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Paranoid Android 5.0 Alpha 2

We are rolling out PA 5.0 Alpha 2 builds to the public right now, but first off, a big warning. As of right now, addon.d backup functions are not included in the build. This means you are required to manually flash GApps, SuperSU and all your other extras after flashing the Alpha 2 ZIP. Seriously, you have been warned - do not reboot without re-flashing the GApps package you use. (Unless you have backups.)

A large and fairly important part of the changes consists of Theme Engine improvements, but we are not skipping out on in-house changes. These builds feature the re-introduction of App Ops. Initially made available back in Android 4.3 as a hidden away feature that was later removed and left fairly untouched in AOSP, it has been revived for Android 5.0 and should make your permission restrictioning much easier to do. You can now also reorder your Quick Settings tiles. The layout for them is still the same - two expanded tiles at the top row and a slew of smaller tiles below that, but dragging tiles around allows you to pick their ordering manually instead of being restricted to the AOSP way.

Experiment with tile ordering and protect yourself against all the applications wanting to access all the things.


- Quick Settings are now reorder-friendly
- App Ops re-introduced in the Settings app
- CM TE updates included

#StayParanoid and, as always, get your builds at 
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Hmm, not a big amount of changes but still great to see some. Hopefully PIE, Dynamic System Bars, Halo and Hover will come shorty after 
Thanks, will flash this later today :-)
tel me when you launch the official :P
+Pavel Tikhonov Pie is a part of Immersive mode and is expected to have a comeback in PA5. DSB should no longer be handled by the ROM in the style of PA4 and should be done by application developers (they got methods of making the system bars change colors with animations and such). Hover is pretty much the same as heads-up notifications. Floating windows and Halo are large projects and we, sadly, can't comment on availability of them as of right now.
+Alan J. Ortiz​ seriously? Do people have to do this at every release? Initial builds are Nexus/official devices only until unofficial maintainers build for their device.
+leonardo totaro As of right now we are experiencing building issues specifically with tilapia and can't really provide a ETA. Sorry.
+Pavel Tikhonov​ you should keep it mind that this small update(IMHO) is only pushed out to supply the demand of the updated CM's TE.
I personally believe that if given the choice, they would have rather held back this minor update for a bigger one in the making. Which would also work fine if they dint weren't constantly pressurized by select, kind of patient-lacking, community members.
But in any case, #StayParanoid :)
+Andrea Gerardi As said in the middle of the post text, "you can now also reorder your Quick Settings tiles." So yeah, it is possible to reorder the Quick Settings icons with the 5.0 Alpha 2 release.  :)
What kernel is recommended for PA?
+Santosh Elangovan​ dirty flash will work fine.
Just remember to reinstall gapps, su(if you need to) or a back up of your current setup.
The ROM as mentioned in the OP is not shipping with addon.d backup functions.
+Santosh Elangovan If you are updating from the 5.0 Alpha 1 release, a dirty flash should work fine, but backing up is suggested as always, just in case. If you are switching from a different ROM or a build that is not an official release one, you are suggested to do a clean flash.
Thanks. I am now downloading it for my Nexus 7 2013 wifi (flo). Thanks PA!!!
+Sebastian P We suggest using the kernel that ships with the ROM, but you can use pretty much whatever you want to use. There is no "one kernel to rule them all" and that is why there is such variety available online. :) 
I know they dropped it but for what reason..? And as CM12 runs smooth enough will they start support for us.?
+Valter Strods thanks. I'm just a maximum battery kind of guy but I'll try stock out first 😁
+ram bhanushali That would still move it down to a legacy status. The main reason is a lack of official support (official support from Google, that is). As far as I am aware, we don't really have people using GNexii in the team anyway, so it complicates development and testing even further.
+Sebastian P You should be fine with any kind of kernel really. If that's your thing, just Google around. I roll with stock myself, but that's just me. :) 
I know that the changelog doesn't contain it, but I have to ask, if the update has the clear all recents button? One of the most waited feature for me. :)
Do we still need to flash CM12 zips first for OP
+Ádám Makk I'm sorry to say this, but no, clearing recents from the recents button is not a feature that is included in this build.
+Joseph Rae Leavitt If you are updating from Alpha 1, it is not required. If you have not flashed the CM zips previously though, you are required to do so before using the ROM.
What Gapps need to be used for Nexus 9? Stock gapps won't install on a 64bit device.
This Saturday took a quick turn and entered pure awesomeness! Fantastic! 👍😄
To deb users
Alpha 2 build still can't play YouTube (and any video, 480p or larger).
Be patient, bro.
Is this build newer than what's been merged on gerrit?
+Sean Hewitt This uses bits of code from internal repos, if that is what you are implying, as can be seen from Gerrit not yet having the QS reordering change.
+Matt Tanner I sadly haven't had the need to look for 64-bit GApps. Google Search should be able to help as there should be a 64-bit compliant GApps package somewhere on the intertubes.
Awesome PA team, a very nice addition for the weekend. Thank you! 
Is there a way to disable quick pulldown? Thank you
Is lock screen wallpaper added in this build?
+Luis Farias There is no toggle in this build and the right side pulls down Quick Settings by default. We are considering modifying this behaviour though.
+Jackie Nim Yes, the theme picker allows you to check the lock screen wallpaper checkbox.
+Claus Scheiblauer We use the stock kernel and it ships as "encrypted only". If you want to roll without encryption, you will need to flash a custom kernel before booting.
well it seams both community (!) projects PA and CM are now commercial and thus dead
Right after I decide to stick with dirty unicorns you guys do this.. Hahaha oh well, what can I say I am a flashaholic
Awesome work guys👍👍 please add a toggle for quick pull down, right quick pull down is really annoying...
Ian P
Can't seem to flash it on my Oppo Find 7s (x9076). When I flash the regular Find 7 build everything is so small
+Pavel Tikhonov​ halo is dead, hover is obsolete. Even DSB is unlikely to be ported. Expect new features never seen before and a rock solid base ROM. If you want old features back I recommend another ROM friend. Euphoria and blisspop seem to have the goal of max customization.
+Sean Hewitt as if now I wouldn't imagine there is much difference between the private and public gerrits but eventually yes official releases will have early code that the public gerrit doesnt have yet. I'd tell you to ask a mod but I really do doubt it.
Thanks PA team, always love release days! Those that can't muster a thank you, you don't have to be here nor do need to use this post as a forum for already covered topics 1000 times.
Does it have a sound/vibrate/silent quick tab button? 
So many ungrateful people here amazes me on a daily basis :( Thanks for the hard work you guys put in these builds the whole PA team, it's appreciated by most of us ;) 
Can we update to this build from the ALPHA 1 through the ota app?
Waiting for ascending ringtone to come back... 
+Reigo Liiv good for you, want them to all call round and cook your dinner as well? Maybe you should be telling Google this.... 
+Danielle Powell​ why be so aggressive??? Just saying, the only feature stopping me from upgrading to lollipop. Yes, I know Google should do it, but seemes that it didn't stop PA team adding it to KitKat builds. 
No I'm not aggressive chap read back you was, no request just waiting... As if they owe it to you in some way :/
Whatever, get a life or something. I'm just commenting as this is "the comments section" . I'm not expecting anyone owing me anything and don't think that I was aggressive in any way (maybe cultural difference in understanding aggression?) 
Where can i see the list of features and changelog? Thanks in advance! 
Is the OK google with screen off working in this build? Wasn't for me in alpha 1
Nexus 6

