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PA 4.3 Beta 1
Hover is Paranoid Android’s next enhancement to notifications.
To activate, simply tap on the new icon in your notification shade. When you receive a notification, it will appear at the top of the screen for a few seconds. This allows you to preview the notification without having to interact with it. If the notification is clicked, the app is opened in PA's signature floating mode. You can also drag down to expand the notification.
This is the first step in replacing the functionality previously provided by Halo. It’s still in the early stages so don’t be afraid to provide your feedback.

Blacklisting and swipe to dismiss will be introduced later

Here's a short hands-on video provided by +Chris Nacca  
Paranoid Android's Hover - Hands On

Download: https://

Bug Reports:

Change Logs:

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Don Vo
Dat hang nail!

Also yay hover!! 
an app called notifier does the sane thing guys . I am using already. 
Is there a way to turn it off for certain notifications? 
+Sai Tarun built into the rom is more efficient (although perhaps marginal). The big difference in the floating window.
Was the quick pulldown bug fixed in this version? After disabling quick pulldown I would still be brought to the settings despite only pulling down with one finger.
Kei Liu
Downloading, no more fool i hope :)
Looks a lot like the drop notifications in iOS... I love that you can interact with the app in floating mode though. Amazing ROM on my G2, can't wait to see what else is coming.
I miss the bubble. This essentially just shows the notification without having to open the notification shade. Miss the ability to see the notifications when you want to and ability to interact with rich notifications in things like play music...
Check the date! Fool me once shame on u, fool me twice shame on me :-) 
This team has a great design sense.  love your work and your influence to the rest of the ROM scene.  Heck even app development.  Keep dreaming and pushing. :D
Well it works well already, but it shows the same annoying notifications as Halo such as Keyboard Notification when you use one. Would be amazing if it could ignore such.
I wish I had a nexus device so I can use this rom
Thanks PA team.

IMHO through this is more intrusive and less useful than Halo.
1. A lot of notifications are irrelevant for pop up. For example, choose keyboard etc. keeps popping up.
2. Three seconds is too short. Can't reach for a recent notification even if I do want to quickly read it in floating window if, for some reason I can't in the first 3 seconds. Imagine watching with the phone on a stand and getting a text. It's gone by the time you reach for it.

Just give me that bubble back! Please! 
wow that looks pretty hot. Like Metro Notifications on steroids.
+Bradley Davis downloading it right now going to install it on my other s3 and see what happens
+Andre Saddler Okay please at least give us some custom time option for Halo and Peek.

Right now it feels like PA comes with a small game of catch me if you can. 
Awesome stuff folks, can't wait for blacklist and the other improvements you mentioned to come along! I'm still holding off on a 3+ PA ROM since Halo is necessary for how I use my phone. All the best! :)
Wish PA had an updated GS3 ROM... Stuck with CM11
+Paranoid Android For some apps or for some situations (when on homescreen) opening an app in a window is not desirable and the full version is preferred. This would be nice to be selected on a per-app basis which to open fully and which not. 

Just throwing a suggestion here, nice job and keep going! 
Team PA, you are just awesome. People will always have cribs \ want some modifications. But this is your interpretation and I am loving it. I am not a techno guy and I really appreciate the effort you guys put into this ROM. thank you
Looks good. I did not care much for halo. It felt like it was in the way too much. I think I will enjoy this feature. 
+Mihir Modi "Right now it feels like PA comes with a small game of catch me if you can."

