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HALO alpha 4 rolling out

This perhaps can be called a pre-beta already as it marks a big step from the previous alphas. I guess this is the first time that even very picky people will start to use it - although much work needs to be done for sure.

I give you a small rundown:

- This is the first HALO build with options, you find them under Settings/Toolbars/Statusbar

- Option #1 can hide HALO from sight completely after inactivity, its for those that want to use it as a ticker.

- Option #2 can reverse the gestures that drive its interaction. Its set to reversed by default now, that means tap-drag selects tasks, doubletap-drag or longpress-drag can move it around. Unchecking the options reverses that. In either way, a single tap launches the current halo'ed task and when dragging through tasks if you lift your finger tasks will be launched as well. if you drag back while tasking the last real notification that came in will pop (but not launch).

- When selecting tasks HALO will temporarily show all statusbar icons to make it easier for you. That should be your point of reference, just follow the icons as they light up and select what you want.

- Minor fixes, it dims a little again, some things that wouldnt cause HALO to pop do now, tasking is more straight forward and probably bug-less by now.

Rom is ready for mako, others will follow.

As we slowly wrap up Phase 3 this is what will happen now

1. We divide our efforts. Our designer +Arz Bhatia  will start to dress it up. Everyone not involved with design will go low level and weed out activity-related issues (HALO apps dont react to orientation changes, some get dimmed inside, some still cause a black screen for a sec when popping up, the install-button-overlay-gate, etc.).

2. When these things are cleared it will get a few more options, especially a WHITELIST which users might be able to turn into a black-list by themselves. HALO will be offically beta by then.

3. We will try to get this through Googles compatibility test suite. If we are 100% sure that our work is safe and clean we will release source. We flag the feature as stable,move on and invent the next big thing.

One last thing, it has come to our attention that the root scene is already trying to pull  the "for all roms" thing again on us. HALO is impossible to do as an app, you will loose all the integration and floating/multitasking capabilities. This project will be open source and available to all roms as always!

Just remember, we are here, doing all this work for free, to push Androids boundaries. That's why we put so much effort into design, integration and execution - to the point of obsession. Do your part and support actual innovation.
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this is so great, I love halo. Btw I have a suggestion for you (not about halo itself): implement a way of moving the text cursor, one of these two at least: 1) volume buttons to move text cursor or 2) aokp arrows in navbar or 3) make one of your own :) that's the only thing I really miss from pa.
I like that you can long press to move, and just slide to toggle notifications
Great work. Guys...expecting some love for maguro users 
Thank you PA team for your phenomenal work. The quality of what you are producing is outstanding! BTW the design is looking quite nice. Much Respect! 

Also...Big Ups and Props for your display of integrity, you exhibit true leadership in this regard! 
Will there be an implementation for switching between running tasks and not just notifications
Can't say much but Thank You!
Did buy the preferences app from the play store to support but not sure if that's enough. You made my Nexus 4 a very different kind of beast. 
Why not just set halo to temporarily disable itself when an installation is triggered? 
Thank you, thank you, Thank you !
+Shreekant Chauhan yes thats how its gonna be. but it costs time to study that. its not startrek dude, i cant tell my laptop to do it, i must find a needle in a haystack and study whats going on.  :P
+Alessandro Vannucchi every self respecting IME has that already inbuilt. swype for instance, which might be the best IME i have ever used. we wont hack random buttons for that, it should be part of the keyboard.
And to think less than a month ago nobody had heard of halo or know what it was! Great work +Paranoid Android you guys are incredible!
+Arun Iyer it would be possible but we like focussed features. do one thing and do it right. if you put in recents here and quick access stuff there, and toggles, and your personal apps - it turns into a rom scene hydra again. plan is to move away from that scene and its roms as far as we can - an open source miui kind of thing, that would be a nice niche.
+Paranoid Android yeah I thought that might be what you guys were going to do to get around it. I would love to help but I studied physics at uni not programming...hence the star trek mentality lol :-D
You're a beast!! I just finished flashing alpha 3 for toro and now I see this! Great work PA team!! Also, love the options you implemented in this version!  I've been waiting for halo to go transparent when not in use.
Does this also mean the icons will also temporarily show in expanded desktop?
+Paranoid Android Great work guys, I appreciate it especially since it's done in spare time or personal time. I would also like to point out that the grouper file in goo is M. I. A and come payday I'm going pro ty for the hard work and features

