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HALO10, first public BETA

This is one of the last few releases before source goes out. Hopefully this weekend.

Basically HALO has been rewritten from scratch to fight against the occasional jank. It should be WAY smoother now, except under heavy load (multitask apps starting up).

New gestures to dimiss notifications or hide HALO on the spot.

Apps going back home or refusing to open up in floating state should be fixed once and for all. HALO officially should work for each and every app on your system.

+Francisco Franco wants to add this:
"There have been changes on the Nexus 4 Kernel stack that manage the GSM signal for relability. Also take note that a bunch of carriers had problems in the last 1/2 weeks which also have been compromising some of you, so not everything could've been caused by software. Also we recommend you to upgrade to the latest .54 radio." Link:

I just uploaded mine (MAKO), i can't say when others will follow.

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woot! can't wait for source to be released!
Amazing news man. Cant wait for some i9300 availability! 
First! Amazing! Flashing RIGHT NOW :DD You guys rock :)
Sounds great, can't wait for HALO on HTC One
Ron DC
Flash mode.
Awesome. Thanks again. Can't wait for Manta?
Where is this available, I dont see it on
+Punket Rocker how, the link isn't even up
Ron DC
Maybe still uploading. I don't see it right now on goo
Finally more Halo love for me 
+Manuel Salcedo im not not if we even need it. its almost perfect. a little raw around the edges, needs better images and animations - but right now, i start to doubt that flicking it around will really make an impact. perhaps in the very end when we're bored.
Vu Dinh
Holy macaroni, I can hide halo two days after thinking I might need to? With gesture? Dear Lord you guys at pa are awesome.
Ron DC
Still not showing up on goo (patience)
When can we expect changes to the UI, for instance, the "bounce effect" we see with chat heads?
Can halo now only appear when a notification comes in? And then disappear once read?
Where can I get the download
Is that radio .54 for nexus 4 U.S. version
Also auto-hide didn't work on the last alpha build. Has that been fixed on this release?
+Siv Kris Why would you need Autohide when you can hide it by just swiping it down?
+Ludwig Rodriguez ... yes... the radio's are universal cos this is a worldwide GSM device... Google doesn't push radio updates without firmware updates so that's why gotta do it separately... i expect the .54 or newer (if there is) will be released with the supposed android 4.3 or whatever comes next
no... i think that's a caching issue with the site... even i can't see it yet... but the direct links work
come on goo! dunno whats wrong, doesn't show the beta folder. i copied it into the alpha folder now, maybe that works
I think it's a caching issue with directory listing. I'm not surprised either, what with all the problems they've been having recently. Must have taken every precaution to reduce load.
It's 2:37am and I need this update! :-D 
Any reason why its 3.57 instead of 3.60?
+Francisco Franco can I continue using Franco kernel with my N4 or would you recommend me to stay with the PA Franco kernel? I have bought your app and I modify the ROM colors and undervolt with it.
Anyone running the new modem in Australia? 
Its because there is no Beta folder in Goo, well its there, just not there....Matrix. But if you go in to the alpha folder it is in there.
So since everything has been rewritten, do we need to do a fresh install with this baby? I assuming no, but recommended.
Can any one write down the download link for the kernel? I cant find it
Cason B
Hope we can get a mirror
I will have my t0ltecdma builds up soon. Follow me on here for m7 test builds, I'll have some builds up in an hour or so.
Yeah goo isn't acting nicely tonight. My download got killed 3 times. Just going to wait for a mirror
I just have installed it and now you can swipe up for going to the last app and down to hide halo. I'm uploading it to drive
Twiddling my thumbs waiting for Toro.  Just finally successfully downloaded the June 3rd from today.  Thinking I should wait if you did a full rewrite.  Can't wait for the source to push so I can just build my own.  Still don't understand why the dev branch isn't made available.
Anyone else having trouble getting the swipe up to clear notification in halo to work? It doesnt clear for me....complete wipe and clean install too.
I love this ROM!! But, a "Toro +" user. We should be called "Toro -"!!! Cause we get minus the "LOVE". Just kidding. But,...I hope that PA or AOSPAL can figure this out. I know they have been working hard. I hate waiting,...but it is understood. I get jealous when the other get updated!!! Keep up the awesome work,...Thanks so much for our impatience.
Does blacklisting apps finally stick after a reboot? 
+Paranoid Android Please please consider doing the physics engine still. The experience would be so much smoother. As of now, moving Halo around involves dragging it across the screen. I can't get quick easy access to whatever is under Halo without physically dragging my finger somewhere else first. If you were able to flick it somewhere else, however, efficiency would increase by a lot. Trust me, I love Halo. I just think the addition of this feature would take things one step further in terms of efficiency. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks!
+Chuck Strawser I'm having the issue clearing the notification as well, flashed 3.57, Gapps, wiped cache, wiped dalvik, franco 150, everything looks to be working except for the swipe up.
Is there a modded .54 radio around which keeps LTE?
I am also having issues clearing notifications.  I have completely clean installed.  Also please implement a physics engine, I believe it would greatly improve one handed use.  Keep up the good work. +Paranoid Android 
Hey, what about maguro devices? Are you still work on it or I have to buy Nexus 4 to be on top? 
Any idea when a new Manta build will get released?
Brian Z
+Paranoid Android please bring back the way the halo hid in the last beta. Now when it's hiding it's half on the screen. Before it was barely noticeable. 
and can someone tell me how to get it on my US HTC One? sorry off topic. going away now.
I agree with Brian Z, I liked it better when Halo hid further.
Is June 3 still the newest gapps?
Still don't have a build for d2vzw :(
PIE colors still horribly wrong :(
Got me a little confused, 3.57 instead of 3.60.
Love how I can still call on halo even when it's hidden. Best feature yet, it's out of the way yet I can still multitask with ease. Keep up the good work guys!
it feels really different, very smooth :) i just  love it thanks for your effort PA Team!!!
as a user,i must say Franco is really suck,faux more power
Brian Z
I must say the person above me with the characters is a fucking asshat 