+Reigo Liiv​ I have a life and a fairly good one thank you, also since I'm English I think I have a fairly good understanding of the language and the correct way to "ask" for something, you was demanding (how it reads sorry) and why you picking on me? 
Good build... but a heads up for Nexus 6 uses, as this does enable forced encryption again
MaxxAudio on the OnePlus One! Thanks guys!
Install all app again???? O.O 
Can't wait to see the final/stable release! One day I'll flash it haha ;]
Great work guys!
Ok, I'm downloading now the zip...  thanks 
Ian P
+Andre Saddler For some reason the Find 7s zip keep failing when I try to flash it. This also happen on the last Alpha build. So I just flash the Find 7 and it worked, but everything is so small. it fail and said my device is not Find 7s.
This rom si fantastic! But I have a problem, double tap to sleep not working, How can i fix it?
Anyone experiencing a 2 second delay for screen to come on? OnPlus One over here. 
Ian P
+Andre Saddler My device is the The Find 7 QHD x9076.. That why when I flash the regular Find 7 everything is so small. This is not the 1st 7s ROM that I flashed. Its the only one that don't (work) flash
What a shit of update, i installed this ovwr the lastwst build, i followed all the steps and reflashed gapps. Everythijg broke, no quicksettings, home buttom not working, most of google app date not dissapeared. -,- i think its time to go Cyanogenmod :D PA is gertinv shitty :)
+a gusto del valle so, whats the correcta prosedure to install the update? Tjere is a mágico trick ? Or what? :-/
Now HERES the style I've been waiting for. 
Putra A
i hope layers will be supported
Volume to wake phone option in alpha 2? My N4 power button is mushy that's why I ask. 
Is this avalible for LG G3 D852??
+Ian P try changing the asserter line in the updater script to FIND7 if its find7a or FIND7s of its find 7. I changed it before I flashed yesterday's build.
So i have to wipe data or have a dirty flash over pa5 (and gapps and su) is enough?
You guys are doing a great job, and I really appreciate the effort you're putting in to this in your free time. And I'm not a developer so I don't know how much time and effort it would take, but it would be nice to have a release with all the common minor tweaks for the status bar and notification bar first, and then wait for the bigger features to be rolled out.
Yayyy... We all may get final build when android 6.0 arrives..
Ash H
Apology in advance for asking dumb questions, but where are all the features? I used to love PA on KitKat and tried it right away when 5.0 Alpha 1 came out but I didn't really notice anything on it. I hated it how there is no customization on setting. I just flashed Alpha 2 expecting it to blow my mind off,hmm but seriously am I missing something here? How do I enable Pie, where is hover settings? My phones so simple now, hell I can't even go to my previous app by long pressing Recent. So someone please kindly tell me if there is some sort of magic settings somewhere to enable... something at least. 
Anyone have the problem with double tap to sleep?
+Ash H I don't think it's been implemented yet. I was hoping for same, but I think they want it super stock for now. I hope that changes in the future. Pie rocked. As did hover
+Ash H​. I assume H stands for hole. Please read this out loud.

