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FULL 4.4 (11-01) KITKAT GAPPS - includes bugfixes

For 4.4 KITKAT roms ONLY, not JELLYBEAN.

Hi there!

The complete 4.4 Google Apps package is ready (in the next 15-30 minutes due to a failed upload). If you have installed yesterdays rom (a sober AOSP build) you should get this to get a fully functional Google Android. The first Gapps test-package had one or two little missing links but this one should mostly be fine - unless you guys find something else and we'll fix it for you.

4.4 Gapps
MediaFire -
AndroidFileHost -

You know the drill, get a recovery that works. Since 4.4 some users have had troubles. Just get the latest TWRP and if that doesn't work CWM. Flash your zip, wipe cache and Dalvik cache.

Why a 4.4 rom so early you ask?

Because we don't believe our users should have to wait for it, it's that easy. Tomorrow or the day after you have a 100% stable no-beta rom. Make yourself comfy, get your apps, explore KitKat features.

PA features will roll in soon enough - without disrupting anything. Just keep in mind, features we'll not just dump in. Much has changed in 4.4 which has percussions on our feature catalogue. Things need to adapt, some features will fly out and make way for new ones.

Yes you can use them on any rom, just hold on for a second and say thanks to Tom, who's doing this for you.

Full description

Full Complete PA GApps includes the Core Google Base* plus the following Play Store Apps

Gmail | Google+ | Google Calendar | Google Drive | Google Earth | Google Keep 
Google Keyboard (replaces AOSP Keyboard) | Google Play Books | Google Play Games
Google Play Magazines | Google Play Music | Google Play Movies | Google Play services
Google Search | Google Wallet | Hangouts | Maps | QuickOffice | Sound Search for Google Play
Street View on Google Maps | TalkBack | YouTube

Note: PhotoSphere Camera support will be added in future versions as Google releases factory images. Also, Google Currents is no longer included.

* Core Base includes core Google system base as well as FaceUnlock, Google TTS, and the News & Weather Widget
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This has the new hangouts apk?
I really love your graphic designer(s)!!!:) awesome works, awesome identity!
I installed the 4.4 calender app from droid life. This fixed the crash issue. 
a failed upload delays it for a couple of minutes --- its up very soon.
good news but is google now working, all google search apps in my country are mostly broken after the latest update and can't activate google now
I'm not sure if this was asked previously, but would we be able to dirty flash the PA feature-ready builds (PA 4?  3.99.1?) on top of this when the time comes, or will they require a full wipe/flash?
Sorry to post this here, but could anybody suggest how to downgrade again from aosp 4.4 (root lost, factory reset)?
+Adam Wallace thats his XDA post, probably not updated. we have two variants 4.3x and 4.4 - both rely on different system functionality
Just flash RC2 again? No? I'm not sure about this.
+Paranoid Android thing is, the toolkit I use isn't recognising the 4.4 build in fastboot mode - sorry to bother you with this :)
So there us a 4.4 ROM out already? Where can I find a list of supported devices? I really want this! :] 
toolwhat? use fastboot. if you have a recovery already dont bother with the recovery. if not get fastboot hook up phone and do: fastboot flash recovery

then flash whatever zip you like.

