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4.4 RC1 - Kitkat 4.4.3

Dose of awesome sauce on this week from PA Headquarters, again. As you may know we merged 4.4.3 into our source. If coming from 4.4.2 ROM(s) (and your device has received updates for radio and bootloader) you will need to flash new bootloader, radio, along with Gapps and update to latest recovery before going forward. Many bugs have been also resolved on our bug tracker thanks to community’s reports, less to go.

After many months, many revisions and many concept’s debates we are really proud to finally release first public Hover state. Still some visual things to do but we achieved a great point :) Original idea and first  developed revision by +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, subsequently lead by +Carlo Savignano till current revision.
Due to popularity demand from the community we’ve added a couple of great suggestions:
- If current notification showed in hover is from current foreground app, don’t reopen it in floating.
- Ticker now shows for apps that are blacklisted from Hover.
More sauce to come.

Theme Engine
As you may know as for last monday release, we brought to you CyanogenMod Theme Engine. As for who asked it during this week, we’ll keep Theme Engine up to date with its upstream state. It will be a 0-Day upstream line. We’ve also added support for some AOSP base components as home button refreshing. More to come, since some AOSP components (as stock navigation bar) behaves differently. Nothing to worry about though, because right now only navigation bar’s background isn’t refreshed when applying a theme (needs rebooting).

RC1, what that means?
We achieved an almost stable state for this branch (PA 4.4), no special reasons :)

New Googly style by +Yamil Ghazi, based on +Austin Hill  redesign idea:

Crowdin translation system:

Community legacy corner:

P.S. The theme shown off in the images below was made by our own +Arz Bhatia  and is available on the play store. Show him some love.

Fi Theme:
PiazzA Theme:
Kraken Icon Pack:

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Finally!!!! thank you PA team!!!!

P.S. I'm current experiencing a power outage in my area, but PA you gave me light...
I dont know why im so happy today.
Anybody else seeing the downloads as 0 bytes?
Ah, the download is unreachable from here :( waiting a few extra hours, i suppose...
Awsome! Can't wait to flash. But I just left, now I have to wait till I'm home. :D
Fungi G
Size: 0b  for hammerhead?
Thank you
Yep, download is 0 bytes, still uploading to the server, I guess.
You guys are on a roll right now!
Nic Z
The download isn't working for me; the site is reporting that the Mako build has a size of 0 bytes.
Sorry give it some minutes to refresh the servers :)
Why can't I +1000 this???? You guys saved my F5 refresh button.... :D
pa_mako-4.4-RC1 0 Bytes any body else facing this prob ?
So if I'm stock 4.4.3 I need to flash the bootloader and the radio? Or that's only for the people who have PA 4.4.2 installed? Sorry for my noob question 
Of course they aren't trolling... it probably means that the download servers are saturated and can't handle every request right now.
+Luis Medina if you updated using the Google images or OTA probably not, don't think there was a new boot loader with 4.4.3 (Nexus 5) but there was a new radio.
The zip is 0 bytes for hammerhead too.
Where can i find link to bootloader and radio 
I mean, guys, be patient about the downloads. Probably a server that is struggling to keep up with the traffic. Just wait a few hours...
Seems to be up now, for Mako at least. Download away.
Download is available on the website 
Dear +Paranoid Android you said " You will need to flash new bootloader, radio, Gapps and update to latest recovery before going forward" ... you are talking about which nexus device ??
Oh no... I refreshed the page and the 0 bytes zip disappeared! The latest there now is the beta1! :(
And I refreshed again and it showed up! 166.3mb! But it does not have an md5 hash... :(
My download is done, and the MD5 that I have is: 89f07dfe06bbfbfb61f9d6a277fea30b. Hopefully what I got isn't corrupted.
Thanks guys, i'm the 10th download (hopefully as it shows 9 downloads)!
NOlo Tse
Just a question, you say I will need to flash new bootloader, radio and update to latest recovery. Does the bootloader and radio come with the rom? 
Chill out people! Give them a chance to upload it all and post the necessary links. Y'all are acting like a flock of vultures lusting over fresh kill. :P