A. L. P. H. A. ALPHA. 
+Paranoid Android​ Thanks for fixing audio issues on bacon. I'm playing FLAC file by PowerAmp with screen off via bluetooth speaker and no isues at all. No drops, no buzzez. Thanks once more :)
Flashed yesterday and its great. Used app ops to block a bunch of sneaky ass apps lol. But is there some kind of quick pulldown setting somewhere. Whenever i pull down the notification panel from the right side it goes straight to settings. Did i do something wrong?
Also, +Paranoid Android​, are there any plans on doing builds for Xperia Tablet Z2? AFAIK there are no official PA ROMs on KK base, so I was hoping maybe you got a maintainer now to do 5.0 builds for the device?
Can't wait to have my hands on the OxygenOS!!
Help please, I can't flash this ROM as it says my device is Bacon
Nice job, +Paranoid Android .  Long time fan, and this is a great update that brings to the forefront a security feature that has long been underused when not outright ignored.
No thanks, 4 months behind, and BIG WARNING, geeze Wow. There's like 5 or 8 fully functioning 5.0 custom roms. And YES I will go use one of those. Wait I am. You guys should feel real proud of finally getting lollipop released. Kudos! 
Tried pa 5.0 ALPHA 1, pretty good and snappy in general, but YouTube and other online videos don't play back. I'm staying on 4.6 BETA 6 as my main rom, it's my favorite until now.
Seems so that we get updates.. after oneplus (was it oneplus?) took some devs from you under their hood I thought that this could be the end of the road.. but you dont let us alone and this is great! Love PA from the beginning and till the (hopefully not coming) end ;) waitin for s4 lte rom.
Hello, samsung galaxy note 4 it will be supported with all spen functions or not? Thank u
PA was the best in Jellybean times!! I still remember the 3.9 rc2. May be you cannot go for a big warning when you do releases and at this point of time.
Is this version stable enough to install in a Falcon device? 
Thanks to PA for putting out a quality release, it's worth the wait. Looking forward to more from you.
KL Yong
Inside the App Ops function, anyone knows how to clear the recent search list? I was playing around with it and now would like to clear it from clutters of my searches. :\
Dj Asi
Is there any rom with tablet ui ? Please dont waste your time and energy on material design gimmick , which you dont even notice on 3rd day. Add fucntionality
Dj Asi
Why has no one maintained it ? Look at linux mint surpassing ubuntu.
please design the paranoid rom for the galaxy s5 exynos that is g900h the device till now does not have any rom though its flagship. 
I'm thrilled to see this progress. I'm going to wait until we're out of the ALPHA stage this time around. No need to rush into this on my #Nexus6 
So i flash the New Version and i have to flash again gapps or a newer Version of gapps? Without flashing gapps my phone will have Problemes or what
Do they support LVM for oppo find 7s yet?
Leo Sal
Any updates to the Galaxy Nexus?
But they have also build for the note 2 and other devices than why not for galaxy s5
+Abhishek Jadhav You should have done it the other way around: if I want to run this ROM, which device should I buy?
That's the only safe bet :)
my oversight or it have MaxxAudio in the OPO build?
Thank you PA, i'll be paitingly waotong for further updates
When the Beta will start rolling out? Waiting for so long :( 
what do you care if alpha or beta? is always more stable then cm
+Subhankar Dutta I know but as soon as Oxygen will be released I think I'll use it to enjoy at 100% my OPO!
Btw, the only feature I miss in ALL ROMS for all future versions is still the perfect solution of your DPI change system. That was the best thing ever to happen to Android. It is a pity, it is gone.
+Subhankar Dutta you want an early feature, maybe unstable, or a tested and working one?
I'm for the second one ;)
+Alex Mori​ Haven't tested any of the Alpha :p Waiting or the beta release. Any special features of Alpha which differentiate it from CM?
Just flashed ALPHA2 over ALPHA1 with TWRP in my Nexus 7 LTE, gapps and all other apps stayed intact, no need for reflashing. Thank you PA, you do a good job !
Please can someone help me. I cant flash this on the one plus one. Sayd my device is bacon
Quick question before i flash, would i have to clear my cache or whatever before flashing it?
and is it like flashing a regular rom? lol rom first the gapps and swipe to flash? i dont want to be confused xD
idk if i should do a clean or a dirty flash
I had the 4.6 Beta Build On my phone. Then installed the Alpha 2, but forgot the install the gapps. So couldn't really install any application. So back to the 4.6 build again. And someone please list the steps to correctly flash the alpha 2 ROM along with working gapps.. Have got the pa-gapps 5.1 downloaded.
Using the Nexus 4.

