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4.4 FINAL / ANDROID 4.4.4

This week at PA headquarters we worked very hard to bring you the most stable experience ever since 4+. 
Too many hot fixes have been merged today, along with some new goodies.

What does 4.4 Final mean?
Current featured branch reached final stable state. Doesn’t mean at all that development has stopped :) You can just flash this, and feel safe.

Android 4.4.4 upstream tag has been merged into our source. 

The Volume Panel has been re-designed as you can see in the image below to be inline with hover, be less intrusive and more beautiful.

Hover UI/UX has been reworked a bit for tablet users: Hover will not take the whole screen width, but it will respect notification size. Also status bar isn’t hidden when hover shows and you can pull it down when you want, as you touch status bar Hover will be dismissed to not overload on top of status bar expanded state. Another awesome thing is that un-dismissible notifications cases like screenshots etc have been solved (yea is true). Last but not least the marriage with ticker view has been reworked, when hover is enabled and you receive notifications from foreground app they will not be shown in Hover but in ticker.

Fixed a couple of issues regarding repositioning. Also, Pie now follows same behavior of navigation bar on phone when in landscape, sticks at right. Last but not least Pie is now themeable by external xml resources, by Theme Engine.

As for Peek App our Native Peek got some love on sensors side. They should work better now. You can find latest Peek App with advanced features on Play Store, check link below.

Merged upstream changes and added style support to Dialer app, IME switcher alert dialog and many more.

Added colorizing support for all components for both circle and stock look. Themers can play with everything now :)

Hopefully fixed rare blank screen and always show translucent decors.

Updated system API to let it delete folders.

Fixed some FCs.

Imported new crowdin translations.

Fixed various bugs as rare softboots and cleanups.

Crowdin translation system:

Community legacy corner:

P.S. The theme shown off in the images below was made by our own +Carlo Savignano and will be available on the Play Store soon this week. Follow him to get state updates and to show him some love :)

P.P.S. The icons in the screens are from Kraken Rounded icon pack made by our own +Matt Flaming , link to the pack down below.

Peek App:
Kraken Rounded Icon Pack:

Wallpaper used in the image from +Justin Maller Facets Project.
Check his work here:
Support him, buy his awesome 365 wallpapers app:

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Nice work ❤
Im posting this thinking that this will be my 1st post !!
So, in b4 new Android version at I/O? 
Thank you guys! Where can I get the wallpaper from?
Final? EMBRACE YOURSELF, hybrid is coming!!!!! 
Wen will this be available for legacy devices?
+Arun mathew around the same time as always....usually a day or 2 after the official release.  why not go to the legacy community and keep up with the status there?
Seeing that it's 4.4.4, dirty flash or nah?
Allen A
Sweet! Thanks team!
Awe-some as Alway's 
+Paranoid Android  Thank You!  Probably the most stable rom I've ever used (even betas)...I may have reported bugs here (which I wont do now as I now make it a point to take it to tracker) but still always had a good experience with PA.. Like stock but so different from stock.. Flashing as I type this :-)
Should dirty flash be OK or will it break something? 
Oh, flashlight icon not changed? 
Ryan R.
Awesome, just freakin' awesome.🙌
There is also a version for the Galaxy Note 2? Thanks. 
In this build most important is volume panel. This is great! :D