Looool my thoughts exactly.
#stayParanoid indeed. Great job with Hover guys! :) one small suggestion is that every time I open up the keyboard to start typing, Hover shows up with the notification that this keyboard got selected (I'm using Fleksy btw). It's not a huge issue or anything but just saying it 
Can't it be removed by swipe left/right?
Blacklisting and swipe to dismiss are on the list of things to implement
This looks awesome.  Might have to switch from my vanilla android :)
Really like Hover.. Thanks PA!
of course i have an HTC One...don't think i can flash :(
You guys innovate more in a release than apple in it's existence. 
Allan x
Looks awesome, i have halo on my phone right now and i will miss it. Could we have an official geeb branch? It's the same hardware as nexus 4
Also guys what are the modifications to paranoid android OTA interface?  To my eye I cant spot the difference to the previous beta version and 4.3 beta 1.  Can someone explain the UI difference please?
Awesome. Mini window is faster than Halo version. Feature suggestion is to have blacklist app for hover. I use tasker and need to persist notification. Also if mini window can be also opened from notification, it would be great.
I can't update via ota :( i think because clockworkmod is installed. How can i fix this? Want to update to 4.3 beta 1
Don't misunderstand me please. I still use 3+ because I rely on changing UI and DPI. In my eyes the hybrid engine was the heart of PA. Now all you brought is very promising but I still miss hybrid. I'm tending to drop PA in favour of some other good customized ROM and try my luck with changing DPI through Xposed. Tell me to be patient a little more but I just can't stand the tension. With every new announcement I was hoping that hybrid would be back.
I really like Hover. But the Halo bubble design was nicer... I agree with what other people said, it's similar to ios. Although I love the popup window though. :D
Copying iOS should not be considered a bad thing. Frankly this feature, sans multi window, should have been implemented into aosp a long time ago, currently there is no way to read or interact with a notification when you get it without opening the notification center.
Can You ask Sassi bob to make reviews next time ?? :)))
Anyway... Great work guys :)
Great work! But on my Note I got used to the Hybrid features and use lots of Apps in tablet layout, so I stay with 3.99. Key feature for me. Any hints when this will come back to PA?
This should be a really useful feature!
Pretty awesome, I really disliked round halo
I really miss the bubble though........ Anyways great work PA team!
Great! Are we going to see the Quick actions of a Notification in the expanded view in the future? :)
Feature sugesstion if not already suggested I think it needs a timer selection implemented say for instance 5 sec 10 sec ecetera to let it show permanently or for the selected time period and swipe left or right just like peek to view different application notifications example an email comes in and a whatsapp msg and let's say the timer idea was already implemented and set to "always show hover motif" or something like that. You could still see the email and swipe to the left to see the whatsapp and swipe back to the right to view the email again
Vahe P
+Paranoid Android a small problem. The widgetsoid notification widget keeps popping out every 5 second. 
+Andre Saddler any chance of an HTC one m7 version as well? Or is there someone else running that sort of project? 
I would like to have a popup to ask you if you want to have persistent notifications to show up and also to be able to swipe the notifications away like in the status bar.
Nice, looks like the banner option from IOS .
I swear I use up half my text allowance for the month texting myself when a new PA feature comes out...!
Can't wait 'til I get a port, Looks amazing. I love how PA actually looks good, too, and isn't way over-the-top gaudy like a ton of roms out there.
+Paranoid Android
Suggestion to consider:
When tap+hold the hover notification, it will turn the hover notification into a bubble similar to Facebook messenger's one. Drag it to the [x] to dismiss it.
+Paranoid Android
Other suggestion to consider:
if its possible to make an option when enabled so that clicking on any hover notification opens a hover bubble similar to Facebook messenger's one. So when clicking away it minimizes and to remove the bubble just drag it to the [x]
+Paranoid Android
Good for people that chit-chat😊
Thanks again for this (art)😊
By the way, I love this concept more than halo's😁
Linh Le
Will this be usable with the Halo app in the app store(or some kind of alternative) ?
Oh God....You're right here....
Looks really nice! But the Facebook App still opens as full window like in halo
Appreciate PA quality rom, thanks so much PA teams
+Paranoid Android How about notification actions like "mark as read" and delete, or alternatively swipe right to mark as read, swipe left to delete (for example)? 
Living the previous app short cut on recents! And going to test hover which seems nice!
Can someone answear me where is the PA settings?? and when it will come back?
Thats all fine and all great:) thanks for the hardwork, i want a small simple option from you guys, the possiblity to add more navigation buttons say, last app. Please do it!
Thats kinda great +michele pavese , but does the same thing work with pie, i mean long pressing pie recents?
Are there plans to combine peak with hover? So when you tap the notification on peak it'll open in a hovered window instead 
This looks fantastic and a bit cleaner and more elegant than halo. 