Thanks for your help.
+Baxi Doe​​ Go to Play Store and see if there is an update available, also check the speed of your wifi or mobile data connection, this could also be an issue. I played the HD video over 3G and it worked fine.
Eric B.
I have a Nexus 4; the third one actually. They have all had an overheating problem. The battery is virtually dead at this point and LG refuses to charge me to replace it or sell me a battery. I'd like if P.A. allowed significant reduction of charging to the internal battery, to minimize degradation of the battery. If the battery dies, the product may be totally useless. P.A. might be in a position to allow customizations on charging amperage, times, etc. This could be an environmentally sound feature if thousands of P.A. devices were only charging after ~10pm, when there is an abundance of power, just like many electric vehicles can do.
Am i doing something wrong or are some features (like Pie or Peek) missing in Alpha2? (Haven't used Paranoid quite a while).
I was flashed on my oneplus one and I get "can't connect to the camera" error
Nexus 5, PA 5.0 Alpha 2 (dirty flash), Franco Kernel #71. running smooth and fast.
+Eric b you can always use a slow charging cable... Cheap long ones will often take twice as long to charge your battery. It's perfect for overnight charging. 
flash ROM
flash Gapps
Wipe cache
Is that it? Am I doing it right?
I download it for my Oppo Find7. Do I just copy it to the memory card and then what?
The correct method is:
Flash ROM,
Flash Gapps,
Flash SuperSU, and any other extra addons,
Wipe Cache,
USB Storage access broken (only in recovery availiable) and email app crashes permanently
Teddy M
Battery life is amazing I'm getting 6 OST the only issue radio signal. 
I got PA 5.0 for Samsung S2 T989 and cannot see how to reorder quick settings tiles. Please help. Everything else seems to be working.
Hey, just wanted to ask, is there a way i can flash the pagapps stock package and alpha 2 on my nexus 4? it´s giving me Error Code 70 in TWRP......
i have extremly slow screen wake up. it needs 2-3 seconds on my oneplus one.
whats wrong?
I came for the comments and now my IQ has dropped 40 points. Jesus, how do some people remember to breathe?
I like how for some reason, the quantity or shorter time between releases means something else is superior...logic....
Weird. I'm using the build from the 7th with no issues at all...
What exactly has been fixed that we need?? Why do people think we need a new build every day? Why dont people contribute instead of complaining about our lack of time? Is your time more important than mine?
Its not a clean install if you get FC's, because none of us get them. Did you flash a kernel? If you did I don't want to hear about issues at all....
+Samuel Benes maybe because your system partition is small just as mine is.. So u need to flash either a mini or micro gapps package.. 
You shouldn't. The only times I see people with issues is when they flash a different kernel than what ships with the ROM, or they change something else from how we ship...

If you have such a hard on for other Roms, go use them. We don't see these issues you are having and this isn't the goddamn bug tracker. You aren't helping anything at all.
And again, this isnt the bug tracker.  If you have REAL reproducible issues, you need to log them on the bug tracker with....LOGS...of the errors.  Nearly the entire team uses the OnePlus One, and if you think we are all just 'living with issues', you are effing nuts, man.


What I have read from you is that you had an issue and immediately attributed it to the ROM, even though nobody else has the same issue.  Then you complained about us not doing anything since the 7th, and that CM and other roms have released many builds/nightlies/whatever.

Complaining and reporting bugs are very different things, and if you cannot report bugs properly, move along.
I have no idea what that last comment meant at all....and frankly, I don't care.  
It actually would have been simple enough for you to go make a bug report rather than posting your shit here.  None of this would have taken place had you done that.
Yeah, you brought some along didn't you?

Hey, you were the one that started out by complaining....if you can't deal with it, don't say shit.
Just looking forward to what Gramps has to say next.
+Randy Posvar You're cute.  I am actually doing something with my time.  Thanks for your concern though.  I am working on servers, and not on G+ trying to fight with 'a child'.  What is you are doing again?
+Randy Posvar because I am bullshitting on G+ I can't possibly be working on servers??  I have no idea what the relation is there.  I am also trying to figure out where my ego has come into play here.  You keep talking about it.
+Randy Posvar family member where?  In PA?  Nope, I just stepped up to help out when it was needed.  I never gave myself a PR title.  I am the only one that will put up with the fucking stupidity you guys seem to never stop dishing out.
Later, dude.  I hope you get some later to alleviate your need to argue with 'a child' on the internet.
I tried to flash Alpha 2 ROM to mya OPPO Find 7a (FHD) but TWRP showed me an error: this is for OPPO find7 - Your Device is FIND7. 

