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Weekly Update Merry Christmas!

While things still aren't exactly where we wanted it to be at this point (Hybrid Engine), here is our first release of AOSPA4+

NOTE: No HALO, No PIE, No Hybrid
Not yet anyway


Mako (Nexus 4)
Hammerhead (Nexus 5)
Flo (Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi)
Deb (Nexus 7 2013 LTE)
Grouper (Nexus 7 Wi-Fi)
Tilapia (Nexus 7 3g)
Manta (Nexus 10)
Maguro (Galaxy Nexus)

Change log: -



# As usual grab our latest version of GApps -

# If you are coming from Android version 4.3, Stock 4.4 or another ROM, it is recommended that you factory reset before flashing.

# While there are new radios and bootloaders for 4.4 they are an optional upgrade.
Sorry, I don't have any links.

# If you are on an unofficial build, (yes) you can perform a dirty flash.
Latest fixes were added over the weekend. If your build is fresher than that, they should be about the same

# Maguro Users if you are using unofficial builds for Maguro, you should definitely flash this as it contains fixes that only made it to our Git Repo today.

Toro and ToroPlus will come later, we haven't abandoned them

Oppo Find5 / N1 +Aaron Gascoigne  is working on it

If your device is not mentioned above then it is not supported by the main development team of ParanoidAndroid. As such, we cannot give you a timelime for when or if a build will be made available.

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Have a good holiday season. Thanks for all of the hard work. 
Thanks! Merry Christmas!
Always Paranoid, thanks for love guys and Merry Christmas
Does this mean that the weekly builds begin? 
My Christmas is complete!! Love you guys! Hahah now I have to drop everything and flash this :) 
thank you and Merry Xmas!
B David
Will ART work with this build? merely curious is all! 
B David
Also, awesome present guys!! Thanks a ton, and you take that well deserved break, Happy Holidays to you and yours!
I can dirty flash this onto stock 4.4 right? sorry, noob here.
Excited to see where this goes. Marry Christmas guys 
Possibly stupid question, but if there's no HALO, no PIE, no hybrid, then what makes this PA and not just AOSP? The tweaks listed in the change log? Or are there underlying PA system changes?
+Kiani I It is the ground work for all the great PA features.  Don't like it?  Don't use it.
Fantastic! Thanks again for all your work! Enjoy your Christmas :)
+Austin Butler if nothing else, it starts the PA update for your device. Flash this, then it's just updates from now on.
B David
Cool..Will test it out.I use DigiCal anyways for my Calendar needs, and haven't see issues with of yet!!

Thanks again guys!
Great job best Christmas present this holiday! Thank you guys!
Anyone knows if the gapps are odexed or not?
Hi, guys, what if i´m coming from stock 4.4.2, grouper?
Has someone got a mirror for mako , server must be getting hammered
Nearly Two months for a simple AOSPA ?i preferred just the good wishes .anyway marry christmas :))
Build date for hammerhead says 22nd? Does this mean the changes you have merged up until ~20 hours ago are not merged with hammerhead? +Paranoid Android 
I just installed it and I don't see any difference between the unofficial and this one, but if this is a step thank you again :-/ 
B David
so if we already had the beta (unofficial build) then there really isn't much of a difference?
+Elisaul Medina We don't hide features for releases... if unofficial is built from out sources there would be no difference. 
As stated, only Maguro had some things (fixes not features) that were not kept on our public repo
Manta download keeps stopping around 5% 😥
Thanks guys! Merry Christmas! 
Somehow I knew it. Thanks guys!!!!! Merry Christmas
+Andre Saddler I didn't want to be cynical, I really appreciate their work, I was just honest, I prefer to wait rather than having a paranoid incomplete ;) 
thanks guys!


Best wishes for the new year.