Are there 4.4.3 specific pa gapps anywhere yet? Or are we good to go if everything is up to date? 
Escusez moi, where do I find the latest bootloader and radio? Are they in the ROM package? (sorry, kinda newbie here)
Silly question. This build is only for nexus devices?
Bootloader, radio, etc doesn't come with the ROM? Lots of technicalities then...😭😵
Utkarsh K
what about the new bootl oader ,radio etc for n4 ??:/
Does anyone have a link to the new radios, bootloader, and gapps?
Finally. I'm downloading. Thanks so much
Also, is it recommend to do a factory reset?
Post updated, you don't need to flash new radio etc if you already have 4.4.3 on your phone :)
Sorry , where i can find the new bootloader? there is an order in which you have to flash?
Maguro guys already have the latest Radio and Bootloader since 4.3 is the last release for the said device just FYI.
Thank u pa team u rock!! Just to be sure - is this the latest radio : M8974A- ??
can someone point me to mako bootloader and radio plox? 
Galaxy Nexus, Updated RC1 over BETA1, no need up bootloader, radio, recover Everthing fine :)
Yay! Break all the servers! 😝
I have a galaxy nexus maguro with CyanogenMod 11 and android 4.4.3, how do I upgrade? I install from recovery or do I need to do differently? help me please?
+Andre Saddler Just a doubt! Radio and bootloader, only for those coming from a 4.4.2 ROM right? I have stock 4.4.3 Nexus 5.
can someone please give us a link for mako 4.4.3 bootloader? thanks
+Andre Saddler do you know when the D800 version of this RC will be available? Sorry for the question just cant wait
I got an at&t Htc one x(evita) im in version 4.4 beta 1, twrp ,where can i find the radio ? It will be a big help if you can help me 
+Karthik Narumanchi i'm pretty sure that doesn't matter :)
my personal recommendation: wipe system + dalvik + cache -> flash rom -> flash gapps (+ addons) -> flash radio
Release Candidate without Hybrid? Seriously?
I think that now it's a good time to focus the rom development on a better battery consumption 
+Andre Saddler no problem. BTW this was posted public on the Paranoid Android Community so I dont know what do you mean 
Oh ok so i just update via ota and flash new gapps ,i dont need to update the radio on my htc one x, only nexus owners?
No new bootloader or radio needed on Nexus 7 3G (2012) (tilapia). It just runs fine.
Is there a new bootloader for 4.4.3 mako(n4) ??? 
+Matthew Wu 请问一下😊我现在是pa4.4.2如果要升级4.4.3要进行双清吗?
Does anyone have links to the required boot and radio files?  I have a really slow internet connection at the moment, so downloading the whole factory image is going to take ages :P.  Thanks!
Please bootloader and radio link for maguro? I'm away from my pc for a couple of days. It would be great! 
Are the Bootloader/Radio needed for the moto x? Coming from 4.4.2 BETA1
Just to clarify: It'll be fine if I just flash 4.4.3 stock ROM THEN flash PA ROM right? No need to flash radio img anymore that way?
Beautiful theme just got it to support Arz!! Thanks guys for the efforts!!!!!
I'll do that then since it seems simpler. HAHA. Thanks!
Hello, first of all thank your for your great work. I know you don't like to be questioned by noob questions all the time but I'll ask anyway. I was on stock 4.4.3 on my nexus 5, then last night I have flashed 4.4 BETA1. And today you have stated that we have to flash 4.4.3 requirements first. So does this mean I can flash 4.4 RC1 without doubt? I have to be certain, sorry for taking your time.
Well, on the Nexus 4, can anyone confirm flashing radio (zip), ROM and GApps is going to be fine? If not, I'll try in a couple of minutes.
Nice, hope you guys support the OnePlus One soon. :-)
+林伟民 有个家伙评论说直接就能升。备份了试试吧
I'm currently using 4.4 beta 1 which is I need to wipe data factory to update 4.4.3 version?? 
+Raúl Romero García I see CWM at the beginning of the radio file.  Does that have any affiliation with clockwork mod versus TWRP?  I use TWRP -- just making sure it will still work :D.
+David Williamson I use TWRP too... I'm uploading at the same folder the factory images. I think I'll use from factory images...when recovery backup ends :P
On nexus 4 i did just ota and everything looks fine.
+林伟民 有
Guys please, can anyone confirm if xposed framework work with PA ROM for three nexus 5 or not?
For those with questions. Mako users...there is no new radio or boot loader to be flashed. Just download new RC1 & 4.4.3 gapps and flash. I dirty flashed over beta 7 build and I'm running fine. If you follow the guidelines all will be well for you too.