I've been waiting on this for a while and the day I choose to flash something else, this gets released. sigh Thanks for your persistence in making Halo even more awesome. 
Its not letting me pull out the halo... Like the last update! Any suggestions? 
unfortunately, the app wechat is still not working properly!
Please don't insult Franco. +Brian Z is right.. Lol. You've said nothing at all and it seems like you're trying to be random and insult the dev. It works great for the 99% of us. It doesn't work for you, then it's your luck. No point bitching.
+Vance Boo sorry,i just think,we can Choose what kn we like. about fc i just say something i think(i know the dev Problem)   :)
Great work, I love Halo! But I have two problems with Hangout and Halo: first smileys don't work, second the keyboard does not disappear when leaving (haloed) Hangout. Any chance of fixing this two bugs? 
This was the only good thing I liked on Facebook (Messenger) app and u'll make ir available for 'all' apps...
Big thanks in advance ;-)
+Paranoid Android I noticed two "bugs" in the newest version : halo doesn't fade out/isn't half see through anymore. And Whatsapp still doesn't let you open a new chat (you can go back to the overview, but if I want to open another contact than the one that gave me the notification nothing happens) 
Anyway we could eliminate or speed up the 90% hide animation? It takes nearly 5 seconds after the gesture is issued before the HALO is hidden. Also, the distance needed to register gestures seems really long. I have to slide my finger nearly half the screen to register a gesture and if my HALO is located near the top/bottom it is impossible to register the gesture at all. Overall this is a huge improvement. Thank you!
Please do add the physics engine I'm a big fan of your guy's work but I would love to put halo somewhere more convenient on my screen the edges really don't cut it for me. But other than that I love this rom.
Still waiting for dear BigBro to update for Maguro. Can't wait for flashing time!!!
One more thing I noticed: if you use the hide halo shortcut, then switch from portrait to landscape, halo comes back as usual
Can I use this latest rom and gapps on my Nexus 7? I still have the one from May 23.
+Chuck Strawser check your regular status bar drawer, some notifications are persistent, even if you try to pull them out it won't work. temporary modifications you can swipe out, also in halo
+Brian Z nothing changed, you probably installed a wrong file. when you hide it or have auto hide activated its 90 percent gone
+Dave Regan you installed a wrong build. halo hides in 150ms. our do you mean auto hide perhaps? the gestures are also very short now.
why new rom (06.06) have a build number "eng.molesarecoming.20130519.185039 test-keys" ..  strange date..
I can dismiss the latest notification by swiping up from halo. How do I select which notification to delete without opening the notification?
e.g I have 4 notifications and want to dismiss the 3rd one.
Patiently waiting for nexus 7
Flo Mi
Would be great, if I could slide to next notifications directly when open halo while sliding from the side :) and opening the current app after sliding would also be great :)
waiting for my galaxy s2 ^_^ hope its working!
+Atul Alvenkar I could add an option that prevents launching at finger up, it was like this in the beginning. our some more gesture stuff
I liked the thought of being able to whitelist apps to be shown in Halo.
Today's update isn't smooth enough for me,I don't know it's me or something to do with Franco kernel...
+Paranoid Android wow. Great job, it's much, much smoother now, I was starting to consider a full reinstall because of some slowdowns that I was attributing to unknown sources, but you proved me wrong. This is as fast as this device has ever been, and I'm running a shitload of bullcrap.
Definitely qualifies as beta.
this .54 BB work great all over the world like in italy or is just an optimization for india?
Flo Mi
+Alex Mori for me (in Germany) it's good.
Definitely better signal in some areas (as far as I can judge that since the T-Mobile crap in the last week) :)
+Paranoid Android none of my notifications can beer cleared out oh halo. On the previous build a simple swipe up on halo would clear the notification and make halo blank again.
Awesome work guys. Loving the small things you tweaked since the wifi test built. Also: Deadzone fixed. Thanks. 
+Paranoid Android when I swipe up halo turns red and when I release no matter what notification the halo icon stays the same, not blank. The only time it changes is when I stop halo and restart it or a new notification comes
Goo servers are down...too bad :(
+Chuck Strawser yeah, although the 5th June build had this clear the halo feature. This time around last notification stays in halo. 
+Paranoid Android an other little glitch. White lines indicating notifications when sliding left or right don't show when halo bubble is around the part of the screen. 
+Paranoid Android at the risk of repeating any posts above, spotify and podkicker seem to have escaped the grasp of halo in the latest mako build. Facebook seems to be behaving tho
Some apps refuse to close, for example wechat. Tasker needs to touch the background for twice to close. Anyway it is still a great feature. I am glad to see it finally enter beta stage 
Hum...Am I the only one to not have the SMS/MMS app after full wipe and install of latest pa and gapps ? oO
+bonan zhu i saw wechat today. its a total mystery to me - is that they only app that does this? i myself havent seen such behaviour until then. its sure possible to solve it somehow though, dont worry-
Such a shame that no PA for us on GT8013 (Galaxy Note 10.1) :(
DGR jr
Goo is the absolute worst. 
+Paranoid Android I have to agree with +Brian Z , previous version of halo was almost non noticeable with its hide option. This version is twice as thick. I dirty flashed this file: Is this the right one? I may try a clean install and report back. Thanks!
I flashed the very first build when halo came out and never updated since then until now which is beta and the improvements are MASSIVE. Absolutely amazing and 200% better than when the project first started. Just goes to show how much work the PA team put in. 
+Paranoid Android I am so glad you finally check out wechat, it is super weird, the way it behaves.
DGR jr
+matt w makes me grumpy too. Have to try to come here then track down specific devices etc. That's if Goo actually work though. 
+Paranoid Android yeah I installed June 5th build, I see that now. Good work. Auto hide is no longer 90% though, more like 85% did I get the wrong build again. Also, any chance we can get halo to show up on the lock screen of we have notifications?
no thats alright, its a tiny bit more visible than before, also to make swyping easier, if the touch area is too small it gets a little problematic
+DGR jr this right here is the changelog, you're in it. no need to track down, just check the actual date listed.
+Josh Mills
copy/paste the link into your browser, doesnt work otherwise for some reason:

