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Nexus PA 5.1 builds are out

It’s true, our development hasn’t been as quick as you were used to but we're here with some new and tasty builds. We also have some important news regarding our plan with Nexus moving forward. So if you're keen to #StayParanoid please read them carefully!

First of all, let's talk about releases. We are proud to announce a new Nexus release based on the latest AOSP version but with our some of our key features baked in such as Theme Engine, Quick Settings Reordering, App Ops, Advanced Power Menu and the long awaited Immersive mode. Additionally, the shamu build allows WiFi calling (for T-Mo US users) and VoLTE (for T-Mo US and Verizon users).

Builds are out for shamu, hammerhead, mako, flounder, flo and grouper. We are missing support for mobile tablets and manta because we don't have the device in our hands. If you do have one of these and are willing to test for us, please contact +Evan Anderson at to get hooked up with the testing process.

Keep in mind, you will have to flash a GApps package. For most devices, we suggest TK GApps which are a continuation of the old-school PA GApps. For flounder, Banks 64bit GApps are advised instead. Additionally, if you are using a flounder, you should flash the vendor partition of the LMY47X factory image to avoid system issues - and if you are not comfortable with doing that for any reason, you should wait for the next build as it will include a minor change that will get rid of this requirement.

It has been a really long time since we released our latest public build, as you might have noticed. The legacy part of the team have been working hard to keep the work up and they switched to a separate release schedule a while back. That left the Nexus family a bit behind, but with the combined help of the Nexus and legacy team, we are ready to release today. This has happened because we are missing the manpower we had in the past on our core team.

As maintaining a solid release schedule does not seem viable as of now we've thought we should  release when there are enough changes merged to make a difference with the previous public build. So instead of the previous “weekly release” we're switching to a "release when appropriate" schedule.

Really though, right now we need more awesome people who want to work on things and make a difference, so if you like to code, just consider what you would like to change in the Android-o-sphere and try going for it. We welcome any contributions on our gerrit at You can contact +Valter Strods  on Hangouts or +Evan Anderson  at if you have any questions.

Finally we want to give thanks to all our users who waited for this release, we know that some of you are still on KitKat because you don't want to miss the feature spec you had. Also we need to thank all the members of our crew who are working on this project, buying their free time from family and leisure, all our team members are awesome. With that said, Thanks!

Builds are rolling out on and, as always, #StayParanoid
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Thanks Team! 
Installed a hour ago on my HTC m8 Yeah! 😀 but i missed pie and hover 😢
+Sfera Dev Sabes que llevo mucho tiempo esperando este día, jajajajaja.
If only I understood AOSP or had any ideas for features, I really want to contribute.
But, Thx 4 this fast and Smooth Rom! 💙
Any chance of someone adding the unofficial builds for MOTO X 2014 to legacy devices. Missing PA long time now. 👻
That time everybody started a flame war about paranoids devs getting hired not affecting the releases or features....... Turns out paranoids devs getting hired affected the releases and features
+Brandon Parisi I'd assume 5.1.1 because of the included WiFi calling was 5.1.1.... But you know what they say about assumptions
+Paranoid Android​ any plans for moto maxx (turbo). It is such a wonderful device but serious lack of developer ROMs. Please share some love 
+dwasifar karalahishipoor​​ that time somebody was grateful and edited their post. (then had to edit the post explaining the first post because of a spelling mistake) 
Good job guys ! I hope to see the return of Dynamic System Bar in a next built ;)
After 3 keyboard of broken f5 button, at last... I did it.
Ken Dom
Is their a build for Note2 on 5.1
Missing PIE so much. Great job anyway.