Hi guys, loving PA but the dialler is really getting on my nerves. I think it may be because I'm in the UK and all the dialler settings are for US, is there any way I can change these as there's no option for UK settings?
My home button on my nexus 7 has stopped working in immersive and non immersive mode with the new update, anyone know why?
Looks great but I prefer Halo, as is better for one hand operation. This you still have to tap the top of the screen where the notification is anyway. Still nice work.
+Paranoid Android +Jesús David Gulfo AgudeloIt's pretty much the way ios handle notification and it's been criticised for years now, mainly because it hides the top of the screen and hinder navigation. 
Plus the notification is already shown entirely in the statut bar what's the point of having the big thing popping up, aside from being used as a touch target. Why not open the app in hover mode on a tap on the statut bar?
Enough criticising, seems to be a great execution and I'm always looking forward with the next stuff you come up with. 
David W
Great work!  Is there a way to blacklist certain notifications?  I love the feature but would prefer not to have a hover notification pop up every time I open a Facebook chat head.  Thanks again!
How do you disable the system notification for hover ones?Cause now i have hover and default notification view popping at same time :(
Any mirrors for mako? The supplied link is a really slow and is failing every time... Thanks 
David W
+Tim Gabriel The idea is that you can see more of the notification presented more elegantly and then open it in its own little window without closing what you were doing.  That's the power of Hover/Halo, not the way the notification is presented -- this just unifies the presentation better with the rest of the OS.
Only work in google's app?
a few seconds after boot the location indicator shows up in the status bar and stays there. is this some design thing or should i be worried about my battery life?
+Paranoid Android Still want halo functionality(optional). Have to stretch my thumb quite a bit to use hover. Plus, only 3 seconds. Halo wasn't intruding, but much more functional. :/
you are thinking ahead of your time!
great work PA
+Shaurya Malik i think they'll add an option to change the 3 second time in the future. It's only launched yet.
my download keeps failing... any help?
When will release PA Colour or what ever the real name for this is, for Nexus 4 in PA4 like in PA3.99
I start following PA development about a year and half ago. Never disappointed. Keep it up!!! 
This may be stupid question, but do I need to turn on hover? Nothing seems to have changed for me after flashing the new ROM? 
+Drae Burgener honestly. I still try hard to be patient. But I feel a little bit beeing left behind because my i9100g has not that much screen real estate without changing DPI. Still lovin PA and in case I will switch to another ROM I will come back as soon as hybrid is back.
+David Williamson you missed the point of my comment. I understand perfectly the point of the floating window (even though I think it's overrated) it's the ios-style notification that I think is a bad idea. 
Brilliant - always thought Halo was a daft, amateurish implementation of the idea with a circle visible somewhere on your screen at all times - instead hover, like everything PA do recently, looks like it could have been an upcoming KitKat enhancement made by Google, natural, and done exactly right. Major props PA team.
+Brian Bentsen on contrary, having posibility to have halo aynwhere on screen was what was awesome, also (I may be wrong, havent tried hover yet) posibility of "picking up" notification in floating mode in few minutes later was even nicer
Not sure if I'm blind or stupid - but how do I access the PA settings on my Nexus 4? Can't seem to find them in the general Android settings!
Hey team, you guys proved that wait for your work always worth...
Thanks and congrats for your hard work.
+Philipp Greitsch There are no PA settings, all new settings have been moved to the appropriate Settings submenu. If there's something that doesn't belong anywhere else (on my device that's only the "launch music app when headset connects" option), it's put in a "more" menu under the "Device" category.
I see Hover as a replacement for Halo. However, the aim of those two features does differ a bit in my opinion.
So if you don't mind answering me, how will hover (in the futute release) interact with all the already dismissed notification?
In halo it's simple, just drag the bubble and it's done, but I wonder how to quickly access those notifications using hover. Because if we have to open the notification bar first it just eliminates the easiness of opening a notification.
Really hope that my confusion will be answered, thanks a lot for your hard work PA team! 😁
awesome. waited so long for hover :) ...its great 
People need to be more patiance. First everybody is whining about not getting an early version of Hover. And when you get it youre bitching about lack of functionality. Even when PA stated that its an early BETA at the first post :S
Why doesn't android just hire these guys already 
Ever since I updated my home button stopped working in both immersive and non-immersive mode, any clue as to why?
Great Great Great :D best day of my life 
I miss a gesture in order to switch between notifications
I'd like to see hover as a standalone app... 2 b used in every rom u like
Hover is fucking more awsesome then Halo! :D I love it!
Worth the wait! :P You guys rock!
First of all, thanks for the hard work!
I've wasn't able to test this build yet but I've been reading about it and watching some videos of the new Hover. Here is my little feedback:

