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The #WeAreBackBaby  Edition

It’s been a long time, but we’re finally back and ready to start tasting some lollipops. To start our lollipop journey, we added some goodies to improve AOSP’s state along with some tiny and useful features for a sweet daily use. Lollipop has changed almost everything, and we must think with a different mindset in order to create new features that can provide meaningful improvements over stock while following material design.  We’re on it, so don’t worry. Our sauce will have new spices soon enough.

First and foremost, if you are flashing from kitkat, stock, or any other ROM we highly recommend a factory reset first. Not doing so may cause strange issues, so if you don't you're on your own.

Second, Galaxy Nexus is not supported anymore on official branch from lollipop. If we manage we'll bring it up within legacy sauce but is not mantained by us anymore like it was before.

For OnePlus and Oppo users, you must flash the latest CM nightly before flashing this release. The CM nightly contains firmware updates necessary to avoid bootloops and broken sensors.

Also Oppo users, The device trees are now split into two variants: Find7s (QHD-2K) and Find7 (FHD-1080p). 

Some 3rd party kernels have not yet been updated to include Theme Engine support. If Theme Engine breaks after switching kernels, simply re-flash the build and Google apps to revert to stock kernel.

Other than that, these builds are fairly stable and ready to be used in public, but this is still an alpha build. Hope for awesome buttery smoothness, be ready for a bumpy ride.
In this new iteration of Paranoid Android, super user access (rooting) will be left up to the user.


- Update the baseline to AOSP Lollipop 5.0.2
- Improvements to Heads Up, such as an option to disable heads up interruptions completely
- Add Quick Unlock
- Extend the power menu
- Animate the volume panel in a more material manner
- Make it possible to skip songs using volume buttons when the device is locked
- Add CM12 Theme Engine
- Fix various small annoyances from AOSP

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the wait was well worth it! engage custom recoveries...
We are not worthy... We are not worthy...
To unified partition Oppo find 7 users..ill be supporting lvm based builds separately.
im getting a 404 for nexus 5 version D:
"File not found" on Nexus 5 download page.
its working for me now! cant wait!
Thank you for your hard work. I see that Oppo N1 isn't supported yet. Looking forward to trying your ROM on it.
+Andre Saddler I did relax man...just to fucking excited. I'm working..I'm on the phone.. I need to flash...just understand lol
+Matt Flaming OK... It's not showing any Alpha builds for my Samsung Galaxy S3 international variant...
+Parag Mistry maybe because it falls under Legacy?  They always come after...

Maybe you should think about getting an officially supported device if you want it now.
gonna get a paranoidandroid tattoo on my oneplus one now! 🏃 thank you so much!
+Andre Saddler I don't expect it from CM to be honest, neither am I waiting. They were supposed to support it officially. It was their "responsibility". Yet they didn't do it via official channels. I bought the device to support them and because it came with unlocked bootloader. Unfortunately, N1 owners themselves aren't getting a lot of support. But for you, its your hobby, so even if you drop support, I will understand. I will consider myself lucky to get it.
Oh guys, just ditch that filthy theme engine in favour of RRO.
+Tomasz Pakuła​ let me know when RRO is a viable solution. Right now it's horribly underdeveloped and not ready for prime time.
PSA #1: Paranoid Android doesn't come rooted anymore.

PSA #2: Paranoid Android is more beastly and secure than ever!
Does pie available now?
Finally, thank you very much guys! Just for clarification..

- Is it rooted?
- Is PIE available?

Kindly regards!
Howdy! Awesome, cant wait to try it!! :) 
Any ideas if this will work with LTE Nexus 9 being craving a good ROM??
Hah)) i thought project paranoid was nearly dead :d will try it)) an advice to paranoid android developers - i really like paranoid roms, but battery is worse than on the other roms.. Fix this pls)) my current device One m8
Man I tried to keep my phone clean for pa. Just now started to get comfortable with many apps and now they do this.
I have a bacon device and I have the latest cm nightly for flash pa need factory reset? 
Great to see you guys back! So I need to flash the latest CM12 and then flash PA on top of that?
On OPO i am getting "Error executing updater binary..."
I have flashed the 29th bacon firmware..
+Nick Nice​ What do you mean by last "firmware" update? I'm probably just going to flash the latest build of CM12, then flash PA.
+Andre Saddler​ you said there will be seperate builds for find 7 lvm - are they already uploaded somewhere or is just being patient the way to go for now? ;)
coming from 44S stock rooted, after factory reset my device(twrp, I flashed 0202 cm nightly, followed by pa rom, and it gives me "error executing updater binary". Any idea anyone? 

