeee Jo itna baichain ho....
looks absolutely amazing, cannot wait until i can get it running on my phone, great works guys!
In this video while playing Temple Run he got the notification and he pressed it and got a window. Isn't this the same as opening the app from the notification drawer??

I mean, sure, you say, "the context of the previous app is maintained" but I do not exactly understand how that is different from (or more helpful than) ordinary Android app behaviour, because the previous app actually goes into the background and probably calls the Activity's onPause() method (which is why I am guessing Temple Run paused). That happens in stock Android also. Pressing the back button after you open an app from the notification drawer (without Halo) has the same effect as closing your popup window you got from Halo i.e. it goes to the last running app. The only difference is that here you can actually "visually" see the previous app running and in stock Android it is hidden from view because the new app covers the whole screen.

So coming back to my question, how exactly does Halo help get things done if it works just like stock Android but only adds visual treats like glowing animations and windowed appearance??
Is HALO the multi-window feature demo you guys posted on April 26th ? Or is it completely separate from each other? Just wanted to clarify so I don't get confused, keep up the great work, you guys are awesome and dedicated to what you do ! :D
Superb, you one upped the AOSP developers once again. I expect they will kang this in a near future android release.
damn, i showed this to my gf and she said that its not THAT awesome, and she doenst understand why do i wait this thing that much,, but i almost throwing up with RAINBOW, im so goddamn exited, i now thinking about, mb i should broke up with her?
Is there a ParanoidAndroid ROM that works with the Verizon Galaxy Note 2? 
I love it! Amazing! Expanding on the time out, I think it would be amazing if there was a triple or double stage timeout that if unchecked the bubble will stay active in the background but invisible until another notification comes in. That way it's not in the way of any current tasks. Example: you get a notification and the halo pops up wherever you have it placed. If you don't check it, after let's say 8 seconds it merges into the border slightly as it does now. If still unchecked after 15 seconds it disappears (still running in background) but doesn't pop up until you get another notification or if you should go into the notification bar (unless in pie mode). Just a suggestion but either way, amazing work! You guys rock!
+Michael Martin thanks man I've been searching for one tried one and was not stable at all. 
Anyone have a link for a current build for the nexus 7
Thanks is that the newest build looks like that is 3/25 build 
~ Nine ( hmm i_) l
Knocked n
Nice...can't wait for more. PA is def pushing the boundary of android for the better!! 
I have become very fond of chat heads. This will be way better!
+Michael Martin I'll check pacman out been wanting to try something new on my n7 thanks for the help
That is amazing but the constant floating bubble will be why I don't use it. If it appeared once a notification arrived and then faded after a period of time with everything accessed through notification drawer, that would get my attention... 
+Paranoid Android so your saying that this will be a stock feature of the nexus? I have a nexus and will never stray. I do not want to root, so my question is do I have to root my phone to have this feature?
Super cool! Really! Paranoid Android is really innovative!
I think a multi window would be amazing. Haha.
Multi Window + Halo would be stunning!
Not enough plus ones for this. I'm sad that I can only give it one. 
Absolutely amazing! Things like this make me so happy that I finally got a nexus device and that teams like PA are out there doing this kind of work. Really excited to see this come to the GNex port.
+Jamie Jankowski you never root a nexus. it makes no sense. unlock bootloader, install recovery, install a rom, preferably PA. of course you wont get this on bone stock, PA is 100% aosp + additions like this.
+Paranoid Android I am very inexperienced with installing Roms. I thought you had to root to install a new ROM..I thought that was the purpose of root. Is unlocking boot loader easy? 
+Dane Lee it will fade. have more patience and trust in that we are actually using our own stuff. this is not your average rom merging whatever the heck joe schmoe from whoknowswho adds to gerrit. the bulk of that work was internal - horrible life cycle management, you wouldnt even wanna hear about it. work on the UI has only just begun. this wont be in your way ever.
+Paranoid Android this idea is awesome. I know it's in its baby stage but making the Halo transparent once it docks would be ideal so it's not as obtrusive. Notifications coming in would undock the Halo and light it up for an even more noticeable effect
This is making me actually want to root my Nexus 7 and run this rom!
This is what makes Android so much better! The dev community is awesome! 
That's really genius. I'm thinking about going with paranoid now.
Can't wait for next release of paranoid android for s3. Compile cm source with this PA intelligent idea is bad ass
This is awesome. I'm going to have too try this out on my devices.
What's so different between cyanogen and paranoid?
Dude this is sick. Thanks for all the hard work. Amazing stuff.
+Paranoid Android has found the needle in the haystack. This will be HUGE and you can bet we will see an iteration from El Goog, if they haven't already thought of it as well.
As soon as I saw chat heads I was depressed it was relegated to the laggy mess that is fb messenger, and that it clashed with the visual style. As usual you guys are knocking it out of the park and exceeding expectations. And as good as it looks now I imagine within a few builds it will have taken on whole new dimensions of usability. This is why I love android, true classy open development. 
Wondering if I should pull an all nighter and play some black ops arms race and wait for a possible new build tonight lol
That seems annoying, kinda defeats the purpose of a notification bar. 
Ok The Iphone has this thing call "AssistiveTouch".. Way before this Halo and the Facebook chat heads.. Uhm someone Copied Apple??... 
Suupperr cool guys. Can't wait for the final build.
Its nothing like assistive touch though... Nothing at all...
cz bai
I can't find it in the Google play
IM IMPRESSED!!! I LIKE IT!!! I hope Google keeps up with PA and starts taking advice from them!!!
+Liu Puebla aside from the fact that assistive touch adds a small square to the iPhone, similar to how this adds a bubble, the functionality of the two features are in no way alike...
cant wait to flash this update on my gnex.
I don't know about you guys but i have been getting a lot of memory leaks on the latest stable builds and my systemui would take up so much memory after an hour or two and the phone would become barely usable and would return after a reboot or a wallpaper change. A lot of roms claim that they fixed it and i don't know if you guys from paranoid android are trying to fix it. I would really appreciate if you can tell me so my experience on the gnex can get even better. Keep up the great work guys. 
This is great. You guys are awesome!
Adam S
Very cool 
I don't see how people can talk down on the development here...this feature is amazing and if you dont like it just don't say anything. It doesn't help. These guys worked hard on this to bring us new features for FREE...I personally love it and can't wait to see it on my device!
What if you incorporated a pie like thing for multiple notifications in halo? Like a quick click and hold expands out to show all notifications? 
you guys rock! looking forward to its release!
True Deving!! Orsum job!!
So this may replace notification bar?
Btw you could make it semi transparent!;)