A feature I REALLY miss from Halo is the ability to use it as a way to trigger a few specific apps to window mode. Sometimes it's really handy to have apps like the calc, G.Translate, etc. at hand, open them in a small window to do some task and keep going with your browsing/mailing/texting without losing the context.

I hope Hover to have something similar once it's ready.
I also would love to get back the quick controls for things like audioplayers, etc...
Looks great! Now, please do some basic fingernail maintenance so I don't have to look at the piece is skin hanging off of your index finger.
Any plans for pinned apps of some sort? I miss being able to open messaging and music from anywhere
What a great feature! Should be nice if you can select from what applications you want to receive notifications!

looks interesting, maybe ill try +Paranoid Android on my hammerhead..going to be tough to replace my current DD..but Ive been wanting to go back stock..maybe this will get me close, with a few key features.
So once I expand, it still disappears after a few seconds, Im like "Hey I was reading that!" Lol
Looks really good and the interface is perfect matched with the aosp interface. But it needs some needfull improvements:
- the timer how long the notification will be displayed must be changeable. 3 seconds are too short.
- what realy annoying is, you cannot open the APP in a floating window after the 3 seconds of notification showing. It would be great when you can swipe down the notificationbar, long press on a notification, and then it would be show a menu where you can click "show in a floating window". Then would be hover perfect!
Can't move left or right in the floating window, well at least G+ window
You didn't show the drag to open a full app? 
Also, I don't want to ask for an eta but which stable version will be the one to have all the new features? 
I think that the ability to swipe between hover notifications in order to see older notifications would be a nifty trick to start replacing halo 
Fantastic, innovative way of moving forward from Halo, Love Hover and feels so right and a natural part of the PA rom.

Are there any intentions to have for example Notifications shown upon unlock? Limited to say what 4-5 notifications shown for X seconds upon unlock. Once, when you have swipe to remove included it with Hover it would work well. ^_^
Nice one..... Please also change the pie to version 3.9. where we can directly open our notifications and quick settings.
Where is the paranoid settings? I accidently clicked away the recent app settings and now I can't find where I change the settings again..
Awesome! Keep up the great work guys! It's always worth the wait. 
I wonder if Paranoid Android team will provide PA rom to OnePlus One after it's invitation period ends and become available to the public?
Just wanted to say I don't currently run PA but with every release, I get closer and closer. 

Really love what you're trying to do here!
I looks nice but i dont like to much the ios inspiration... Ill give a chance for sure😊👍 
It works great on galaxy nexus, really smooth... As mentioned by other users, you should increase the time's notification pop-up. Or you could set it always showed and make possible to delete it by swipe
This is awesome. With PA I just feel at home, all the features are added in the Google way, even better than Google itself! It looks like a pure AOSP rom, but better ;) the design is also fantastic. That's why I love PA. Keep up with the good work, now it's clearly an early stage but this feature looks promising, even more than halo! I'm sure I'll love it ;) 
I love it. I miss Halo because I loved the floating window option. This gives me a whole new reason to love PA... not that I didn't before. It's always been my favorite Rom for N72012.
Idea: customize the notification preview view time in no. of seconds.
Also, merge with peek so that when you tap on your peek notification it goes into hover mode instead of going to the full program. 
+Karl Dagenais there's always one of you. I'm simply asking about the build number to set an IFTT notification for a g+ post that contains it.
What is the name of the PA feature, that the display color on nexus 4 is better,like in PA3.99. Is this feature included in this beta?
I updated after a really long time and it seems that superSU has been replaced by superuser. But superSU is still asking for root access. Can I remove it entirely? 
I didn't liked it, halo had an unique design that had never been seen before, hover, in my opinion seems like a copy from IOs. And also I thought the previous one to be a lot more functional and easy. I miss the buble...
Oh... I don't know much about Crapple products so... this is new to me. I don't buy Crapple because they're ecosystem is as shitty as an uncleaned pimply ass! 
Nice feature! But please, disable this when the keyboard opens, it's kinda annoying :(
+Bradley Handley thanks! Now I hope they add a blacklist option in the next update. Every time I pull up the keyboard, I get a notif. Not complaining though, I like how PA's shaping 
Would be nice if I could add more time to the hover popup. I am a slow reader. Lol. 
No pa 4.3 for galaxy s3?
Hopefully people will stop ripping their dicks off now.
+Nikki Kononov I had the same concerns. On Halo, the blacklist feature wouldn't remove persistent notifications, which may still be the case once PA adds that functionality to Hover. SOLUTION: I've been using an Xposed module called NotifyClean. You are able to remove ANY notification (including persistent) you desire with this module. It records the notifications, so as long as the notification has been shown after the module is activated, you can remove all notifications for any particular app OR you can just remove certain notifications for an app while still being able to receive any other notifications from that same app! Here's the link (must have Xposed Framework installed)
There is another module by the same dev to manage "Toast Notifications". 
+Robert Sumner Thanks for a suggestion but I am not a fan of Xposed. I tried it, it's good, but in conjunction with custom ROMs can cause unexpected behaviour. Xposed is an Android stock solution for customization purposes in my opinion :)
Like halo better, was less intrusive and was always there
liking this.. between hover an active display being lazy is too
+Nikki Kononov true. only thing I use it for is too customize gel an knock on if a rom doesn't have it baked in
I would like to black list SwiftKey notif how can I do that? 
Has the installation method changed in the last few versions?
I'm still in 3.9. When I tried to factory-reset and flash this rom (on mako) the installation failed with some weird error.
i got a bug the gapps are not responding 
Gotta love how the damn post says that blacklisting and swipe to dismiss are in the works yet people keep asking about it.... Christ, just read. 
Wow wow wow. Thanks so much for such a significant update! I have been waiting for so long (since 3.99 actually) for great Paranoid Android features like this. Now it seems the waiting pays off. Downloading the update right now, flashing in 3..2..1...
Thanks +Paranoid Android!

