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LockIt is back

This time to stay! Old users, go and grab your free upgrade by downloading the old version update (2.03). New users, try free version, give your opinions, comments, and if you like, go for the Pro version.

Happy locking!
LockIt is alive

Hi there! As I told you guys yesterday, I had some problems because LockIt was not on my own Play Store account. Yesterday, Google extended Wallet Merchant to many countries, including mine, Colombia. I created my account ipso facto, and immediately started to bring back LockIt with a new refreshed UI, inspired by Material Design (Thanks to +Arz Bhatia), but compatible with Android 4.0.3 and superior. I'm glad to announce, that LockIt is now up in Play Store. You can get a free version, with some limitations, if you're thinking on testing it before buying it.

Old lockit users, please update the application from the old entry on AOSPA account, You'll get free Pro upgrade. No more talk, here's the link and some screenshots:

Lockit Free:
LockIt Pro:
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Lin Ni
well done !
Very good, but sometimes is very low in nexus 5, when I open an app that its added, late in show the lock 
I'm thick, how do you update to pro if we bought it previously?
Time to work on that material design. :)
why i just can't on app drawser..? i already bought this app last year. And after i saw this update news, i go to play store and install as paid ver(cuz i bought before). But when i open the lockit, it just disappear on app drawser.. :(
Moments earlier installed hello sms.. And needed a locking app badly...just installed it. Mixed feeling so far..

Great design.. But people should be able to lock more then three apps (may be five)on the free version.. And I don't like the way the password window pops out from the corner
I had used lockit before but it still says I have to pay.
I'm sorry but what is Material Design about this? You just updated the ActionBar. 
INSPIRED by Material design. Material design API right now is NOT backwards compatible, therefore I can't trully use it.

+Marvin Uksini no. I'm back to using normal services (ditched accessibility one). So it requires the notification to keep open. You can disable it from settings, at the risk of android killing LockIt.
I paid for this a year ago but you added new paid one instead of upsurging old. Wtf
+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo I don't want to remove the notification. In the old version, the notification could show up even it LockIt was not enabled and you could expand it to enable/disable it. That's what I want back. 
+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo That's really odd. You would think Google would want a nice set of apps built with Material Design instead of hoping they would launch one by one after the release.

(Not knowing about this important detail, I wrote and entire wall of text touching every corner of the app and mentioning how it isn't part of Material design. For that I am sorry.)
jal ico
Im trying to download the new PA, but its been stuck on the Downloading System Update screen. The update icon is spinning but it never downloads the files, any fixes?
+Per Erik Skille what do you mean? The app is free, and pro version is quite cheap. If you're seeing old deprecated version yes, it's an insane price so nobody buys it (only people who already bought it gets updates), you have to buy new version.
It doesn't need any root right? Recommending to people
+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo BTW, how difficult is it to develop a Material app? Considering all those animations, transitions, typography, imagery, a design guideline 10x larger than the Holo guideline... 
+Eduardo Pratti I had LockIt running in material theme, animations and everything, is fairly simple, but it's not backwards compatible yet (only L can use those apps).
It's not that crazy awesome. The accent color takes over your bars, touch feedback is improved, animations are more sutile and smooth. I don't have any APK on material right now (as I reverted to 4.4 APIs after I discovered the lack of retrocompat).
Please seperate google+ from photos i dont wanna rly lock g+ :( any chance?
ricky b
I miss pa ...but I don't have my nexus 4 anymore ugh 
Wait a second.... Is that android L in the screenshots??
No add button. I'm on nexus 5 running latest PA Rom, without xposed... :-( 
..can't get into the app, can't open locked apps, can't reinstall it or uninstall it, can't do NOTHING. when I try to login, I just get the numeric pad. I enter my four digit code and nothing happens...
I could enter it the first time and enter a code and lock apps, but no more after that....extremely annoying...think I need to wipe system....
I have no longer the old pro version, since I wiped and didn't save it, how do I upgrade? 
Problem: I can't set a passwort. I tried "1234" and LockIt says "Input values don't match"..But they do.. I tried "0000" too. What files do i have to delete, to clean it up?
Question..why doesnt PA just...integrate Lockit with their PA rom?
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