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Nexus guys, go grab your HALO

Nexus 4

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 3g

Galaxy nexus (gsm)

Oppo find 5
Speial thanks to +OPPO and +xda-developers  for the device +CyanogenMod, +Andrew Dodd, +Nebojsa Cvetkovic for the deice tree.
Note:  camera doesn't work (will be fixed next week).


This is still a very early build. no bugreporting here please. don't install this if you dislike previews/alphas. For bugs that are not obvious (and you should be sure we haven't noticed them) track them here:

HALO in three stages:

Phase 1: rewriting the android framework to allow multi windows/apps that run on top of others without stopping or pausing them. completed

Phase 2: halo performs as a simple ticker reacting to incoming notifications, launching apps in floating mode. half-done, needs tweaking

Phase 3: halo will let you switch between notifications. ongoing development
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Just a matter of time till GS3 users can have there's. 
Crossing fingers that one of you are free... Gnex Thanks great job guys. 
Jens D.
Waiting for international i9300. Great Job Guys 
Awesome! I haven't been this excited about a ROM ever. Your ROM is the reason I love my Nexus 4
This is going to be pretty amazing... 
I'll just go ahead and grab one of each.. Thanks!
Another patiently waiting Toro user :) 
Was there ever a PA fir wingrey - Xoom Wifi? 
So Nexus 4 is live, Nexus 7 is incoming and Nexus 10 is the abandoned bastard child of google?
I heard the hybrid engine is getting a rewrite? Anyone know if this is true?
+Tylar Overturf thanks! That's great to hear. Optimization is always good. I have to admit PA was running pretty slow on my Nexus 7 so when it launches hopefully that can get me back'
please please i wud love to see a post for gnex when i wake tomrw very excited for this
Does lte still not work with pa? 
OMG too funny. +Paranoid Android I activated Halo it showed up for sec in the center and instantly disappeared. Restarted and can't seem to get it back. How do I reset it? 
+Jeromy Layne its supposed to be like that. it comes when theres news to report, incoming chat whatever.
make s screenshot for instance, and it will report that
Downloading the nexus 7 build now can't wait! BTW +Paranoid Android is it OK if I download and flash the gapps zip that is listed under nexus 4 on your post?
you are the best! i cant wait till the download has finished..
do i need to wipe?
I am on CM10.1 forget that. Am coming back to you PA :) 
Ahh almost perfect for alpha. It just needs to remember it's original position after you open a notification. But for the beginning beautiful! 
make the TOROgnex build plz!!!

well, atleast let us know when its ready :---)
how do I activate it? nvm
Seems nice, only thing missing is a tile for tablet ui users or something similar.