*Checked both cm and pa rom, md5 is correct. 
+Adil Hussain​​ Best solution
1. Flash last CM12 Nightly
2. Full factory reset
3. Flash PA 5.0
4. Flash gapps (recommend  PA-GOOGLE APPS)
5. Enjoy

On OPO I get an error that says that this build is for A0001 and my device is bacon therefore it won't flash... :-)
+Cheah Yit Hoong​ then, there might be something wrong with the updater binary in the zip, as far as i know this isnt related to the previous flashed cm nightly
+Adil Hussain I'm also getting the "Failed to execute updater binary" error. I'm going to try a few things. I'm assuming you're running on a 1+ as well?
My monday morning just got better!

Thanks guys! 
My nexus 6 loves you guys long time! :D 
I'm not having any luck on my 1+1 right now. Getting "Failed to execute updater binary" message. I'll play around with it tomorrow. If anybody has a solution please let me know.
You know the coolest part? I can just flash back to 2.99 if I miss Hybrid that much. Nothing is forcing or bothering me to update. Thanks for all of your hard work, and for keeping our options open. This ROM rocks.
For 1+1 users. You have to remove top line that reads "assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "A0001" || getprop("") == "A0001" || abort("This package is for device: A0001; this device is " + getprop("ro.product.device") + "."););"

Or change A001 to bacon. Then flash 
I'm not sure the steps below is the solution, but I managed to install pa after doing all of them.

i. I installed the latest twrp (version is
ii. In twrp , i click advance wipe (system + data)
iii.  Flash latest cm nightly and then follow by PA rom. 

I'm not sure if it works for you, but can have a try. +Erik Wooldridge +Adil Hussain 
It is quite a while, I cannot find gapps anymore, so is that okay without gapps? 
When will it arrive to legacy devices.. 😟
Fast mirrors (Hammerhead and mako) please , servers must be swamped
If you are on latest CM nightly on OnePlus One, you still need to full wipe?
jay ckb
Oh shit I'm on this!!!
ahhh my device is re-encrypting :'( never mind :D 
Shit ... people still not read the instructions 😨
Is there a no-sound-no-vibration-only-notification-LED-mode? :D  awesome work guys! 
Thanks guys all up & running sweetly on the N6, Look forward to what you have in store! :) 
+Paranoid Android Why the update isn't listed in Paranoid OTA ? And I ran into a problem where there was error executing binary since it was meant for A001 and not bacon, had to go through a lot of ups and downs to restore and run the PA 5.0 Alpha
Just for the info. Tried modding the framework and sysui apk's to reduce the navar size, but the back button is a bit stretched horizontally. Gonna try editing the apk's afresh.
Can someone confirm if app privacy / permissions manager is present?
Can i flash Nexus 5 from latest PA 4.6 BETA to the new 5.0.2 Alpha without factory reset?
To those who dont know where to remove first line usually its in roms zip-> meta-inf->com-google->android-> updater-script file
on 1+1 I'm not able to flash it. I'm using Twrp an it says " this Package is for Device: A0001; this Device is bacon.
if galaxy nexus gsm maguro is not supported why it's on the official list?
Just waiting for pie Now😀😀😀
Nice that's this is coming. Will stay stock until it's beta at least
Jose M
Still no way to change the navigation bar height?
Anyone ? Why is Note 3 not on the legacy list? 
Stop posting random non nexus devices here. I'll make a list of what devices are supported ATM soon...
I'm on my phone, is there a way to change the build.prop and repackage the thing? Can't seem to do it.

+Andre Saddler​ - any tips please?
issue with Find 7s version: During the install it says that the rom is for the 7s and that my phone is the find 7, even though it actually is the find 7s (QHD).
Jose M
+Andre Saddler well, that's a shame. It takes nothing to implement it and it gives back to the user a big chunk of screen real state.
Cant install it on oneplus.... a0001 - bacon error :(
thanks for your work guys, welcome back.
+Sean Behan​ you mean material design apps? I mean is there the real DSB feature like the navigation bar color etc and the status bar color in not materialised apps
Can't flash this on my one plus one
That's awesome! Just can not wait until xposed comes out on lollipop
+Mathisse De Strooper not the nav bar and apps have to implement it. so I guess a DSB would be cool. would almost definitely interfere with the built in status bar color in apps though.
Man I wake up to some PA 5.0!!! 😍 this is better the breakfast & head!!
I heartily hope that PA team re-integrated their super awesome hybrid framework into lollipop.
it would be the peak..

thats what PA is for, break away from the limits and achieve MORE...
on my nexus 4 E: zip signature verification failed. 
I see a lot of people saying what we should do and I don't see them lifting a finger to help accomplish that.....
I'm only asking this "I'm on my phone, is there a way to change the build.prop and repackage the thing? Can't seem to do it."