Hmm.. Why popups and not bigger size windows?
On tablet may have a point.. But on a phone?

Excellent work! :)
Give it to me give it to me give it to me give it to me! :D
James K
Go open source community!
I just switched from cyanogen to paranoid just for this feature. Looking forward to it. 
+Paranoid Android  One question. Could this work with ongoing notifications like Pandora? One of the most annoying things to me is that pandora doesn't have notification controls and I have to go to my home screen or the app to pause or skip music. If this could allow you to launch pandora in a popup from the notification or from the halo it would be great. I only ask because I know that ongoing notifications are handled differently in android and it doesn't work some other apps such as anydash for dashclock.
Please make available for all on the Google Play Store!
Current Chat Head Apps like Ninja SMS & a couple others are alright but can't compare to this!
My HTC One is tingling with anticipation.. "Hhaaaaalloooo.." 
Hope making it disappear, when there is no notifications, is one of your objectives. Hate to see a black circle as a feature on my screen. Intrusive feature. That being said, I still love PA Roms. But I wun be using this pop up feature. 
Hmmm... This seems like a great way to solve the problem of notifications.
Waiting for this to come to my GS3. 
I haven't been this excited about something in a LONG time. You guys are freaking awesome! Just the fact that you pulled this off is nuckin' futs!!! AGGHHH I'm excited.
Cool feature can't wait until everything gets fleshed out. I knew Facebook was into something big. 
One of the reason I love using android phones. Amazingly customizable
I mean, have halo in all it's glory, but when there is more than one notification, it can expand into a pie of notifications.
This needs to make it's way into stock Android.
will it be a feature for the devices running PA or other custom roms will be able to install the's a gr88 tool.
+Mike Morelli It could be the Halo that expands into a Pie of Halos for all the apps that have notifications!
+Paranoid Android I'm not sure if someone already said I didn't read every single comment...but after the 15 second interval, perhaps the "halo ring" could become maybe halfway transparent??