One thing that has always made me love Paranoid Android in the past was how it was essentially Stock+. Everything that is added feels as if it belongs in stock with how beautifully it's implemented, it all just fits right in without feeling out of place like many other ROM features do in other ROMs.
Hans F.
One plus one destroyed cyanogen and now pa... Never had such bad options of customroms. Kitkat times were great...😭
+Benji Bizz​ what was your exact procedure for installing pa, I ran into issues last time I tried "my fault" I really love Paranoid Android and want this so bad 😢
Always paranoid 
is there a changelog for this anywhere?
Does the new build for shamu support project fi as well?
Flashed the newest build with tk stock gapps and getting play service stopped message in the setup wizard. So i can't get it running. Someone got the same issue and knows a solution?
Прикольно. Раньше была моей любимой прошивкой. Я думал, её уже забросили...
It may be a dumb question, but do you guys ever plan on developing anything on the lg g4? 
Honest question - is there a reason for me to switch back to PA from CM 12.1?
Glad to see you back. It's a lot of time I use pa, since the Galaxy s2 times and lately I really miss you, but I'm a bit disappointed about using cm theme engine instead of rro layers.
Some times ago there were many good different ROMS, first of all Paranoid Android, but also roms like Omni and many other I'm not mentioning here. PA was The Rom that really made the difference, and you can see it from how many fans you still have out there, even if during the last months you were nearly dead.
Nowadays there is left just CM, which in my opinion literally sucks. It's no more a rom. It's a zombie. Full of bugs left unfixed from generation to generation of cm version and from generation to generation of devices....still the same bugs.
There are left only aosp derived roms and cm derived roms, that are all the same exact copy one of another: same features (obvious) and same bugs (obvious).
So you guys what do you do? Use the cm theme engine.
Of course you are free to do whatever you like, but I think you should start from scratch or from a different viewing angle and do not merge things from cm. Overall because seems like Android M has native support for rro layers and seems like this is the future of theming UIs. Please note that I don't hate CM and I'm not whining, nor pointing the finger at you....I'm just expressing my point of view.
Anyway this is a celebration day and I'm really happy to see you up and running again, so I wish you the best luck and I hope you will bring us back the wonderful rom PA was. We deserve it. You deserve it. :-)
i thought that the PA was dead,and this post made me smile again! 💗
Still as fast as (well) paid Samsung employees. 
+Evan Anderson when you say radio, do you mean the project fi radio? Also does the system switch between TMobile and Sprint automatically when the project fi.apk and Google's connection sevices.apk are installed. I am needing specifics because I have tried this with other AOSP firmware and the switching does not happen automatically. I don't have this issue with the stock firmware because everything that allows the switching is native other than the project fi.apk.
Finally!!! IM JUST GLAD you released another build for a few weeks I thought you forgot about good o'l nexus device's
Bring back Tablet / Hybrid Mode, then i went back to PA. 
Guys, any mirror for mako? I cant download using peer5. 
Are there any features built in or is this pretty much an aosp build?
+Ilham Hamzah Try again, first i don't have a mako but a ghost. Second to mirror that i would spend all day uploading the rom.
+Evan Anderson Congratulations on being up and running again!!!

I have the same specific questions as +Peter Yeh, plus these questions.

1. Have you or your testers tested this new build with Project Fi to verify that it is indeed switching from T-Mobile to Sprint to WiFi and back seamlessly?

2. When you wrote that as long as you update the radio (it will work with Project Fi) which radio are you referring to?:  




3. Which build is this, LVY47H, LYZ28E, or another?

4. I know that the PA philosophy was to do the Google thing right and clean. Is this still your prevailing development philosophy?
+Nick Darbouze There's people working on a safe, reliable root exploit as well as bootloader unlock for the non-international variants. Until then, we're not going to see any ROMs for G4.
Also, any non-Nexus-related questions should go to the Legacy community (AOSPA-L).
Till now is a lot smoother on ghost than cm 12.1, looking good!! :)
+Brian Gill layers will not be in PA for the foreseeable future. Not sure the snide money comment was needed. 
MAN I new better than to click on these fucken comments... fuck you humanity
Tablet/Hybrid mode for the Nexus 6 /shamu would be amazing.. But great job just flashed it #Stayparanoid
+Brian Gill he wasn't asking for money. Someone asked about supporting a device we don't have....guess what? We don't have money to buy every possible device out there that someone wants a rom for.....he merely stated that we don't have the device and the devices cost money...
I've seriously waited this long to upload a rom to my N5.. Well, this isn't my first rodeo, I wasn't going to lower my standards for anything less than PA! 
Marc Q
Finally got it installed on my #Nexus5 - Ran into Error Code 70 after trying to install the Full GAPPS, the Modular GAPPS.  Ended up installing the Mini which did not give me any errors.  I even had formatted the entire phone and still got that error.
So many people still here... This is nice to see :)
+L' Architetto Google apps, Chrome, the play store and other essential android apps. The stuff that's on nexus phones ;)
Error 70 with the Stock GAPPS, trying the Mini next.
Today I learnt I am banned from PA community
Good to see +Paranoid Android​ still kicking ass and taking names!! Thanks to the DEVs for busting this load...