I have any suggestions:
- Title's font it's not immediately, you can use Roboto Medium/Bold instead Roboto Condensed or works on letter's kerning

-When partial immersive is active(only status bar), hover appear for just 1 second... It's too short

-Can you introduce a custom second row in pie with the possibility of access to notification panel and quick settings? 2 gestures for open it it's not immediately

Thanks for your work guyz! The best!
Wonderful! an all new way of using halo, imho it resembles also the notification panel in Gnome 3. I wonder if will be added a swipe left or right that allows to choose from different notifications like in halo , or even an embedded text box for the quickest answer just for the messaging apps..
Thanks for finally adding the option disable "clear all recent apps"
+Khair figueroa FYI, if a new version is announced by this account that means it's already available for you to download. 
Thank you devs! I like hover much more than halo! For what concerns the IMEs switcher notifications I'd like the option to remove it totally... It's useless for me! The switcher is already in the keyboard itself, no need to have a notification!
I have had 3 random reboots and feel my phone hotter than usual. The reboots happened with stock kernel and with franco kernel also. I do have hover activated. I'm on a nexus 4. Anyone else getting these? 
I still prefer halo it's easier to use especially on big devices
Will there be something similar to the Halo app where you could open apps (not notifications) with the Halo bubble?
Maggad it's finally arrived! You guys rock! 
Ben L
Looks nice. I'm anxious to try it.
I want to start by thanking the dev team. I think the team's design aesthetic is great so I won't suggest how to implement functionality. I just hope this usecase will be supported.

I'm watching Netflix. I get a text. 10 minutes later I open Hangouts in the "floating" window so I can respond without leaving Netflix.
Anyone else having this issue?

If I'm touching the screen when the drop down appears, it slides back up right away, instead of waiting the 3 seconds, making it impossible to tap in time.
can you change the quick toggle settings? (it's enabled to pull down when the right side of the notification bar is pulled)
+NOlo Tse I've had this issue too with stock and franco kernel on Nexus 4. Also I have the issue where the hover notification disappears way too quickly not 3 seconds.
Would it be possible to download the apk of hover?
Ohhh... I see. My phone hates me and won't let me install Roms... I wonder if there will be an xposed module for it. Probably.
Its a start. Options would make it perfect. Its fine if I'm just randomly doing some bored internet creeping and want to reply to a text real fast. But if I'm in the middle of reading an article or typing an email having only 3 seconds makes it useless. I like having time to read to the next paragraph or finish a sentence in an email before using the pop up window and then getting back to what I was doing. Blacklist is a must but I see that's on the list. Time it sticks, a permanent till swiped option, and it keeping track of multiple notifications would really finish it off.