Little disappointed of Hybrid Engine, but can't have everything at once. :)
So, is this the complete final, or just a very stable build which merits the final title and there will be future updates that include well known features like hybrid? Also, need to update using factory image or clean/dirty flash will work?
Thank you for all the PA devs, very excited to get 4.4.4 running on my old GNex :D
+Andre Radensky this is a stable release.  There will indeed be future versions, and hybrid is in the works, but this build warrants a 'Gold' release before we start mucking it all up with more betas perfecting some more features we have planned.  ;)
Very nice, just flashed it. But in my opinion, the new less intrusive volume panel needs to be smaller. It looks really bulky... 
This is aweseome! I was just wondering... will the "ParanoidOption" (those who let you control DPI for each apps) never return? it was soooo useful... Also changing color of each apps was wonderful!
which theme is applied in the screenshot?
Al. Ex
So i give it a try, maybe im switching from Slimkat to PA. U guys using the Stock or custom kernel??
Eli Gao
Horray! Thanks for your hard working!
Damn really wish the bootloader was unlocked for Verizon s4. Miss aospa
Still... Where can I get the wallpaper from? Thanks 
Sorry for noob question but we can dirty flash this right?
Zhen Ng
Is there any new radio or boot? 
+Tony Liu Yes, be sure to not have xposed or anything else. Refer to community pinned post for issues
Your stuff is so popular I can't even download the thing..guess I'll just wait til the mornin
What happened to the beautiful blurred lockscreen? You said it would return some day... That's the only thing missing for me.
Thanks guys. Appreciate all the time and effort that you put into these builds. Wish more companies offered up this kind of customer service!
Anyone know what theme is used there?
Wohoo! Good news! Now, when is weekend coming!!
Make Pie orientation to be changeable. I hate it on the right side in landscape.
Simplemente la mejor ROM! Gracias por su esfuerzo!
Whenever I go into settings --> display it just crashers. Tried everything including a clean flash. Using a galaxy nexus gsm.
Jose M
Using mako, should I flash it straight away or do I need to also flash a radio?, I'm currently in 4.4 RC2 4.4.3
Chat heads still don't work for Facebook messenger in immersive mode, aside from that... Perfect! 
Just to be sure,no new radio this time right ?
Awesome! The peek app does look great, but the price will probably keep me from pulling the trigger. If you wanted to sell some more copies, I wouldn't suggest pricing it over $3.00. The stable status is great! Excited for later updates.
Those bezels on the Nexus 4 are ginormous.
I wish hover didn't hide the status bar in smarphones just like in tablets now.
Did a dirty flash and ended in bootloop I'm on art so no xposed. One more thing my N5 randomly takes bug report. Does this happen to anyone else?
"Also status bar isn’t hidden when hover shows and you can pull it down when you want"

What's this supposed to mean exactly? Coz right now Hover still covers the status bar on my Nexus 5 like in the picture. Or is that tweak just for tablets?
Great! I though dalvik was removed from 4.4.4? I flashed and still on dalvik..
Great ! But i want in PA 4+ navigation pie control like a jellybean 4.3 or PA 3+
Will this run on my AKAI XL-3000 sampler? 
Good work Paranoid but i really miss custom navring and resize navbar :(
Arggh can't wait till I get home to flash this. Thanks P.A 
+Paranoid Android  there is one issue i am facing with blacklist for hover and peek,  Even If i Blacklist Google Now from Hover and peek, it sill shows up peek and i also receives hover notification.. 
My device is Nexus 5.
One question, PA kernel support double tap to wake? 
Great job guys.. just updated.. to PA  4.4.4  I did an OTA :p
Just updated my galaxy nexus to this, a quick dirty flash with OTA app from 4.4.3 plus fix permission from twrp. 
Pie is not as responsive as it used to be :(
Im on 3.99 rc2 using i9300 international. I had trouble flashing an older version of 4+ of the legacy roms, probably cause i haven't flashed in ages. How do I go about updating to this version? Any help would be awesome. Thanks! 
Ok I think I might have to come back to the PA side of things. I've been using Mahdi rom because it gives me awesome battery life. Change is in the air ;)
Love it, good job guys!  Also where is that wallpaper from?! I know how I'll be spending my morning at work :)
+Paranoid Android, Can we just straight flash this ROM? Or do you suggest we update Stock 4.4.4 including bootroom/modem/etc first before going to PA 4.4 Final? 
Full wipe recommended? Or just dirty flash?
Hi! I want to know it there will be a version for galaxy SIII i9300, because in the web there's still the version for the Nexus family. Thnks!
A question, hover is like heads up notification and is integrated in the original android. Peek is like active display from motorola. Theme engine is from cyanogen mod. Now i like your work and your rom..... But why so misterious?