+Paranoid Android Keep getting 404 Errors trying to sync to your Git repository... any ideas what's going on?
+Ron Vigue if you're hoping to sync from git for halo, you're out of luck. It isn't open-source yet.
Thanks a lot guys, best devs of all time for sure.
+Chris Fair No... I was trying to sync for the older PA 3.0 builds but thanks.
+Ron Vigue should be fine. Although I just tried and am having issues too, but also with CM. Maybe an issue with Git?
Great work guys, really appreciate all the work you've done! Any chance of a build for the Nexus 10 going up soon? Halo on the N10 I think will be incredible. 
+Chris Fair Thanks. Must be something on my end. Just switched from Linux Mint 14 to Ubuntu 13.04 and it's the 1st time I'm seeing a 404 so I figured I'd ask.
+Hugo Müller-Downing you're right! My download has stopped and I couldn't get the file to download again, so i presumed, it has been removed. But now it's back. 
+Paranoid Android I saw your comment about NOT putting in recents to halo, but what about quicker switching between notifications when you have a halo overlay open?

For example, you clearly are playing a game or using an app. I will call this your primary app. You then get a gtalk message, a secondary app. This works great in the current implementation. But what if you get a second notification, a third app/notification?

You would have to jump back to halo and cycle to the next notification. Why not just add a gesture to the secondary overlay, where you can switch to the third app/second notification?

Maybe a swipe forward in overlay mode to go forward to the next notification or a swipe back to go to the previous notification? Or a overlay halo? It seems cumbersome when you have lots of notifications in the current implementation. I know that sounds funny that halo is cumbersome when it aims to do the exact opposite :)
hey is there any updates for maguro been checking for a while but nothing if any one have the update share a link for a brother please
Things i love about you guys:
- awesome gapps package
- you don't fuck up android
- you always keep us up-to-date
- and you're very hard workers

i bought your app on gplay to support you. maybe I'll donate some more when it's finished.

Keep up the good work!
+Paranoid Android one option i will like is button in the nav bar to maximize the halo window to get the full app an minimize it back 
The one thing this needs to be perfect is the ability to pin a few apps permanently, so they can be accessed without a notification. The number of times I wished I had access to one or two specific apps whilst using Halo is immeasurable.

Good job guys!!
I can not find the halo option in the newest toro ROM, looked in toolbar/statusbar but can't find it?
+Anthony Scundi i can imagine this could be done in a clean way - like an app that allows you to put regular apps into the statusbar as persistent notification items. i'll ask around, we could write such a service and put it on g-play.
+Dylon Smith smith - im thinkout about using the longpress gesture for that. tap - haloed, longpress - full. or another gesture, but it would be easy to do.
+Christopher Cote i can include halo into the recents thumbnail options. it would be no problem at all. longpress -> start as floating window.
+Paranoid Android sounds awesome cant wait ..still no sign of a maguro update on goo..or there is no update for maguro
+Paranoid Android That would be awesome for recents!

What do you think of swiping left or right to toggle/scroll between multiple notifications while within an overlay (aka floating window)? That way the floating window would change to the next floating window while still keeping your primary app running in the background. Is this even possible?