I think that would be a bit less distracting, and then as soon as you clicked it or moved it, it would become opaque once again.
Adding to the FB chat heads inspiration when you have multiple apps each one should be its own bubble that you can switch between when you tap on it. Similar to the way it would look if you had multiple chat heads
Great feature! I tought I'd never say this but "Thank you Facebook"
I think he should have been a bit more excited about it. After all, it is going to change the entire planet!
damn,,, i can't wait to play with this... 
+Paranoid Android What if i got notification from multiple apps... For eg. Gmail and gtalk...any way by which I can see both the notification rather than just latest one... Or may be when clicked on halo notification.. We will get two chat heads one for Gmail and one for gtalk... Just curious how this will be handled 
You guys should get some cash from +Google for doing this. Screw FB home... 
hyper excited for this now! can't wait at all.. awesome job guys!!! thumbs up
It time to Tanzania. East Afrika. So bring one phone from your promotion 
Thinking how long will take to reach poor people in Africa
Little enthusiasm there, looks useful I'm waiting to try running on something big, tablet size.
This looks majestic , thumb up for u guys.
+Matthew Scott do you even know how to code the hello world? I guess not. Coding takes time and effort. If you aren't impressed is because you do not know NOTHING about development.
This looks majestic , thumb up for u guys.
+Paranoid Android team would love to see some halo love on your web page too... Waiting waiting for this update?.. ;) PA is the solo reason why I am on andriod .... 
Nah. No thanks. Nifty little feature for some I'm sure. I just would rather not have a bubble fly around my screen all day. 
is this model available in india
Will there be a way to maximize the window displayed through the overlay? Can we define that facebook/google+ calls to browser are opened in an overlay to not interrupt the workflow in the social media app?
OK, I thought chat heads was stupid, but this implementation of the concept looks a bit more interesting...
+Paul Henschel can you plz send a alpha build on my wayme as I cant wait any longer can I be a public alpha tester is my mail ....! Fingers crossed
the way that chat head moves to the side of the screen when in idle mode is the sickest thing i've ever seen!!
Looks really interesting. I'm definitely going to test it on me tablet, when it's ready. So, at first, I felt it looks like the task switcher. You know, you hit the button, another app comes up. You hit it again, it switches back. 

But I understand that it pops up whenever you get a notification from any app and then you can directly access it. That's fantastic. 

Is PA going to have a customizeable Menu bar? I could imagine to have halo as one more button in my menu bar. 
Tibi C.
Can anyone tell me if their is any version for HTC desire Bravo. I'd really like to try this.
Wow guys, this is really looking amazing!! I can't wait to get my hands on it :) 
hello bolo paranoid android ke saath
realy so good and i think when i want this. amazing..........
Ken Dow
this has got to be one of the coolest things ever from PA!!!!!!!
I have persistent notifications from a battery app and status agenda. How will those work? Will they still be persistently in the notification shade or will it be in a bubble.
Halo, hybrid, per app color, kernel, color calibration, overlay windows and perhaps running apps in the background.. Android 5 (4.3) seems to be useless (nothing big) at the Moment. Meby the next release should be called pa5+! Thank u for your hard work guys!! 
+Paranoid Android app switching idea : while in HALO swipe from one side to the other (start outside of the active window) to switch windows. Also have squares / bubbles to switch apps from.