I mean...

Thanks for putting this out guys/gals!!!
Nic Z
Welcome back!
Is anyone else getting "failed to install theme" message??
Why don't you support galaxy s4 "in general"?
Everything is great but we still can't disable quick pulldown
Huss S.
Welche kernel und gapps solle ich nehmen für nexus 4 ? Ich habe momentan nihgtly 
+Huss S.​ Gapps stehen im Post. Google mal TK Gapps. Nimm aber das Mini oder kleiner Paket weil das Stock zu voll ist. Ansonsten geht auch Banks Gapps.

Nimm den Stockkernel der mit der Rom kommt. Ansonsten sollte jeder AOSP kompatible Kernel funktionieren.
Huss S.
Danke für deine Antwort , aber bist du so nett mir eine Link weiter zuleiten ?
it would be so good to see a pie implementation as it was in JB, i really loved the chevron targets again for full fullscreen experience!
Huss S.
Ich habe gestern geflasht , aber hat nicht funktioniert!! Mit gapps 5.1 !
Ist es ohne weiteres möglich, mein verschlüsseltes PA5alpha2 upzudaten?
+Evan Anderson​ hey, thanks for the update, thats great!
just one question. would it be possible to bring ntfs support to pa?
just to make it possible to mount ntfs HDs or storage devices through USB otg (;
I would try to submit a commit myself to the gerrit, but I have no PC (havent got one since a year and for another as I am in a forein country and only have my N9 and my phone)
Clean install, or just flash the update?
+Franz Wüstner​ exfat and ntfs support is already on my radar.

+Paul Mist​ If you're already using a PA 5 series release you can just flash this update (and gapps!) on top.
+Peter Yeh​​ +Chris Hoskins​​
Project Fi should work, but we have no testers on Fi so you're the guinnie pigs.

2. The radio that is included with LYZ28E should work. Please let me know if this isn't the case.

3. LYZ28E

4. Of course
cool. will flash on my nexus devices. Also, just saw that there are stable builds of Oneplus one as well. nice :D
+Chris Hoskins I flashed in this order. 1st the radio

D4.01-9625-05.14+FSG-9625-02.93, this is android preview M radio.

2nd the new PA Shamu build which is LYZ28E,

3rd Franco Kernel r29, because Franco doesn't force encryption and makes it optional (remember this option can only happen if you wipe both data and internal storage). I do not know if PA does this with their stock kernel and I didn't want to take a chance finding out.

4th I installed TK GApps.

Lastly I rebooted system, installed Project fi.apk and Google connection services. After all this I noticed that I was on both Sprint and T-Mobile (auto switching). I also noticed in the APN list, Project fi was selected and also my carrier label is Project Fi. Profit! I will keep you posted as I use this build and setup throughout the week.
+Peter Yeh Wow! Thanks for the update about your process. I'm on T-Mobile and have had my Profect Fi invited ready to go since May 19th. 

I've been faithfully using PA for a couple of years, and was last on PA 5.0-ALPHA2 since they updated to it. However I was super curious about Project Fi and had been wanting to try it. I got impatient waiting for PA to come out with 5.1. I had no indication they would until the past week, but I'd just updated and flashed AOSiP 5.1.1.

I also flashed the LYZ28E build, but I flashed the D4.01-9625-05.14+FSG-9625-02.93 radio. I'm was encrypted and kept it that way. 

I love PA and I want to give Project Fi a go, so I'm probably coming back to PA 5.1 (5.1.1) to try it. 

Three questions:

1. Why did you decide to go with the preview M radio? 

2. I've heard references to Google Connection Services. You wrote that you installed it and the Project Fi app. Is Google Connection Services an actual app, or are you just referring to signing into your Gmail/Google Services login?

3. It sounds like the auto-switching between T-Mobile and Sprint are going well for you; how's the switching between either of them and WiFi? 
+Evan Anderson Thanks for your response and for answering my questions.