Other than this, nice job keep it up!! 
I have a galaxy s3. I need that. Lol. I have the United States Galaxy S 3 by the way. 
Nexus 4: Halo only works in Stock UI, doesn't it?
Great for an alpha release. Very functional, thanks for working so hard on this.
What is the difference between the pa gapps full and the gapps jb? 1st one is when under update ROM, 2nd one is when I hit download gapps on the main menu.
invite m im new in google plus lets be friends guys.. xD
+Burt Matsushima Tried that, too. Even though that Halo thing shows, no notifications arrive on it. Works fine in Stock UI however.
Patiently waiting for halo on my Gnex. :)
Port it to the vz note2 (i605) next!
Awwwww. No GNexus lte . oh well. I'm sure it will be worth the wait
Holy cow, almost missed the #OPPO mention, getting ready to flash. 
Waiting on the Galaxy Nexus build! It's been awhile since I've been on PA. Should be an adventure =) 
No Nexus 10 love? Eh, oh well. I can wait for the bugs to get worked out....although it will be impatiently
Is toro coming as well or just maguro?
thank you :), and i mean, really thankyou, sure you already know but, if disable system animations halo disappear, and thanks again for this amazing!! feature, probably better than any will have on k release :)
sorry :), thanks for the info
whenwhen it's coming for note 2
Thanks man, Halo has always been awesome :P waiting for Phase II and III, Finish the Fight.
All you international s3 users I'm on rootbox and it is flawless 4.2.2 
great news for gnex users jus got notif of rom update
Can't wait to try out toro...Thanks for all your hard work!
Who Toro?
If it was for me.. Sorry No..
If not for me, disregard.. :)
well idk bout toro i have maguro an the update came via goo
Waiting for SGS3 .....
How do you activate it in Pie mode?
+Paranoid Android Try a little bit, very fantastic! HALO is looking good at StockUI and PhabletUI. Great work! 
But it seems not working at TabletUI for the moment, right? 
yessss, excited for halo :D  thank you!
I finally got rid of my p o s casio phone. I can actually use my new one :)
sal c
Hoping for a t0lte note 2 release :) 
Oh damn oh damn oh damn. Time to switch from CM to PA again! Also, awesome news with the Oppo Find 5... I think I might have to pick one up to go side by side with my Mako! (Interestingly the Find 5 is the same price (from eBay) as the Mako is over here in NZ)
I updated from the Apr 26 build with no issues.
True innovation. Thanks to the PA team for introducing new and creative ways to use our devices. 
Please, don't treat the Toro users like Big Dread does. We don't want to be 2 updates and 3 months behind everyone else. 
When does the ATT note 2 get it?
+Paranoid Android  I've just downloaded the maguro rom and ported it to toro by moving some specific files and editing some. Would you mind if I make it public?
Full wipe required? Btw I assume this won't break the existing features? 
Sorry I but can someone explain to me what this is. 
Gosh you guys are awesome. I'm loving this Halo + Pie combination. 
won't load past boot animation. don't download or install
Cant wait for more phones :3
Download unsuccessful..............
Does this work on a tablet ui setup on my nexus 4 or am I just missing something?
Does this work on a tablet ui setup on my nexus 4 or am I just missing something?
Working perfectly on my GN..changed to deadline and now its very fast
Any word on Toro build release?
Just installed on n4 and loving it. Keep up the excellent work
I'm attempting to build for my Toro but I keep getting an error in TelephonyProvider. If I some how get it working before anyone else I'll post a build for everyone.
Nice but I think I'm gonna wait for stock 4.3
Also +Paranoid Android do you think that there is anything in 4.3 that could break halo or is it independant enough that we don't have to fear delay for PA 4.3?
+Burk Manson It's a commit to Mms. Looks like there's an update to frameworks/base that we're missing. I'm giving it a shot with CM's mms to see how that works.
+Chris Fair Thanks man I'll give it a shot as well, by the way does anyone know if there is anything significantly different from PA and CM's messaging app that we'll be missing? I haven't used PA since 4.0.4, I'm just back for Halo lol.
Downloading now. You guys are leading the way in the Android ROM space. Cheers for all your hard/innovative work.
PA is sh!tting on every single ROM right now (I do appreciate all devs and their work) but I loves me some PA! 
+Paranoid Android I installed this ROM clean flash and for some reason I can't hear anything when making a phone call or can't be heard either ): I love halo but I need my phone working
Jeff Y
finally !!!! thank you guys , great job and PA is the best !!! ^....^  
I just gave a donation of $20. Please,...hook up the ToroPlus Community with some love. You guys are freaking awesome.
Loving it on my N4, no need for full wipe, just installed over the 3.15 nightly and working fine. Takes a bit of tweaking to get it up, and only seems to work on Phone UI, not any of the tablet ones. No way to enable it from PIE, have to turn PIE off, enable it, and then switch back to PIE. Would love a way to enable it from the notification pop up whole using PIE, and to have it work in the tablet UI's. Also would love for the dismiss to the X at the top of the screen to not turn it off entirely, just make it dissappear from screen until another notification brings it up.
Things I'd love to see: an opt-in or opt-out for apps/notifications. I don't necessarily want every notification going to Halo. Also a way to move from one notification Halo to another, hace multiple notification Halos (have seen some mockups for it and know you're working on it!). But even in its current state it's awesome. 
Watch +Apple is gonna claim this as a new worldwide feature and try to patent it....smh d(-_-)b...
+Nanny Avila are you on the nexus 4? If you haven't updated your radio and bootloader to the 4.2.2 version that's why. I'm using the alpha build and phone is working flawlessly. 
Awesome!! Thank you! Can't wait to see HALO in action :)
+Jason Newman thanks very much for the info! I did downgrade my radio so I can have lte on my n4 but will upgrade back to my original asap!! thanks again
Thanks a lot.....halo features really great!!! Just what i expected
Using it right now and it is amazing! Few bugs here and there but not a big bug so no worries :)
YAY~~~~ Finally!
BTW, is this build still alpha in hybrid engine?(hybrid2)
Once again amazing work Moles and the entire PA team you are revolutionizing how we think of android and it's overall functionality. Truly genius!
+Mizuki Temo as far as I know, no. This is build to only show what halo is and how it works. 
When is it gonna release on the note 2
Sam Son
My name is Daniel
+Paranoid Android