this is halos hidden state. its a littlemore visible but the touchtarget is actually smaller than the old one which was still at full iconwidth. in other words: more visible, less intrusive.
Sorry +Paranoid Android, maybe i didn't understand you. "Hide Halo after activity" is checked. How can i get it back to screen for a while? Swipe it out the screen didn't work for me.
+Mauricio Betancur Molina i guess youre running an older build. it depends on the device you run and who builds for you. you get halo back with a simple swipe in the newest, its easy.
DGR jr
+Paranoid Android correct and I did have to come looking for it. :) No big deal, but change logs in Goo is a major convenience. 
Rev: swiping. It would be nice to have the active area of this build but the visibility of the last build.
+Paranoid Android Hmm strange, that link isn't working for me even after typing it into chrome on my laptop, it's just a 1x1 gif but with nothing visible. I can understand it potentially being a bit hard to unhide with only a small amount visible but I personally found it considerably less intrusive and didn't have any problems swiping it, but obviously you have to do what's best for everyone so I understand if this is how it needs to be. Thanks for the great work.
+Paranoid Android so now that its beta are you guys going to focus on getting the animation for halo windows to work properly? They fade in fine usually but they just disappear when closing them. This is always how it is on the homescreen, sometimes there is no opening animation either. The window animations only work about 50% of the time when opened above another app also. Not demanding a fix, just wondering if you plan on one, it seems like the only thing left to do. Everything else is perfect.
+Jeremy Kaminski thats actually done by the system. the animations are mostly fine from what i see but android itself will skip animation at the slightest hint of performance drain. heavy apps like skype don't animate properly even in regular state, same will hold true for the floating state.

