FULL 4.4 (11-01) KITKAT GAPPS - includes bugfixes

For 4.4 KITKAT roms ONLY, not JELLYBEAN.

Hi there!

The complete 4.4 Google Apps package is ready (in the next 15-30 minutes due to a failed upload). If you have installed yesterdays rom (a sober AOSP build) you should get this to get a fully functional Google Android. The first Gapps test-package had one or two little missing links but this one should mostly be fine - unless you guys find something else and we'll fix it for you.

4.4 Gapps
MediaFire - http://goo.gl/6tPVe
AndroidFileHost - http://goo.gl/7iiUTq

You know the drill, get a recovery that works. Since 4.4 some users have had troubles. Just get the latest TWRP and if that doesn't work CWM. Flash your zip, wipe cache and Dalvik cache.

Why a 4.4 rom so early you ask?

Because we don't believe our users should have to wait for it, it's that easy. Tomorrow or the day after you have a 100% stable no-beta rom. Make yourself comfy, get your apps, explore KitKat features.

PA features will roll in soon enough - without disrupting anything. Just keep in mind, features we'll not just dump in. Much has changed in 4.4 which has percussions on our feature catalogue. Things need to adapt, some features will fly out and make way for new ones.

Yes you can use them on any rom, just hold on for a second and say thanks to Tom, who's doing this for you.

Full description

Full Complete PA GApps includes the Core Google Base* plus the following Play Store Apps

Gmail | Google+ | Google Calendar | Google Drive | Google Earth | Google Keep 
Google Keyboard (replaces AOSP Keyboard) | Google Play Books | Google Play Games
Google Play Magazines | Google Play Music | Google Play Movies | Google Play services
Google Search | Google Wallet | Hangouts | Maps | QuickOffice | Sound Search for Google Play
Street View on Google Maps | TalkBack | YouTube

Note: PhotoSphere Camera support will be added in future versions as Google releases factory images. Also, Google Currents is no longer included.

* Core Base includes core Google system base as well as FaceUnlock, Google TTS, and the News & Weather Widget
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