I hope we would have a choice to float any app we want when we open them ... Example we want to float dialler because it would be faster and its nice to float it . Another example is when we are in the settings , we could float settings app when we are in the another app , so we could switch back the previous task easily and fluidly .
I wish the performance issues could be fixed instead :(
Does anyone know of a root for the Archos 97 Titanium? 
+George S You mean Apple hasn't already done so? Remember, Jobs admitted that he stole others ideas. Yet, Apple is the #1 litigant out there when it comes to well, everything! They even invented the round cornered rectangle shape. I just read today where Google Glasses is going to make it where iPhone has functionality with the glasses. Shit on that! Let the fanbois rely on oh-so-perfect Apple to provide what Apple deems that they want, and shall have, at a grossly overinflated price, of course. 
Can't wait to get home and flash this baby
someone on xda just said I'm free to make a port public since it's open source. Here is the toro port. network, call, GPS work.
I have flicker on notification bar if halo active.. 
Done dirty flash this awesome rom :) 
Does anyone else have this issue of the halo option disappearing after a second reboot? 
Thanks +Jungho Kook ...had to double check if you were zittoro. Sorry if misspelled it. I'd reply to you on xda but not authorized to until I met some requirements which I don't know what that is..Haha..thanks
I can't comment on xda but I'll comment on here regarding a bug. You can't click install while installing an apk with the halo up. Just letting ya know, I wasn't sure if apk installing was broke but I closed deleted the halo and it worked.
Thanks! Flashed but doesn't work using tablet UI... So, useless for me :-( 
+Michael Driver they tried to patent the 5D, along Google Glass after Google announced theirs, It's amazing how far they go with stuff lol....
Steve O
I use +Paranoid Android ROM on my N7000 cooked by beerbong or jellybam team & I was too excited for this Halo release & I downloaded this GNEX release & I'm just excited looking at the zip file & waiting
Wanna try it for the galaxy s3 lol guess I have to wait 
Halo seems to migrate to the top right corner no matter where I put it after clicking on it... Any one know the proper close procedure after opening halo?
Wish I try for my Galaxy Nexus but constant error "sd card can't be mounted", Running Axiom Engage ver 1", 4.1. 
This looks interesting. Waiting for it to hit the note 2.
+hammerax ecastillo that is right, +Paranoid Android is striving for excellence, and i salute them, i am now using their latest build, halo is great, it is like an assistant or secretary for notifications (with multi window capabilities), very nice, one thing i have experienced awhile ago though is that it doubles the instantiation of apps, leading to force closing, but hey still i am giving them 10000000000000 stars, they are the mechanics, innovators....iron men???? ;)
+Michael Driver they tried to patent the 5D, along Google Glass after Google announced theirs, It's amazing how far they go with stuff lol....
whats this all about? whats halo? what does it do? good or bad =/
Wowww, You guys are just phenomenal... Thanks a bunch.... Keep up the great work!! 
Wow it's fantastic!! When for Galaxy s3? 
+Louis lee it's supposed to revolutionize multitasking on Android with a multi window sort of approach. It's a bubble that sits somewhere on your display. When you get an important notification it will pop up in your face and provide you with the related app in an overlying window.

This is the type of thing that revolutionizes mobile operations for the better.