the difference is, android uses an evil trick to make it seem fluid. thats the black window you see when opening something up, or sometimes its a static picture. we cant use that for halo, thats what caused the blackout in the old versions. without that trick what you see is the actual animation - and yeah, you can see android suffering and sweating sometimes.
OK so I haven't seen anyone ask so I feel stupid but when tapping on halo and sliding up what does that do besides turn halo red with a line thru it?
+Paranoid Android I've been wondering for some time, missed call LED never works, any chance you'll update the LED to the latest by CM, it looks different in CM now?
+Paranoid Android thanks for the info. One more question, since you said you rebuilt halo to force all apps to open in windows and not return to home screen, can we use custom MMS again or does it have to be new pa mms?
Just want to reiterate my question +Paranoid Android or anyone out there? Just want to be clarified on how to update the .48 radio to .54? Because after updating such my apps are misbehaving, anyone out there guys?
+Raymond De Jesus i guess ask on xda. is 54 new? looks like im on 48 myself then. if you have it best share it in the g+ community.
+Dennis Gatere i havent had time for kanging, havent checked other rom teams stuff for a long, long time now. thing is, depending on how badly 4.3 or whatever the number will be merges you'll probably see them start from scratch anyway. not sure i wanna make my hands dirty with jellybean still - and time almost makes it impossible anyway.
+kenny layne the actual sam thing that happens when you try to swipe away a notification from the curtain. some swipe out, some refuse because they'ere persistent
In CM if you're using a PIN lock screen, and you put in the right password it will automatically unlock the phone, rather than having to press the enter button. Do you guys plan to add this?
Thanks PA makes sense to wait, if only 4.3 could come sooner, I'm curious what it'll bring
+Israel Gonzalez-Cruz how did you update? Having misbehaviors with my apps worse is that some are not really functioning, but i am noticing that i have not encountered any drops with my signal +Paranoid Android , and in terms of strength it is very consistent, that's it.
+Paranoid Android also one more question...when can everybody else expect to see Franco kernel tweaks in their ROM besides n4? I bounce between lean stable and Franco exp so I don't want to override stock and miss the additions