I'll probably give being your Project Fi guinea pig a go - along with +Peter Yeh and hopefully others - but it'll take me a couple of days to get set up.

I'm pleased to hear that you guys are holding to your development philosophy. I'm hoping it bodes well for Project Fi on PA, it's definitely a Google's thing.
+Chris Hoskins I used the M build before and I felt that I had better connections between the different carrier towers. Also googles connection services ( can't remember the exact name) is an apk available on the play store. It helps with the automatic connection of open WiFi hotspots. This I suppose helps with WiFi calling. I also haven't tried the WiFi calling yet, I'll let you know how it goes. 
+Peter Yeh Cool and thanks for the info on the Google Connectivity Services app. I've added to my Play Store Favorites to check out. 

Please do let me know how it's going. Also I'm sure that - if there isn't already - there will be a lot of people interested in your experience with Project Fi on PA. 
+Evan Anderson​ The Immersive Mode is awesome. I wish you would add an option to instantly hide navigation bar upon clicking any of the button on the navigation bar.
+Evan Anderson​​ thank you!!
and just a hint, if you remove a otg storage device without unmounting it first, there will be a non-dismissable notification, would be so nice if this would be dismissable (;
+Franz Wüstner​​
This was allways a problem in certain ROM's.

I also ancounter a problem with my clock. It's 10min's behind. Someone?

Automatic time and timezone (got the right one) enabled.
I downloaded the file from your official site but could not locate it on my device(nexus 5)....... Please help!!!
Which kernel should I use with this ROM?
+iKHMER Kh whichever one you want....or you can leave it stock for the fewest bugs
Any idea if hammerhead will have wifi calling as well? I've been wanting that for ages
Xposed seems to be working for Shamu. I installed the in TWRP, installed Xposed framework.apk, and I have GravityBox for LP installed. AWESOME!!!

+Guilherme Souza stock kernel? What features do you NEED?

Seriously, there's a reason we ship stock kernel. Custom kernels are considered bleeding edge and bugs happen frequently.... So the best kernel is the one that 'just works'
Can anyone post in-depth review of weather to Flash PA in Nexus5, I will be using as my  daily drive.
Any way for a beacon build?oxygen devs are lazy ;)))
Easy enough to click on the link on the website, right?
Can we dirty flash this on top of the last build?
+Matt Flaming​ it sucks but I know a lot of devs are no longer on XDA because of childish bullshit. Thank you guys
I'm sorry but this rom is no bueno honestly I've used for abt 3 days and I'm gonna try dirty unicorn before I flash back to euphoria #Nexus6
Can't find any setting for "QuickSetting"... Are we really stuck with the stock options? Can't find "Clear all recent apps" settings either.
+Andre Saddler Then at least you could link the changelog instead of just being mean..... Why do people can't just reply kindly?
+Enrico Vicari i dont need to link it, you're commenting right under it, since you failed to read the Original Post which tells you whats included
+Andre Saddler the post above is a description.. which, as far as i know, is something completely different from a changelog. I'm sorry about you having a bad day, btw.
P.S.: OF COURSE, i read the post. I just can't believe that those features (QuickSettings personalization and ClearAllRecentApps setting) are missing in a Paranoid ROM.
Awesome job PA!  Downloading this right away!  By the way, I have PA4.6 on my N5, can I perform a dirty flash instead of factory reset & wiping out my data?
I am using this rom for over a day now on my nexus 6. Rom runs very smooth. I have one question, is there a way to disable quick pull down on the statusbar? this is really annoying since I most of the times sipe down on the right side of the screen (because I use the phone right handed and it's a really large phone). Hope this can be disabled.
Can't find the settings for LED Light :(
+Raza Qadri it wasn't like that when we had Hybrid Settings... Nowaday PA is nearly stock but i remember that it was full of features. Anyway, i'm back to CM already :( hope to see PA as it was before again soon.
+Enrico Vicari​ PA won't be the same again. Since developer don't wanna innovate they just wanna copy CM now
I'm on PA 5.0 ALPHA. Do I need to update my hamerhead to Android to 5.1.1 first?
Thank you, guys!
After hybrid mode ( what made pa popular ) and molesarecomming left the rom started to go downhill. Lesser featers (they promised hybrid back but it never came) longer update times and more and more arrogancy. The moment they started selling apps , features and themes the rom died. I'm not suprised it took them so long to return, if they ever. 
+mr sleipnir wrong, it was promised to try to get hybrid working again in KitKat... And it never fully worked.

