Status update 1st. Feb 2013

We've been taking it easy for a couple of days, nothing much but here goes, things that were added since the last status update, some of you know them already because of the nightlies:

- speed can be set to zero where status reports appear on touch immediately
- some pretty evil wakelock is gone which was draining battery a bit
- can be scaled up and down via fractions
- gap (the space between elements) can be adjusted, closed is possible too and looks quite cool
- trigger area can be made larger for those of you with otterboxes
- menu button can be displayed all the way or only when needed
- search button is optional

Other stuff
- better looking notification bubbles and dialogs thanks to +Arz Bhatia 
- +Aaron Gascoigne is currently tweaking the backend, he's experiemented with O3, graphite, bionic, linaro, gcc 4.7, everything that makes the benchmark folks happy. This made some nightlies quite rough but that's what they are for after all. (-:

- PAPrefs has been cleaned up, all the poweruser junk is out (overall DPI & UI, blabla). You can still unlock it under Tools/Expert mode. We made this decision after having seen the worst PA review ever. We gotta thank +Pocketnow , yes our hearts stopped when we saw you duck up our rom, but we figure it must not be easy to handle PA when seeing it for the first time. We do want to make this stuff easier.

No planed build schedule, everyone who can build should do so. Mako will be available in 5 min.

Expect 3.0 in the next couple of days
We're wrapping up, fixing last minor bugs, maybe adding battery %. We're in contact with +DMK Stev who will provide you with video instructions for hybrid engine and PA in general. He's one of our favourites, his videos are quick, researched, down to the point. Oh yeah, and then there's +Cruzerlite . If that goes down, our own artist will create THE coolest looking shell on this planet right now.
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