Also a blacklist or Whitelist would be great, as I'd probably only use the notifications for messages ans the likes, though I'd like to use halo for multitasking. 
can't wait to hve this up and running on my ageing s2, keeping it relevant just long enough for the Note III ;) 
excellent work and congratulations to the PA Team, truly inspired ROMs
This is why Android is the best mobile operating system. PERIOD!
Thanks for all the Fish!!
Has anyone got a link to the mako build of this alpha? Would like to play with it. 
rootz wiki said "take chatheads and move on" and this is exactly what you did
Great work guys. I hope these halos can be docked to a sidebar/dock in the future.
anyone got a link to an alpha/beta version of this feature/rom for Nexus 4?  Latest nightly for it on goo seems to be a couple of weeks ago...
Mmm, this Rom, on a Nexus is as good as it gets. I wish there was a way to properly monetise PA so nobody could tempt you guys away ;-)
Sai puL
looking good ..
Genius + Goosebumps + Salivating = Paranoid Android
Its amazing but i dont think its genius per se. It was only the next obvious thing to do with the chat head interface.
It is like seeing the lightning and the next thing to do is to fly a kite +Kwadwo Firempong-Boakye , genius is coming from something, of course all things have their origins.
Can't wait for the builds! 
rocco a
Ottimo molto meglio di quella originale. Grandiiii!!! Grazie :-) 
PA always bring something cool new features. Hope this will also available in CM too in the future just like the pie control. Both of them are rocks..
+Paranoid Android or guys out there, i am not seeing additional features for SMS/messaging app (quick reply, etc.) in April 26 build, am i right?
Nice job guys! Gotta love open source :-) 
I've got to have this! This is the app I have been waiting for! 
This is one of those rare mods that makes you look at your highly customised phone, with its carefully chosen apps, set up and features, and suddenly think it's old hat, incomplete and behind the times.

Can't wait for Halo builds to start rolling out.
Annoys me a little that facebook thought of a good idea for once lol. But brilliant. Really looking forward to this feature!
Gnexus maguro? Plz, i'm going crazy for this feature! 
yet another idea from facebook that they don't see through to completion. Way to go PA.
That PA took the good idea from Facebook and made it functional.
Nice idea but i prefer the more unobtrusive notification bar
+peter wassel just to be fair, they did what all oems are too stupid to do, they extend android without causing a split from aosp. their stuff is a nicely integrated solution. 
Not sure how anybody could like ios when the Android community is so amazing.

Yeah ios might be a nice operating system, but 5-10 heads thinking of improvements is nothing compared to thousands.
The PA team has been streaks ahead of the competition in terms of innovation since day dot and this feature is no exception. Cheers for your hard work, buying PA Prefs Pro is the least that anyone should do to support you guys.
Gee wiz this is what I'm talking about very intuitive suggestive and innovative keep it up can't wait till released 
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Is this just for nexus devices? I have ever gs3 and nexus 10 would love to have halo on both! 
+Paranoid Android I understand that you don't want to make side by side multi window because you think it's stupid but do you think someone could easily build it using the work you're doing right now?
Which version of PA you have, i have 3.15 26.4 on my nexus4 and i still don't have halo..?! 
+Paranoid Android I'm not sure about your intentions, but are you planning on allowing multiple chat heads (for more than 1 app / conversation), if yes it would also be cool if the chat heads would automatically align.
I never bothered with PIE because you can't see notifications without going looking for them. This well compliment the whole PIE UK perfectly.
Oh no...... i was just planning anything like this.
Now this is really nice......
wow, this is fricking amazing.
+Paranoid Android  wow!!! great work! now the pie feature makes sense! not sure if I missed the discussion..will this work with persistent notifications such as Beautiful widgets weather or pocket casts notification play/pause options??
Good job guys, continue like this. I'm anxious to try it on my galaxy nexus
Hey team +Paranoid Android  , this is really amazing.
i can't leave your rom because your rom is the only one that suit for me.
i promise to donate when i've done setup my payment
But i have few suggestion and question according to video
sorry if this was asked before

first : what it would be if we have more than one notification? ex : there's one email and one gtalk

second : is halo can only be launched from notification bar? what if we are in pie mode? can it launched automatically?

And the last one : for my suggestion, i think it will be better, if halo become fade/transparent after we don't use it again (somethings like screen time out) and will solid again if we having notifications.
or maybe pop-up when only we have notifications and then disappear after we read it. (something i'm dreaming of)

sorry if my suggestion is already on the rom. i just asking according to the video
Loving the idea +Paranoid Android, especially one of the UI suggestions made at Maybe combine that with the idea suggested by +Adam Styles?

I can imagine the expanded Halo + Multi-Window as multiple tabs above the app list (squares). First for notifications, second for favourites/all apps, with each being a horizontal scrolling list as suggested? Something like this tweaked version of your shared image: Notifications and App Launcher?