Funny when people complain about hybrid mode going away, but nobody else contributed to it. 
rro aosp code vs cm code and they decide to merge cms crap.... 
Wow came back to see comments and everyone is pissed off at the developers. Why don't you guys build your own goddamn ROM and stop piasing everyone off. Do you want them to stop sharing their work?? NO!! 
+Luis Farias yes. They want all work to stop completely so they can then bitch about the devs giving up/quitting/hurting their feels. Then they can say "I told you so!"


The work continues and they bitch about everything the devs do.

It's called being a cunt. 
Anyone else getting "Playback isn't supported on this device" error while using Google Play Movies & TV on Nexus 7 (Flo)?
"Insufficient storage space available in system partition" on nexus 5??
+Matt Flaming Clean flashed but still couldn't flash 5.1 gapps. Reverted back to alpha 2. Thanks for the quick support
+Ayush Kayastha clean flash rom + flash a smaller gapps package.  the error message you got literally states that your system partition is too small for the package you were trying to install...
I have a Nexus 10 and I wish to test this on it +Evan Anderson ... Long time fan of the Paranoid Android, own an N5 and an N10, both with PA 5.0
+Matt Flaming​​​ I'm having the "not enough space in system partition" problem when flashing the 5.1 gapps on my Nexus 7 (2013). Is there a gapps package that you would recommend?
Haha OK, I'll keep trying until one works
Dude, I don't keep up with what GAPPS are available.  I keep using the same ones for months...
No problem, it shouldn't take me too long to find one that works
Flashed right now w/ TK GAPPs coming from stock 5.1.1. It looks very smooth, I hope the battery will last longer.
anyone here able to help figure out why i am getting a android is upgrading bootloop after flashing the latest PA rom after flashing from cm11 to cm12 latest before PA (on a oneplus one) im not sure why it wont let me boot PA. have tried with and without Gapps but still get the loop. any ideas?
Anyone using PA for moto g 2014 (titan latest official build)???? Whats the battery life??
+Brian James Jabson i ended up just going back to cm11. yeah was a clean install and device is a OnePlus One. couldn't figure out what was wrong. drove me crazy. really wanted to start running PA but it is just not meant to be. 
Hello, hoping to get my Find 5 updated soon, any idea when will the new version be ready? Thanks.
+Brian James Jabson weird. On the PA site it's listed as officially supported and legacy. I justed called it and went to Pac rom for the time being. Will probably just look for a stock Android style rom and use xposed or gravity box to get the features I want/need. 
Am I right in thinking no OTG USB for Nexus 7 yet? Can't get it to work even with StickMount
i thought p.a is dead :( but its back bitches :D hell yeahhh :D 💜💛💚
Does anyone know how to solve insufficient storage gapps-5.1 error.(nexus 4 - pa-5.1-mako).
For the time being I installed smaller version of tk-gapps(pico).
After three days of fine usage, today the phone crashed while browsing the web via 3g. After a while I've been able to reboot but the phone was factory resetted.
After this, I have decided to move on CM12, sorry men.
Everytime I turn on the phone the date keeps resetting to april 1971, anyone knows why? It only happens with latest PA, I even tried different Gapps, no luck with that.
I searched everywhere but I've found nothing, halp pls
So i wont be able to flash it trough an ota, and will need to wipe my complete phone to install 5.1? Or am i missing something?
Saki Sk
Sorry guys, will hover come back ?
Heads is ok but i need floating mode.
And if i want to disable "OK GOOGLE", the App crashed.
On Nexus 6! Love it but where's PIE and all the old amazing setting options???
Nexus 6- anybody else having hotspot issues? Greyed out :-(
I haven't seen definitive word on that yet.
Tommy G
Wipe/flash on Nexus 5 has performed great for ~24 hours now. Used the TKgapps mini (stock was too big). Only issue is my cellular signal dies/crashes at (seemingly) random. I remember this happening when I first updated to Google's stock 5.1 from 4.4. I can't remember if that was resolved via an update before I went to PA 4.4 or not. If there's anything I can provide (bug reports, etc.) to help resolve this, let me know - it doesn't occur in 4.4. Thanks for the release, I was literally about to switch to CM but figured I'd check here one last time and boom, great surprise.
can someone help me i keep getting error code 70 when installing tk gapps ? what dose this mean ?
cant change the boot animation via themer