Hope all goes well for y'all :)
Klems K
Thanks guys !!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays ! ;-)
Yes! Download has failed 5 times...must be busy
+Paranoid Android Keep getting unfortunetly has stopped. I dirty flashed from OTA 4.4.2
thanks a lot!! you guys are awsome! merry christmas to you all :)
+Leandro Gomes be careful what you say. You're supposed to pretend other roms don't exist. I was banned from this community for mentioning the exact same rom.
+Paranoid Android d I guess, hybrid engine on 3.99 r2 is a little instable. work with calm, passion, and at best, merry christmas guys!!
Appreciate this. Looks like Christmas came early. 
Thanks PA and a Merry Christmas to you!
Thank you all the same PA. Merry Christmas
"Toro and ToroPlus will come later, we haven't abandoned them".... The most beautiful words I've ever heard.. Thank you +Paranoid Android
So what's the difference in this and the nightly builds that are going around. Merry Xmas guys..well done 🎅🎄🎁📲
Three things:

1- Even on Christmas some people are ungrateful towards someone else's effort FOR FREE. Shame on you.

2- Full Wipe from stock recommended right?

3- Is it Franco Kernel compatible?
Please don't take my comment of the Manta download issue as being ungrateful, just a heads up.
U guys r awesome..somehow my intuition was saying something and u proved it.. Hats off! Merry Christmas to u guys n have happy holidays!
Merry Christmas PA Team!
Thank you for your hard work.
+Matt Flaming just tried manta again twice, no luck. Too late to be worried about this though, enjoy the holidays 😀
Failed downloads for mako: eleven. @___@
not giving up
And they are now mirrored on for those who have issues with the normal mirrors.
No link to gapps yet, no direct links on the gapps links so i cant download them directly to the server.
Thanks Santa! Been waiting patiently on the maguro release.
Im 15% and still no problems hehe. Many thanks +Paranoid Android , this is the best present you've gave us, happy Christmas!! 
I love you so much merry Christmas :) enjoy the holidays
Cant wait for the finished version....been debating on rooting my Nexus. I wont root until it can have #stayparanoid  :)
+Elisaul Medina unofficial and official will be practically the same. All of their source is open so if the unofficial was built the same time then they are identical. (correct me if I am wrong)
I can't install in my Nexus 4:

"Warning: No file_contextsset_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
E: Error in /sdcard/0/PA/
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.
if downloads fail, I have mirrors for unofficial for mako and hammerhead on my site (check my g+ so I won't have to spam). The builds in the dev folder were built yesterday.
I wonder will we be able to install your next updates via the OTA paranoid installer?
No halo and no pie. Damn. I'll just wait till they are implemented then. Hopefully soon! :-) 
Thanks guys. Hope the servers hold up till I can get a chance to download it
Whoa... in settings it says build 20131220 in paranoid OTA it says 20131221 and zip says 20131223.... mindfuck:D
And if I add flashable zip to paranoid ota Franco Kernel.. it puts it on first place so kernel gets flashed first and then the rom... I bet it wasn't meant to be like this +Paranoid Android
Christmas has come early
I flashed and WiFi isn't working for me. I may need the new radio PA mentioned in description
+cody morand still it doesn't answer why it's build 20th and named 23rd and why OTA reads it as 21st right?
+Paranoid Android have a great Christmas. We know we have probably driven you up the wall asking you when you will release PA. But now that it's here all we can say is thanks. Best Christmas gift ever.
I keep getting network errors when attempting to download the mako ROM o_o Using chrome..
Use ie hahahaha jk don't ever do that
Am I doing something wrong or is the Roms phone image from jelly bean and not the new KitKat one 
Works great so far on my 2012 Nexus 7 and my abandoned by google Galaxy Nexus :)
+Paranoid Android I just knew you were going to give us a Christmas PA 4 release gift. Thank you so much for your efforts. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
+Mitchell Koers That is the AOSP Dialer... Google's new dialer is a proprietary app and is not included in AOSP, which means it will not be bundled with the ROM. 
There is a flashable zip on xda (Gapps thread) for the Google Dialer
Oops my bad. Thanks for the release guys everything's running perfect so far . 
Merry Christmas to your great team many thanks for keeping my galaxy nexus alive the best gift this Xmas for me 
What does it mean by blur lockscreen? is it like iOS 7's?
not worth downloading...waste of time until they get the features we all want.  not complaining,,just we should wait.  for now use DJL4.4
+Brian Agnor For me its worth it just to get kitkat on my google abandoned Galaxy Nexus :)