I tried to edit Update-Script but still fail when i tried to flash the ROM
Regarding Samsung Galaxy Nexus Maguro,there are ports of Lollipop and many roms too.There exists a new kernel that has Ddk 1.9,and CM 12 is too there.Is there somebody here that would love to maintain it?Back in the xda some stupid people made the administrators lock the paranoid android thread,i tried to contact the admins there but they never reply back so +Paranoid Android  will we see someone maintaining it?The galaxy nexus is more than capable on android 5.1 to handle lollipop.On 1gigabyte ram devices the latest 5.1 is so much faster than 5.0.x so it would be a shame.
I'm having problems with the email system app causing the phone to crash, I disabled it and now it's good but Can I simply delete the email app and reinstall it? If yes anybody have the apk?
I was, actually I still am running 4.6 beta on N7 2012, and I have just converted this build to f2fs so I can test it. It would be great if I could only find that gapps nano or pico package... Xda thread is closed, and I am not able to find any links on paranoid android site. Any help/hint would be appreciated. 
Ok, just found the thread on the pinned thread here on g+ which explains the issue. let's try banks gapps. 
+Harsh Doshi That would have been me after some birthday celebrating...and I'm still all honey-badger about it
any idea where to get gapps now? since TKruzze's thread closed in XDA
+Chun Fai Wong did you read the last couple of pages of the thread?  or any of the rest of the forum?  or tried Google?  There are tons of GAPPS available.  We even have a link to BANKS GAPPS in the pinned post in our community.  They aren't exactly difficult to find.  Just go pick one.
sir,I'm trying to install every time there is an error(status 7). PLease help. my device is samsung galaxy tab 2 p3100.
+Haitham Al Aithan the same build as everyone else has is right there on the website. There are no updates for anything beyond alpha 2
Problem to Install it with my find7.

It says : Find7s dont work for Find7 and find7 dont work for Find7 oO
+Matt Flaming Main reason is that am lazy to change ROM now and restore my apps, cause PA only has Theme feature atm. I'll wait for next update and put it back :) cheers 
Hello, I would like them to tell me approximately how long it take to get the 5.0 version of android on Paranoid Android ROM Please
I have one day with PA 5.0-ALPHA2 on my Nexus 4. Amazing!!!
The ambient display does not work. ??
No Buttons option. ???
No LED notification option ???
The ROM is ver y good!! Thanks
hey guys when i drag my status bar down it shows the quick settings then i have to push it up for notification how i can fix this any hidden option??
Hello, I would like them to tell me approximately how long it take to get the 5.0 version of android in PA on a Galaxy Nexus (Sprint), Please
+Matt Flaming But the Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) if in its official website (aospa). You could write me when you plan to upload the version 5.0 on this phone. Please
I'm guessing alpha 3 will be on 5.1 now instead of 5.0
+Alejandro Luna Mendez our previous release announced that the galaxy nexus is no longer going to be supported. We left the downloads available i n case users wanted to download the last version available.

Let me repeat this very clearly.

Where do we find the gapps to flash? Just returning to AOSPA on my FLO and looking around but can't find any at the usual places, like your site.
Look in the community. The pinned post has a link to gapps. I also put a link earlier today in this thread for banks gapps, and there's this thing called google....looking for gapps? Google can help!
Anyone else having lag issues on alpha 2 for Nexus 7 Flo? My Nexus 4 is running smooth but the tablet bogs down. Less space on n4 than n7.
Didn't look on XDA or on here if it was mentioned. FYI. 
Yeah PA on mi3 would be great! Now even the official sources are out!
+tushar jain because we don't have that device! We don't plan on getting that device! We will not support it. Period. I wish people would understand what it takes to support a device...
+Matt Flaming
Well you just broke my heart! Split it right into two! You will find me here in future in case you change your mind!
You'll be waiting awhile... Because it's not happening
I got your point sir matt. developing an awesome ROM is not that easy so is maintaining it. Still, more power to Paranoid Android! :)
Where's the Gapps package you recommend?
I can't download any of the roms. The peer5 manager just goes to 100%, but it didn't download. What are you guys using to download this?
Is there a way to download it without the P2P?
You say it got to 100% and didnt do anything....did you notice that it verifies the integrity of the file before it 'completes'?  how long did you wait?  did you notice the words 'verifying files' in the middle of the screen?  I just tested and it worked fine
It doesn't say anything after it hits 100%. I left it open in the browser and it just times out.
Thank you. Where do you download gapps?
Google it? Per my comment earlier in this thread, our community has a link directly to Banks gapps, or there are a multitude of gapps you can use if you google it
Just want to know what you use personally. I usually get them from cm. Thanks for the reply. 
I still have an old pa gapps. I don't need anything else
+Aidan Alexander Mate, polite or otherwise, an update request is still an update request and I assume still really annoying. Patience. 
+Nick Dwyer I was asking that now oxygenOS is out, if the rest of the PA dev team is returning or if they are staying with 1+
+Aidan Alexander That's not how this works.  The guys that work on OxygenOS are EMPLOYEES of OnePlus.  One release does not absolve them of their duties, they will have to keep writing code to keep their jobs and they never left PA....
Oh I see, I was just curious. Thanks for the info. Must be a dream come true for them, it'd be great to be paid to do one of your favourite hobbies 
+Aaron Holmes yeah, if you have a device that has a large enough /system partition.  Nexus 4 and 7 don't have a large enough /system partition, but 5, 6, and 9 do
+Aaron Holmes Blame Lollipop.  It requires more space on /system partition.  Nothing we can do about that.
Anybody else having the issue with the One Plus One "this package is for device: A0001; this device is bacon" ? apparently I have to edit the build.prop but what exactly do i change? change all A0001's to bacon ?
+Matt Flaming
So update TWRP to latest, and do not modify the rom build.prop at all?
Yeah. If you are running newest versions of twrp there is no need to modify the updater script. Modifying the build.prop isn't going to accomplish anything either
+Matt Flaming
Okay, I am left romless now but gonna throw the thing in fastboot mode, get latest twrp and should be as easy as it should've been* haha... Thanks a lot!
+Matt Flaming
Thanks a lot! For anybody having my problem, Went into fast boot mode, used android sdk tools, put latest TWRP, booted into recovery, confirmed the version number of TWRP was latest, PA zip was still there along with google apps. wiped again just to be safe, flashed bacon_firmware_update_2015_02_26, PA zip, GAPPS.... Success!
Whats the latest GApps for PA 5.0 ?
What was that these guys were saying that AOSPA wasn't becoming dead as half of the team sold themselves and the project (no, the quicktile customization in Oxygen OS is NOT a raw copy of Aospa tile customization...). R.I.P. my former favourite custom rom project.
You still supporting Nexus 4? I read something in the comments above about the system space, that is not enough for Lollipop.
+Suba Alexandru you read that wrong. System partition doesn't have enough space for gapps stock package
Hey guys what about moto x 2014 , when official paranoid for the phone is coming ?
The same reason we don't support anything other than we already do.....