does nexus 4 has 4g lte? guys?
+Mako Occam the Nexus 4 never officially had LTE. If you want LTE, it has nothing to do with the ROM, flash a radio from xda that has it.
How to enable pie controls for one plus one . unable to find it in settings
Why not , the coolest feature is removed ??? How to get pie controls ???
I am using one plus one official 5.1 . so can I use pie controls
+Ashwin Chide because it's not in the build. It'll be in whenever they've had a chance to include it. If you want pie do bad, help write the feature into the ROM
I encounter an error every reboot on my find 7a. Error: "Unfortunately settings has stopped"
Is the latest 5.1 version for mako aka Nexus 4 stable or beta or alpha?

Thanks in advance!
+Manny OneX it's a release build.. None of those titles apply. But it runs stable, obviously
Thanks, will give it a try. I had been having minor issues with Stock 5.1.1 with random lock ups like once a week and mediocre battery life.
I am using moto e Indian with panaroid 5.1 from official site I have trouble to install xposed . I want to known were to download . I have install it by several methods by flash or other but it won't work for me
how did you disabled forced encryption nexus 6? when I flash the rom, it says encryption failed > format data > asking for password. I just format data and it boots encrypted.
No need to decrypt anyway... It's pointless
Any way to personally more customization option for my ROM provide some link for moto e
where can I download the gapps for this one?
getting "unfortunately settings has stopped" error each time i reboot the device... tried with tk and slim gapps...
Best ROM I've used this year by far. Thanks dev :)
+Erick Bong to disable encryption, flash a kernel that does not force encryption(iex Franco kernel) format both data, and internal storage. It should be optional with no encryption upon boot
I'm having a really hard time finding the best / appropriate place to report an issue I am having. There is this community, Gerrit, Github....which is preferred place to report bugs? I have a nexus 5 and i just clean flashed PA 5.1 and Exchange Services are not working properly.
Anyone knows is that rom will be update ?
The OTA updater in the ROM doesn't show this update.
Also does this fix the stagefright exploit?
does the condor build work on moto e 2015?
Is there something out for the Samsung S4?
Hi Guys, please support for Droid Turbo/ Moo Max (XT1225).
Such a nice device but no developer love.
In JIRA I cannot register for reporting a bug: "The email address provided is not from an allowed domain." In Github, bug reporting is disabled. XDA you basically avoid. As if this lame comment box would be an alternative. So how do you plan to communicate with your users?

Apart from that, and a bug in theme engine, thank you very much for your great effort! I am a happy Lollipop user now thanks to you!
Do these builds have the per-app-DPI feature? I used PA on my Motorola Atrix 4G several years ago and I loved the feature, but the last version PA supported on that phone was JB and I never got to use it again.
How can I use old pie controls? Where you drag and leave touch to select, instead of dragging to show controls which is buggy
Anyone else battery drain and phone getting really hot while using on nexus 4?
Luca A.
+Paranoid Android​ is stagefright fixed in this build? If not, when can we expect a new update? 
+Luca A. This build was released before stage fright was even known about.. Obviously it's not. They've already said it'll be fixed in the next build. As far as when, it's well known not to ask for ETAs
does this version contain features from the older version like peek,hover,dynamic system bars, halo, etc
Add ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" Tablet (WiFi)!
+Tim MacKay​ nope. This is the wrong place to ask anyway, but they don't support devices they don't own. Plus the way you didn't ask, and demanded it, I doubt anyone would want to oblige
+Jason Newman BTW, Just before i commented this post I sent them an email ASKING very politely and thanking them for all the hard work they do for the community.
+Tim MacKay you need to be checking legacy, not official. But yea, if they don't own the device, it won't happen. 
How do I get the pie controls to work? Please help.
Gab H
It's good to have you back, PA team. I was on the PA 4.6 beta 5 for almost one year and got no problems on my OnePlus One, with 3 to 6 days of battery life. Eager to try 5.1 :-)
I want pie! 😛😜😝😋😝😜😛