ps. toolkit doesnt have to recognize your phone if you mean the number in the beginning. it doesnt matter. it uses fastboot in the end anyway - type in whatever you want.
+Christopher Reeder this is nexus only for now. we are building the base. porters will take this to other devices. but right now nexus is the only platform that can just compile and run android - legacy devices cant do that so easily, they need hacks.
Thanks +Paranoid Android. I suck at anything outside the simple straightforward instructions from skipsoft's toolkit, so I guess I'll have to wait for 4.4 support in that toolkit :)
Ugh. This is killing me. Lol I'm on Verizon and can't get the N5!!!! I want the closest thing to it as I can get. Lol. Is it possible to get a N5 to work on Verizon that anyone is aware of??? Sorry to get off subject. Lol thanks again. 
Both links are still sending me to 4.3 gapps?
Thanks PA team, can always rely on you guys, keep up the good work.
Is it the c or d version of the complete gapps I should be downloading?
By the way is the slide from left to right to get to Google now from homescreen working for you guys? Mine does not seem to work
Flo Mi
If I flash this, would I need to FR when PA features come in?
Just not sure about what you wrote 
How has been your experience with this ROM 4.4? Any bugs or crashes ?
+Leontios Kyriakou Try going into Google Settings and turning on Google Now maybe?  I had to do that at one point.
Are we getting 4.4 for T-Mobile LG g2 anytime soon? 
Can someone give me the link to the 4.4 ROM, been looking for it everywhere!!
Look in Paranoid androids profile there should be a post if you can't download it from that website look in the "Mirror" category in the community there should be a couple of working mirrors +Tahrim Uddin
When I download the ROM from the PA website it keeps ending early with a corrupt ZIP file. Is there another mirror? Tried a few times now..
It would be very nice to see also a deb version for the nexus 7.
Downloaded, get error while flashing it
Is it still uploading?  I'll wait as long as I need to, I'm just curious.
lol yeah i thought we were talking about that one... middle of the night over here i blame it on that ;)
Sorry guys i am getting confused with lots of comments, just want to ask +Paranoid Android, do we have the 4.4 ROM for Mako? And if we do have, where is the link?
+Raymond De Jesus They haven't made a Paranoid Android rom with Kitkat, they just download Kitkat and compiled a completely stock build of it, so people who own devices other than the N5 can try it out.  These gapps are for that rom.
I know I shouldn't ask but is it still uploading? And any expected time? I can wait but I just want to know :)
Gapps upload ready? Still says 4.3
i've tried yesterday but my nexus 4 getting unroot, any chance to root it again guys...
Allen A
Judging by the posts, everyone is still being sent to 4.3 Gapps - ok, wasn't just me
Can I install the new ROM on the Nexus 7 lte?
any word yet on the errors flashing I've verified the MD5 supplied and it appears to be a good download, but no flash.
Google says it will take weeks to get their ota out for nexus devices. Yet the pa team manages it in less than 24 hours. You guys are simply the best, wtg!
For those having issues flashing, I was having trouble until I updated my CWM recovery. I also tried fixing and flashing all caches if that made any difference
I took the md5 from the download link and it matched up. Also running cwm
I can use the mini test gapps but I'd like full package.
The first link has been changed but not the second one should I flash the GApps in the first one or wait?
When installing your early ROM version, do you have to do a full wipe or can it be a dirty wipe?
anyone got a mirror this is the fifth time I download and instead 188mb I keep getting 187mb
Do we need to flash a new basband or bootloader?
OK so I read every comment and I'm still lost how do I get the full gapps to work? Someone please help me
yep, zip i currupted... tried on n7, desktop, nothing...
the d version does appear to be a bad upload.  The c version flashed fine with twrp.
+Paranoid Android Looks like you guys can take a break from major rom building until the official version of KitKat arrives to the Nexus 4 and also when you get the Nexus 5.
+Paranoid Android no. I can't find one because my device is "too old". What I ment was: will there be a 4.4 pa for the gnex?
Installed everything, I thought my apps would lose their data, but no! :) I don't see much change other than new Google apps installed. I'm not able to open the gallery's settings, just get a black screen... Is anybody experiencing the same thing??????
Other thing, for some reason, Google Now keeps telling me to turn the location settings on... but I have them on, everything is on =P
+Omar Backhoff Me too, and from what I've read I don't think anyone has Location Services running on 4.4 yet.
+Nate Behary It is curious, because my GPS is working, but apparently the services are "kind of broken" at this time. Do you get a black empty screen for the settings in the gallery as well?
Glad to see you already making Android 4.4 ROMs for previous Nexus devices. I'm currently running the unofficial test build right now and I'm liking the changes Google have made.
how can i flash this file if i already lost my custom recovery due to the upgrade to 4.4? or how can i root it again?
Flash your custom recovery again. 
Thats my question(: how to flash it without root?
+Paranoid Android Any schedule/maybe monthly announcements for new features of what we'll see in the new from scratch build?
Currently my Nexus 4 is on 4.4 but since I had a lot of problems during flashing it I now have a non-rooted device without even a custom recovery. Can someone help me to install a custom recovery and root the 4.4 if possible? 
I have a root program and I know how to root previous versions of android, but will those methods work the same for 4.4 that's my question? Has someone rooted the 4.4 with the Nexus Root Toolkit for example with the method from 4.2 or 4.3?
+Paranoid Android I'm having issues with landscape mode on the launcher and the keyboard popping up randomly on the 'flo' Nexus 7
Nexus 4 toolkit will do the trick confirmed, step 1 put the device in bootloader, use the option to flash custom recovery step 2 boot into android and download the to device step 3 reboot to custom recovery and flash the superSu files and done(:
Hi my tab 2 3g 7inch currently running PAC ROM 4.3 ,, do you think it will work ??? 
I'm running stock and discovered that the video chat on hangouts d doesn't work since I updated the apk to the kit kat version. Does anyone know a fix? If I uninstall the update will I get the version I'm technically supposed to be on? I'm using the Nexus 4
Can't wait for it to come out for grouper!
waiting for main features to merge...... good job PA TEAM