I can wait until the extra features are added.
There are ni diference bettwen this and the beta. So no uograding. Hope next week we have some great news :)
If you dont have kitkat yeah go for it! 
I'm getting "installation aborted" on CWM for grouper... Any tips?
I get error on installing grouper too :(
I guess that means you should put the toy away and go hang with the family... 
Thanks.. great start to Christmas
I'd flashed PA 4.0 beta almost 2 weeks ago.. Why are you posting this now..?? ://
I keep getting the message "Unfortunately, Phone has stopped" after i start up... o-o
Merry Christmas. Thanks for the hard work but I'm gonna wait for pie. I really appreciate you guys! Take your time and spend time with your families
I knew you guys would hit us with a Xmas update. Thank you so much PA team. You all need to take a break and enjoy the holiday. Much love to all my fellow geeks, nerds and devs from here to xda! 
Will this get OTA updates from you guys or will I need to keep flashing new versions?
Once you DO get more updates coming (whenever that is), would that require wipes? 
Wow so many ungrateful dicks here. No wonder so many developers leave. Look at how half of you act.
+Tj Hariharan no Google dialer. A wipe on a new pa release with new features would be advised
+Tj Hariharan also remember you can find a flashable zip for the Google dialer on xda. So it's no big deal to get that. I know Banks has one.
such a nice Christmas gift! ^_^
Awesome to see an update out. I won't be updating until HALO and PIE at least are there. Hybrid only gets a little bit of use, but I can't live without HALO and PIE anymore! Thanks for all the hard work, PA devs, looking forward to the next updates! :)
Haven't been able to download it. Are there any additional features not found in the unofficial beta version?
+Paranoid Android  Thanks for the update! Why is there still no thread for the N5 on XDA for PA 4.0?  It's nice to be able to discuss issues specifically with the N5.  
Newb question... can we change the color if the status bar even without the hybrid engine? 
Thank you very much and Merry Christmas 
Thanks!! Merry Christmas everyone! 
+Paranoid Android I made a boot ani out of the aospa 4.0 (android is what you make of it) gif. Is it okay to share that to go with this awesome Christmas release?
Thanks, I'll stay with 4.3 till Halo visits me 
+Володимир Кіх Probably not. It's more of a question of us having access to devices. The team is very small. We don't want to overload any particular dev by having them maintain too many devices. 
There is also the matter of purchasing these additional devices. We at this time use our daily phones as development tools
It is already becoming difficult to maintain nexus devices as none of use own Manta / Deb / Tilapia or GNex
There is always a chance that these devices may be maintained by the legacy branch however.
+Paranoid Android the download keeps failing. says unknown network error. tried on my phone and laptop, same thing. help please?
A few hours ago, PA OTA app was working until just, it says Error checking for ROM updates: a ROM was not found for your device. And also error checking for gapps.
Thu Wi
Merry Christmas!
If I'm on the lastest official PA build (for me 3.99 RC2), can I dirty flash it?
Sorry for the silly question
Also, if I'm still on 3,99 RC2 when the complete PA build comes out, will I need a clean flash? 
Holding out for Toro. Thanks, guys!
I'm using a Galaxy Nexus with TWRP and failed when i tried install. And now i don't have any ROM installed and none .zip ROM on my phone. Someone can help me, please.
+Caio Luan you have a nexus.  Use adb to push a new rom over to it and flash.  Why would you delete your rom zips if you didnt have anything installed?
Just tested the google dialer on (addon  for the pa gapps) and it works great on my galaxy nexus just in case anyone was wondering.
+Kartik Bharadwaj Does it say there is an update?  I highly doubt 3.99 to 4 will work without a wipe, but please do test the OTA.  I am trying to verify it works right now.
Love the new download host. 
+Tom Gojcaj oh, you are referring to the download page?  I did that.  +DigitalOcean is just a VPS provider, and friend.  We handled all the grunt work on the 'design'  (there's more to come in the future, stay tuned)
+Matt Flaming lol ...its all good. Cheers and like I said I really like the work. Tuned in I shall stay. 
Failed To Download the build .... :(
Thanks guys! Marry Christmas.
Anyone know about this "(Status 7)"  with my download failing? 
Thanks guys.. Why no ascending ringtone? 
+Ashutos Jain try dolphin browser. That one worked for me cause it "waits" when there is no connection
+Paranoid Android just realised there is very limited quick tiles available (no GPS, network mode etc). Will it be added soon? thanks for the ROM!
Daz T.
+Paranoid Android +Daniel Ware "Jesus is on vacation. N5 thread is (will be) his" lol couldn't help but laugh at that one.
SuperSU will be broken if franco kernel for 4.4 was installed
I've tried 3 times. After 20-30 mb download fails.
Failed - Network error warns.
Do you have an alternative link ?
Super User will work with this right?
Interesting... the Galaxy Nexus build has more features than the 2012 Nexus 7 build.