Giul B
Anyone got Gmail fc?
We must do a clean flash with this final release? Or we can flash it without wipes?
Is anywhere an option to double tap the statusbar to sleep?
Awesome work! Can someone explain to me how I change the colors of pie .. thank you guys
What are the plans for Hybrid Engine?
Can anyone show off the recents transparency pretty please?
is there a way to dismiss a notification in hover other than waiting for it to disappear? (Nexus 4, latest version PA)
Great job, guys. Thanks for the great product. Now, come on jflte , come on baby!!! :)
Tim JP
Do I need to do wipe data aswell, like everytime a ROM moves to another version or can I just dirty flash this over the 4.4.3 build?
Nice try! But my galaxy nexus Wi-Fi is dead! I am connected to my Wi-Fi network but can't connect to internet, no data! When i flash old pa 4.4 rc2 ROM OK!
I'd like flash it on my I9300, but I only see Nexus category on the Paranoid Web site. Which category can I use? Thanks
This rom is compatible in Galaxy Samsung S4?
you are doing a great job thanks :)
on my mako, tethering wireless cannot works !
anyone has a same problem with me ?
Wallpaper by Justin Maller:
guys what kernel u normaly use with paranoidandroid for smooth and stable experience maybe also battery friendly?
On tablet the hover notification is not of the same size than the volume panel, which is a little disturbing

Also even if hover doesn't take up all the width the swipe to delete should go all the way
Always does what it says....good work paranoid....
+Simone Orsenigo Nope (@Hover and heads up).

Blacklist it. IME also has a dedicated setting in language settings.

Last, as OP stated notifications dismissibility is fixed, reflect status bar notification one.
was just waitning for it the wole week! checked your page frequently for around every 30 mins! Thank you so much!   #stayparanoid  
Greetings pa team, have done a great job ....
GNEX 4.4.4 maguro you accelerate a little more ....
+Simone Orsenigo settings/language/keyboard/disable notification there for input languages. It gets triggerd al the the time when using the keyboard. Or just long press notification and blacklist it through app info.

And with that they are dismissable by swiping right, until the next one comes up. Maybe read some more about features?

Its not PA to deside what notifications you should get or which not. If you wanna get told what to do and what to believe North Korea is the place to be ;) Spend some time in tweaking your settings. Spend some time in reading how to do that.

Or if you like headsup more, use that ;) everybody is free to do what they like.
Thanks guys! Installed PA after a long time on another ROM. How do I change navbar buttons etc? Am I missing customization menu?
I can dirty flash over 4.4.3 rc2 right? Do I need new pagapps?
How do i get this final version for my Galaxy note 2 (n7100)?
Now i can watch the I/O on 4.4.4 :P

Netp .. Download pa keyboard module and install it. Problem solved. Gapps packages tends to break the keyboard some how.
+Piotr Detmer navbar buttons can be themed. For pie controls/immersive/Hove/peek /battery options check the FAQ. Its all there, or check the walk through video it explains were to find all settings and what it does.
My gnex maguro Wi-Fi problem solved! I flashed only ROM no gapps! 😁
problem in video recording and after, when u see the video appeares a green line in the left side of the screen! Don't know if already noticed by you! Nexus 5 kernel stock pa here!
+Mahendra Patel check the legacy community? Or read what devs were saying about it in prior posts .. It will likely take about 2 days before those come up. Depending on the device managers.
Is the hybrid engine will ever be back? 
Can you use the "refresh rate" the same as in CM? Let me explain. I have this weird screen synchronizing issue in "Nexus 4" when you can see glitches all over display from time to time. Apparently, CM is the only ROM which managed to fix this problem for me.. I am rarely seeing any glitches in CM (they are not completely gone, but they appear once in a week or two). But on Stock, Paranoid, MiUI and others ROMs - I usually see glitches.. Anyone familiar with this issue? What can I change in order to get rid of it on paranoid? That must be faulty CPU or GPU, but it IS possible to fix this problem partially using the Software. Something to to with the Sync, Refresh rate, Sampling, etc..
Volume panel is far too transparent, other than that I love it!
Camera showing a green line after record a video....anyone having the same problem? Cheers
The amount of people commenting who are rude or clearly haven't even read the post let alone do further research is shocking.
Thanks for being so patient pa team, doing an awesome job. 
Timing couldn't be more perfect...... You guys a sense of clockwork....#GOOGLEIO
Can I flash this on Galaxy S3 I747M Rogers, phone? currently on C-Rom 4.4.4.
I miss PA Settings, hybrid was the flagship of this ROM and the reason i've flashed it in all my phones :(