"We believe our users shouldn't wait for android 4.4" Best quote ever. And this is why you're more successful than CyanogenMod who has recently been clear of the opposite situation.
Phone and number pad still blue.. Feature, missing in this version or lazy Google?😝
Chrome keeps crashing, is it just me? D:
does this have binaries, as the last version runs not so fluid.
+Paranoid Android Ive flashed your rom and gapps on my Flo n7. I have searched but have found nothing about the camera app not being in the app drawer. Am i missing something??
Has anyone resolved GPS issues? Google Now and Maps both aren't able to get my location, though it seems like location services are enabled. (Also, I still have an issue where when I hit the home button, my keyboard pops up upon returning to the home screen; I'm on FLO btw; no issues with the black screen in gallery that was mentioned before. Also no camera app in app drawer)
+Jonathan Lyman Same issue here. I have tried to navigate to camera through instagram app and instagram just closes takes me back to home screen.
So where is kit kat for galaxy nexus? Would somebody kindly provide a link... Please?
+Sebastian Carewe If you have nandroid backup just restore it using twrp if you use twrp or cwm otherwise. You can use wug's toolkit if you don't have backup
I'm guessing 4.4 for the manta isn't going to happen for a while?
+Paranoid Android quick question might have been answered or sound stupid but, if my phone is rooted can I still get the kit Kat update or do I have to unroot my phone ? 
I've Paranoid android 3.99 RC2. I can upgrade to 4.4 only by flash this?
JNS 57
Using the N5-port on my N4, working absolutely flawless. Sometimes a bit laggy, but it's okay :)
Camera app stopped working? anyone know how to fix it?

tried clearing app data, no luck.

It was working earlier in the day.
You guys were the first to compile for mako.. Awesommmmmm
You guys rock like no tomorrow love it!!!!!!! 
+Uzair Adnan  if you go to xda you will see some people created 2 alpha roms based on 4.4 kitkat for maguro,it's early,but one of them seems to be working ok with wifi ,some glitces still exist,but it seems that the guys at xda did their miracles,let's hope pa community can do something and we could also have 4.4 pa :)
Google maps is not able to identify my location at all even with WiFi or 3g...
+Nikos Drogosis could I have the link to the ROM and gapps if any. Too lazy to actually search on xda
+Paranoid Android , superuser has issues with Titanium Backup with insufficient free space errors doing anything at all, switching to SuperSu has fixed it for me and many others it seems also other apps have compatibility issues with superuser.  I hope you read this and look at implementing a more compatible root system into the device.
Sending that message to see if you can make the change to SuperSu or something more compatible for v4 KitKat as I was trying to backup my apps on 3.99 to get ready for the Mantaray release soonish when I realised I couldn't do it due to Superuser being installed.
One question: the "100% stable no-beta rom" will be only for Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 ('12/'13) or also for others devices (for example Galaxy Nexus)?