While I'm at it, I'll say revolutionize a couple more times. Revolutionize revolutionize revolutionize revolutionize revolutionize revolutionize 
+Raymond De Jesus this is important, which apps? by no means it should make anything fail and we must get that part as clean as humanly possible to be safe. can you reproduce it? tell me what and how.
+Billy Steinmetz security measure from google. they do that to prevent apps from sending virtual clicks via overlay. halo is an overlay. without that protection apps can install other apps, trojans for instance
umm…i downloaded the file and i couldnt open it :/
Eric M
Great work on Halo! I'm donating via Play Store just because of this. Looking forward to a formal FAQ.
and to everyone asking, no, this does not yet work in tabUI. work first needs to be completed - then we move on to integrate it everywhere, tab and pie.
+Paranoid Android I was under the impression that the halo would allow you to stay on current page while using halo. Is that suspost to be the case or is it not completely implemented?
+Paranoid Android Any chance of a button that will make the overlay into the foreground app? If the user chooses to do this to install an apk for example, it would still be secure. Plus I just sometimes want to stay in an app for a lot longer.
anyone got the 3g nexus 7, how's the performance?
For Toro users Note: THIS IS NOT MY WORK, NOT EVEN MY BUILD! All credits go to the Paranoid Android Team and XDA user Zittoro for uploading his Maguro port. I'm just spreading this to Google+. Happy Flashing.
+Louis lee you cannot simply open it. First, you must have a Nexus 4 or 7. Next you have to flash the zip. To do that you must be rooted.
Cant seem to install downloaded apk using updated rom
Installed the ROM and I'm loving Halo but its just not enough to keep me from AOKP. Moving back
Is it gonna come to the Nexus S?
I'm excited, but I think I'm gonna sit out for a few versions.
Is this only for phones/tablets that are rooted? Doesn't work on my uk nexus 4 but works in my uk nexus 7.. Both are not rooted
How do you activate this halo everyone is talking about? I flashed the 3.50 over the 3.16 release on my nexus 7 WiFi tablet and nothing is different. I see no way to use or activate or anything with halo
+Robert Mason make sure you're not using the tablet UI, only works with the others. Then pull down the notification and you wud see the new halo icon by the one that clears all the notifications. Touch to activate and wait till you have a notification. Doesn't work with pie active yet too
when will be ready HALO for galaxy s3???
I haven't read latest news from paranoid android. Could somebody tell me what is the halo, please? It's new their custom rom or new launcher?
Erm... How does this work? Do I have to root and unlock b/loader? Nexus 7 btw
Hearing a lot of good things about the awesome Halo! Will keep monitoring. Thanks for the heads up.
Jnr O C
+Paranoid Android Can't use it with stock android? Can't open file! After download. #Nexus4. A video tutorial would be appreciated
How can i activate HALO? i have updated to 3.5. Thanks
Any possibility of a build for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? That only just got 4.2.2 pushed in the last few weeks, by the way! I have to stick with Verizon, though. I can't bear to part with my unlimited data plan that I'm grandfathered into. I held on to my original Droid 'til it died, and my extended warrant gave me the GNex as the replacement for it, no cost to me! So, no worries about a new phone, and I don't need a plan. Their slick talk, and paltry offers of a big $30 or $50 off to sign up for a new plan, and $199 for an S4 just isn't going to work. Please, Halo for the Verizon GNex! Good work guys!
After downloading what happened guys? It was lost?
Help guys! I want the halo on my nexus 4. After downloading nothing happened. Huhuhu
Jus one question is there any settings for halo I can't seem to find it
Well done to goo for keeping up with demand. Those of you who haven't sponsored goo perhaps you'd like to donate a small amount.
Does somebody have problem with "Apply" button in installing app? Maguro 05 may.
Sorry for mistakes
Thanks for maguro..looks great! I hope that u guys won't stop building for maguro. 
Will be possible to change the dimensions of the floating apps and to open some of them in the same time? 
This is so dope. When I see development like this I really can't understand why everyone doesn't love Android as much as I do. Thanks Paranoid Android team. Keep up the great work. 
Sorry if this is a stupid question... I use and love RootBox. Is this a feature flash or full ROM? I want to check out halo, but not ready to flash again.
+Joel Nutt Since they are saying that the camera doesn't work, and supplying a gapps download link, this is most definitely a full rom.
+Joel Nutt just see how large the file is. I mean if its more than 150mb or so then its the actual ROM. Also rewriting framework would require adjusting a lot of other things too no?
+Mynard Yerro this isn't a simple app to download and need to have your boot loader unlocked and flash the ROM you downloaded through recovery
+curtis mayers thanks Curtis. I don't know all of those. He he he. I hope android will adopt halo for android users. 
Gracias, hayer malogre mi equipo quice 
probar esta room me parece que es la mas original y se nota el trabajo espero poder probarlo  muchas gracia
Downloading now can't wait !
Man i find it kinda sluggish on my n7
Make it for the Galaxy Nexus and I will test it.
Galaxy nexus version is available to Download look above 
Good point, I have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus though so I believe I have the CDMA version, not the GSM. Sorry about the confusion.
Jeff does that work for the sprint version the toroplus
Just installed on my nexus 4 so far so good :-)
Con Dinero o sin Dinero hago siempre lo que qirero 
Ooo yyeeaaahhh :-) :-) :-) 
Sad day when LTE GNex is at least #5 on the list.
Loving this ROM baby!!
is there an alternate site? The downloads are sloooow!
Being hammered by everyone that's why .. Big respect to managing to keep downloads flowing !
Yeaaaaaaah , thanks Paranoid...
Is the source not available for maguro? Or toro? I just want to be able to get it to port..idk why toro plus is taking so long
Is toro the red headed step child for PA? I've never used this ROM before now but it appears toro is a step behind?
Paranoid Android is the reason I love my nexus 4 and 7 so much! 
Wow, PA on OPPO Find 5 is a DREAM! My only request is if you can make a setting to turn off the capacitive keys. I use the softkeys instead and don't need additional keys to be lit up.  Especially since the Find 5 has the screen real estate and the keys capacitive keys are very dark and can't be seen.
+Jungho Kook Thank you very much. I've been using all day with my Verizon Nexus. So far no 'unlisted bugs'. 
getting the halo love right now for my n7

