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Status update 1st. Feb 2013

We've been taking it easy for a couple of days, nothing much but here goes, things that were added since the last status update, some of you know them already because of the nightlies:

- speed can be set to zero where status reports appear on touch immediately
- some pretty evil wakelock is gone which was draining battery a bit
- can be scaled up and down via fractions
- gap (the space between elements) can be adjusted, closed is possible too and looks quite cool
- trigger area can be made larger for those of you with otterboxes
- menu button can be displayed all the way or only when needed
- search button is optional

Other stuff
- better looking notification bubbles and dialogs thanks to +Arz Bhatia 
- +Aaron Gascoigne is currently tweaking the backend, he's experiemented with O3, graphite, bionic, linaro, gcc 4.7, everything that makes the benchmark folks happy. This made some nightlies quite rough but that's what they are for after all. (-:

- PAPrefs has been cleaned up, all the poweruser junk is out (overall DPI & UI, blabla). You can still unlock it under Tools/Expert mode. We made this decision after having seen the worst PA review ever. We gotta thank +Pocketnow , yes our hearts stopped when we saw you duck up our rom, but we figure it must not be easy to handle PA when seeing it for the first time. We do want to make this stuff easier.

No planed build schedule, everyone who can build should do so. Mako will be available in 5 min.

Expect 3.0 in the next couple of days
We're wrapping up, fixing last minor bugs, maybe adding battery %. We're in contact with +DMK Stev who will provide you with video instructions for hybrid engine and PA in general. He's one of our favourites, his videos are quick, researched, down to the point. Oh yeah, and then there's +Cruzerlite . If that goes down, our own artist will create THE coolest looking shell on this planet right now.
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2 questions:
Do expanded notifications work in PIE yet? 
Is there a way I can get the donate version of PA Prefs with PayPal? 
This is by far the most innovative thing I've seen in ROM development. Keep up the good work! 
I'm getting a feeling that PA 3.0 is gonna be one hell of a rom!! :D
I'll flash the Grouper 3.0 build as soon as it posts....just went back to stock for a few days for shats and giggles.

You guys are kicking ass.
What about a CLEAR ALL notifications button?  I updated 29 apps the other day and that was a lot of swiping.  Love the PIE though.
+Matt Titus , they never ditched that feature, they actually improved this feature by changing the multitask button in a CLEAR ALL button when needed. Unless you use a galaxy s3..
Best buck i ever spent, for the app.
Luv me some paranoid 
Just gets better and better!
One stupid question allowed? I didn't get it yet what PIE means in long or what it exactly is?

Oh and if you answer could you link my name so that I get a notification, thanks :D
There is nothing like pa. My nexus 10 will run nothing but pa from now on.
Really looking forward to 3.0 on my t mobile s3! You guys are fantastic 
Flo Mi
+Lukas Wiest : it stands for damdadam.... Pie.
You know - Pie - Kuchen (you are german, aren't you?).
I wonder if Key Lime PIE will use this, or if you stole their idea :D

This is my first g+ post :D
I am going to be going insane F5'ing the toro thread in hopes of seeing a build with all the above included! Ahhhhh! lol.
Amazing, excited. Thanks so much!
So happy to read all this... Can't wait to see PA3.0
When it's released, do we need to download a fresh version of gapps as well? (apologies if that's a silly question...)
In the original thread for your device search for the GAPPS link and search in the folder if there's a newer version from the one you have.
+Dave Sharpe gapps are updated locally anyway so they will never be out of date. just keep one version on your phone and you flash it after each update. eventually, later, you wont have to, when we switch gapp-restore on again. usually we update the gapps package for bugs or tweaks - but thats rare. right now all of them seem to work.
"Expect 3.0 in the next couple of days" is the most beautiful thing I read all week. :D 
+Florian Mill (yes I'm german), I see. And is it only the name of the rom or is it a special part of the PA features?
Hangin' out for 3.0. Really hoping it includes battery percentage though. :) :)