+Matt Flaming+Andre Saddler​ please?
Nice to see you PA team....but I am wait for beta released,for now cm12 its better..keep it up good work :)
+Flavio Almeida no idea. This package worked as is on my bacon.

Use a file explorer and edit the build prop within the zip
Where do I get an option to disable headsup notifications as given in the change log ? 
Nice heads up on the forced encryption. SMH...
Yes, it's been a long time to wait a good news!!
God I can't wait until we hit comment cap....
Its alpha. Everyone on the team uses it as daily drivers....
+Matt Flaming Where is the Find7a's ROM? It's for Find7s. Because my Find7a gave error. It's said "This is for Find7, your device is Find7a."
"Is it stable?" really? It's PA not Kanglandgeneric rom! -.-
+Ahmed Elalfi from what I'm seeing people say, it's forcing it. I don't want to flash until someone can get it without encryption. 
Encryption is only enforced on shamu. Like stock
+Nate Marrufo​ I just flashed but with Franco kernel before booting, the sequence should be this
Flash the ROM
Franco kernel
And I don't think they will make the encryption optional because they want to follow google's way of doing things same as cyangenmod did with cm12 so use Franco for now and in coming version if android the encryption might be actually less agrrrisive on the device performance so we should keep 
Best feature I can't live without anymore: "Make it possible to skip songs using volume buttons when the device is locked"
I suppose that is not available, nor for LG L9, nor for Huawei MediaPad. :-(
Where is the Find7a's ROM? It's for Find7s. Because my Find7a gave error. It's said "This is for Find7, your device is Find7a." +Paranoid Android 
+Yavuz Özden please read the OP in regards to this. There are also previous comments in this post with some suggestions.
May someone please send me a link to the latest gapps that'll be compatible with this rom
Have changed into using HTC Desire EYE, seems I would never get an official support and no legacy support since now.
i've been waiting a long time for this... where do i get g-apps?
Noice! Thank you PA Team :)
I hate adding clutter to massive posts, but do I simply flash supersu to have root again? Still learning, thanks lads
Nick M.
Well, I got force encrypted :(. I guess that was not an option.
+Nick M.​ Shamu is forced, just like stock from google. After you decrypt of you go that route, just flash Franco kernel in the same recovery and you won't have forced encryption. it's also mentioned in the post by the team here.
damn it...still no support for my Star-Tac.. this is a deal breaker
Hope its gonna to be pretty stable and not like cm12..
What with the gapps?
How do you change the target device for bacon? 
+Fahad Usmani why flash the gapps package that includes the things you don't want?

The proper place to take gapps issues would be the xda gapps thread....
+David Perelman those are the official gapps.....I don't even understand your comment. The thread even says its pa gapps....
No cell data with Nexus 6 on Ting (an MVNO under Sprint).
Is peek a thing in this version?
+Fahad Usmani you need to take gapps issues to the gapps thread.  that is my point.  don't get your panties all up in a bunch if you do things to break the rom and then think we are going to fix it for you. it isnt a rom issue.
Where can I get the gapps ? The one I got is broken & the others I downloaded seems to no work
+Nick Walker i flashed yesterdays lollipop pa gapps no issues on bacon, grouper, or hammerhead....they werent broken
+Nick Walker​ then you are doing something wrong or trying to use kit Kat gapps. I've used pa gapps for the last month on aospa so its something you are doing
+Kevin Bostwick I've been doing thing for 4 years now but I probably was, I was trying go flash it on CM12 
Tried to install on OPO and got an error saying this package is for A0001 and this device is bacon.
Sorry, but i can't find download URL for Oppo N1 5.0.2 Android, get me link please
+Nick Walker they work fine on cm12 and on aospa. Again these issues need to go in the gapps thread not here
+Thomas Berryhill yeah they are tested on devices we can test on. Looks like we forgot one. You going to be OK? Your comment sounds rather rude. I don't mind pulling the device completely off the roster if that's the attitude we are going to get for an alpha....
Will dual SIM devices (eventually) be supported under the legacy branch?
My Nexus 6 running the alpha, rooted, unencrypted, with Franco! Absolutely buttery smooth
+Paranoid Android​ okay, found the links, just chrome isn't show them, don't know why. But have another problem. Download for flounder always stops at 58 mb. Have tried it with so many different browsers. Firefox tells me that the file can't be read from source anymore and I should ask the server admin about this issue...
do you flash the latest nightly CM12 AFTER or BEFORE the ROM? 
Last paranoid was to buggy and called rc or something.... had to move to vanilla 4.4.2 to get a stable n4.... and of course xposed framework to have hybrid! And this is still fare more stable then pure paranoid... I really see no point in using paranoid roms any more... I did love you guys, back in the time where you did great stuff, like hybrid.... but today... 
+Joseph Darazi logic: if you flash cm12 after flashing PA you will have cm12 as your OS.