I can't seem to find the usb storage option or the choice of dessert case as a daydream on my Nexus 7.
Someone tell me how to get swipe typing on pa keyboard ? I have flashed core gapps package of Banks bcoz I have limited internet right now. Just tell me the file which needed for gesture tyiping?
The lightbulb app is really good-looking
can someone point me to bootloader and radio for mako ? happy christmas to everyone :)
Merry Xmas PA Team, thanks again for a year full of Paranoid ROM's.
So every time I try to download the update its unsuccessful and do I have to download latest radio? +Paranoid Android
Didnt know if somebody report it allready
FC when open incognito tab in aosp Browser

And is it possible to change lockscreen background?
The installation of 4.0 failed and now my phone only loads into recovery mode. What do I do?
it says "Warning: Nofile_contexts" and then I get an error. I already did the factory reset.
really need help here guys, phone is wrecked :(
Merry Christmas and thank you very much but I'll wait till halo is implemented :) 
read back through the thread the advice is to update my recovery, but i can't get into my phone to update it now
It seems like the camera on the nexus 4 is worse than it was on 4.3 :-(
+Ben Collins Can you still use fastboot? Have you tried reverting to the stock kernel of your current version before updating? 
Hey guys, I'm coming from Franco's very first release (4.4) ,can I dirty flash this? Thank you for the good work :) 
can we enable 'ok google' voice search for the mako version ?
What a wonderful gift!! Merry Christmas!!
Saki Sk
I dont use Hybridsettings or Pie. Just need Halo and so i will wait.
Merry Christmas
Awesome! thanks Have a good Christmas!
hi merry christmas. i just wanna ask if s2 gt-i9100 still getting paranoid android rom? i hope where stll in your heart. we appreciate the last 4.3 build on s2 its just awesome. this rom definitely on top. 
No PIE?, whelp, Im going to extended framework.
I'll wait for the full stuff... But merry Christmas guys. 
Where's the PA thread on Nexus 5 subforum on XDA?
Can't find it.
+David H. Under the hood improvements, I'd say.
Plus little things such as Reboot options when pressing Power button, stuff like that.
I think I will do a full wipe etc when the first non beta version is out... Because I don't want to do a full wipe and have to redo all the little settings etc every time... Or is there a good way to not spend a lot of time for the reconfiguration of setting, reinstalling the apps and save all SMS and other messages?
Waitting for hybird
I think i'll wait for a release that has the pie included. Am useing cm with imersive mode but it doesn't even come close to pie. Hope u guys will find the time to merge pie pretty soon. Would be the greatest gift ever. ;)
Just for the record, I attempted a dirty flash from another AOSP 4.2.2 ROM and it wouldn't get past boot screen, so I fixed it by performing a full wipe.
For those asking about features, check the changelog. There are plenty.
Thanks +Paranoid Android .
Thanks for the Deb release! I hope it continues to get updates. Merry Christmas! 
+Paranoid Android is there any way for u guys to upload a pie apk so that we don't have to wait for it to be merged in the rom or is there any other way of makeing it work on hammerhead? Thanl you sooo much
Yeoh WM
Thanks paranoid android for the Christmas present. By the way, could you please include toggle 2g/3g in your next release?
+Paranoid Android Thanks for the ROM. Merry Christmas. In the Quick Settings Panel -> Edit Mode Button - We can only Move the Tiles or deactivate the Tiles from appearing, but we cannot add a new Tile
Can someone show me the xda official thread for hammerhead PA4.
Thank you, I've been waiting for it.
Can I ask one little question? Is there going to be a tethering for tilapia? Lack of this feature is the only thing that makes me worried right now, sorry for asking. ☺
Merry Christmas! Keep up the awesome work, it's much appreciated! 
I already replied to a comment above that it's fine if you create a mirror
When hybrid mode comes, i'm instantly flashing it onto my hammerhead!
Great works guys!
hi i am just new and curious...i have a galaxy is this kind of a nightly build? and how do i update to future releases? is there something like ota or any app?
N5 here. What do I do about no SU binary being installed?