If not, still a brilliant job guys. Love your work. 
What is a "notification bubble" ?
If you have an otterbox for a nexus 4 you should be shot for concealing such beauty!!!! But the lg bumper!!! I have it and its amazong looking
+Paranoid Android so I wipe caches, flash pa, then flash gapps. Right? I'm so scared of messing it up! Have backed up though.
% Battery Mod and centered clock would be so awesome!
Take all the time you need. Current rom is far ahead of the others.
Any chance in sneaking in a fix for the nexus 4s radio band menu in ##4636## in future nightlies?
Thanks guys! Definitely keep us updated on the video and cruzerlite case. I hope you guys would get a small cut of the profits as a donation. 
+Kian Mehrabi I don't believe it's necessary to reflash gapps if you're just updating from a previous version without flashing. It doesn't hurt to flash them as well though and might help prevent any strangeness. 
Alex, updating is flashing an updated version. You always have to flash gapps after updating, it says so in the op of every pa thread.
3.0! I want this on my GNex! I'm a recent convert (as in just flashed 2 days ago) and I love it. Still getting used to not having a status bar. 
we want the update for Galaxy Nexus ! it's not fair that mako gets it first..
Are you still planning to add Wi-Fi and data signal strength icons to the pie?
Latest rom is great! Is there a chance per app language setting will be added sometime in the future? 
You guys are doing an excellent job. Thanks for your innovation. Keep it up! 
In phone mode with nav bar set to 0% aspect ratio in video mode (camera) is broken. With latest release for maguro. 
+Paranoid Android if I am coming from 2.54, do i need a clean wipe? or can i get away with just wiping the caches and flashing the rom and gapps? 
The new build is running amazing on Toro, we just got it a few hours ago and I must say, the improvements are outstanding. Love all the new PIE customizations.

One question though, I see no difference in notification bubbles, I am set to tabletUI with expanded desktop. Do I have to be on a certain hybrid setting? The notification bubbles are the pop-up that happens in the bottom right of the screen when the screen is on and you get an sms, email etc, right? Or am I misunderstanding this?
I can't believe pocketnow gave such a terrible review. It is almost bad enough I would call it slander. I was better at using it in 1.7 when it was even more complicated than that guy was with 2.99. I hope enough people get on to them about it that they re-review it or at least offer some kind of apology for what they have done.
Love PA and can't wait for the 3.0 update! Nice Job Devs! This is by far the best ROM I ever used and I tried alot ROMs ;-)
Argh I'm going crazy waiting for 3.0! :)
I'm assuming that wifi tether will be active for Toro(plus) in 3.0? I only ask as this is vital to my life and it was a deal breaker in 2.99.9-PIE.
I want to update from PA 2.5, if I wipe only system, data, and cache I don't lose my files on sdcard0?
Correct, make sure your recovery is updates to the newest. I recommend you use TWRP over CWM.

All these posts are made keeping Nexus in mind or for other devices too such as the i9300?
Thanks, i've made it. But I have bt issues, every time when I connect with my phone (I have app 'tablet talk' which let me write sms with my nexus7) it want to pair, so I have to accept it on my phone and nexus. And I have to do it twice every time. It never happend on 4.1, i had to do it only first time after installing this app. This is app bug, PA bug or Android bug? Sorry for asking here, but I can't write on xda PA topic, I have not enough posts written. 
+Andreas Koepke good to know. Saved me some time. I am without a computer as of now, so I will have to wait till i can backup and restore. 
+Paranoid Android Would like to see PIE activation area limited to the top 2/3 of the screen when on left/right gravity to avoid issues with keyboard swiping gestures. Swing a word that starts with p is near certain to trigger the pie control which can be frustrating.
you should add an option that we can just do a slide gesture on the screen and the PIE comes out and stays, that way we won't have to hold out fingers on the screen in order to make a selection so the PIE won't disappear....and please bring back the screenshot option on the power menu
+Algenis Feliz
Actually a better idea would be to set a delay time for PIE, basically have a setting that allows you to set how long PIE stays visible after letting go of the screen, have it as it is now for "Default" and then set the delay in 5 second intrevals up to 30 seconds or so. :) 
Please, more info needed. "Couple of days" is long ago! :D

Trying lots of treats there (just confused)
Before I was used s2, xperia arc, droid RAZR, every phone comes different methods
Gnexus its to difficult to me I am just nobe in gnexus form.
I am from india. Google not official release gnexus in India. Big problem for me.
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