P.S.:  sorry if the question is already asked, but 200+ comments take a bit long to read. 
Sorry to bother you... I'm kinda new to this. I flashed the and this gapps package on my N7 with CWM. When I did so... superuser dissapeared... lol help?
still no photosphere, any clue if it's gonna be supplied with pa gapps anytime soon? or is there any other way to get it? thanks

ok - no need to answer, ive just read the whole post and have my answer. Sorry ;-)
Only official ROM image that has been released by Google on there website is for nexus 4, paranoid managed to get a version compiled for the nexus 7, goggle will release the other images in time, this is there issue not paranoids.
I mean that because paranoid may use customizations from Google when compiling roms for devices etc.
It's great, but I have an issue with horizontal mode on my grouper - rotation doesn't work. Any ideas?
Oh, and calendar app is crashing.
When is 4.4 PA with all the features and kernel coming? 
JNS 57
How to activate lockscreen widgets: Settings - Security - Lockscreen widgets
Everyone needs to stop asking about other devices (especially non Nexus devices, since PA doesn't develop for those platforms). A bunch of people have already asked, and you won't get an answer.
+Aneesh Nandam dude they go out and support non-nexus devices, as long as they're flagship phones at least.
Lior S
it is work on samsung galaxy s4?
Anyone else on mako and having trouble with gps I get no lock from satellites
Still not working for me(error executing binary from zip)
I'm not updating. Going to keep it at 3.99 till the new rom is stable.. 
I give up! I can't update TWRP to lastest version nor I can't change to CMW (or don't know how). Guess I will need to wait until I can flash android 4.4 PA ROM with TWRP 2.5.0...
Is this available for the Samsung galaxy s4 sprint variant
Maps not working for me. Its not able to show my location
However g+ location works just fine... Anyone had this issue? Any fix?
G+ was able resolve my new location correctly (where I have never turned on GPS before). Maps is still saying "waiting for location"
Hey I some how accidently unrooted my nexus 4 when I installed this using cwm. Can anyone tell me how to root my phone again??
Niels O
How about a maguro Android 4.4 custom Rom? 
Can't comment on the flo post. I lost root and custom recover after installing Flo. To re-root and install custom recovery, is it the same as 4.3??
Recently, the dev stopped developing for the i9305 (S3 LTE) so we are without this amazing rom!! I was hoping that now ive mentioned it, somebody could develop for us? This probably wont get seen so if whoever reads it +1's I'd really appreciate it. I know this is no easy task to take on, but we have a great little community and we're always doing our best to help the dev!
Will we have to do fresh install of PA or can we update from the ROM you have just posted?
Why the "Ok, google" feature is not working for me? How can I enable if i have to?
Does the new Launcher work without GAPPs? Is it even in the AOSP code? Or is it simply in the GAPPs side of things.
Guys I can't install the new kit kat rom on my mako through cwm. It fails all the time.... Any help? Thank u so much. 
Anyone have an idea about getting photosphere in 4.4. I did install 4.4 but it don't have photosphere
+Paranoid Android since the implementation of 4.4 I'm not able to access Google Now and it says Location Reporting is not available in my country (Jamaica). Is there a possible fix in the nearby future perhaps since Google Now has always worked in previous versions of android? 
i tried to install the aosp mako file on my nexus 4 and it didnt work plus it got screwed, now cant go out of recovery mode and dont have a file to flash in the phone
+Paranoid Android flashed the 1102 Gapps and I'm having the same problem I had with the 4.3 Gapps with Google Now not working, the fix that was used on 4.3 (Force Closing and Disabling Google Play Services) does not work on 4.4 as I cannot disable the Google Play Services app. 

*Another point to note, when I hold down the homescreen and click settings the "Google Now" option is present and it says loading then the whole on/off toggle disappears and leaves me with only Google Search
Contact me on how you solved you're problem
Is there a file I need for photosphere?
+Orry Avivi im trying to figure out how to use the android SDK manager to see if i can sideload a ROM file to flash it since i can only see my Clockworkmod screen, cant get to fastboot or turn off the phone
+Alan Garcia I know only the way through fastboot. I'm afraid I can't help you. Good luck, and please tell me how you fixed it
+Alan Garcia I just read a bit about ADB. Use it to push files to phone through usb
+Orry Avivi thx man, just got to the fastboot screen now trying to push the file in, it says the devices not found but when i do the command "fastboot devices" it says its there, wont detect it wehn trying to push tho, but im close to do it, ty for advices
Is there a way to hide halo from the lockscreen?
+Orry Avivi ok man, i got it, i pushed in a ROM and Gapps and flashed them from recovery, thx for the help
Alan Garcia, what recovery do you have? Cwm or twrp? 
why m i having network connection lost whenever i try to download the aosp build ? 
Lots of people want it... High server load be my guess, I got mine from a android police mirror 
can you post the same here please, would appreciate it
I dunno if that is against PA rules I sent u a link, check your chats 
Not sure if this has need discussed or is my fault but the ROM for the nexus 7 2012 doesn't support camera, the gyro doesn't work, and the keyboard pops up when you go to the launcher. But hey, +Paranoid Android put this together sooner than anybody else did. 
+Cole Olsen Not to speak for +Paranoid Android but the current state of AOSP is that it really only supports 4.4 on the Nexus 5 right now.  There are no binaries for any other device and while it builds for other's with the 4.3 binaries, things are missing.  (The camera being big there.)