Man this is quick! Thanks PA team, the wait was well worth it. 
+林伟民 你是N5 吧?可以直接升,但要刷 radio, 上面有一個xda的 link. 我自己就打算還原 stock, 再刷
Flo Mi
I hate searching for bootloader and radio...
I have the new radio for hammerhead, is there a bootloader?
+Assad Jawaid So for mako it's just a standard ROM flash?  I downloaded GApps like a week ago and everything is up-to-date; do I still need the latest GApps?
You need 4.4.3 gapps to go along with this new ROM build. I suggest backing up, wiping cache + davlik, flash ROM then gapps....wipe cache and davlik again and reboot. Sit tight and you should have the phone with 4.4.3 without clean wiping +David Williamson
So I need to flash new bootloader even if I come from PA 4.4.2? :(
+David Williamson also I would hold off on flashing r208 Franco kernel as its not 4.4.3 type. I'd make sure you're gapps file is for 4.4.3 if not download it to be really sure. You should be fine...if you need screenshots, hangout me and I'd be happy to share them. 
+David Williamson I did:

1) Unzip factory image
2) boot on bootloader
3) run ./
4) reboot in recovery directly
5) Flash ROM & Gapps
6) Wipe Dalvik & Cache
7) Reboot & that's all!

Now I'm booting and seems to be ok :)
any word on if or when Hybrid will come back. missing it dearly. I want to have more screen realestate....
+Andre Saddler Why are you trying to humiliate people around asking for solutions? Maybe you know EVERYTHING but that doesn't mean everybody have to. People need guidance, this attitude is like you don't want people without knowledge about what it is, doesn't have the right to pursue, use or learn. It is completely opposite what PA community try to create. Ok it's free, ok it's not obligatory to explain every single time. At least have some respect, maybe some others can explain and guide the ones you try to humiliate.
+Ayman Şanlıtürk the thing is...people want to be spoon fed. Take it from someone who's worked in retail and went to a real job. People know how to use GPS on their phones, search for stuff....they KNOW HOW TO.....just damn lazy that's all.
Its like people know where the shopping cart stall is, yet they're LAZY and rather leave the cart next to someone's car to get a dent....
Does an md5 have any significance?? Because whenever I flash, it says md5 not found, step skipped. Even while updating gapps through the ota updater the same thing happens.. :/ 
+Assad Jawaid , imho there is a big lack of instructions, im no dumb and i have hammerhead running PA 4.2-beta5 and i still dont know exactly how to proceed, if i need to flash the loader, the radio, just upgrade PA or even if i need to flash the default Android System Update to 4.4.3 which is notifing me to do so, we have to come up with better documentation / upgrade process

+Andre Saddler and you are just annoying trying to humiliate ppl by posting more useless replies than the original questions, get a life
i updated and my n7 2013 lost WiFi.. what can i do? also in my n5 Chrome allways force closes..
Can you post links to nexus 5 bootloader and radio?
Nexus 5...clean flashed ROM, gapps, and perfectly....nice job PA!
+Christian Reizlein I'm going to have to disagree based on my opinion and experience. I read the instructions BUT went on google and XDA and SEARCHED if my Nexus 4 needed a new boot loader or new radio for 4.4.3....
It's truly a matter of venturing out and searching yourself....just like you search for a new restaurant to take your girlfriend to on a night...
The instructions are always the same as used when you went from whatever build to beta 5 build. 
Didn't bother with flashing the radio, bootloader, etc, didn't really have time since I had to get off to college; but all is fine, nothing broken so far, nothing will probably be break.
can we just use the PA ota app if we are on 4.4 BETA 1?
+Assad Jawaid I give you a point in there, but keep in mind there is no much venturing available when you trying to just simple update and forget, no wipe, no data lost, no reinstall of apps, no nothing...
the fist time i flashed i didn't care, and this time is not the same, most of us are just trying to understand how to update quickly and painless over the air...

but yes, anyway, i have to admit that after i upgrade 3 to 5 times all of us will know how to do it, but for the non-experience user its hard to understand and it feels horrible.
+Assad Jawaid +Raúl Romero García Thanks for your responses guys.  The help is truly appreciated.

On my Nexus 4 I booted into recovery, wiped cache/dalvik, flashed RC-1, wiped cache/dalvik again and it booted up perfectly.  I just flashed the latest Franco beta, which is supposed to be 4.4.3 compatible- it's working fine as well.

+Paranoid Android Thanks so much for the great release and all your hard work.  I think the only thing that is getting some people (myself included) kind of frazzled is that the release post made it seem like all phones required new bootloaders, etc, which was not the case, so we went searching for answers online to questions we did not quite understand.