This is the same thing we say every time someone asks for support for some device.

If it isn't Nexus/Oppo/OnePlus (soon to be Sony) GTFO.
Is the Lolipop rom available for i9500 
I'm not amused by your shenanigans
I miss the (bi)weekly updates
Infelizmente Paranoid acabou! O que pra mim era a melhor ROM do android e motivou a compra do meu Nexus 5, hoje é só uma sombra. Entendo os motivos do término mas fico chateado pelo descaso com os usuários regulares do trabalho de vocês. Acredito que o mais sensato seria chegar nesse espaço e publicar uma nota oficial.

Em tempo: não coloquei essa mensagem em inglês por um motivo óbvio! Minha língua nativa é o português e logo ali no cantou superior direito tem a opção de tradução. 
+Matt Flaming gostaria muito de não me preocupar. Fico triste porque essa é minha ROM preferida e representa para mim o que o Android deveria ser realmente. Recomendei para todos os meus colegas que utilizassem tanto a versão oficial quanto a legado. Eu realmente lamento muito. 
would you prepare to support HTC one M8? 
what a pitty.. or will PA 4.6 beta 5 for M8 update to stable? since there has some bugs in beta version..
Keep going guys!
I have question: I heard you are the ones developing the oxygen OS, will you keep PA as an independent rom or will it be the same at the end ?
Also: I suggest you to tell everybody an out date like in September so people will stop asking for the next release and you will be heroes for making it before this date :)
Still no one developing PA for Samsung Galaxy S4 Intl.? Oh, man, that is just the blank horror. :(
+Valter Strods
okay, last build 7 march - no(!) more posts here, nothing new.
I don't think you're still participating in the community scene
+Matt Flaming lollipop has been out for 6 months now, and PA is on alpha 2 build? Should be a stable build out by the time Google releases android 10. 
+Matt Flaming It's not because you are busy that you can answer to people who support you like shit.
Yes I know, you are developing a project which take time, which is free etc...
Yes I know, you had a lot of people everyday who ask you the same thing like "support my nokia 3310 on the next build" or "pliz we want bild lol". But I guess you had a big head now.
I'm pretty sure at the begining of your project, you were more nice and pleasant.

I loved the old community/team, now, there are a lot of ROM which are as good as this one.

Go ahead Matt, I'v done. You can send me pack ;)
+Alexandre NOEL​ don't care. I don't really give a shit about ever releasing another build, and I don't give a shit what people think. I don't give a shit any more. The users have ruined the fun and I refuse to fucking care any more. 
I've always been honest and straight forward. I've never held back....
That's just me talking. If the other guys feel like releasing, that's on them. I don't care any more. 
+Andre Saddler​ I'm not saying I can do the work, but this release schedule tells me no one else is capable either. 
+Matt Flaming ah, ok. You guys have really advanced internal builds and the public releases are just a gaff. 
No. They can't be released yet because they aren't fucking done yet.....

Get the fuck off our nuts about a goddamn stable release tag. Google never puts out stable code either, why the fuck do you expect us to?
+Matt Flaming​ i think people have just become dependent on you guys. Personally I check the community every few days and read the comments to see if there are any updates
+Matt Flaming​ everyone here just loves to use paranoid Android that's all. But when people have gotten used to weekly updates, then monthly updates to no updates at all they get upset. 
+Matt Flaming​ plus nobody communicates with us about updates anymore. You guys used to post information weekly to keep us up to date. None of that happens anymore. 
Basically those of us that are still around have no access to the main Paranoid Android account. What are we going to update you with?