Hey +Jeremy Kaminski does the MMS u flashed still behave the same way the "stock" does? The old one I had was a fix that made long press on keyboard work and MMS app that fixed the white on white and black on black issues with themes together 
Everything looks exactly as it did when I used it last time, which was about a month ago, no issues. Only difference is that it now works properly with the Halo windows. :)
So it doesn't send u back to home anymore? Should have been more specific that was the issue I and everybody else were having after using alt MMS apk
Looking forward to be able to compile PA from source again...
After I dismiss the last notification the icon is still in halo, in the last build it would be empty. Am I the only one having this problem?
+Adam Chow  You aren't the only one. I think that was an intentional change but it makes it a lot harder to tell if there are new notifications.
+Paranoid Android Is there a possibility for a settings option to have applications that force themselves in the foreground to open in the HALO instead of overriding the open app? Examples include the Phone (Answer/In Call) and Alarms.
+Dave Regan I'm starting to think this is the case as well, it was meant to be like this. I'm getting used to it.
Thank you for making the hidden halo slightly more accessable it was a bear to swipe out with my case on
+Jeremy Kaminski have u tried using say YouTube and replying to a text? Does it kick u out of you tube when u finish replying? That was the issue I was having I'm also on a gnex.. If u have it working all properly can u post a link to that copy?
+kenny layne Give me a little while to do some testing, I'm pretty much positive that the issues of being sent back to the homescreen is completely fixed since PA team rebuilt halo and confirmed a few posts back that using custom mms is okay again.
Anything being done for the LG C800? :(
+Andy Sanchez Dude, seriously, this page is full of posts stating that until code is released nothing but Nexus devices and the Oppo Find 5 have halo code. People need to stop asking the same question that's been answered hundreds of times. LG C800 is not and never will be officially supported so you have to wait until the new code is open source and then ask someone that develops for your device to compile and maintain an unofficial build. Sigh, I feel like I am saying this exact same thing 20 times a day because no one knows how to look for answers.
+Jeremy Kaminski yep. Lol... Hopefully that will get worked out soon, hate that I can't use most themes cuz of how it changes the MMS.. And nobody wants to touch pa cuz how much extra work it takes to theme it properly.. Wish there was a couple developers that themed just for pa...I tried to recruit on XDA.. everybody told me to learn lol.. Unfortunately I lack the knowledge and resources to do so... With that being said if anybody and I mean anybody knows any theme developers that would be interested get them on board so we can get some love
Honestly, I just want my mms themed like the one I linked you to. That's all. I wish someone could do that with the new pa mms.
+Brandon Phillips on the Goo app go to compatible ROMs>> paranoid android >> ROMs >> mako >> alpha >> and it shld be the first one on top :)
GPS possibly not working for toro? it's been trying to lock onto my location for about ten minutes. anyone else with this issue?
+Paranoid Android With the new gesture to hide Halo its now perfect for me! So excited to have this feature! Thanks so much to the most innovative Dev team around!
+Jeremy Igielinski I mean that anytime you use a custom or modified mms.apk it does not properly work with the Halo window. It will close whatever background app you have open when you select mms in halo and knock you back to the homescreen. It's supposed to allow you to open the window without your background app going anywhere.
Looking for to the GS4 release. Nice work guys.
Will Halo ever be able to open FB in a small window instead of opening the whole app?
I have two questions and I hope someone here can answer them for me. 1.i just updated pa to the latest version 3.57 but when I go to settings it still says that I'm on the previous version 3.60 but I got the new halo features. 2.witch kernel should I run on my nexus for better battery life the one that comes with the rom or milestone 2from franco. I hope someone can help me out here your advice is most appreciated 
It will be great if no icons were displayed in halo after dismissing all notifications
+george smit 
when compiling you can compile only changes or do a full compile... full compile takes longer. They only built by compiling changes hence build number is not updated. Hence your settings will not update. As for the versions number that simply a naming mistake when uploading the files. 