Edit: SU will be broken with both Faux and Franco Kernels. Just use stock for best results.
Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard/pa_mako-4.0-BETA.....
Configupdater fc...fresh install from stock 4.4.2..what is that thing?btw, tiles super cool and also immersive mode.. Good job
A Better motto would be "Stay Hungry, Stay Paranoid"
Torch Tile is missing :( , but great release, using since yesterday with Franco kernel and touch control, very stable. I'm on Nexus 4 Mako.
Merry Christmas and have a nice day:)
Knew this was gonna happen! Lol Merry Christmas
To the whiners, so to speak this was a rushed release. Though we ensured stability, we wanted to include more but the impatience got out of hand a bit, even with the team. Just relax we will be releasing more frequently soon enough. If your whining about lack of features then we'll be happy to accept code from you. If you whine and can't code then that sucks for you
The whining is really out of hand. I vote all builds get pulled until people learn some respect. 
Is the New Version beta because not all pa functions like pie and stuff are not included yet or is it beta because it is not stable?
Did a clean flash on my Nexus 4. After reboot error message "phone stopped working" popped up which cannot be removed or reset. Flashed several times, with or without Gapps and different bootloader, all without result, every time "phone stopped working" popped up and my Nexus 4 cannot be used.
Reverted back to PA 3.99 without any problems.