It would seem like lightning speed compared to having to go back to halo to toggle through your notifications.
You guys are absolutely amazing...awesome work
I can't wait for it to be available for my #GalaxyS2 Hercules.. Hope its soon.. 
as for builds, this is a regular german afternoon - i have no idea what time it is in the US or colombia. they might all be in their beds still. just be patient and check xda for may 12 builds.
+Curtis Mayers +Brandon Giesing I just tried AppClip then, it broke Halo, caused it to lock up and not do anything. Touching Halo caused the phone to vibrate, but wouldn't launch an app, wouldn't let me move it around, wouldn't let me scroll through notifications.
+Paranoid Android no wonder I switched from my long time daily ROM to yours. I actually contemplated going back stock, until I found this gem. Perfect balance of mods that actually work. Thanks big time!! Also thx Jay Bob for the timely toro builds
I'm nor sure if it's just me or not, but gmail doesn't seem to be activating halo. If I have a gmail notification in my task window and I receive a text message, I can then swipe through to see it in halo. Otherwise, it doesn't show up or cause halo to appear.
+Christopher Cote you dont need to go back, swiping is essentially what you do when tasking and you can stack as many halo apps on top of each other as you want.
+100000000 for innovation!  Keep it up team PA!
+Anthony Scundi ok...haven't tried it myself. Just thought it might work based on what it does. Maybe you'd have better luck with bar shortcut. Less complex than app clip ..keeps a persistent notification for apps you choose.
Sorry I was away for 10 days.what is halo,how I enable it and use it?
Will you cease to amaze us? Glad I'm on tmos 5 GB plan, downloading now. Keep up the good work. :-D 
+Curtis Mayers Bar Shortcut works! Thanks! Only problem is that Halo doesn't pick up any icon for the apps you pin.
Its work fine. And stable for a alpha. Nice good work
Any chance we see Halo on unsecured lockscreen soon? 
+Paranoid Android You're the man...hands down! Never anything other than a nexus and now never anything other than a nexus running PA.
God bless you guys...(even if you do not believe in Him)! You guys are one of the reasons Tim Cook cannot sleep at night. #Applesucks  
Hi, how do I install HALO on my nexus 4? I'm new in android. :)
Root your phone and flash cwm recovery whype everyting and flash pa 3.50 build 12 en flash gapps and the contrast kernel. Reboot 
Am I seeing this right ???already a toro version up of alpha 4??
Don't take down the blocked install button gate, that will bring unneeded security problems if people found out you removed them. All you have to do is turn off halo for the button to work. That so hard for people to do?
+Paranoid Android  Is the issue with sms fixed in this alpha? On Toro at least, when you click to check an sms via Halo in Alpha 3 it closes the background application, I was under the assumption that you are supposed to be able to use an app in Halo and it will not close the app you are already in. This issue is only persistant with sms, Halo works fine with Gmail, Google Now and all the others I've tried.
Argh! I just downloaded alpha 3, and now 4 is out! Lol. Keep it coming
Thank you guys for all the hard work. You are opening my eyes to the difference in quality tiers for different developers.

Can someone point me in the right direction for donations? Any developer who manages to pry me away from CyanogenMod deserves a few bucks thrown their way. 
There were two releases today, any idea why the second release?
what's the latest build for maguro as of now?
Question can be spoken upon but realize you all have the answer to your needs or wants. understanding how you ask my provide a solution within yourselves.
love it a lot but since i couldn't run huluplus app on this ROM i rather back to CM :( , hope u guys will fix it 
You guys are really doing a great job. Thumbs up
+Paranoid Android I like the feature for letting halo disappear. But maybe in the future it could be implemented that it hides after the notification was seen/tapped? That would be great! :-D 
+Paranoid Android When you compare swiping to tasking, you still need to do an extra step, correct? By leaving the current floating window (back button or click on bezel - outside floating window) and THEN touching on halo again to get the next most recent notification.

When I saw swipe, your finger gestures (swipe) to the next floating window (newest notification) or the previous floating window (older notification). Why go back to halo?