As for your second question i always use the kernel that comes with the ROM so can't really say which is better
Question guys, not that this even bothers me, just wondering. Is Halo going transparent when it half-hides for you all? It doesn't turn transparent on the June 6th build for me and a few others that have checked. I use the new hide 90% by sliding down feature so it's not a big deal, just wondering if its like this for all of you.
Thanks again Curtis for your clear answer I appreciate it 
+Paranoid Android any progress/plans/news on tablet ui support for halo, since the main part is almost done now?? Also, is it possible to prevent halo from showing persistent notifications??
Is there any link to download this HALO public beta? I can't found it in anywhere :(
when source goes out will someone be able to build a loadable apk for cm10 and the rest of the android world?
This Version gives me a system crash after another, tested today, will downgrade now. 
I can't find link to download the new beta version! Can you help me?
+Paranoid Android  I downloaded 3.57-06JUN......for maguro and windows says it can't open the folder and when I tried to transferred the folder to the phone I get a message saying it "cannot coppy item device has stopped responding..."  Am I doing something very stupid here. or is there a problem with the build?  thanks 
Could some1 make Halo clock notification ? I mean that halo is still showing on the screen with actual time. It would be great, with that clock I could be all the time on full screen, because I want to know what time is while surfing on net etc. Would be great if on fullscreen be possible with 1 or 2 fingers to get to normal notification bar or status bar. I don't like pie becasue im sgs3 user so im using real softkeys.
+Steve Kondik i know you wanted something similar a while ago, will cm consider this enhancment?

+Paranoid Android good job! Keep the innovation up!

Also, would u guys make ur keyboard available at the play store? I like it not filling all the space in landscape and would love to use it in other devices, even in stock roms for friends
I really like where is this going, but there are some bugs yet that's annoy me. One is that the option to blacklist apps, does not work; I do have, for example, Tasker that show up on the notification panel, I do blacklisted but Halo continue to show it up. I do also use some other app that do not want to show up in Halo, but checking the option to blacklist does not work for any app.
Like the work, but hate the documenation, posts here that lack detail, etc. So nebulous/unclear: there are new swipe actions, but what the heck are the actual swipes needed? What is to be swiped where/how/when to do what? I have no clue and can't figure it out.
And when a notification is blacklisted, it still hows when dragging the halo through the notifications? So, if the only notification left (like an app that is always running so always has a notification) is blacklisted, it still shows...
Doesn't make sense to me.
After I turned on Halo, the toggle in the status bar disappeared, and the halo seems stuck on the left side of the screen. I can not drag it around my screen. Is this normal? 
-Edit. I had Reverse HALO gestures turned on.
+Juan Manuel Urueña +Gustavo Nieto lot of users reported Jun06 as a bad zip (i tested it on my gnex before uploading it and it worked. Alsobi had server timeouts while uploading cause people start downloading it when it was about 100 MB, maybe that high traffic have broken the up). Anyway that one has been removed, i pushed a new fresh one on goo less then a hour ago. it's labeled as Jun07 :)
+Richard Frist how hard can it be to swipe up and down from halo. there are even markers telling you visually what to do.  youre forgetting we are actively working on this project and this is alpha/beta. you think i'll write a fricking "documentary" like, in between, if ever? :D