you guys rock!
Can someone change the name of the in the download to have something like "alpha" in the name?  Might confuse a lot of new people looking to get the latest stable version of PA
Thanks paranoid android. This is awesome and cant wait until final versions come out
I can't figure out how to activate halo on my nexus 7, I have it installed and all but can't seem to find it anywhere any help?
+Valter Santos Pull down the notification shade, you'll see a new icon that looks like a blue circle with a conversation bubble. Tap that. You'll see the HALO bubble appear in the center of the screen and fade away. Next time you get a notification, it'll be in the HALO bubble. 
I figure it out it wasn't popping up in tablet mode had to switch it to default
+Valter Santos Yeah, it doesn't work in tablet mode yet. PA team said that's next in their list of things to do. 
+Don Kaczmarek there are plenty of people porting this right now. 

I look at it as the developers using there time to build for stock android. They release the code to their HEALTHY COMMUNITY of followers and eventually it gets ported to other devices out of interest in helping expand PA and just curiosity of trying PA's imaginative features.

Honestly, within 5 hours of the release yesterday somebody took ten minutes of their time and ported it, meaning I had the fresh build with Halo on my phone day of. to me thats a win.
I was going to install, but I'll wait till the finished version because I need the camera functional. But this is by far the greatest addition to Mi nexus 4 dive I bought it.I usually don't flash rooms,I tweak the phone myself but this time I will flash this asap.
Camera doesn't work on any version of just Oppo 5?
+Michael Geer I understand what your saying. I'm actually on one of those ported build now fit my first PA experience but I already see a second build got N4 is out. I'm not complaining. I just don't know how PA does things being this is my first rodeo with them :-)
+domingo guillen I agree! I know there are a lot of Toros out there that are perfectly happy with them still. 
this is possible in gt-i9100?, this is an excellent option for my Galaxy S2
No build for Nexus 10.. Just shoot me already.
+Mando Acosta Sorry, I didn't realise it was closed. You might want to look in the S2 forums if someone else has ported it.
+michael tollan No I meant that there's no reason this won't work on n7100 or any phone if someone ports it to that phone. The links posted here are only for Nexus devices and Oppo Find 5 as mentioned in the post. Look in the n7100 forum, someone is bound to port this soon either officially or unofficially, because it's awesome. I thought that's what you were asking for, not whether the downloads above can be flashed to other phones. Also, if you ever flash a wrong ROM/broken update, you don't need to wipe your phone and start all over again. Just flash the previously working ROM zip. Your /data partition will remain intact. Or you can just restore a recent nandroid backup if you made one. 
Does your phone have to be rooted? 
+kiy harv if you have a nexus device you should just have to unlock your boot loader and flash the ROM via recovery
I have the nexus 4 and I really want to use this awesome app. How do I do what you just said... Ctfu
Look on xda forums on the relevant nexus 4 forum.
Does your phone have to be rooted? 
+Curtis Mayers thanks for the link
No root required
Once the boot loader is unlocked you can flash a custom ROM
Where can I enable it? XD I'm serious 
+Luca g have you flashed the latest paranoid android ROM (version 3.50) ?
That would be the first step....Once you have, bring down the notification shade and click the halo icon (blue circle with a message box) should be at the very top of the notification shade, next to the dismiss all icon