Would really appreciate it if next time you could specify and then we can take it from there.  You don't owe us an instruction manual or anything ;).  Thanks again!
+David Williamson would you do the honors of directing me to the beta 4.4.3 Franco kernel, please? I can't stand the washed out colors on stock! Haha
+Christian Reizlein I agree I'm at that point where i want to flash and forget without full wipe due to losing some chats even after backing/restoring them.
I'd always backup nandroid and flash dirty over previous build. If bugs or glitches happen, we must full wipe unfortunately :-/
Thanks PA, downloading now. ! Super excited :D
I must say PA you have outdone yourselves with this one. On nexus 5. Runs so quick and smooth. Thanks guys, amazing work as always. :-) 
Dudes, explain what we have to do with the bootloader, radio and recovery! Where will we find the files? Can't we just update like we always did?
+Assad Jawaid No problem -- I just remembered that that is for the N4 though.  I am not sure if there is a .zip for the N5!  I don't know what phone you have but make sure you have the right kernel!
Search man.... +Abhishek Raj we know how to this on google search...."PA Gapps 4.4"
Ge Res
anyone knows if pie is still moving from right to bottom if you turn your phone?

EDIT: yeah... its still rotating ...... reverting to 4.3...
great job congratulations! .. you can place a tile to turn on / off the LED notification? .. (overnight is not needed) .. thanks and sorry for my english :)
Maarten R
My chrome keeps crashing... using 4.4.3 stock gapps.
Installing chrome beta and still it crash. Flash again and still it crash...
I'm getting that as well +Maarten R
Are you on Nexus 4 or Nexus 5? Clean wiped or dirty flashed? my work around is to not select IRL websites from search box but to type put whole address..
Is anyone able to download that Fi Theme?, I keep getting a -400 download error -.-
I flashed only RC1 and Gapps, no radio ecc... And everything is OK... Why?
What? Chrome crashing? That's going to give me a headache :/ Should I stop downloading the ROM now?
Nandroid and find out yourself if you get the problem....geez...
Jose M
Where can i find the new bootloader, radio and recovery for mako (nexus 4)?
Yep. Nandroid will always save...but I thought the ROM might be bug free...people complaining of FCs everywhere... That's horrible. I believed PA must be thoroughly testing the ROMs for stability before releasing them to public 😟
i'm galaxy nexus on RC1...
error: launcher3 & setting app has stopped...T.T help..
Just flashed over PA 4.4 Beta 1 running on 4.4.2 and it works...(Hammerhead)
Do I miss here something?
Can someone maybe help on where I can find the new radio and bootloader for the galaxy nexus and how I can flash it? 
Ge Res
why why why do you want to keep pie rotating? Pie was working perfekt without this "feature" for about 300 version of your rom... at least add a button to change it back. have to go back to 4.3 because of this....

No bugs in chrome / wifi for me (N4 comming from 4.4.2 without bootloader or modem flash)
Am I the only one having Chrome crashing all the time when I enter a URL with the RC1 Version? Never had such issues before, was on the latest PA version and updated to RC1 with clean cashe and dalvik -> chrome crashes, did a update to the newer gapps -> chrome still crashes... the only solution is to deinstall chrome updates? And in the last version and the new RC1 there is still the bug where i can not exit fullscreen games, the navbar wont show if i touch the bottom of the screen.
Yeah, normal I wouldn't post such things here, but some forum-trolls messed up the XDA thread(again) and now its locked... Oh boy...
Can confirm Chrome crashes. Every time I attempt to search :c
Nexus 4  wifi stucked in "enabling" since I flashed the 4.4RC1 =(
No Chrome crashes here....

Found two bugs and will open a ticket on the bugtracker:

- Wallpaper setting in Theme Engine crashes after choosing wallpaper
- PIE does not trigger correctly and is not so "fluent" anymore
I simply installed rc1 via OTA on hammerhead, didnt even know about bootloader or radio and such. everything's fine. am i supposed to do something about the other parts?
Try to open some tabs and surfing around, at some point chrome crashes and it wont let you enter any URL. Also cleaning App-Data wont solve the issue, the only method that works is to deinstall chrome updates... and chrome beta also crashes, it's indeed a ROM related problem which no older Version of PA had... sorry guys, you made a great job so far, but to be clear: this is not a RC1, still BETA
I just updated to 4.4.3 stock with Franco and Xposed. Wish I see this post sooner.
Yep chrome crashes for me too...and the overall UI feels laggy, at least for me. Did a complete wipe.
Just curious. What if I don't flash the new radio on nexus 5? There would be any problems? Actually I'm going to flash it, but I just wonder why it is so important to update.
My chrome can't even search.... FC upon search
chrome is crashing for me too. Galaxy Nexus, gapps 4.4.3 full stock
Jose M
I think it's better to wait for all the bugs to be fixed. Not a good idea to flash this version with all the crashes people are reporting #StayParanoid  
Google Camera crashes on Lens blur mode... is this camera issue cause it was working fine on 4.4.2 PA...
Guys! could you please add in the header of your post the links for new bootloader and radio? or maybe somebody can share it with me?
been reading bad feedbacks for Galaxy Nexus. i'll just observe for a while. :)
Hmmmm i got issues searching in Chrome.  FC's - choosing a bookmark works fine.  Is this GAPPS or the ROM? (Nexus 5)
It may be a gapps issue...guys. I'm going to run this and wait to flash a new gapps. Its only chrome crashing for me...everything else is legit. And someone said camera lens blur crashes...has to be gapps at fault, not the ROM.
Will only have the keyboard Theme from FI :(
Sergi B
No me funciona. Me sale un mensaje todo el rato:
Se ha detenido la aplicación asistente de configuración....