+Henning Kubbutat​ and I don't see the point of you coming here and shitting on the hard work that has been put into the project...
Maybe because I still fascinated about your friendly writing and your interaction skills and your obviously huge talent to read what someone wrote and nothing else.....
Like someone wishing something politely and it is respond to it as if it was told and not wished.... or giving constructive feedback and it is taken personally for no reason.... 
That wasn't constructive criticism. It trailed off in the fashion that we are worthless scum now.

But you know, hide behind that thinly veiled 'constructive criticism' technique and all that....
+Matt Flaming +Andre Saddler So sorry you guys are'nt able to post anything, let alone a return to form, without the morons descending to profess how much they dont like something they dont have to do. Remember there are thousands who simply do or don't download it, but also dont feel the need to comment. I wish i could think of reason people do it other than "hur hur hur that'll show em." You could drive yourselves crazy responding to pond life like +Henning Kubbutat but they have already made up their minds. Thank god people really really care what they think

 Cheers boys, looking forward to more fun. 
Lol moderators are mostly the most fascinating ones.... case closed...
+Andre Saddler Nah apparently not. But I got my answer within a minute from someone who commented. Thanks though :)
+Nick Dwyer​If you see a guy running against a tree over and over again. You can start to feel sorry about him and try to help. But you can only speak and the guy is not able to understand it will fail. But hope dies at last... it's not about those brilliant guy's like +Andre Saddler​ or +Matt Flaming​ but about +Paranoid Android​ back from the good old day's. Paranoid was something every geek loved. Today it's just mainstream, when they could do so much more. It is for people who don't want to bother with rooting and such stuff and this is most probably a good choice in terms of getting a lot average people. Still sad to see, compared to times of hybrid. Just reading that “clear all“ is gone... and then this bullshit answer by Andre Sadler.....
+Mike Biggs​ I downloaded Franco r11 and then flash it in twrp all at once with super su as well
Yeeeeeehhhaaaaaa!!! Oh my god yesssss!! :D :D It's make so fucking happy. :'D 
And you guys are gonna keep being dicks to the average user? I hope not
+Matt Flaming Last time I was around here I saw insulting jokes to average users that were asking for help in some issues, it's true that they can read or research some before asking, but making jokes on them is harsh. Hope you leave that attitude in the past and congrats for your new work!
We put forth more effort into helping people than they do in actually trying for themselves. Its sad really that so many people can't be bothered to even read a little bit before they jump into shit...
People get offended when we don't spoon feed answers or ask them to read before asking. I can't help that they feel offended. Life is way harder 
PA used to be my only rom for my old Galaxy nexus and nexus 4 cuz of their features but now its just playin aosp with no customization at all. 
Its not meant to be a story, its just that PA has no advantage over cm. 
+Sérgio Pereira OK. I don't understand the need to come here and say something like that. Don't like it? Don't use it.

People with your attitude make this whole thing a worthless hobby. Please move along.
Hey, i cannot install on my oneplus because the model A001 is not recognizable :(
dumb question, but what's quick unlock
+Mitul Shah quick unlock allow you to enter your pin or password and NOT have to press enter to unlock your phone. Once you have entered the correct pin/password the phone is unlocked 
I can't flash it on my Oppo Find7 .... I already flash CM12 before i flash PA but it still said error binary updater
Wipe system. Reboot to recovery. Flash ROM and gapps
its still This package is for device: find7 Your deviceis FIND7
E:Error executing updater binary iz zip......
Already try with Find7 / 7s firmware
Yes. I get it. The error still exists for you....