While I loved halo, the bubble was a bit obnoxious real estate wise, but I loved that it held my notifications until I was ready to use them. I know I could switch in and out of apps old fashioned like but the popup apps rock. 
+Matt Flaming When will i hover? How hard do i have to try? Ive been trying forever and my kernel is hot and my battery wife is terrible.
+Nick Dwyer put your phone in water first. It cools the kernel down so that it can hover without issue. 
+Matt Flaming Oh duh should have read the changelog. Thanks for your patience. When will PA add this wireless charging in the microwave all the other roms have. SEE EM HAS IT.
I am gonna take this chance and congratulate the team behind paranoid, it is really really good and keeps getting better with every update. And now if anyone could help me to get rid of the pie in immersive mode it will be highly appreciated. I cannot find the option to have it back the way it was before having the pie.
Cam M.
thanks for all the hard work pa, loving the new hover feature, only issue is that ive already had the dialer app crash multiple times :(
Been using PA4.x for a bit  now. I LOVE Hover. Thanks PA team!
At first let me congratulate with you for the hard work.
The bigger problem of hover as lot of people said in the previous comment is that it is too fast, so is necessary a way to wake up him or to open the floating window. A possibility is to open the floating window from notification drawer.
The other problem is when ther are more notification, a swipe for choose wich one i want to open is really usefull!
Thank you +Paranoid Android and sorry for my bad english, and again congratulations!
+Tommaso Matteuzzi
well, if you read the first post here you would see its already in the works, but of course, you would rather state the obvious....
Cant wait to get my nexus 4 next week juat to try this one. Currently using one x, and I think it's time to move on.
Someone please hurry and port this to the S4!!!!!
Thanks for the update. I haven't upgraded yet since I like to make the navigation bar 50% smaller and I'm still on 3.99. Will hybrid properties or something likely be implemented on the future?
First Peek, now're really tempting me to flash...
Don't have PA flashed yet, i wonder whether weChat could work properly in this mode.
Does anybody know something about this "Long press recent button to switch to last app"? 
I really wanted something like this in android. You guys are just awesome. I love your new direction. You just want everything to be super simple and to JUST work. Like, it's basically stock android with no gimmicks, just a few VERY useful features added to improve the experience and NOT to change it. I love it :)
Is it possible to add a quick setting toggle that turns on password protect for the lockscreen?
Just need this to function in landscape mode and we're good.
Chris, any support for the Samsung Note 3 on T-Mobil?
+andrés díaz long press on your recents button & it'll take you to your last opened app.. It's a useful option if you wanna quickly switch to your last used app
Whenever I tap on the text box, my SwiftKey notification (choose input method) turns up in the notification drawer - which in turn comes up in Hover. This is kinda irritating when it happens all the time when you wanna type something. A control over what apps can use Hover would be in the next update, fingers crossed ;) 
Waiting for the stable build then I will definitely flash this ROM!
+Jordan Vasquez It's very stable actually. I have it now instead of the stock Rom on my Nexus 4. As stable as stock!
First, thanks for all the hard work! Does anyone know a way to use hover to open any app in floating mode? I know(!) its not made for this but I was rly hoping for this to work somehow 8( Just asking :>
Big thumbs up for +Matt Flaming. Lol you have the patiance of an angel when taking the effort to reply questions even when they are trivial. You always make my day haha 
So does this mean halo will no longer be available? The post says replace halo? 
It reminds me of Symbian, I like it a lot. Good job! 
Hover is really neat, love it! However, it's to much when it prompts 'Choose input method', or, REALLY frustrating when for example syncing offline lists in google music (I guess it's the same for spotify). I had to turn it off for i while. Anyhow, really nice, just switched from cyanogenmod and so far i really like paranoid better, only thing I miss is transparent volumecontroll :)
+Paranoid Android  Hi. Nicolas from Silver Finger Software here, original developer of Hover (or NotifierPro). What the hell is wrong with you guys ? You just took my WHOLE app, put a new name on it and are now boasting all over the Internet saying "We made dis!". Is there no honor code in the developer world ? If you guys were honest people you would have tried contacting me, saying "we'd like to integrate NotifierPro in our ROM, is that ok with you ? / could you help us with that ?", hell maybe I would have been okay with that, considering you keep the original name.

Oh if you guys want to try the original "Hover", here it is :

- it was first released in 2012
- it doesn't require a custom ROM
- you can choose which apps to receive notifications from
- you can choose the theme
- it already has "blacklist" and "swipe to dismiss" features

+Paranoid Android  Contact me at to discuss ways to correct this.
+Nicolas Lucas while the concept is definitely the same and your app has been around since 2012, no one on the team was aware of your app prior to developing hover. Commenters did point out the fact that your app does the same, but this was of course after release. As we stated earlier in the comments this final design choice was based on the iOS notification system.
Hi +Nicolas Lucas 
First of all, what is wrong with us? As far as I know we didn't knew about your app nor your work before. We couldn't take nothing from you because your app is closed source. If you mind to check our github in a few weeks when we release the source code you'll figure out that the way we implement has to be really far from what you currently have.

Saying "We made this" is 100% true as nothing in the code has been borrowed from nobody. Honor code, well if you minded of honor code you would probably react differently as I'm responding you (with respect).