Settings crashed as well as theme provider as my phone was re-downloading all my apps
I'm having no issues with this rom update at all. Wish I could help with the people that are tho :(
Lu Isa
How about all those people wrecking their f5 buttons because they are so impatient to get the new rom versions spend the time productively, reading up on how actually to flash the thing. Duh.

Btw, everything working perfectly so far on my mako. No crashes. 
noob question here : i am on PA 4.4 beta 1 ( latest till this xame out ) how can i udate the rom? ( without losing any files )
I am on PA 4.4 beta 1, how can i update the rom directly? I am on a galaxy nexus!
Did anybody succeed with a dirty flash? I'm to lazy to do a clean one 
I can also report chrome crashing when searching, but not on bookmarks. The same behaviour is seen in Chrome beta. 
What if I flash 4.4.2 gapps on this version? Will my phone explode? 😂😅
Just flashed rc1 4.4.3 .. :p
SMH if you guys are asking how to flash radios and bootloaders and such, you shouldn't even be flashing ROMs in the first place. There's a ton of info on how to do this stuff everywhere on the net.
When listening to music with ear plugs I can hear flickering noises but only when the phone is locked, as soon as I unlock it the noise stops... Not sure why
Anyone has wifi broken after flashing? Mako here, I flashed the latest bootloader and radio as well. Dirty flashed from 4.4 Beta 1.
do you touch something of pie? i don't feel comfortable using it, when i want to use come back button mainly
Dom bo
I'm running the latest pa on a nexus 4 and recently my WiFi keeps turning off it says its on but its disconnected any reason for that ?
Anyone else having issues with SwiftKey? Worked fine pre-update, now I can't get it to open :(

Edit: clean flash btw, reverted to factory to get the bootloader/radio updated.

Edit2: started working after a few reboots, not sure what was going on there.
What are Galaxy Nexus owners supposed to do when uodating? Could anyone let me know?
If there isn't a new radio/bootloader etc for your device just skip it :)
Does PA have Privacy Control like in CM11?
don't have PA installed, wanted to make sure before i do :)
Thanks mate.
if i have galaxy nexus with PA4.4 beta1 i need to wipe also? 
Can anyone upload the PA and Gapps via torrent ?????? Pleeeaseee
Bug: Chrome crashes when you click on auto complete suggestion
Device: Mako
great news :) what about 4.4.3 gapps? ord does it work with the latest 4.4.2 release?
What's happening with PIE response? Now is a bit slower. 
+Abhishek Raj i got 1 reboot and 1 UI crash so far but im not sure if its PA or a 3rd party app causing it.
Ok can someone be clear on Nexus 5 running pa 4.4- beta 1 have to flash bootlouder and recovery ? And if it's post the links for those. Then the link for the steps for flash those. And I feel many users will be great full about hat thanks. +Paranoid Android
+Arjane Sachi alright. Thanks for informing. Staying with stock ;) Will wait for the next bug-free release
Great! But,,, Where can I get the new bootloader and radio for galaxy nexus?
Wifi doesn't work with franco kernel on mako and flo, any idea?
Release Candidate more buggy than nightly. Force closes prevalent.
H Sidhu
Chrome FC on search.. 
I am on Galaxy Nexus. Please guide me or give me the link for how to update my Boot-loader & Radio. 
Chrome is force closing guys. Tried uninstalling reinstalling. System is flashed on a full wipe. 
Still 2 issues with floating window: Google+ is still pinned off to the right a little and when scroll in hangouts (not sure about other apps) the keyboard keeps coming up and leaving
updated bootloader and radio?
I have flashed my Samsung galaxy grand to probam 4.4.3
It word awesomeguys
If im right, with a Nexus 5 all you need to do is, wipe, flash rom, then update radio... Dont think there is a new bootloader for the nexus 5
+Simon Bradley I'm guessing if your N5 has already been updated to 4.4.3, you wont even have to update the radio?
I am getting theme provider fc after sometime,i clean installed the rom on my nexus 5....
Way to go PA Team. I'm gonna #stayparanoid forever. (Friend keeps trying to get me on carbon Rom... PSSSHHH. Also, I like +Andre Saddler's style. Makes people get off their butt and look something up for themselves and maybe even learn something. There were some comments about you need to spoon feed your customers... 1st of all... PA IS FREE. They do an awesome job of media releases. Especially for something free. Wat to go +Paranoid Android.
i was running latest 4.4 beta on my nexus 4.  just simply let the PA OTA app download and install the update by itself.  everything works perfect including wifi, chrome, ART runtime, theme chooser, etc.

