Paranoid Android 5.0 Alpha 2

We are rolling out PA 5.0 Alpha 2 builds to the public right now, but first off, a big warning. As of right now, addon.d backup functions are not included in the build. This means you are required to manually flash GApps, SuperSU and all your other extras after flashing the Alpha 2 ZIP. Seriously, you have been warned - do not reboot without re-flashing the GApps package you use. (Unless you have backups.)

A large and fairly important part of the changes consists of Theme Engine improvements, but we are not skipping out on in-house changes. These builds feature the re-introduction of App Ops. Initially made available back in Android 4.3 as a hidden away feature that was later removed and left fairly untouched in AOSP, it has been revived for Android 5.0 and should make your permission restrictioning much easier to do. You can now also reorder your Quick Settings tiles. The layout for them is still the same - two expanded tiles at the top row and a slew of smaller tiles below that, but dragging tiles around allows you to pick their ordering manually instead of being restricted to the AOSP way.

Experiment with tile ordering and protect yourself against all the applications wanting to access all the things.


- Quick Settings are now reorder-friendly
- App Ops re-introduced in the Settings app
- CM TE updates included

#StayParanoid and, as always, get your builds at 
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