Good job, i'll give it a try =)
Just updated it.
When i tried installing apk,I cant press the install button? Why so?
Richard Potts: Just read the whole post, it's not that hard to find
+zareh chahinian => PA Legacy Community?
+Sagar Narang => have you checked the option for installing from insecure places underneath security in settings?
+Richard Potts => congratulations you are retard number 1000 who fail at reading the OP or the twenty times it got awnserd again.
Vikas V
Paranoid Android is the best ROM for Android. 
Vikas V
+Piotr Detmer You must do that with the theme engine. You can't change the position of them on PA. 
Thanks. Sadly, PIE is still buggy or at least not so smooth as previously RC1 releases (meaning swiping from center to back or recent button ) maybe a new no radial style fit better for new swipe PIE gestures. And Navbar can't be resized trough Gravitybox as previously RC1 releases. (I know xposed isn't supported but before RC1 it's all OK) 
+Omar Díaz Sardá I am able to use xposed module tinted status bar and some others. But gravity box isn't fully functional. :/
Anyway, PA team. YOU rock. Love. X
PA always has the best artwork...
how is this compared to cm nowadays? i havent used PS for awhile but for me it has always been kinda sluggish and slow compared to cm or slimbean for example.
Awesome release! Will pie settings be making a comeback in the next version? 
Two features and three of this are buggy. Just trolling :-)
Which is the best custom kernel for this build?
Great news! But I updated my nexus 4, and it sends an annoying " has been closed", and I can't do anything. Just came back to RC2
First world problems: I'm at work and haven't had time to install it yet! :(
Flashed on top of RC2. Now my dialer stopped working?! 
I My Google+ still force closes so I can't open my gallery. Any help??? Please
Can you get PA on a Sprint S4 or is it only for nexus devices?
Wow, if only you guys supported the note 3. I had to buy a nexus 5 just to try you guys out.
All non nexus devices = legacy devices = legacy community. 
+George Cooper in messenger settings, you need to turn off the option that hides chat heads for apps in full screen mode. It conflicts with immersive mode...
I have the rc2 on my moto g, the final version will be available for me?
Excellent.... So this means u guys have the proper base to add back hybrid!! Gr8.
Debating wether to erase and flash or not erase and not flash...
+Paranoid Android This ROM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
Been using since Beta on my Nexus 4 and love it.
Sadly it has kept my nexus 7 (2013) away from it since beta due to USB Audio support.
I listen to allot of music on my tablet with CM11 (CM11 has usb audio) this is the only solution ATM for usb audio & the only thing that has kept my tab away from this superior rom.
Is there a way to add this? 
What is this theme? Sorry if its the same question...oh and thank you so much for this ROM!! ^-^
just got mind blown. I am absolutely lost of words right now
I hope you just implement the navbar resizing feature... I miss it a lot because i want to keep away from xposed to avoid bugs...
Lol if you think I'm going to pay $4 for peek 😂😂😂
android.process.acore and Google Search errors after processing the 4.4 06/25 OTA update. :( Ugh. (Nexus 5). Going to Wipe Dalvik and see if that helps.
Awesome, If you guess decide to include the OnePlus One (aka: Bacon) and are looking for testers I would be happy to help ;)
I'm still hoping for something like SlimRecents to come to PA.
I miss pa since jumping from nexus 4 to note 3
Mike D
Does anyone know if xposed modules will work on this ROM if I do a clean install? 

I'm currently using Carbon with everything exactly how I like it. Though I would like a stable ROM and Carbon has minor customization features that PA doesn't, but I believe Gravity box covers most of them.
Hi Guys.

Looking for a black theme for the dialer and contacts, as already exists in C-Rom. Can anyone help me?
Tengo mi Nexus 4 con Android 4.4.3 sin root ni nada. Algún tutorial desde cero y probar esta maravilla!!!
Awesome. *sent from my Nexus 10 running PA 4.4.4 final 😁
Also, are there plans for more major features to come in pa or is the hybrid engine the so called last piece in this android 4.4 puzzle. Thanks really have enjoyed the ROM since I started following you guys and feel that this ROM really looks at the most important aspects of a Custom ROM that is not emulated by any other team. 
Sound nice but I hope 1080p videos will work..And Camera quality also improve...
Great work PA worth waiting for :D 
As usual, Great Work PA Team, i have only one question, is necessary update TWRP? i read if you don't update TWRP may have problems to flash latest PA rom. Regards PA Team.
Is there a way to disable PIE in immersive mode after it has already been enabled?
Something wrong with pie. Is not working as in RC1. Sorry to my english
I was hoping that Pie triggering on the whole side of the screen would be reverted this version. It makes pie unusable for me (I use Pie on the right). Drawers that slide in from the side become impossible to open (Reddit Sync, FX Explorer, etc.) As well as making all right side gestures on Fleksy very hard to trigger without winding up in Google Now.