Just open the zip, delete the assert line from the script and flash it
Late to the party but woot woot :D
I'm a proud OnePlus One owner.
Is it that difficult to extract the required firmware updates from the latest CM nightlies and include them in the PA 5 ROMs? Or, at least, provide them as a separate flashable package along with the ROM? These are legitimate questions. I'm not trying to fight or whatever ;)
I'm afraid most people won't read the warning :(
[not my case. I'll wait for PIE] :)
Can you point me to an instruction on how to get PA Lollipop and F2FS working on a N5? :)
Is the vibrate on call pickup feature placed somewhere different or hasnt it been included in this release? 
+Andre Saddler​ I'm pretty sure I used to enable/disable it from the dialer settings in PA 4.x
+Andre Saddler​ thanks for pointing out the obvious. I hope you would consider adding it in the next release. Thanks.
+Fahad Usmani 'restored data with titanium backup'.

There's your culprit. Something you restore causes the bootloop. Has nothing to do with the ROM and does not require a bug filed on it because its your own doing...aside from that we don't accept bug reports when you use custom kernels.....
Man this is running great on my bacon
I'm sorry for this question, probably it had been asked, but i can't read everything.. So i ask: when update the S3 I9300 to lollipop? I know that it's not an official version, and I understand the waiting, I ask just to know if there'll be an update and when.. 'Cause Cyanogen will not update and i would know the development here for this model.

Thanks for everything and for the great job ;)

n.p. sorry for my bad english
+Giuseppe De Leo if cm has dropped it, and legacy device requires cm for device trees, what makes you think it will receive lollipop?
+Alessandro Eppacher +Cheah Yit Hoong I'm going to try flashing PA in a different recovery and see if it makes a difference. I'm using the custom version of TWRP for MultiRom and getting the "Error executing updater binary". I haven't had much time to play around with it. CM12 is actually usable on my phone so I've been using that.
Flashed PA with a different recovery (philz) and it flashed with no problems. Must just be an issue with MultiRom or TWRP.
+BHARAT KHANDELWAL you asked someone to walk you through updating your recovery... Twrp website tells you how to install recovery, which is the same process as updating....
+Giacomo Guicciardi the decision hasn't been made basically just like the post says. I mean its been barely over a day. How do you expect us to decide the fate in a day?
Has anyone tried this on Verizon? CM12, Pure Shamu and every other AOSP-based ROM I've tried on Verizon with the N6 takes 30+ seconds to send group texts/MMS. On stock it sends in 1-2 seconds.
I don't doubt +Matt Flaming  that the decision was made time ago. I was simply remained to a post where +Carlo Savignano  said he could have been thinking of moving the GNEX in that section. Thank you very much
+Arz Bhatia​ Does your themes work on this?
+Matt Flaming​ Honestly speaking your Kraken Icon Pack isn't looking great with this white background.
Can you guys suggest best themes and / or icon packs? 
The white background of what?

I use unikitty, unikitty dark, and kraken round
OK. I don't have a white background because I use action launcher
I didn't try other icons. I had Kraken purchased at the time of its release during N5 days. May be I'll try others.

Can you recommend the themes? 
I'm using piazza at the moment, by our friend and fellow paranoid android, +Lo Huot​
Yep! I know piazza! Bought it immediately after the launch. :p

Quick question - Action Launcher looks great, however, do you think if it affects the overall performance of N6? I never tried any Launcher before, but read many people reporting the battery drain issues. Really liked the dynamic colours of Action Launcher. Is it Worth buying.? Or should we wait for cm12 themes? Suggestion please! 
Hi I'm new to PA and have a Find7 so any help would be appreciated.

I have flashed PA Find7 5.1 (20150619) and it works rgeat only it is missing features such as Pie Controls, Peak, Halo etc.

Also don't quite understand why the latest version of Android is under the Legacy devices list as the F7 is officially supported.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Paranoid team, is there any change of building a rom for mi4i? Recently, xiaomi released kernel for mi4i.
+Regis Fanning just coz you're a Nexus 6 user, help me out , i installed the Alpha 5.0 Build Date: 2015-03-07 on my Nexus 6
CM GApps package, stock kernel
i don't see any PA goodies like hover, heads up etc, 
do you?
+Paranoid Android !!?
+Ameer Akhtar​ all the pa goodies aren't released yet... It basically stock... Maybe later whenever they decide to bring the ROM back