By the way "Contacting you" was not an option as we didn't knew anything about you. Original "Hover" term must be Halo not NotifierPro. The concept behind Hover is the same the team had with our previous notification system.

To finish this comment:
- Halo concept was worked in the first months of 2013
- It's a core feature of the ROM, not an app
- You never miss a notification
- You cannot choose a theme, really we didn't copied you
- Swipe to dismiss was in previous internal tests and will be in future updates
- The UI/experience on NotifierPro, and maybe the rest of your apps, seems (according to screenshots of Google Play) to be derived from Apple Inc. Likewise we learnt a lot of things form Apple Inc in design terms.

To show that we are totally transparent in this affair, I'd probably prefer to keep these talks in public. By the way, this reply doesn't show the team opinion, and a public and official reply is before mine.

Peace Out

+Nicolas Lucas, I'll talk as the one who had the idea and implemented the feature initially on the ROM. I will give response to each of your sentences. First of all, you ain't the original developer of hover, you never touched it, and neither the original implementation was from you (it was from Apple). We didn't took your app, put a new name and then said it's ours. Hell, we didn't even knew apps like yours or floatifications (yes, you're not the only one, there are way more developers out there making apps based on iOS) existed. "Honor code in developer world" that's a joke right? Ever heard of kanging? Today it's hard to talk of honor my friend, and that doesn't means we copied you, at all. We shamelessly copied Apple, because like it or not, they have some great ideas. Now, I tried your app, besides the fact that it kept failing for some apps (or it was just not intuitive), it doesn't works for notifications without a ticker text, and it has a non pleasing UI if you ask me, it's nowhere near to what Hover is. Hover is tightly integrated with the system, so it can show any notification and allows you to natively expand it, just like you'd do on statusbar panel, and it also offers you the ability to open the notification in a floating window, which, I don't have to explain why, it's quite useful. I find your complain a no sense, and the way you asked is just not right, therefore, I'll just leave it there, and we will continue with the next steps on our development, including already planned/internally tested features.

Have a good day sir. 
I really like Hover!
Two things though:

1. It would be nice to have an option for positioning it on the bottom of the screen, which would be much easier to reach with the thumb and also wouldn't block the status bar
2. Those floating windows are so nice, it would be a shame to make them only accessible for notifications. Do you plan to integrate any persistent app shortcuts? Like the ones you could configure with Halo using the HALO))) app.
(3. Black list of course, SwiftKey drives me crazy....)
Thanks for your hard work guys. But can't we blacklist some apps from hover?! Because it's really frustrating when it keeps appearing on "choose input methods" and other apps like downlaoding managers. 😕
+Matt Flaming I read it. Loaderdroid, a downloading manager, makes hover appear and disappear every 3 seconds. 
+Paranoid Android First of all, I understand that my first message sounds pissed, because I was. I was lying in a hospital bed and had to pay the Wifi fee to be able to answer to you guys. I am not accusing you in any way of stealing code. My first implementation in 2011 was inspired by iOS6, yes, and already had way more features, I spent months of hard work on this app, and I was the first one to implement this kind of feature in Android. Now I have always respected your work, and even used Paranoid Android on some of my phones for some time. I found the Halo feature to be a pretty nice find, and it has never crossed my mind to try to implement it into my apps, that just wouldn't have been fair. Now don't tell me you didn't know NotifierPro or Floatifications existed, don't tell me you weren't pissed yourselves when Floatifications totally "kanged" (did I use it right ?) Halo, as I was pissed when they "kanged" NotifierPro in their new "revolutionary" ticker feature. Now I understand you are developing a custom ROM, which is very different than a simple app. Other custom ROMs like CarbonROM have integrated NotifierPro, and I'm okay with that. The point of custom ROMs is to build the best Android possible, and I think Paranoid Android is on the best track, but I also think custom ROM developers should work WITH regular app developers, not against them. Now if you maintain that you didn't know about NotifierPro (which I highly doubt) I apologize for my rant. But if you did, I think not trying to contact me and not trying to work with me was a bad move.
With that said, I won't interfere with your work.
Nobody on the team had ever heard of your app until yesterday. Seriously, how can this small team know about every app out there ?
+Nicolas Lucas the guy from floating notifications contacted us on how to incorporate floating mode into his app (for ROMs that support the floating window code) it's open source, we weren't pissed, we assisted and didn't even ask for credit.
That said, we weren't aware when he implemented a similar ticker feature and we weren't aware of your app.
Again it's unfortunate that it does indeed reflect your implementation, but it's in no way based on it.
Also was unaware that carbon implemented your app
Better than halo, nice job bros:)
+Nicolas Lucas I can assure that I personally didn't knew about it and as far as I can remember it has never appeared on our internal chats till today.
+Paranoid Android  Hover is awesome! But there is too little time to click on the notification (add some personalization and a way to open the floating notification even from the notification bar). For the rest, i had 2 bugs: black screen during charge (but only 2 times), and sometime i can't open whatsapp notification from the notification bar (i have to open directly the app). Anyway, the ROM is pretty good, good job  ;)
+NOlo Tse I had this issue this morning during my commute. My phone would reboot if my head phone jack and car charger were plugged in and dogcatcher was playing. It hasn't been a problem since then. I have not had time to trouble shoot.
+Manning Kent it hasn't happened to me again. Guess it was only after the installation 
Very nice way of handling things PA. You guys seem so professional. Please keep up the good work and best of luck with your project.
Kamera son çekilmiş ekranda kalıyor bazen,zoom yavaş çalışıyor,galeriden silinen resim takılıyor gibi yinede çok güzel bir rom.Teşekkürler...
please bring a blacklist for apps. whenever i save music from google play music on my devices every second the notification pops up because it is like 1% further
+Nicolas Lucas I never heared about notifierpro either. Ive been asking around to friends across europe and VS but none ever heared of it.

