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First builds rolling out

Mako, online
Maguro, online
Grouper, online
rest follows hopefully

These are beta builds, they contain the latest state of PA + an early version of PIE, which still needs alot of work. 

the basic pie control is official AOSP Google sourcecode, see it here:
Now since the first port a lot of work has been thrown in, basically we have rewritten the entire math, pretty much all the classes, made it behave like we see fit, extended the heck out of it and integrated it into SystemUI as a fullblown 4th UI. The actual commits will be visible on Github soon.
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Awesome. Now call my boss and get me out of work.
Hahaha, just updated my grouper to Jan 14 build, I guess I will eat up more tethering data to update again.  Thanks +Paranoid Android for the update.
my native language is not english - i make mistakes alright : P but that at least explains the red bars im always getting, gut feeling always made it look right-
Haha! You do pretty well for it not being your first language. Every time I see "alot" that comic is all I can think of now.
Will maguro be online in the next 5 hours?
Awesome guys.  Simply Awesome!
Can't wait for this.  Thanks for all your hard work!
Can you tell me please if nexus s will have support?
So will this be available for vzw gs3? Cause right now it is the only ROM I see flashing.... 
You guys really rock! Keep up the great work! :)
Toro gets the back seat to everything womp womp womp.....Damnnnn you Verizon! At least the LTE service is excellent O_o
+Paranoid Android Will there be a new gapps too, I assume not as the January 8 pa_gapps should be sufficient.  Can't wait to try it out on my Maguro and Grouper.
Can someone direct me to where within that link I need to click to get a Flashable mako zip? Thanks
+Paranoid Android Just installed on mako and the pie doesn't work if navbar set to zero and expanded desktop is disabled. Is this a new change? It worked that way on the previous build. 
Sweetish meatballs, am excited for the Ville build. Keep up the good work. 
Ben der
How about Linaro tool chain integration? Any plan including them on a build?
Can someone provide a download link to the device builds? 
Just read the thread about not using pie with navbar set to zero. Sad Panda 
Everyone that doesn't know where to find updates or links just download goomanager from the playstore.
+Latif Said then everyone should go to xda search paranoid android forum scroll down click on ROM. Then look for their device on there and see if a new update is available on there. I do that too. :) I wish the maguro build was done.... 
+Akshay Sharma I really don't understand why +Paranoid Android is doing small things and releasing more betas when they could have had 3+ with all of these features in them released for our nexus devices already. 
actually it's the testing phase and hence the name 'beta'. moreover, they are introducing new features. once everything finalizes and works flawlessly, then a 3+ build will be released
+Christian Stalvey You seem to forget that they do it in their free time and still have a real life. Developing these awesome features, testing and bugfixing takes a lot of time. So let them do their thing and take as much time as they need to release an awesome PA3. ;)
Grouperrrrrrrrrrrrr. Time to show the power of being PARANOID..... CHEERS AND digital drinks on me.
+Latif Said i'm sorry bro, i can't help you there. i'm just a pa user and a fan. :D
this only +Paranoid Android can tell you. but since the 2.99 betaNINE is out yesterday for i9300, this one too will follow shortly hopefully! :)
I almost screamed when I saw the update pop up for Grouper.
+Paranoid Android can you please share the color codes of pink and lime color of pie? because sometimes after returning to homescreen, it becomes black and white!! :(
Just one question: 
Can I simply flash the PIE zip file over my PA2.99 with gapps-2012-12-12? Because it is a little small for a whole ROM ;)
Which gapps should use? The last (20130108)?
+Roscoe White The upload hasn't finished yet. It'll be about 15 more minutes until it's up.

Edit: I guess it uploaded faster than aaron thought.. Downloading now.
Downloaded for Grouper will Manta be getting an update?
Do you think it will be possible to get the pie to theme through the chooser like it did on the last build? +Paranoid Android
What is mako, maguro and grouper?
What about S3 i9300?
+Abdullah Fahim  Galaxy Nexus (Marguro), Nexus 4 (Mako) and Nexus 7 (Grouper)
That UI is S U P E R B!! Good work guys, thanks!!
Only some questions +Paranoid Android
Could you tell me the pie buttons' default color hex codes? :)
Why doesn't the Pie controls apper when I'm not on expanded desktop, but with the navbar set to 0%?
Thank you Daniel Alicea.
So that means I'll have to wait for whoever is responsible for porting it to i9300, :-D 
How do we remove the pink and lime for stock?
Putting this on my Gnex as soon as I'm off work. PIE CONTROL
If only the i717 had proper JB blobs, then I could actually use such an amazing ROM.
Till then I wait and watch all you Nexus owners have all the fun.. Haha anyone interested in a trade?