Expect any 4.4 build to only partially work for now.
+Paranoid Android i flash the rom (PA-AOSP 4.4) from TWRP and i am restore backup PA-3.99 RC2 but i can't restore my backup only say FAIL. How can i do.
I am not able to flash. Says installation aborted . reason ? 
Android 4.4, rooted, all my favourite apps. Thanks guys. Location services are borked, but I'm quite happy to wait.
Hello guys. How on earth I can update TWRP from 2.5.0 to 2.6.0? 
Installation aborted error on mako. Anybody ? 
+Arjun Sehgal just update your Recorvery with Rom Manager to the actual version. If you cannot boot after the failed installation, flash an old PA first, boot and update your Recovery via Rom Manager. After that it works nicely
Is the PA team going to build for deb (Nexus 7 (2013) LTE)
Is anybody else having trouble with Google Calendar? The app doesn't recognize that my google account has calendar data
+Paranoid Android and anyone who would be kind enough for help me. I flashed kitkat and the new GApps package but somehow managed to un rooted my nexus 4. My bootloader must be unlocked but I have no recovery. Can anyone suggest something or point me in the right direction? I appreciate it. And forgive me for writing all that much. 
Through a toolkit? Because I have read that no toolkit can install 4.4. 
A huge thanks to Tom for the final 4.3 build. I know you guys have to move on, but thanks for the last update for all of your ported users. We appreciate it!
I can confirm I got root back by flashing SuperSu as in +Nate Behary's post. Location is now working with the PA ROM and GApps.
Runs great on my N4 the only problem I have is that Wallet is using GPS constantly and drains my battery.
is it just me or is my nexus 4 charging really slow with 4.4 now?
my Google Cards doesn't seem to work with this?? anyone else with that issue?
+Paranoid Android just a quick question, the first 4.4 mini gapps contains 3 launchers (start,launcher3,startinprogram) the new 4.4 removed the launcher3.
And by using start launcher widgets or new screens are not possible. Is this by default? And is it a native 4.4 launcher or adder by PA? Cuz i would like it a lot if widgeds and multiple screens are possible.

Overal nice stock ROM and gapps. Tho noticed that the menu bachground of settings is a kind of ugly, render bug or crappy designed? Running PA 4.4 and latest 4.4 gapps on grouper 2012
+Wilco van Rossum launcher 3 is the new Google launcher. To add a widget, hold down on the wallpaper. For new pages drag apps and widgets to the sides.
+Michael Wu The aosp 4.4 ROM is practically a factory image, so it will remove root and replace your custom recovery. You will need to flash a recovery through fastboot and root your phone again.
+Kenyatta Senior Location service is broken on the PA AOSP 4.4. You can either wait for a fix, or look for a different 4.4 rom with fixed location service. 
After soms testing.
- location services works just fine, thats a device specificaties problem.
- yes root is missing af ter installatie, but TWRP asks to installatie SuperSU and busybox after ROM flash finishes so by executing that its solved.
- TWRP wont be deleted as some might say, due tot missing root you cant boot Yo recovery .. See the above - - Google Now, Maps andere navigation worm flawless
- Google Calendar works fine, try to re-add your account or check your sync settings and make sure app data for all accounts is activ
Forgot one, yes rotation doesnt work. And the setting menu background looks mis rendered, or its as designed but then its ugly as hell :p
+Mitchell Parton Still im not capable to add widgets to the home screen of the "Start" launcher, the other launchers work just fine .. but i totally love the animation and the full app list on screen of the "start" launcher
+Mitchell Parton nope camera wint working on my Grouper. I've tried to reinstall te camera APK, but it dient show up in te appdrawer. After installing a camera shurtcut through te playstore i was able tot start te camera as an apparaat but te screen stayed black with only a shutterbutton and settings buttons, when accessing te setting te camera crashes.