Am I missing something?
+Paranoid Android good stuff! Keep up the good work! Sad to hear it can't be done well as a standalone app, but conversely glad to it could be ported to other ROMs, thanks guys! :)
+Jacob Bishop I meant as an app, I was referring to what they said about someone trying to take their idea and make it an app for all roms. As for it being open source, I already know that, all of PA's work becomes open source, but I've also see all the other roms that tried to integrate PIE, they suck, AOSPA or nothing, I would never try to get another rom with PA's work added, it never turns out good. It would be better when 3.5 goes open source to just have a developer port the whole rom to any given device.
+JE Ka that would mean though you must tap every little nonsense that flys in. kinda like ios. its like androids ticker right now, if youre there to notice you get the message, if not then not.
+Jeremy Kaminski it was always fixed. not one alpha had that home intent in it. as i said before, mms is programmed that way, it deliberately jumps home but its been taken out ever since. perhaps your build still has the old mms.
+Samuel Molina glad to hear - just get a recovery. for that you must unlock your phone (safe your data, its all going away) and install a custom recovery, i recommend TWRP. with that in check you simply do this:
factory reset
install rom zip
install PA gapps (from the goo paranoid/gapps dir) zip
wipe cache
wipe dalvik
reboot and wait 5 min 
+Paranoid Android but when the whitelist feature is implemented you would have just the notifications you want to see. Maybe then it would make more sense? 
Halfassed chathead root apps? Ripped off? Pa is very innovative and is by far the best aosp based rom available. And you keep improving by adding great features like pie and now halo. But just as you ripped Facebook off, chatheads as a standalone app ripped you off. Except his app is avaliable to everyone, including us who dont have the luxery of being able to flash paranoid android yet because our phones are too new. I appreciate your work and keep up the innovation, but as you is open source so dont be so salty
+Paranoid Android Could you point me in the appropriate place to update my radios. I am having audio volume issues while in call. I noticed you instructed someone yesterday to update their radios, but when they asked for directions they didn't get a response.
+Paranoid Android will status bar be temporarily enabled even in expanded desktop? This would be a nice feature (: awesome nevertheless!
+Joey Yabor The PA team didn't rip the feature off Facebook, they took the idea and improved upon it. They even gave credit to Facebook for the idea.
Your phone is too new? Oh, is it the upcoming Nexus 5? How'd you get it so early?? Or is it, by chance, a non-Nexus device? That's right, no matter how cool whatever your new phone may be, be it SGS3 or HTC One or whatever, it will NEVER be officially supported by the PA devs because it basically is not an AOSP device. You can't blame the devs for not supporting a device they don't own. 
posted this on XDA but thought i'd post it here swell just in case :)

Don't know if it's just mine or it's supposed to do this but the halo circle goes away even if you don't look at the notification. so if i get say a text and don't notice it at the time halo goes away there anyway to make it pop up again on the screen when you unlock the phone? this is obviously with the setting for halo to go off screen after awhile. figured it would appear on screen when you unlocked the phone to show notifications but it doesn't (currently)

just some feedback from me anyway 
+Paranoid Android. Is there a hope for people holding the twin brother optimus g? 
+Paranoid Android can you guys make an option so that anything launched from the notification bar comes up as notifications do in Halo? I like the mini-window idea but I don't really enjoy using the "Halo" part of it.
+Koushik PSR As said two posts above yours, PA Does not support it because it's not a pure AOSP device. Once PA 3.5 goes open source you can ask a developer in your section of XDA to port it though.
Congrats on such fast improvements! Waiting for Maguro sometime in the coming weeks
+Nadir Comoglu im not blaming the pa team for not supporting the s4. I know somebody will bring it to the device eventually. And I jave a nexus 4 but I dont use it anymore. My point is just onr dev takes an idea and makes it availabe to those who dont have a nexus device, thats ripping the pa team off? Last I checked nobody has requested payment to use chatheads. And if they do then its their choice. And yes they took an idea from facebook and tweaked it in their own way, just like then other dev is doing. I know you must have selective reading becuase you missed the whole point of mt previous post but let me explain it again. Im not bashing the pa team for not supporting my device. I know they only support nexus devices. But they shouldnt get so twisted because someone took their open source idea and brought it to those who own the non-supported non-nexus devices. Thats what android is. When pa first came out, it was based directly off of cyanogen mod for the longest time. I never heard anyone bash pa for basing their work off of the open source cyanogen mod so it confuses me as to why the pa team would bash someone else for doing the same thing they did
Is Halo available for GTN7100? Sorry if its a noob question.
Some people should start to read before asking question. Please.
+Assad Jawaid thats the things. Those who bashed pa for taking lmt and implementing it into there rom were assholes. Last I checked android is open source and pa never said fuck lmt use pie. They just took lmt and made it 100000 times better. But when im not on pa, I have no choice but to use lmt. I can see what your saying that people did it to them so now they should do it to others but ot doesnt mean its right. Especially because the dev who made chatheads never bashed or badmouthed pa or said theres is better or worse
+Glen Davidson that is how it was intended...the hide feature is basically so that the halo does not sit on your screen when you are actively using your phone.

