Nexus guys, go grab your HALO

Nexus 4

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 3g

Galaxy nexus (gsm)

Oppo find 5
Speial thanks to +OPPO and +xda-developers  for the device +CyanogenMod, +Andrew Dodd, +Nebojsa Cvetkovic for the deice tree.
Note:  camera doesn't work (will be fixed next week).


This is still a very early build. no bugreporting here please. don't install this if you dislike previews/alphas. For bugs that are not obvious (and you should be sure we haven't noticed them) track them here:

HALO in three stages:

Phase 1: rewriting the android framework to allow multi windows/apps that run on top of others without stopping or pausing them. completed

Phase 2: halo performs as a simple ticker reacting to incoming notifications, launching apps in floating mode. half-done, needs tweaking

Phase 3: halo will let you switch between notifications. ongoing development
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