So, help us to decide
this will help us in our decision guys, We have two final candidates for our PA4+ bootanimations. We will have final say but, we want to see your input which help, the team,  choose which should be official bootani. Here are the videos for both (mind you these are not final versions but basically what the final product will look like)

below i posted each creator names into two separate comments, plus one the comment (which represent the animation) you liked the most

Both of these talented designers should be very proud of the hard work they put in on their FREE  time. They put a lot of work into trying to perfect this based on me and the pa team parameters that we asked them to abide by. These animations are beautiful and it was very tough for us to vote. We want to see what you guys feel about them

+espen olsen version we are considering:
PA4 v2

+Leonard Leijenhorst version we are considering:
PA 4+ Boot Animation test 3
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