Any tips on this error? 
It's beta because not all the PA features are in it. I have been running official on my hammerhead for a few days. Rock solid
Daz T.
+Christoph Planken I believe its beta simply because they are not finished with their implements (as they mentioned above [I don't want to act like I know 100%]).. This ROM is very smooth and a lot better than their previous release. Besides the " +Paranoid Android" touch with halo and whatnot, I'm grateful for this. Runs better than the cyanogen ones I've tried.
guys i can't install the file with TWRP. It says: Unable to open zip file. Newest GApp zip works perfectlyfine though. Any work around?
Best christmas present this year!
+Matt Flaming thx for the response but the recovery was already up to date. I downloaded the rom zip again and pushed it to phone via adb and it worked finally. i guess the file was corrupted ;) first 10 seconds i can already say its smoother than 4.4.2 stock ROM ;)
Can someone explain to me what ART is? 
I get "Status 7" error when I try to boot it on my N4..
im stuck on recovery mode.. please help
Cheers guys, i'm on android 4.4 stock rom and lost root access with last flashing. Bootloader is still unlocked. Can someone give me a instruction or simple video tutorial how to root the nexus 4 running 4.4 ?
You guys are amazing
Someone asked, all Kernels are stock at this point, I didn't have time to plan what changes I'm gonna merge, I've been having a rough December. Next releases will feature my patches.
+Maik Neumann you don't need to root it to flash a ROM. Just fastboot custom recovery and install your ROM. Or flash custom recovery and flash if you want to make a titanium backup first. 
congratulations to you all for the great job! and merry christmas
+Paranoid Android You guys will be the last to arrive to the Nexus 5, everybody is there already Omni, AOKP, CM, etc... Seriously, can't complain because PA is by far best but you're taking as long as the iOS 7 jailbreak. Android is open source...
+Mark Johnes and you are complaining for what purpose? Do you know how big those other teams are? Do you realize that this isn't a competition to see who is first? Get real
Waiting for pie! Halo! Hybrid UI! And some new innovative features!
Hi guys!
What does mean "blur effect WIP" in Optional Lock Screen Transparency? When I go in Settings -> <PERSONAL> Security -> See through I get only transparent lock screen, no blur effect! How can I get it, if it possible at the moment?
Anyway, it's a great work! Thank's you a lot! Merry Christmas!
+Paranoid Android I flashed the beta before I've written that post. I can't recognize PA  at all, All I can see is AOSP. Anyways, glad you guys are making progress Can;t wait for Halo, Pie and Hybrid...Google Must have changed a lot of things in KitKat
Thank you for explanation! I like this idea with blur effect ;-)
+Matt Flaming Team Size doesn;t matter because everybody (At least in XDA ) builds off of CyanogenMod which is opensource and gets updated everysingle minute on Github(Kind of like Linux) 1 Person can build his own ROM (and kernel) if he knows what he's doing... 
+Mark Johnes Except the PA team doesn't use CM for source....they use AOSP.   So yes, Team Size DOES indeed matter when it is done right.
Anyone else not able to flash on hammerhead?  It's hanging at "Installing update..." on CWM.  Also tried redownloading, TWRP and manually mounting /system.  I'm able to flash other things, so I don't really understand what's going on.  Or does it just take an eternity?  Flo worked fine and wasn't too long to install.
+Mark Johnes It was announced many moons ago, but simply because they want clean code to work off of, and implement their own features.  CM breaks things behind the scene and the code is not what PA has in their vision.  They want their own implementation, not to be known as simply a CM spinoff.
+Mark Johnes Because we choose to. This project is intended to be our take on what Android could be. We don't necessarily agree with all the changes that CM makes so we won't use them as our base. 
We like stock... we want to keep the stock feel with a few additions
+Mark Johnes let me school you a bit. CM is great for backend support ie. devices,caf and such. CM is a hacky yet stable form of aosp.. though it works real well, it takes away from AOSP experience because it has to deal with a plethora of devices. PA likes aosp,  PA aosp+. CM has 100s of official devs and more unofficial devs contributing to their gerrit per sec, per minute, per hour, per day etc etc. We only have 10 official devs. with a small number of unofficial devs. We cannot support more than nexus due to the fact we are small and dont have resources to worry about per device bootloader and flashing issues. This is where aopsa-legacy which is maintained by half of the dev team who do have non nexus devices and it does use CM's backend with core pa features. 
Has anyone been able to download Manta? I get to 2% and then it aborts. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas! 
No Halo, No Pie, No Hybrid.. So no use for a update.. Don't see a benefit for a update
+Paranoid Android Is it possible that you will add hybrid orientation in PA 4.0? or it's makes no sence, how do you think?
For me it looks very nice, but needs refinement
if it will adapted to the screens 4.7 - 5 inches it is the bomb!
Can I flash using ROM manager? And what version of cwm is best? Last time I flashed a rom, I lost my cell signal. I'm on n4 pa 3.99 btw
+Christian Pfeiffer I really don't see your point. Would you say your comment to the Devs in person? If not, practice some self-control. 
I would pay.. No problem. I will also update when the update brings the features from the current release. So why to update? (don't see this as sarcasm or simular) 
+Julio César Gómez Núñez I'm working on it (torch tile), it delayed because i'm trying to linking its state with the app's one, so the on/off tile's state will not depends only on the tile's click (that's how i did first but no way, poor integration :P). Also make it more AOSPish. Btw it and some tiles will come along in the near future :)
i downloaded it and tried to install it and didnt work and now my phone doesnt start, help! and merry christmas for everybody. ihave a nexus 4 and downloaded +Paranoid Android 
so it begins...

thank you very much for your hard work.. have a paranoid xmas.. :-)
I was wondering:
Is there any chance that the new motorola devices (such as moto X and moto G) are added to supported devices?
(it's just a question, i know that it's not simple)
I just flashed it on my maguro and it looks perfect! Thanks guys!
Is it planned to include the color profiles from 3+? I was a little irritated how pale the stock profile is :-D
Finally! Thank you guys. I finally switched from PA 3.69 (Mako, Android 4.2.2) to PA 4.0BETA (Android 4.4.2). There were terrible problems for me on previous 4.3+ builds. One thing I'm missing the most is the Hybrid Engine. I really hope it will be here before 2014. Have a merry xmas and jolly new year!
+Paranoid Android 
Hey, I've tried to install the ROM and got this error:

"Warning: No file_contextsset_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
E: Error in /sdcard/0/PA/
(Status 7)
Installation aborted."

I've updated my CWM to v6.0.3.1 and still cannot install.
Did someone managed to install it using TWRP?