Thank you for returning Pie to the correct position when in landscape. I wish you will fix these trigger issues for me. Is there anything I can do?
Domi Q
Im running beta 4 and wanna flash this, do I need new bootloader and radio?
Does this work on galaxy s3 t mobile?
is there a galaxy s4 version for this rom?
Looks like Google is using Hover in Android L😁
If only this masterpiece was galaxy s5 compatible. 😢
Are we still missing quiet hours and volume key settings?
Dat abandoned hybrid engine.
Can this be flashed over 4.4.3 RC2 without wiping data? 
Guys .... The rom is "Wondeful"... but pls settle the trigger area of PIE. If it placed on the right, swype on keyboard... or see the last photo from the camera app...they are impossible now .'...
Oh good. I almost thought Hybrid engine was gone for good. I'm still on 4.3 because I really, really need my apps to be at a lower DPI.
It's just me or volume + not working? Only volume -, then adjust in Hover... Someone else?
Dumb question I know, but how do I enable pie?
What gapps should I use for 4.4.4? I flashed the 4.4.2 gapps and the Google Keyboard keeps crashing. N7(2012)
Hey plz i use immersive without pie and want to reuse pie i cannot re enable it. Help plz.

Guys probably I am going to say something stupid, I haven't used PA since 4.3, but on the latest I can't seem to find the PA settings app to customise the environment. Am I missing something??
Green line when recording video...bug? Fix? on Nexus 5
+Gabriel Resende you and all the others asking about non nexus devices: Please visit the legacy community for status of unofficial devices.... This is getting tiresome having to repeat this. 
is there a way to build in the "fi theme" Keyboard?
+L.J. Thomas not at this time.  Considering we only release once a week, we don't see a priority on this at this time.
The orange is beautiful!!!!! 
How did they know the nav buttons would look like that???
not clear on whether one should install the peek app on the PA ROM to get advanced settings?? Or just use what is builtin?
when i try to flash tilapia rom on my nexus 7 gsm, i get an error, saying that its a grouper. why?
+Matt Flaming i was on stock, actually. i looked in xda, it seems people had the same problem in earlier versions. i'll edit the updater script to bypass version checking. thanks for the interest.
+André Rocha check your recovery. I will bet money you have a grouper recovery and not tilapia. 
+Paranoid Android i knew this but cannot remember how or find it documented. Hover auto pauses the existing foreground app when launching certain apps in floating mode from the notification bar. Can this be toggled? eg) youtube running in foreground, select whatapp notification floating mode and youtube playback pauses. Thanks
i just flash 4.4 and my internal storage has dissaperd any idea why and having troble opening any app that was intall on my internal storage
 (Htc One X)
PA looks so much like 'L' already :o
Since I've updated PIE is now on the right side of my screen, even in portrait mode. Is this intended? Because it's really annoying.
How? I can't find instructions. In the old PA I just dragged to the side, but now that just opens Google Now. 
hold down on pie.  watch for the dots to pop up when you drag diagonal from pie....its just like the old versions.
Nevermind I got it just now. Thank anyways. I remember it being much quicker to take before.
+Matt Flaming im sorry can you explain me why is happing that i couldnt find any answer o maybe i didnt serch well, can you explain why my internal storage disapper thanks
+Ricardo Salinas slowly.  your device is supported by the legacy team.  any issues you have you need to take to the legacy community because thats where your device is supported.  officially supported devices include: NEXUS....soooo....please see the LEGACY COMMUNITY.
+Paranoid Android Just curious. I never fully understood when build prop reads and are still 4.4.2. Is it not fully merged? What difference does it make. Some ROMs are fully merged 4.4.4. 
Very fast, thank u so much, but I have 2 problems i.e can't open lightbulb & camera plz give me Sol. Thank once again