even though it was all working fine i went ahead and updated my radio to the latest one available found here

i didn't mess with updating bootloader (not sure if it's necessary or not) and i had just updated to the latest GAPPS stock pkg. about 2 days ago.

about as easy as it gets and now on the latest and greatest android experience available for least for the moment
hey guys so its ok to flash over the beta version like normal??
Merhaba galaxy nexus ta bir sorun var.Müzik dinlemek için kulaklık takıp sesi maximum yaptığımda telefon kapanıp yeniden başlıyor ses yükseltilemiyor...
About to flash this when I get home😀😀
Where do I find the new radio n bootloader for gs3 d2lte?
Where can i get the latest bootloader and radio? 
the wifi issue is kind of horrific, please fix it asap
Nexus 7 2013 LTE (deb model) doesn't have official 4.4.3. How to deal with it? And how to update? where can I find radio and bootloader?
I missed the blur on lockscreen..where is it? X_X
Quick guide to flashing Radio and Bootloader;

First of all, I use Wugfresh's Nexus Root Toolkit (NRT). It's useful for anyting that might have to do with flashing etc.

Secondy I use 7zip to extract all the files needed.

Head over to the Nexus Factory image page

1. Download the correct file (version 4.4.3 in this case) for your device
2. Open the file using 7zip
3. Click your way through the archive to you reach the point where you see the two files "bootloader*" and "radio*"
4. Extract these two files somewhere
5. In NRT, select Launch Advance Utilities
6. Flash (permanent) using the Bootloader and Radio/Baseband options
7. Flash the PA 4.4 RC1 and GApps using the Paranoid OTA application
8. Enjoy your PA4.4 running Android 4.4.3!

(if any errors in this procedure, please let me know so I can update the post)

Note1; on Mako/N4, I didn't see GApps for 4.4.3, just 4.4.2, so make sure you get the correct version. If it's not working, just download it from
+MaicoM Rigo It's removed in the previous version due to compatibility problem with theme engine and it will back as soon as paranoid android developers can make it compatible with CM theme engine.
No problem here with mako. I downloaded the new recovery with goo manager, downloaded the new radio zip, new RC PA rom and 4.4.3 gapps, no problem with just wiping cache and dalvik. No problem with Google search so far. Thanks for the best thing PA team 
Hover looks like this new apple feature. I think hover should be able to replay etc the same AS new iOS from the top not on a floating window as a small app. But I guess it is far more difficult
Nexus 7 (DEB) doesnt have official 4.4.3 yet, but i am using RC1, so far, so good. Still waiting for the official update & next PA update.
But this version is not compatible with my nexus 4. And it's running on android version 4.4.3
+Jonas Enlund Thanks Jonas - quick question to confirm - is the bootloader image file I'm looking for in the tar file "bootloader-flo-flo-04.02.img" (in my case) or the "boot.img"? I'm assuming bootloader but want to make sure. For the N7 (flo) it looks like the bootloader-flo-flo.04.02.img file hasn't changed between the factory images for 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 so I'm assuming no flash is needed...
Can someone please tell me exactly what I need to do to upgrade from the previous version of PA (4.4 beta 1) without losing all my data. Would be greatly appreciated.
Having chrome crash on search. If I type something and type a space and search crashing. If i type and search without hitting space after last letter works. If I search the auto search options chrome crashes. Reading prev posts looks like a lot of others also have same issue. Hope the bug is fixed soon. Dunno if its ROM or gapps:/
Also here on mako problems with chrome and chrome beta did a clean install but dont works what can i do to fix this 
Chrome crashing on search.