But thats a know bug, there are some libs missing, when those come to the public it will work. Just a case of thank you Google for not giving US all whats required
Dude just read 7 messages up .. Reinstall supersu and busybox through TWRP
yeah I installed that already ._., I was trying to update my moms n4 pa version (she had 3.99) but I think I will keep her at 3.99 till a full PA 4.4 rom is released for n4, I wonder though when will Samsung Galaxy S3 (my phone) shine? recently a I9300 Samsung ROM leaked in germany, might be good to build finally a good stable release of paranoid android 4.3 to I9300 finally, I'd rather have a stable 4.3 than unstable 4.4, seeins how unstable 4.3 was without Sammy's firmware on the leak\run
I use RC 2 on phone and play around with 4.4 on my 2012 N7. Cept the camera missing 4.4 runs realy smooth.
Where can I find official PA builds? Verizon S4
+Steven Bacallao Check the device registry in the paranoid android community. It would provide you with a link to the xda thread
+Paranoid Android No big deal but my Nexus 4 on the 4.4 rom is waking up my device and turning on the screen every minute or so on Google's wireless charger. 

Edit: It's the lastest version of the app Clean Master that keeps waking it up. I deleted it and everything is back to normal. 
everything is working fine, just the location . the device is not able to find out where i am, any solution to this yet ? 
Clean master app drain battery like hell on that build....
Download with Goo not works.. 
+Gerald Rescher Thanks for the heads up. Trust me I would own Nexus all day except for I'm in rural WI and pretty much stuck with Verizon. No Tmo, Sprint, or ATT in area :-(
Am I the only one here who has an issue with the GPS for this rom on the Nexus 4, or is it just me?
I'm having a bit of trouble finding the answer, but what is the adb command to flash a rom? I've tried "fastboot flash" but I think I'm missing a word.
I've never flashed a ROM via fastboot, but ``fastboot flash system <zip_name>.zip" should work according to fastboot -h. I think you can only flash IMG files though. You should flash a custom recovery like CWM and then flash the ROM from recovery mode. 
You cannot fastboot flash a zip file. Use the latest clockwork mod recovery instead.
S4 and Nexus 10. Can't blame no support on Nexus 10 tho. Beautiful display and speakers. Otherwise a defective device
+Jake Whiteley +Thomas Ng Yeah, I would use twrp, but I was trying to install pure PA and made a stupid mistake of not keeping the old PA3.99 rom. Pure PA didn't flash and I was stuck without an OS to boot to. So I figured out how to get back to stock image. Despite the slight panic, this was fun learning new commands with fastboot.
Its been almost a week already yet official 4.4 is not yet uP. Any news?
+Joel Ferreira Everyone on XDA using PA 4.4. with a Nexus 4 has GPS issue. It was discovered to be a line of coding in a system file (forgot which one), and fixes were available soon afterwards. There, everyone who is using PA 4.4 .with Nexus 4 should have this problem. I have no idea why some people are saying that they don't.
+Thomas Ng That's peculiar, at first I seemed to have GPS issues but for some reason it seemed to go away.. 

Could you possibly link to these fixes though?
+Joel Ferreira i had the GPS issue. bugged the hell outta me. went to rastakat ROM..GPS works fine now.. Anyone have the fixed PA zip? Link?
I would if I can, but that thread seems to have been buried by all the new 4.4 threads and I am having trouble finding it. Worst of all, XDA is acting up again and search is unavailable (it's unavailable a lot of times for the last few months. What is going on?) It was in the Nexus 4 Android Development section.
+Paranoid Android I flashed the latest kit kat and g apps package. I didn't do a full wipe and now my phone is unrooted. How do I Re flash properly or how do I go back? It's a nightmare. I ve been searching for a thread but I can't seem to find the right one. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Since I did that stupid thing my batter dies in 6 hours. Any help will be so much appreciated. Thank u and forgive my noobness 
In all my panic. I did not read the above. So I flash the recovery through fastboot an then root again? Can I root in 4.4 or do I need to go back? - Noobwarrior out. 
Works flawlessly. Amazing stuff really to be able to run kit Kat on n4 before official release. Kit Kat feels way smoother than any previous android release. 
Google now seems to not be working on my device
Joe S
My excitement has gotten the better of me and I'm going to install PA 4.4 . Regarding updates, will I receive future Android updates from Google or Paranoid Android? Or will I need to do a new clean rom install each rom update?
+Saide Skiroid you still need to flash stock before you can receive update. Or wait for the aosp to officially build it from source.
Anyone having problems with lockscreen widgets?
i flash the pure AOSP then get error status 7 ,then i cannot got into my PA3.99 ....and cannot mount SDCARD ,and i have no other rom can be flash from sdcard, need help ....
check XDA, all resources are there for your device ;) 
Just re-flash the ROM. No need to wipe anything. It will replace your kernel...halfbreed is the default