Basically it's like this:
1. User currently interacting with device...receives notification...Halo pops up.
(a) User actively decides to check notification...tap halo.
(b) User decides to ignore notification... halo eventually hides itself. User completes whatever task was being done...notifications can now be addressed via normal android need for multi tasking overlay as activity is no longer being interrupted.

2. User is not interacting with device (phone idle) notification is received...User eventually picks up phone... notifications can by checked via normal android standards. No need for multi tasking overlay.
+Joey Yabor Did the PA team bash this so-called Chat Heads app? They just said that the Halo feature won't work well as an app. 
I've been checking goo all morning still haven't got the update yet :(
They are keep closed source until they have it working 100% then people can port
Really great!!! Where will be available to download?? I'm waiting exited.
+Paul Henschel anyone building it for maguro? Our new maintainer is busy with exams. It would be great if someone from PA team could post it. Thanks
+Assad Jawaid if I came across like I was complaining that they didn't make it for my device I apologize because that was not my intentions at all. I flashed the very first paranoid android rom on the og galaxy nexus and have been using it since then on the nexus 4 gs3 and so on. But anyways thank you again moles for the nee innovative roms.
+Joey Yabor this is exactly what i mean. we NEVER took lmt. we have nothing to do with lmt. they took from us wholesale not the other way around. there is not one bit of it in PIE - we didnt even know it exists when pie was in alpha stage.

but people started getting hung up on the for all roms meme and that was that. we added crazy stuff to pie, but no one even cared outside pa's scope because it was over, lmt terminated our work
just look at you. it has spread so far that you are sure that you know what youre talking, it seems factual to you. 
 the same will happen with this chatheads thing because the "for all roms" meme is powerfull. once that goes around HALO will stay trapped in this circle because no one will even take look. this has happened with everything we have done so far, each and every time. 
+Massimo D'Amico The maintainer for Gnex is busy with exams. Some XDA members managed to port the Halo alpha 3/4 from Mako to Maguro, check the XDA thread. 
Just upgraded and now my phone screen colors look washed out. What's the problem? 
I'm not sure if this feature exist already, I couldn't seem to find it...but if it doesn't, I'd kindly suggest, for pie, being able to enable the status bar only. So, being on full screen, pie mode, BUT, the status bar shows. Great job on halo! I'm on toroplus galaxy nexus, so I'm still on the first release of halo...but it's still amazing! 
+alex pena Go to settings, hybrid properties, interface, and set nav bar to 0% to achieve what you want. 
Hey +Paranoid Android did you notice that it is not possible to Install 3rd Party non-playstore applications while halo is opened? You need to close it (swype it on the x) to be able to install this apps.

Thanks for the great rom
What am I don't wrong when I get a text with halo it just minimizes what ever I had open before. Is this because I'm using nova launcher?
U r the real inventors PA team! Sammy and others are just phony..
You invented hybrid engine ! You invented PIE! And now You invented HALO
U r the real inventors PA team! Sammy and others are just phony..
You invented hybrid engine ! You invented PIE! And now You invented HALO
so how are you guys liking the swipe/task thing in phoneUI- this is how you wanted it right?
Can't wait til Halo is released so I can build on my t0ltecdma devices (which I filled out a maintainer app for btw) ;) Great job!
Flo Mi
I love the fact, that halo fades out now after a while (If choosen), but I would like it better, if it would stay as long as there are Notifications in the Notification bar.
I don't get to much mails/sms/.. but I use my N4 for music.
So it would be great to have fast access to the music as long as it plays.
When I stop it Halo would disappear (same as the notification disappears).
That would be great.
Other question: is there any way to hold specific notifications in the n-bar forever/as long as I want (playmusic again)
thx in advance :)
+Paranoid Android I didnt mean you "took" it as in stole it. Cant we all just get along and enjoy android as a whole lol thanks again for your hard work moles
If I'm still showing no updates in goo manager is there a problem on my end or do I just have to wait for it to get pushed to my phone?
+Curtis Mayers I just re read all those options and I have nothing that mentions halo. I'm running 3.50 the build number is something about user debug and mentions 20130511. What am I doing wrong? 
When I set nav. Bar to 0%, it gives the look I want, but not pie. I want to be able to use pie (with the notifications and stuff, looks nicer), while having my status bar still.
+Paranoid Android I would like to suggest to add an option to hide halo after activity only if all notifications have been reviewed. In other words, halo will show if you have new unseen notifications, hide after you go through all of them. Essentially how the notification drawer works. It would be a great replacement then. :-)
I dont always post on roms news, but I gotta say I always read this kinds of true innovation with a big smile on my face. Keep it up +Paranoid Android :)
+Matt Terk wrong need the May 12th not 11th