But if you search the Play Store for notifier .. Have you counted all apps with the same or simular name? Have you send out simualar messages to all other devs?

Really its a lucky shot to find your app in the playstore if you dont know its name. If you search notification .. Your app wont be found in the top 250.

Not even to speak in the big differences in functionality between your app (wich is pretty good) and PAs Hover
Chad E
anyone know what setting or what i have to change on my Nexus 5, If i open a game like clash of clans or Pocket Tanks, my home bottom/bar vanishes and I can't get it back to return to desktop, I tried turning on Immersive to see if that would help but that didnt work either. any ideas
Any way to disable lockscreen rotation
Thanks to PA team for super features-thanks to +Andre Saddler for making my N7000 look still latest.
Would love to be able to adjust the amount if time the initial notification appears for. Three seconds just isn't always long enough in my use.
halo > hover, not for sole retarded reason "omg halo was awsum get it back nao"
1) after hover disappears, you cant open notification in floating mode (i dont want or can open notification right away, but i still want it in floating mode)
2) hover blocks notification bar, in few days of using, i found it annoying.
both issues were not present with halo (you could move halo where you wanted and it was persistent, not just 3 sec window to open.
PS. Also peek needs some fixing i wont proc half the time I would like
I dont know about kitkat ,there is no notification count on it-_-
Artık art ile çalışma olmalı
Which weather app is shown in the video ?
You ppl are epic.. If you get notifications from different apps make something such that you swipe towards left or right on the hover thing to go to previously received notifications from other apps
Long press recent button to switch apps is awesome. Can you also implement it in Pie? 
+Pavel Jakubík Thanks for your feedback
1) Long press normal notification in bar will open it floating soon
2) It's not annoying but a swipe up could be implemented to force disappear
3) It's an initial beta, the Halo (aka Halo 2.0) you remember took months of work and updates.
is hover still closed source?
What's its launcher? Where can i get flat launcher like this?
Has a build for note 2 but only n7100 :( what about us n7105 or i317 users?
I installed this ROM on my HTC one X, but I can't use Notification Hover. Why?!
This is SICK, somebody should have hired the entire PA team.
Yesss! Similar to halo, halo was very useful I was sad to see it go keep up the great work!
Hello guys...

I don't know if this has been answered somewere (I have been looking the answer but I can't find it), but when I installed the first version of PA including HALO, a dialog screen appeared, asking me if I want to preserve the "close all apps" button in the opened apps list screen. Well, I was in a rush, so I was not able to read the whole text and it seems like I disabled the "close all apps" button.

Is there any method to bring it back? As I said, I have been looking into all the settings, Googling and looking in the XDA forums, but still I have no clue of how to enabling it...

SOLVED: OK, this was a tricky feature... Just go to settings > Backup & reset > Reset preferences > Clear All
Rad! I was skeptical, but the whole "easy to use" you guys are doing is great, i got accustomed the first moment i saw hover :D
Although Hover is quite useful, it can be very annoying, for example when I'm using chrome and I get a notification I can't switch tabs until the notification is gone... Also I can't access the notificationbar...
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