"It's still not ready guys"?

So we can hear the bitching and moaning on that post too?

It doesn't matter if we release a statement or not. People bitch and moan no matter what. It doesn't matter any more...
+Trevaun Welcome probably best to move on. Pa isn't what it used to be. There are dozens of active roms now that have the polish, futures, and stability of pa and not run by the childish butt hurt clan. 
+Christopher Ware yeah. You should move on.

Honestly, we don't care what fucking ROM you use and I don't care what you think of me...I don't care
+Christopher Ware​ I understand that they are busy and whatever but I just got used to an active community. +Matt Flaming​ not everyone here complains. Some people are actually trying to understand what's going on. 
+Trevaun Welcome what's going on is people are busy and don't have time for this hobby that so many people think are our jobs...
I been using paranoid since I had my gnex. And each time I get a new phone I flash paranoid Android to it. But I suppose if the developers have stopped caring. What's the point of sitting around hoping for them to start caring again
ok I understand. You guys just don't have the time anymore. You guys really did some awesome work though. Really wish there was a way you guys could make some money from this to keep the build going. Thanks for all the hard work +Matt Flaming​
+Trevaun Welcome again *I* don't care. That doesn't mean that everyone stopped caring. The problem is that the ones that give a shit are busy, as we have said many times over, but I guess its hard to read
+Matt Flaming​ oooooo I misunderstood what you said. But the fact still remains that if they are busy there won't be any new builds. And you shouldn't let people mess with you like that. You gotta start blocking that shit out. You and +Andre Saddler​ have always been the most active in the commenta section informing us on whats happening. The community needa people like u
Useless to argue anymore. I rather get money then argue over dumbass on a hobby
+Klemens Palser Just here to respond to the poke as I think some stuff should be addressed. As Matt already said, people are busy. Lately people on the PA team have things of all kinds going on which make them unable to devote as much time to the PA project as would be required. The reasons are diverse. For me it is partly school and partly me being bad at time management as I have gotten myself wrapped up in too many small projects all over the place. This is not trying to be all apologetic or something along those lines - just the hard truth.

We will deliver when we can. Sadly, right now is not the exact moment when we can do just that. 
+Valter Strods​ people are just anxious to get updates. I think people would prefer to hear that the team is on a break rather than to hear nothing. But that's just what I think. I would much prefer an update to paranoid than to switch roms. I've been using this for years. I really don't want to switch. But at times I just feel like nobody cares about us, the users, anymore
+Trevaun Welcome​ You can pretty much presume we are on some kind of a break due to the lack of releases, I suppose. I get what you mean, but on the other hand there is not much we can say really. Most of us would like to keep working on innovating, but as I said, as of right now, that sadly is not really viable.

The harsh truth is, we have to sometimes put ourselves and everything going on in our lives first and have to push some of our projects back a bit on the priority scale.

PA has for the most part worked like a non-profit (with the exceptions of having themes pop up on the Play Store and some individual apps, but there were not that many of them really). The core team has been dedicated on making a cool product even if it has been like a 'hobby' project for the most part (a side project/not the day job). Again, it sadly boils down to having all kinds of things going on and not being able to keep up to that.

Our official status still stays stating that we are in development and we are trying our best to stay sane and innovate.
+Valter Strods​ that is the kind of information I've been waiting on and I'm sure a lot of other users would like to know about this as well because a lot of us are in the dark.

Some people are assholes as Matt would say. But not all of us are. Some of us genuinely just want to support the rom and the people building it. And I think those people should be informed on what's happening with their favourite custom ROM.