Think I'm done with this ROM. Thanks for the work guys, it's been fun.
Awesome! And to top it all off, it's even avaliable on legacy devices almost immediately! Thank you PA
PA Roms are only for Nexus devices?? Been waiting so long for this. At least I can flash my Nexus 7 but my Oppo 7a is very sad 
Where i can get 4.4.3 bootloader? Nexus 4
Where can we find latest recovery, boot loader and radio for hammerhead? Thanks
Damn, all is working great but my camera crashes when using the blur feature, I'm going to try a clean wipe to see if that makes a difference.
Finally it's out of beta and into RC state. Thanks:)
Amazing how many people asking for info on boot loader and radio when it's been posted in this thread a million times. Completely astonished that so many people refuse to read before commenting....

FYI: boot loader and radio is optional. There is lots of info available on xda and Google provides all the files you need. If you are on a galaxy nexus nothing has been updated since jelly bean was released....
Theme loader keeps crashing on nexus 5
Can I ask since the last time I ran pa was on the galaxy nexus what ever happened to pa colors and all the nifty features like changing the status bar the colors of the clock position of the clock I have the n5 now with pa on it is there something I'm missing and what happened to the pa preference app
Whats the softkeys called? and how do you edit pie like that. LOOKS SICK!!!
No. None of the boot loaders or radios are interchangeable between devices. You don't need them either!
I know man lol like I said I haven't been in the game for sometime due to the fact Verizon shoots the nexus the finger lol but now my nephew has the n5 so I can play again lol
lol my bad man. Google+ being slow. just saw your reply. Thanks alot
Still getting a crash when processing a blurred image with the camera blur feature after a clean flash. Anyone willing to test this for me and see if they get it as well?
How can i change default hotspot's psw on nexus 7 2012?
I'm a dumbass. Downloaded the 4.4.2 gapps in the PA OTA app when I downloaded the 4.4.3 update. I imagine that's my issue.
Any way to install PA on optimus g pro f240k?
How do I flash a new radio and where can I find the appropriate gapps (nexus 5)
Any instructions for installing the new radio and gapps for nexus 5?
Well shit, I can't get my lens blur to work at all on my phone. It crashes as soon as the rendering begins. I thought it was my use of the 4.4.2 gapps but then I got the 4.4.3 ones and I am experiencing the same thing.
+Seth McGinnis What do you mean about chrome, I tried flashing the ROM on its own and got loads of android.process.___. Has stopped working and had to restore to cm 11, I don't know what it means about having to flash a new radio, any help would be great?
Can we just update through paranoid ota if on 4.4 beta 1? Without wipe/gapps/bootloader and all that stuff. 
Thank you so freaking much team AOSPA!!!!
Camera Crashing while rendering Blurred image, chrome crashing everytime, wallpapers option crashing always! - Hammerhead. 
I've found 2 bugs. Chrome crashes when you click on one of the search suggestions. And when listening to music and the volume pop up appears when you click one of the options the device reboots. Hammerhead
+Ben Duncan Not getting the volume reboot, however, I can confirm the search suggestion crash within Chrome. Also having issues myself with the Camera Lens Blur crashing when rendering.
cn you please!! xtend yr support for xperia sp!!
Can you guys let us know when the chrome crash bug is fixed :) ??
All my nexus babies on the RC1.. Thnq guys u rock.. No problems since mornin
Just installed latest pa and was dissapointed. I haven't used pa in awhile , since android 4.1 but it doesn't look anything like I remember. I was expecting pa settings, dual pane settings etc..... etc.... None of which was there. 
For anyone having the no WiFi issue it may be due to custom kernels at least it was for me. Great update keep up the excellent work!!
You can temporarily bypass the chrome crash problem by clicking on the arrow icon to the right of the chrome url suggestion instead of the text itself.