I hope the PA team will start working to bring android L for next week update and for legacy devices like the s3 #PA4Life
+Alex Soto There will not be source code available for L for quite some time.  That makes it impossible to work into 'next week's update'
Oh OK sounds good +Matt Flaming is there just gonna be bug fixes for the ROM since no new version of android has been released
+Alex Soto or more goodies.... You never know what we have cooking in the kitchen
Haha well I can't wait hopefully more customizations for the launcher and the overall phone +Matt Flaming
Been running Cataclysm on my Nexus 5... now debating whether to install +Paranoid Android or the developer preview of Android L whenever it comes out
Ok. Floating window won't overlap my apps. It's sending me to homescreen. Help? 
Great! Hoping to see PAL from you devs. More power!
I flashed pa for umts_spyder / moto RAZR xt910 (legacy). I flashed 3 times all wiped. My internal storage doesn't mount...any idea?...I've been using it for daily since 4.4.2 without any problem..thanks in advance
+Ndie Tya legacy community. Your device is not supported here. I feel like I'm a broken record here. It would be nice if people would actually know what devices are supported here. 
what happened with the possibility of changes in the tablet mode?
My S4 got the update to 4.4.4 last night. Orange is SA-WEEETTT... :)
Is it just me? or Android L is googles version of paranoid android? lol!
What's the best way to remove superuser so I can run SuperSU instead?
Ok can someone PLEEEEAAASE Android L the bejezus out of PA 4.4 Final and port it to the bloody Note 3...I'm waiting.... 
Google now is not working for me
Galaxy nexus instagram and shuts off the screen when viewing videos on some sites
Galaxy nexus There are some problems installing the camera.
NO have options, like to control PIE, PEEK, TILES...
I really need options to CONTROL this options  
It would be nice if we could change the size of pie and and instead of appearing only in the center appear anywhere on the board. I'm always opening google now by mistake. 
When i install it. I plugged in computer and it is not show the Internal Memory? it is only show SD MEMORY CARD
Can anyone help I am new to paranoid rom. How do I get new themes from!? 
when i started to use panaroid my fb messenger pop up not working what shall i do for it?? plz help me 
Fantastic release, however I am noticing some slugglishness on my nexus 4. There is a few second delay before pie responds and sometimes it just doesn't respond.
still running beta 7 because of lack of pie responsiveness
+Michael Bryson Sadpanda mate, you're missing some good sauce :| Read change logs from beta7 and put them together. Also Pie evolved on touch inputs handling and the only thing that changed for the user is the missing diagonal swipe. I can't believe it, i mean that was a bug..
Alex Z.
Really great rom. Guys, you did a really good job! 
+Carlo Savignano ohhh that explains it then. The diagonal swipe makes it much easier to use imo. I've been reading gerrit and flashing the new releases but it just isn't the same, I think many people preferred it 'buggy' hahaha
Thank you for the update!! Now I can finally have the PA experience again :D
google key board has force close  ?!
I would like to use some apps always in floating mode, there's a way? Viber doesn't work in floating, always open in full window... Whatever, this rom is awesome, and is working just great until now! 
Hmm, having that acore process issue with this release as well as the RC2 :/ any ideas?
So does this have the DPI scaling per app back?
Camera and light bulb not working in PA 4.4 final in my NOTE 2 7100. any Sol. Plz.

Solid ROM love the features! Made a bunch of iPhone users jealous today! Expanding the user base! 
no PA 4.4 FINAL for legacy device?? specifically, I9300?
+Paranoid Android when I make video the quality is very bad and I have a green line at the bottom of the video. Any advise to fix that (Nexus 5. Paranoid 4.4)
Works a treat on my s3 but on my nexus 7 every process stops can't even use it for some reason
The messaging app threema doesn't work with floating mode (Nexus 4). The phone doesn't react and only a restart helped. Sorry but i can't make an account on your bug report page. 
Hi, I installed on my N4 final version ,but not got Pie and Hover. Why? How to change icons dimension? Want as stock on N4. Thanks.
Volume panel doesn't look like that on PA for my g2 with the latest version
Best custom rom ever, recently started using it on my N5.. Just experiencing one problem, seems when am in immersive mode, i cant open a facebook chat head.. 
do you have this rom for sony xperia NEO (MT15i) aka Hallon? if you have it... whe i can download it?
Quiero conseguir este ROM para el S3, pero ya no lo ecuentro en la pagina... donde mas lo puedo encontrar? graicas!!!
Rob hoy
I love this similar to stock, but better....I have a nexus only issue is the camera..although bits amazingly quick......there isn't the HDR+ ...and I'm worried I'm missing other specific tweeks for the nexus 5...please advise
I will not connect wifi
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