I need help =(
Works like a dream for me. Thanks PA team. Did however have to upgrade my CWM to the latest version to install it but no complaints. Thanks again!! 
+Paranoid Android My biggest dream is to create my own custom rom, must be amazing to see his work come to life and be able to say "I did that." Do you know any tutorial for beginners?
Thx, works really nice on my N7 (2012) :) Merry Christmas and thanks again
+Leandro Gomes sorry, I'm not aware of any. The easiest thing to do is to start contributing to a project so you get familiar with how things work.
Start doing your own builds, and get familiar with github. After that you can fork an existing project or use AOSP to create your own project.
+Paranoid Android Hello, somebody just said to me, that there will be no more TabletUI in kitkat+ PA. Please tell me this is not true...?
The best present. Thank you!
Keep getting a download failed message, anyone else still getting this?
Feels a bit empty without PIE (the reason I use PA), but I'm sure that will come soon!
Flashing maguro build killed phone vibration.

All settings relating to vibration are enabled, but nothing happens in lock screen, keyboard, vibrate ringtone or other places.

Before flasing this, i was using pa 3.99 (the latest release for maguro) and everything worked fine.

Before flashing I did a wipe in recovery (data+cache+dalvik) and then i wiped system also. Then i flashed the rom and latest gapps and then booted for first time.

I can provide logs if needed.
Шо то нацарапкали усе эти пиндосовцы? Гухл пириводчик не смагет это перивисти! ааааааааай
Happy Holidays!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Thanks so much guys!  Can't wait to flash this!
+Luis Castaneda as previously mentioned countless times above, the release is a beta and does not have all the PA features because of unforseen issues with the coding of said PA features. Moreover, the issue of complaints for a FREE service done by individuals still in university, is getting rather drawn-out. I hope in the future this will no longer be an issue but, in the meantime, lets enjoy the official release and wait patiently for updates in the coming year. 
It's just me or there is no QuickSetting option to pull it down from the right side? Would love to have this feature again...
Thanks for the great rom. Upgraded to PA4.0-beta from 3.99-rc2.  Its stable and fast, can be my daily driver.  I only missed the quick settings toggle.
+Christoph Planken I'm using twrp, so people commented that they have problems flashing and that was due to old version of twrp. I will advice you to take a nandroid backup before going to pa4.0-beta, in case some thing don't work to your liking, you could always restore. After installing and setting up Google account, the auto restore didn't work out for me. So, I did the painful way of installation.
3.99-rc2 is still the best for me, full feature and stable. But I wanted a taste of KitKat on PA and wanted to check out the battery performance on KitKat. I've tried rastakat and a few others KitKat ROM, none did survive half a day of usage.
Great stuff but hosting doesnt seem to be coping. Download keeps failing. Happy holidays 
No quick pulldown from top right corner?
Btw if ppl have problems downloading keep trying eventualy you will get it, And if you have a GNEX make SURE you have newest TWRP or CMW. I had the previous version and it messed up my phone install.

And if you do mess up the phone nstall, downloading MSKIP unified toolbox, reverting to stock and then reflash the wanted recovery/rom/gappps will solve your problems. I use MSKIP toolbox cuz its pretty darn easy ;)
Great release folks.
Had trouble downloading the rom but finally I've got it up and running.
+Paranoid Android Thanks for making my Christmas beautiful. I was about to unroot my N5 back to stock. Saw this and I'm filled with hope again. 

Now gonna patiently wait for next update(s) with Halo, Pie and Hybrid Mode.

Just flashed , awesome :D thx , coming from 3.99 Gnex
please for the love of god, can someone share another mirror, tried hundreds of times yeaterday and today, just keeps failing every time, really annoying.
+Paranoid Android dont get me wrong, i like pa and the ideas behind this great project, but can you tell me which improvements it has right now compared to other projects like omni, cm, aokp or carbon? just want to know that so i can decide which one i could give a try. (; 
Running it now for a day and it runs smooth and flawless on my GNEX. Immersive mode is a good replacement for the previous full screen mode. Once getting used you hardly mis PIE. Altho i mis the notivications through HALO but i know thats a future goody.

Very good work, im looking forward to future PA goodies. Thanks!!!!
Merry xmas.... Oooooooo yeaaaa! 
Thanks for keeping maguro in the loop still :)
No love for manta twrp users it seems. What is different between twrp and cwm?
Hey just flashed on FLO.... everything's great but I can't find theme chooser..... is it included? If not does anyone know a good way to flash it or something?
You guys can still add the hybrid engine, just without the tablet UI.
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