p.s. Goo is upgrading...they aren't broken
nice work, I will try it soon, Thanks!
+Thomas Ng I thought my GPS was working again, but I think it was just periodically updating my location via network. Thanks for pointing out there's an update, will flash it ASAP!
Hello everyone, i've got a annoying problem. I tried this kitkat version, didn't like it. Then i wanted to get back to the 3.99 rc2. When i installed it, it doesn't take the service. Baseband: unknown, Ime unknown etc.. I tried to install the latest radio from the bootloader. Nothing changed, i tried to install it from the recovery nothing changed. I think i got the bug of the 4.3 because with 4.4 and 4.2 works fine. Anyone can tell give me a solution? Before changing it was working!
Thank you!!
TLDR, when will there be a PA ROM for the N5? 
Exptected Time of Arrival is for my (DHL) Customers not enough. Today they expect Day Definite :-)
Is there a chance that we will see a KitKat release for Maguro?
"Tomorrow or the day after you have a 100% stable no-beta rom", they said. LoL
I figured out how to enable Unknown Sources from cmd line (the settings app crashes)
sqlite3 data/data/
update global set value=1 where name='install_non_market_apps';

Hello i have one problem google now is not working in my country Georgia. Android 4.4 google now is disabled becouse of domain in my country but. On android 4.3 google now is working perfectly can you tell me whats wrong ? thanks
Some people just don't read very well. It says at the top, Android 4.4 ROM ONLY. And they still ask about 4.3. -_-
+Caleb Davis If you are talking about +Dato Tsanava post, then you are the one who can't read very well. He's taking about a problem he has on 4.4 that he didn't have when he was using 4.3.
+Nick Whautum I had that same problem when upgrading to RC2 from whatever version came before it. You need to flash a factory image using fastboot. Google for the instructions, it's not too difficult. Just remember to back up all your files onto your computer first. 
Never ever ask for ETA 
+Sumit Waghmare and +Yasin Dog  if they ask not to ask for ETA's (estimated time of arrival) .. what's is there so hard to understand and ignore their request?

Keep an eye out on XDA, your device manager will post it there when its ready
230 megs of free ram... gorgeous! a feast for my eyes :D
+Paranoid Android  the latest gapps cause mms to fail sending. I'm on the Nexus 4 with pa's AOSP ROM. I had to revert to the 11/07 gapps and now it works
I am using the first aosp 4.4 build. and whenever i copy images to my Nexus 4 ....the copying starts but get stuck and when i see my nexus 4 screen it shows an error "Unfortunately, the process has stopped"
It is really Annoying 
I am not able to copy my images
It sometimes copy images and sometimes not....Randomly it crashes 
+Vaibhav Chavan you can try it manualy trhough ADB .. but if you dont like going there .. you could try to download SambaFileShare apk. You need to be rooted for that tho.

When the application launches and you refresh your local network on your pc, there should popup an extra network storage drive which you can use to send files directly from and to you phone.

I used this in the same kind of error you receive, installed other rom and it was good.
can i use 4.4 gapps in 4.3??
No! Read the header... ONLY 4.4 NOT 4.3
so i have PA 4.0 but unoffical for my device there is no official one. There is no Hale, or other PA features? is it gone for ever or You wanted to pick 4.4 asap and will add them later on?
Sorry for the noob asking but.¿where is the Galaxy S3 International PA Rom?

Can't find it on XDA page :(
Look/search for Paranoid Android Legacy community. The link is in a pinned post. Sorry dont know what it exacly is cause i use all Nexus devices only.

Paranoid Android community is for Nexus and Oppo devices.
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