Note: it does not work on tablet UI.
+curtis mayers After I've commented I watched the video with the hands on and knew the solution Xd but thanks for your help
+Paranoid Android so it seems to be working on my toro device but for some reason instead of the floating app opening on top of my current app, it just exits to the home screen and opens the floating app there. I did a clean flash. Any reason for this?
Hi.. Im a nexus 4 user and a very big fan of +Paranoid Android rom :-) This HALO is so awesome.. Was wondering could you guys update the bluetooth protocol to AVRCP v1.4.. That would be very nice.. 
I enabled Halo, but after a day it just doesn't show up anymore :( can't turn it off and on again, so what to do :-(
+Tom Dirven if the halo was present, the only time it should disappear us if you dragged it over the X to dismiss it. You should also not it does not work in tablet UI. To reactivate halo ensure you are not in full screen pie mode and you are not using the tablet UI. Pull down the notification shade and activate it like you did the first time
+Nicholas Clarkson if it works right now I'd say leave it as is. If you are switching from one ROM to another you should clear both caches and data...if you're updating a ROM, usually you can get away without clearing anything, but....if you experience some bugs though try clearing the caches. You should not lose any of your settings unless you clear data.
Great feature! Using it now, and I love it. It compliments pie really well. I actually quit using pie until now because of the lack of a notification system I liked. I'm sure this is on your minds already, but I would like to see the ability to filter what notifications show up in halo. There are some things that pop up in my notifications, like nearby wifi connections, that I actually would not care to have show in halo. Can't wait to see what else is in store!
Works really good on my rooted Nexus 4 running paranoid android ROM and matrix kernel
Works great on Toro and Grouper builds, but as mentioned by others in this thread, only when in Stock UI, or Phone/Phablet layout. Tablet layout doesn't work :(
I saw a review on youtube and i would love to have this on my HTC One SV!! It looks epsolutely awesome!
Love it, great job! Keep it up :)
Installation steps please, am new to this... Have a Galaxy Nexus. running Version 4.2.2 JDQ39
no love for Nexus 10? Thats part of the nexus family right?
+Sana Fredrick well, you'll need your boot loader unlocked so that you can flash a custom ROM (this ROM) using recovery. There should be relevant guides for your device on the xda forums.
I Want Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 Please
This works with facebook messenger, how do I get to work with other apps, also I don't see the images icon at all
Does my phone have to be rooted to do this? 
Hey, thanks a lot, I'll get that done see how it goes. It's nice, whenever someone messenger me via fb, it works. 
Can't install Tubemate on the paranoid 3+ any help : Twitter Handle @_Al_khalifa 
this cant come to google play there is too much that goes in the system files it should stay for rooted devices
is the rom hosted anywhere else other than on my country is blocking downloads from that site! isn't it just great.
Can somenoe tell me if the PA has the battery change status yet in the LED. That is one must have feature for me and the reason I went back to CM. If it is there I will try PA again.
What about Nexus 10? Why you do not make HALO feature for us? And what about multiwindow feature? Multiwindow is very important for me, are you going to support these features on Nexus 10?
The devs already stated they would not be doing multi Windows..sorry

Also they are looking for ppl to maintain the n10 and other devices. They only maintain devices they have access to
i've got a problem downloading the rom for the nexus 7 "The file you requested was not found. Lets see if we can find that for you..."
I want it for international galaxy s 3 :-( 
Hi guys... is this the place to try and get some help? If so, could someone tell me how to install the calendar fix zip. I've tried installing it through recovery but keep getting an error saying it can't be installed.
Waiting for international i9300! Love you guys 
+Paranoid Android  I'm having issues on my I9300 international. I can't install APKs as the 'install' button doesn't work. someone on the XDA forums suggested to disable Halo - install app - Enable Halo, however I can't find the setting to do so. Please help
Farrukh Ahmed I had same problem. Turn off in setting Hide Hallo and Reverse hallo gesture (must be unchecked) and then you can install apk from SD card. After installing, u can turn on Hallo again. 
gaps link is broken where do  find the right version?
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