+Girish Kamath Here's an example of a use case scenario they're pitching this for "popups running without stopping apps: VID_20130503_022407.3gp (optional in latest build)" - via +Paul Henschel 

And for everyone wondering/suggesting, devs have already said the Halo will fade and not be intrusive, this is just a pre-alpha show :)
Will the Halo onscreen circles disappear after a certain length of time?
If they do this then reappear when a new notification comes in it'll be out of this world. Especially in full screen Pie
It isn't finished yet. That is merely a pre alpha :)
Great work!!! Are you going to release it on GNex maguro?
When do you think we can get this? I desperately need to root my s3! I was talking to my mate about this feature as soon as chat heads was launched.. Can't believe you've made it possible! Can't wait. 
+Vai Rostampour Bad news. This ROM won't work on the S3 (at least in the immediate future). It was made for the Nexus lineup. You need someone to port it over to the S3.
+Paranoid Android would we see widgets on steroids in the nearest future? what I am trying to ask is HTC has got blinkfeed which is cool and could pass for a start page on android devices so, considering what you can do with "tiny apps"would it be possible to have scrollable frames embedded with multiple widgets as a single go to widget?
Can I get the theme with the square icons somewhere? Or is it a special launcher? 
Yeah? Just found it by myself (so proud of me) and it's still available in the store
+Felix Richter oh? And so it is! Sorry, my bad, last I checked the author was having some issues with people using his theme and not giving credit and so he said he removed it indefinitely. Guess it's back now. Hooray! 
Clarification +Paranoid Android , i saw my friend's mako that has april 29 build, i thought my build is the latest (april 26), then saw in his settings that has the name fabi, mine is molesarecoming, what is the difference? Please explain :)
+steve augustin in an earlier post he clearly said this was inspired by Facebook and that credit for the concept was theirs. Now run off and take your hate with you.
This is simply brilliant. There's no other ways to describe it. You, guys, are really re-inventing Android.
It is very amazing but when will be the update?
Just a slight idea, when in "pause background apps" mode it could show tinted wallpaper like in recents rather than just black. 
+Paranoid Android I like the idea you had earlier of after ~ 5 seconds is becomes small and then after ~15 it becomes a sliver. I think it would be nice, personally (though I understand why you wouldn't want this) for it to hide COMPLETELY. This would allow us to have a couple of these set up for different apps and not get in the way. 
I am having problems scrolling down if the comments are many, i hope there is an option that will post the latest comments on the top part +Google+ :(
+Paranoid Android I LIKE IT. It looks very good on home screen. But ( in my opinion ) maybe interrupts me while using programs which has complex ui. So there can be a shortcut in navigation ring or navigation bar. Or longpress shortcut for statusbar.
Hi:) i watched the video and got one idea. If you hold the halo icon, a list of recent notifications should appear. Just wanted to tell you the idea :)
That's awesome!!! When will be available for us ("the users")??
Amazing work guys. Can't wait. Just one suggestion though: If halo is enabled in the notification bar, but there are no current notifications, the halo circle should hide completely until a notification comes in.  What is the point of the halo taking up screen real estate if there are no notifications?
+Tyler Fox don't worry dude. This will be addressed . this is a very early look .... Very 
+Tyler Fox seriously - i go through these comments and some people must think we're blind. this stuff doesnt fall readymade into your laps. its is obvious that many things are not finished, i mean what do people expect after a couple of days work.
Amazing work so far, Paranoid team! I'm excited to see the finished product. I have lots of floating apps and pie controls on my Nexus 7 which get me by, but this goes above and beyond. I think a sidebar like Glovebox that also did floating apps would put this over the top. Keep up the amazing work, you guys are at the forefront of Android innovation!
I jus would like to know if this will be ported to the gnex cus I know our dev has switched over to the n4
HALO PA 3.5 Alpha build is available now for the Nexus 4. Go grab it from XDA :)
I definitely appreciate your hard work.  Since it wasn't mentioned in any of the posts, and the empty circle didn't disappear in the hands on, i was just checking.  I'm just super excited, sorry. Love you guys
Halo is plain and simple Awesomeness :D thanks to the Deva you guys rock !!!
Very nice i hope to a SGS III version. 
500th comment is me !!! :) awesome work Paranoid Android team..installed the May 11th build..Halo works wonderfully smooth.. :)
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