wow! The pie is amazing! seriously. freaking wow. donations on the way. You guys are so badass, now I can be on full screen all the time, and save my screen from burn in on the status bar!!!!!! 
just swipe up for notifications. theres a blue glow indicating theres something to trigger. the implementation for only in the bottom mode for now. bare doesnt dim, it just displays buttons. the other modes give you statusinfo but these are stubs for now. they all do the same.
+Mike Tamanti because its meant for expanded desktop, nothing else. it shouldnt intermingle. 0% and statusbar is hacky, the bar comes down but you cant swipe it up again because pie trigger overlays the draghandle. such little details are really ugly and we try to avoid them. the notification panel you have now in pie mode will grow. one day its up to par.
Anyone using the Pie, if you want to still have power switchs for wif, brightness ex. until PA team can work this out, download power toggles from play store. so when you swipe up front the Pie to see notifications you will have toggles appear. 
I'm wondering here. In future, could we have the Google Now and menu button taken out of the pie, then have both of them in a second pie you drag down from the top that also has a button for the notification shade?

Then we could just have the 3 buttons at the bottom in their normal places and have a more natural way of getting to notifications as well.

You could put either on the sides, but swiping from the side happens a lot in Android, from the bottom and top it's normal because we already do it.

Just a thought, loving this so far.
Also, I was able to just flick quickly from off the screen and onto to get Google Now. Is there any way to get the pie to work that quick? I have hold my finger there for a little bit and it makes navigating not as fast. Again, amazing work so far.
Shaun Hammond for right now you can try a app called (Smart status bar) off the play store. It works really good in settings put very sensitive. 
pie users can use (Smart status bar) app until notification bar gets resolved. download it off the play store. 
Where's the setting to have pie with nav bar like in video.. But other that that very slick... And thanks for bringing swype back
Luvn PIE on my Toro!!! Great work...Thx a bunch!
I want to try paranoid but I cant find the download for the Gnex lte
I have been waiting all day!! So excited 
Ah I'm burning to wait for the pie to come to galaxy s3, can't wait! :D
Huuuuh I'm so excited for the New Tilapia Build :))
Extending notification doesn't work on maguro
Thats mean s3/note/note2 will have PA base on JB 4.2?
It's not as fast as you said it would be. It's kinda slow when switching from button to button. Its hard to go to the back button and sometimes the touch doesn't even register, so then I have to touch it twice. Hopefully this gets resolved through stability fixes. Although, great work guys! :-)
Is the build for grouper the Cuz the newest build other than that is Jan 14
Can someone answer if for galaxy s3?
Come on grouper ppl help a brotha out
+Paranoid Android I have decided to buy LG Nexus 4 and was wondering if Paranoid Android have a build for this phone? and what is it called? :D
+Paranoid Android Thank you and can't wait for the phone to come, gonna look awesome with this amazing ROM! :D
This is pretty cool my galaxy note 2 has simular controls for my stock browser !
Feeling out the pie controls now pretty cool takes a little getting used to but I like it
How do we set this up?  New to Pa...Thanks
Will i9100 be online (2.99) in the future?
I've noticed that with expand desktop on the transparency of the lock screen doesn't extend ask the way stops where the nav buttons would be
Hey Justin you able to help get Pie set-up?
I don't think there is a toro build yet shouldn't be long tho....
Thanks. I tried one of the 2.+ builds and it was a bit buggy. Went back to AOKP but i want to try the new stuff 
I already said it on xda but will say it again here: this is the best ROM ever did the N4!
Thanks Moles for all the great development.
I don't see toro listed in here lol...well I hope you guys are working on that since we get no love from google anymore... this orphan nexus needs some love too
I have found with my grouper, that if you have the navigation bar @ x% < 100 then there are flickering pixels at the top of the screen. And it might just be me but my wallpaper didn't resize going into expanded mode (nova prime). +Paranoid Android 
Looks great, im still on PA 2.54. I still might wait for 3.0. Does the upgrade need to be flashed over a clean wipe? 
Dirty flash. Works great. Loving the PIE. In case anyone is wondering, yes you need to reflash gapps but you don't need to wipe unless coming from a 4.1 build. +Paranoid Android noticed the large clock is missing from the notification area when swipe up in tablet 250 mode.
And make sure it's the pa gapps, NOT regular gapps package on Almost caused me to give up on pa the first time I tried it.
Hmm, don't know what the problem was then. I first used the standard gapps and got stuck in an endless process.wizard close loop on boot. Yes, I did a full wipe, multiple times and tried reflashing several times. Then slept on it and found the pa gapps the next day which worked perfectly.
you cant use standard gapps. pa needs its own. recently goo was kind enough to switch their interface for us and allows downloading them from the goo application.
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