blacklist means halo does not ping. of course you can task the notification.
+Cadi Dmi then you did something wrong. there are no system crashes unless you flash wrong gapps or kill it with mods. look at the stream of comments, you're the only one, that should give you a hint.
+Peter Dipo-Ajayi it is impossible to do halo as an app. leave cyanogenmod, install pa - i dont get why people still cling to this, no one needs to rely on their buildtrees for aosp compliant platforms and as a bare rom they have nothing over any of the various aosp roms.
+Bhargav Shukla without persistent notification you'd loose a good deal of functionality, you wouldn't even be able to change a song.
Blacklisting Facebook messenger never sticks. Why? I've done everything like turned off halo and then ticked that check box, halo still shows messenger pop up. Basically i need a chat head but i don't need halo showing that notification. How? 
It is possibile that halo never goes blank? Removing all notifications doesn't make it blank.
I can't ad apps to a folder. Every time I move a app towards a folder the folder jumps away does someone have a solution for this 
Use blacklist. Go to apps in settings, select the app you want to hide, tick halo blacklist. Bye.
I have a question, for all those lucky Nexus users that have been able to try Halo since Alpha 1. How has the experience been for you, what have been the quirks that you have endured and the changes that you have welcomed?
What are these new gestures to dismiss notifications and hide the halo? It seems indeed smoother by the way...
I'm having trouble with 4g connection on pa flashed 4.2.2 radios now I can't get internet should I flash back to 4.1 any suggestions
I have been playing around with Pacman ROM but have now reflashed Paranoid. I liked the Cclock widget from the Pac rom so I created a flashable zip to install it on Paranoid. If anyone wants it it's here.
+Paranoid Android I'm using the latest Grouper build. What about keeping the speech bubble that shows the notification text on screen until the notification has been read? And stop the halo sliding half way out of screen if they haven't been read too. Lastly, when swiping down to hide the Halo could you add an option to actually hide it? Handy if you only want to use it for notifications and not the tasker. I do love it though.
Could you also look at when Halo is sort of hidden it slides back when the screen is rotated. I actually don't know why it's still called Halo. It's definitely no longer a Halo :( Preferred the old look. Also having the Halo still show a notification after it's been cleared is driving me nuts. I have a notification with a number 4 sticking out the side of it that i can't get rid of until I disable and re-enable Halo. Swiping up should clear it. 
+Paranoid Android OK this has nothing to do with halo has I feel that's polished, or the tablet ui question that everybody asks about, my question is, is there a plan to retool the hybrid engine stuff? Like what I mean is when u start switching colors nav bar status bar etc, a lot of the times hitting back to leave an app often leaves previous color setup still active... No rush just a question.. Thanks
+Paul Henschel i had installed franco kernel with prima drivers and it crashed with this also on later versions. I try it now without prima drivers at all. Hopefully it works.
+Antony Derham halo cant remove notifications that are persistent, just like you cant swipe them out in the curtain. the very last notification sticks - but why not, doesnt matter if its empty or not, no?
+Ahmed Nidal all colors are documented on xda. search for halfbreed, thats what we use. i do believe these are the best colors you can get - you can easily adapt any kernel to take these values though
+Taylor Kramer no, you need the new radios. 4.1 is incompatible with old radios unless we're talking rom scene hacks