I just hope everything works out and you guys can start making some kind of profit from this. So we, the users, can continue to see quality products from you guys
Can't install APKs on PA5.0 A2 on Nexus5 (with 3rd party apps allowed).  Just says can't open the file.  Also, you guys do realise that the Paranoid Android website doesn't work properly in the browser shipped with PA5.0 A2?  Download buttons don't work properly all the time for ROMs.  You can only download wallpapers for desktop (not for phones).
You can install apks and nothing works with aosp browser
No I can't if it refuses to open any APK files.  Installed PA twice now and it's refused on both attempts.  Other ROMs, no such issue.
Downloading wallpapers works just fine using a real browser that isn't 2 years out of date
+PM C works fine here, and always has.  The problem is with your specific setup.
I think there is a bug in the PA5.0 A2 for OPO. My phone always hang and then restarted when I remove my USB cable, anybody got the same problem as me?
+PM C​ try opening the file with a file explorer like es or something... Whenever I have that problem, it works in es
And guys? Get off +Matt Flaming​'s back! These guys started this project and released their work to you absolutely free... They don't get anything in return and with all these "when's the next build" or "in switching to a different ROM" posts, you've pissed them off... You might as well be pissing off your parents... You've made a fun hobby boring for them... So yeah.... Back off and wait or just leave. If you want a stable build then go back to kitkat
can't see the pie nor the Immersion tile!
+Arihant Kalidindi yes in Lollipop, I flash to the one downloaded on the official Paranoid website, expecting to have the pie and other function described, but nothing...
+Thibaut GIROUX​ yeah... All the stuff mentioned in the paranoid android website is in the kitkat version of their ROM (4.6 I believe). Their lollipop version is still in the alpha stage and so it will take them a while to implement these features.
One day you will release the beta, and I hope I will download it before I die ,,,
+Yaman Bataineh You probably won't. JK... anyway,There's no activity in the code review since April.. So sad, I really miss pa...
ur site is BROKEN!!!! all the updates for official and legacy devices ar blanck pages it just shows a search bar and #stay  paranoid the othank younluy page that works is for the nexus seven pls fix ur site I wan to get lolipo for my droid bionic
Anyone tried the 5.1 release ?
I can't get ur downloads I go to ur downloads I click legasy I I find my device and click And its blank us site is broke
Used paranoid OTA and my phone rebooted on recovery. Not possible to make the update by flashing the zip. I made a reboot to the system and it made an upgrade (149 modifications) but nothing seems to have changed. Good luck guys I'm happy to see that you're still on it. (one+1)
…all their xda posts have been taken down
Pa will be missed :( I can't believe they abandoned it. Cyanogenmod SUCKS compared to Paranoid Android 
Cyanogen can suck my left you know what…. i just cant believe the Paranoid Team would leave us without saying a word….. 
I want to flash Which version of GApps should i use ? I would like to flash a nano pack.
good luck finding the gaaps…. they took EVERYTHING down …. i had to format my Nexus 7 - still had the alpha 2 zip but no gaaps …. took me 3 hours to find PA GApps hiding in a dark corner of the web
Can anyone please help me with this issue ?
I Suppose this as good a time as any to ask for PA Tablet Hybrid Mode LMAO
Hey Phill. Isn't this issue with the ROM ? Please check the google drive link i have shared. There is an overlapping of the swipe buttons and the text. 
If anyone happen to have some offical update about the matter, please share with the rest of us waiting for the next PA alpha/beta. I really love PA, used it for a quite long time on my Galaxy Nexus. It is the perfect rom anyone could wish for both feature and design wise. But if it's really dead, as others have rumored I'd love to get an official statement at least. If it's not, I can't wait for the next release though! #stayparanoid
So since this rom seems more or less dead, where has everyone else went to for there devices flash addiction? I've went to xenon HD really fast but lack a few features from pa but have more from cm.
when for cherry mobile infinix pure
Where can I find the gapps for pa 5.0 all links are closed.. Just got my n6 back so I'm out if the loop. Any info would be greatly appreciated 
Here. I have the direct files I'll make a Google drive link just give me a min or too
Will you release a build for Moto X 2013?
Hey OK so pa gapps are just bull shit OK there the same as all gapps so look up CyanogenMod gapps u should see a wiki.CyanogenMod something like DAT on Google and they have ever gapps DAT exists including 5.0.2 - 5.1 - 5.1.1 so all gapps are the same its just a play store I hope u enjoy I stayed up for 7 hours going non stop research so just follow my instructions and u will have gapps enjoy Regis Fanning
Same thing that happened to cyanogen they said they wouldn't suck the corporate dick and they ended up choking on it still, same thing that's happening to paranoid android , the Custom ROM scene is pretty much dead guys RIP the only thing that made android viable for most people. 
At least give us an update on development.... 
You've got a message at Crowdin from ParanoidAndroid:

Thank you to those who have contributed translation for the rom!

Next release it Wednesday so if you all can, please submit your translation soon!
How to get android 5.0.1 installed if now I'm using 5.1 ?
+Alex M. We just passed Wednesday. Do you think it will come sometime soon?
Waow, PA is still stuck. :( I shifted to CM on OPO and tried oxygen but missed a lot of features, and been waiting for a better oxygen, but here we are, both are stuck. Any update guys? anything big is coming it seems? o.O
Where are the paranoid for my galaxy note 2?
Please, can you do a version for ZTE BLADE ? Thanks a lot !
No... Thank for the information. I search a ROM compatible with ZTE BLADE.
(GHOST) Hi guys, i'm having a problem to play some .mp4 videos on this rom...anyone else? (sorry for the bad english..)
Hello. Ja has 5.1 lollipop stable for several devices. Why not have for the officers. My Nexus 4 is waiting anxiously.
You fucking useless cunts crashed my phone learn to develop stable roms!
If you have a Nexus or Moto device, the Nexus Experience Rom is a really nice one to change to.
when paranoid os for xiaomi redmi note 4g ram 2gb series ??
please answere !!!!
After 2 months you don't release new alphas or betas, is AOSPA death?
1. What's the diff between this and N4 w/ PA 4.6b6 & FDE on? tl;dr: is it worth updating (or updating to stock 5, like notifications keep asking to do)?

2. Can that update be done dirty?
Bro any way to delete the tiles in the quick settings??
+Vignesh Ravi - Not at the moment. Although, we're working on a new interaction model.. sort of. 
the new version of paranoid can be installed on the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and if not which version can set you
OMG ! How did I miss this ?! Flashing right now
Maybe its working on my asus padfone 7 k00z me175cg?
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