Kra Wk
add please instruction on your site, how to install this rom
One Box
i love pa ,but now i using mi note,no rom for it,i am very sad.
So there is no DSB n all in the latest builds? Will they be added in the coming builds? 
Coming from 5.1.2with OTA on mone8. ...on install winzip error bootloader 3.16 not supported, any help , please
Not sure if it's PA (or TWRP) related but my reco clock shows the wrong time and Android's time resets also on every reboot. It corrects itself if the auto-time is enabled and I have data connection, but Whatsapp keeps popping up all the time that my phone has the wrong time.
+Karan Chawla you should try reading. The post tells you what features are in the build. Nothing you just mentioned is even a feature in the build 
Hi, loyal PA user. Seem to have problem finding a 5.x version for OPPO find5 on the download page. Any news? Thank you.
I'm sorry...but you guys are way behind everyone else in the original android development world, slow releases and felt like no support, then when we ask about it we get silly sarcasm, alot of people just left. I came back and booted this Rom on my N6... It feels so unpolished and laggy and looks exactly like pure android - just don't see the benifit of flashing PA anymore over any other Rom. Thanks alot for all your hard work tho guys but I don't see me and a few others ever coming back to PA.
Guys, need help please.. Nexus 4 here, don't know why but cannot install theme anymore it says 'failed to install theme' Anyone resolved?
+Randy Posvar lol. No man. I've just been a beta tester for a lot devs throughout my years in Android. I've learned how to identify issues and fix them.
+Randy Posvar I personally don't have an issue with him. He's always treated me with respect, and gets along with me. I know there's a few people who think I'm an asshole as well. It's hard to always stay patient when you have people asking the same question 100s of times a day.
+Randy Posvar I appreciate the kind words. I enjoy testing for devs. I love trouble shooting things
Ah. I haven't seen that post.

Have you been looking at any setups good getting your first vape kit?
I've been used Paranoid on my N5 for a lot of time, but some months ago I've installed Cataclysm Rom and I realty liked it.
Now I'm considering to reinstall Paranoid, but I've some perplexities: the tinted status and navigation bar, hover and piece controls not exist anymore? 
Hi. Can anyone explain the advantage of PA to me? I'm testing it. I just had CyanideL installed and the setting options are very much there.
There is no way to change navbar in PA, or am i wrong? 
You could have seen the features that PA has right now just by reading the post you commented on... It doesn't say anything about nav bar, does it..? 
+Jason Newman​ I know it is in jelly bean but what release exactly. 4.4.4 ? I need last one on aospa v3?? Tired of googling :( Where is PA version history and changes log... 
Ok, got it. I need Xposed and gravity box and so on :)
sorry guys, i've installed the last PA realised for my M8 but ther's not dynamic bars...why?? Can someone help me?
Hey, how do I go about submitting a bug report? I tried to make a JIRA account but that was not allowed. 

Basics: I have the latest 5.1 on OnePlus One and got the android pay forced update. It doesn't recognise that the phone is valid when setting up the Android Pay account. 
Really enjoying this ROM so far, but with the recent news of a MMS hack attack I wonder if we are getting a patch OTA?
What is the default notification sound?
+Vahid Sayad it would be a really old build, and I don't think those are posted anywhere anymore
Will it be available on G4? 
I'm trying to install Paranoid Android 5.1.1 on my Samsung GT-i9300. But after installation the handset restart it self and then it open the recovery mode. Please help
When will PA 6.0 be rolled out?
+Rachmatsyah Okky well, they're not developing for any device right now, but if they start again, they won't be building for random devices they don't own 
just flash ported for Dior,really surprise me PA no longer paranoid as before...i was expecting PEEK rather than Ambient display...and return of Halo for multitasking... hope PA team could hear me.. anyway thanks... really appreciate your works...
for Peregrine how goes? it is STABLE or take restart same time? thanks
once a upon a time there was a great rom known to nerd as ParanoidAndroid then suddenly a chinese bastard employed (enslaved) them to become part of a company..there this talented group of developers (who are now slave in that company) created a horrendous rom known as Oxygen os...for god sake..when this blasphemy will come to innovation....
Does some one have the link to that wall paper?