+kenny layne no, i linked franco, he's the only one that can answer your question.
+Paranoid Android If you meant to refer to my comment. I wasn't talking about persistent notifications. I was talking about a Gmail notification. I had the Gmail icon in the Halo with a ⁴ sticking out of the top right corner even though that notification had been cleared and emails deleted. It was a Gmail email notification for Google+ posts. 
+Paranoid Android In my opinion halo should not show anything if all notifications have been seen or dismissed. Persistent notifications ate another story. If there is one of those, those should remain. I have said it before... halo should behave like the notifications drawer when there are no apps pinged to it with hallo))).
There seems to be a small issue. Apps that are launched from the notifications can't seemed to perform other activities. For example, I can't access any other chats on whatsapp other than the chat with the person who messaged me. If the PA community have new posts and i received the notification, i can't access other parts of G+ either, other than posts of the PA community... well, if you can understand me... The Maguro 26 May build worked perfectly.
+Paranoid Android One more thing to add. The toggles in the Quick Settings pull down seem wrong. If Bluetooth or GPS are enabled they are grey and white if they are enabled. Shouldn't that be the other way around or is that a Jellybean quirk? 
+Brian Hillard gray means unused. just because you switch on GPS or BLUETOOTH doesn't mean any of it is actively running. go to maps and press the locate button and you'll see it light up blue-
+Chuck Strawser youre not on the correct versionor you installed something else. notification clear for  certain. the last one sticks, persistent notifications dont clear but that is fine for now.
Any chance you've had a chance to look at apps that require persistent notification (Lux is my example) to be able to hide it from Halo all together? Adding Lux to Blacklist only stops it pinging. Keep up the fantastic work!
Man do I miss my GSM Galaxy Nexus. I can't wait for the SCH-I535 to get HALO. 
Does the new halo fully dissapear ? 
So I reverted back to 4.1 radios running pa 3.56 now I have internet back what did I do wrong when I flashed the 4.2 radios I fixed permissions and everything
Incredible battery life, so smooth, and quick (GSM Galaxy Nexus). Love android. Love your work.
Why would I update to the .54 radio and lose LTE 
Anyone noticed some hot reboots here and there? I am on latest readio.
good work team paranoid! why halo not works tabletUI??
Is This version? ""
How can I give suggestions to the paranoid android team???? I have something that might make pie controls easier to deal with. +Paranoid Android 
There is a bug un n4 release for Per App Color... When I launch an application from a lock screen the bar not change color!
And, can I suggest custom icon in lockscreen shortcut? 
+Paranoid Android well I redownloaded and wiped...fresh install...still can't clear any notifications in halo...none of them. 
+Jed Blore you will stay for ever on outdated radios and rely solely on hacks to make it work, each and every Android update will screw up your phone until, after a week or so, an xda hacker fixes his hack for you, I dunno if that's really a nice deal you got there.
Is it possible to make the trigger area when swiping halo from hidden to visible state larger? Unless I'm an idiot and don't know how to do it properly, it always takes a few times to get it because I'm either highlighting something underneath or unintentionally scrolling. 
+Paranoid Android When changing orientation sometimes halo just bounces back and forth off side of screen. Please fix.
I would like to see same kind of physics as on the chat heads
does anyone know why my WiFi and signal bar are always solid gray now? They used to turn a Halo blue color upon connection. I am running the latest version 06JUNE
I have flashed the latest pa with halo for the nexus 4 but have been unable to install gapps either from goo or various sources on the net, I get a repeated error unable to start gapps setup
+Paranoid Android Mako, 360dpi. I'm getting the hang of it though, I wasn't starting to swipe close enough to the edge of the screen =]
There seems to be problems with "we are currently experiencing difficulties with one or more of our distribution servers. Please hang tight for this to get resolved" anyone else getting that too? 
So... Just scanned 300 comments and didn't see it... Is it still on the to do list to fix blacklist on reboot? Seems to clear on latest build. New gestures are freaking awesome by the way. Perfect. 
I would like to new able to have halo turn on automatically when in full screen mode
Sunday Afternoon and no Halo sources... Why you make me suffer this way...
+Paranoid Android is the halo supposed to show the last notification until a new one arrives? I would like it to be empty when there's no notifications. Also how about making it possible to change its color .
Jon L
Anyone know where to report bugs? Can't seem to attach Picasa pics to an mms. Just figured this out don't know if it's an old one or not. +Paranoid Android 
You guys should implement a update service to your rom, like PA updater from the play store.  Except one that acctualy works.
+Curtis Mayers thanks for the links. Those could be implemented to the ROM itself though. Of course it's still in beta so they might come.
+Henri Väisänen being able to theme HALO may come, but they have stated before that they see no need to have a blank bubble (clear halo completely). Quite a few people have commented about it so they may change their minds but definitely not before everything is complete with this project 
What a great piece of software. Simple design is always difficult to do. I have it loaded on s3 i747m and working very well.
Have flashed Leankernel 6.8 stable version, now getting good battery life
Is there a way to force the new Gmail app to show the two column layout? 
Boris K
Great ROM guys!!!.  one quick question. I'm using Samsung S3 i747m and LED lights for soft touch buttons on both sides of home button are not working. is there a fix for this?
Hi I've just installed pa 3.60..

Having trouble with my modem... when i'm connected with my carrier, line went off very often.. 

any solution? Should i change my modem? any advice? I'm in Italy using H3G.

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