will the mako get the halfbreed kernel back?
Buttery smooth on the Nexus 4! (Just did an OTA update)
This one is really a release candidate!
Did the region for activating the controls in immersive mode get smaller?  I am having a lot more trouble activating it now that on 4.4 Beta 1.
I accidentally said yes to have the recent button become clear recent, how do I reverse? 
I'm sorry for the question but clockworkmod recovery touch is compatibily if i flash the new PA?
using Fi Theme i cant change my navbar/pie is there any way to fix it?
Chrome crash while searching FIXED for me.
After update my Radio and Bootloader to KTU84L (Nexus 4)
+Paranoid Android, excellent release! Almost stable!
One issue Facebook chat heads don't show up when I switch on immersive mode. Is it that its not meant to show up or is it an error?
Why is there no pa settings for enable/disable of certain features? Basically its just stock with hover and theme engine. Kinda lame.
I flashed the bootloader, radio and Gapps on my Nexus 4. All newest versions for 4.4.3! Everything works amazing except my Wi-Fi, it won't turn ON. What should I do? Is there going to be a fix for this bug in the next update? Cause I don't want to nor have the time to wipe the device and perform a clean install.
+Ilija Mitev weird, i have no issues with wifi. I did the same way u did. Bootloader, radio, rom and gapps. Before flash the rom, i wipe cache and dalvik cache.
I got chrome crash when click suggestion, lens blur crash during processing, theme crash when click wallpaper and xposed nav bar not working.
Chrome force close when opening pages nexus 4 user ..any suggestion?
Hammerhead on sprint running it here and I got no LTE 
No support for i9300? Really want this ROM but the last build for the S3 was 3.99 RC2
Flashed via PA OTA without updated radio or bootloader. Works great!
So Nexus 5 just need to update the Radio/Modem, right? And the last version should be LGD820_KTU84M_RADIO, but what about Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi (Flo)? Does it require a new bootloader and radio? Or it's the same situation of N5?
Please someone confirm...
+Paranoid Android why does it show jellybeans instead of easter eggs when I click the PA version? I actually hate easter eggs and wanted jellybeans to pass time but it still is weird to have jellybeans on KitKat! :D
Yeah chrome and chrome beta force closes when you tap on the link in the omnibox.
Plus if you disable safe volume headset, device reboots. Using nexus 4
Has quiet hours made it back in yet?
will franco kernel r396 work with this release? i am on galaxy nexus
same as u boys, Chrome/setting wallpaper/lens blur fc and also theme..
+Paranoid Android hey I was wondering, is there anyway for the app to open full screen from hover if I'm currently in THE DESKTOP?. Since you can check which app is currently running when clicking a notification to prevent it going float, I think this might be possible.
Chrome force closes whenever I try to type a url. 
Just downloaded and installed it. I have came across a bug : in Google now search bar after 3 or 4 consecutive searches it crashes 
Everything works fine for me.
If somebody have issue try to flash Bootloader and Band from original Google ROM, then flash PA.
Thanks PA team.
+Paranoid Android Incoming calls in background notification stopped triggering Hover. I think it was working on latest beta. Thanks!

Update - After doing a full wipe and flashing again this notification started to work again. I am still encountering Chrome FC as reported by other users. +Paranoid Android do you know if this is Gapps related? Thanks!
google now launcher doesn't have the transparent home key bar :(  It looks all old now
Is there a way to disable showing the quick settings when you drag the notification shade down from the right hand corner?
I cant move app to sd card with RC1 of aospa/legacy !!!
it said that there is no enough space of storage
Jim N
Same chrome issue as well, but there's an issue with pie not popping up if you pull up from the bottom towards where the back button should be. You have to pull it up right from the center bottom.
new bootloader? does that mean I can't just dirty-flash this version like I did with all the betas?
Chrome, Wallpaper FC... everything else works fine for me Nexus 5 ..
Wi-Fi on Nexus 4 with Franco Kernel is broken and doesn't even get "on".
+Daman Waraich and all others.....
Please, please, please give these guys a break and read through the thread.  The new bootloader, radio, GAPPS and all other links are presented multiple times in the comments above.  I agree this isn't as easy as it's been in the past, but this isn't an incremental change.  I'm not a programmer in the least, and I'm a little confused too, but the answers to your questions can already be found in the thread.
+Daman Waraich there is no new bootloader and the link to the radio is already in the comments.
+Michiel Devliegere I had the same issue with franco and with hellscore ... I guess the problem is with custom kernel just restore the stock one and you get WiFi again. 
Anyone now have a NON-TRANSPARENT navigation bar from the google now launcher?
Since I updated to RC1 my WiFi refuses to switch on. Do you guys have the same issue? I first updated the radio, then my TWRP Recovery and I flashed RC1 PA and r208 franco kernel afterwards. I didn't flash the bootloader because 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 use the same bootloader, the makoz30d. 
Stop flashing Franco r208...its a 4.4.2 kernel, not a 4.4.3 kernel. 
+Tyler Holland Go to Settings->Backup & Reset->Reset Preferences, select Quick pull down, tap OK. Next time you pull the notification drawer tap No in the Quick pull down pop-up.
Chrome crashes sometimes also for me. Google search have crashed sometimes after last version of PA, but didn't really connect the problem to the ROM, now however "Ok Google" hot word doesn't work. Not from launcher and not in search app. Anyone else? 
Always good to hear about new opportunities. 
4 RC1 and RC2 are killing my signal. stock 4.4.3 is perfect but as soon as I flashed paranoid I can barely reach one bar of signal. suggestions?
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