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Anyone down for some drinks. 
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Being honest, it's hard to find a post where we can express our sadness, since all we read from PA Is advertising team's apps and private posts
Why do you need to express your feels? You think it's going to make any difference at all in the situation? 
"Instead of drinking you should be releasing next alpha" comments incomming... 
+Sean Behan Hey, I'm not asking for an ETA or anything, but rather expressing the excitement for what's to come to the Paranoid Android platform on Lollipop base, which is basically all the classic features that aren't ready yet
PA has become a bunch of trolls looking for some attention lmao
+Matt Flaming glad to see that you agree with what I noticed;)
I don't want to sound disrespectful but the whole post is a bit spam, because it has nothing to do with paranoid android rom.
+Bruno Felice I'm just sick and tired of people. I had builds ready to push out days ago, but people continually piss me screw it
Good hold them inconsiderate people at bay. PA is the real deal. Just be patient. +Matt Flaming​​​ I am happy that you are taking this new venture. When you are ready, your loyal PA followers are here waiting patiently for you. Thanks for all your work!!! P.S. If your thinking this Facebook,...time to move to another social media. To many FaceBitches here.
You dont' have time for drinks, you NEED to be working on PA for the M919!!!
Dammmnn I'll be down but I'm way too far away.
Ali M.
After constant reboots on PA I finally switched to something more stable, I appreciate the love that the Dev team has put into PA through the years but I'm not going to be an ignorant fanboy that will stick to their favorite ROM even if it has become shit. If the Dev team lost interest in their own ROM what makes you feel so inclined to keep cheering for them. What pissed me off is that +Matt Flaming​ just said he had a build ready to push for "days" but he decided not to release it because of ppl "pissing him off". Well what about the people that have supported you through the years? You have 50,000+ followers and you decided NOT to push an update to an Alpha because a few ppl pissed you off.
Well shit, what you don't know is that nobody actually NEEDS PA and there are like 10000+ other Roms out there and when everybody smart enough to decide to switch (Which has been going on for a while now) you are left with the few fanboy dumbasses here who "piss you off".

You could just build it yourself if you want it now. My life takes precedence over some ROM.
+Bona Poun​ - Only Aaron & Yamil are there from PA at the moment, save some money for the time you meet me! :p
Ali M.
+Matt Flaming oh I've switched a long time ago, why would I build it myself when I don't need it?
Your life takes precedence and that is cool but I'm not gonna sit here and wait for your life to finish doing what its doing lol I'm just gonna switch and that's what happened.

Thanks anyways for the good memories with the ROM. It was good while it lasted.
Ali M.
+Andre Saddler lol you're trying to make me look like I'm "being a bitch about it" when in reality I don't give a fuck about your or Matt or the ROM as long as I have no use for you.

I'm out.

If he didn't care about the ROM, why even post.

Squidward likes Krabby Patties 😏
What the fuck went down. Seriously. What the fuck. 😑
"you must now be 13 years or older to join the PA community" 😏

do people not realize this is merely a rom? like can we please take a step back and realize people are fighting over a custom os for a mobile device?

paranoid android is software. touchwiz is software. miui is software. cyanogenmod is software. the best part is, choice. I am not a fan of cyanogenmod but I don't go in their community and waste my time (let alone theirs) saying I don't like it. I hate onions so I don't eat at white castle. I am not a fan of teenage girl clothing stores so I tend to stay away from justice and forever 21. I think you get the point.

 Pa: "Hey we're human beings and were wondering if any other human beings want to come be human beings with one of us in a relevant setting?"

"Community": NO NO NOWHERE IS OUR ROM YOURE ALL DICKS I NEED NEED NEED MY ROM WHY ARENT YOU LIVE STREAMING YOU ALL WORKING ON IT. still love pa promise promise just disappointed love you blah blah blah 

+Alessandro Rossi I switched to CM12 quite a while ago. I use to like PA, but why use it when you can use a ROM that has more functionality and stability, and is updated on a daily basis, not a monthly. Whenever the PA team starts to release regular updates with cool new features I will probably switch back.
I'm still sticking with the PA alpha, only because it happens every time, that right after I switch, there's an update with cool features and I'll come running back. Dayum.
+Matt Flaming​ loving the alpha build. Dont let irrelevant people piss u off and make the loyal fans of paranoid android suffer. Been using this rom since the galaxy nexus with hybrid mode. Never been disappointed before. #stayparanoid 
Hybrid is what drew me to PA so much. Started on my Note 2.