+Florian Mill I figured it wouldn't be exactly what you wanted but it's the best alternate I could think of

+alex pena if pie shows the notifications and gives access to setting, then having the status bar visible becomes redundant. They both perform the same function. That's why when you set the nav bar to 0, you lose that aspect of pie (no more notification display or settings access...only the navigation controls are kept) because your notifications and settings access is now handled by the notification bar.
It just went up a little while ago.
+Daman Waraich never ever rebooted for me. youre the first person to say this as well from what i have read. make logcats and i can tell you if its your local issue or not.
Does anyone have a link for the May 12 build, my apologies for my lack of patience ;)
+Joey Yabor no problem dude, im just alittle agitated is all. my head runs wild already picturing crazy things. i know you didnt mean steal, but not even 'took' is correct. there was no relation at all, not steal, not took, look, smell, feel, taste, touch. none. (-; otherwise we would have given credit which we always do.
Thanks for hard work and dedication! This works absolutely brilliant for me! Nothing to complain.... 
Found it! Just had to go into the Alpha section in goo under PA. For some reason it wasn't coming up as a new version
Is anyone else's Google now force closing on the toro version? 
Just when I was getting down to enjoy the 11th May Halo update the Paranoid Android team comes up with even more Awesomeness :)

Guys, who have flashed the 12May update over the previous alpha release - Did you do a full factory reset or a dirty flash ( wiped dalvik+cache only) ???
Cant wait for source to drop so I can compile it for my device!!!
+Paranoid Android what's up with grouper? Not trying to be rude but I see you didn't reply to anyone else who asked, but the whole folder is gone from goo, what happened? 
Can someone tell me how to get Google Now using PIE. I'm new to PA and have tried looking for an answer to this question buy couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.
Settings>toolbar and it's in there
That would make an awesome app... But I'm guessing you need root access 
+Christian Aviles more than simply root access, this goes into the heart of the android framework.

As such it can't work as a simple app for this sort of system wide implementation.
However there are apps coming out that can do it on a more specific per app basis. Example ninja sms

Originally conceived by Facebook Home and built into Facebook messenger
+Paranoid Android though I cant use it I cause no official release I did tried the unofficial version but hopin both will be the same I found a bug that after showing any notification clicking on it like even after everythings is done the notification stays there that should go and dissappear after the work is done I hope its fixed in this alpha o request you please an official for GT-I9300 tremendously waiting for it.
I'm currently trying the beta and it's really cool. I have these suggestions for activating/using halo:

1. System-initiated for application defined by the user. E.g. facebook chat, Google Talk, etc.
2. Swipe to halo: Swiping a notification a specific direction creates a halo out of it.
3. Pin to halo. Having a button in the notification area where pressed will create a halo of the current app.

What do you think?
Major props for you guys on making this and all other PA stuff open source. It's something that Android is all about. 
Perhaps it'll be better if we can switch between older and newer notifications? 
Can we still look forward to Pie2 after Halo is wrapped up? 
i beat ya espn but thank's enny way and it's a android isnt it i think you will be o.k. i got alot of phone's
Can anyone tell me how or where to support the paranoid android team? I must show love for this.
Halo is truly awesome, I'm never going to use the status bar anymore :p Great work PA!!
Had to root my nexuses again now after months using stock, thanks to HALO and Paranoid Android :)

Flashed some unofficial build from Jesco over at xda on my Gnex now. Works like a charm! Awesome work +Paranoid Android !! :)
Halo disappeared on the 5/5 update after 5 minutes. This update, I have no option?
+Nadir Comoglu I can't promise anything, but I haven't noticed anything wrong yet. And if I've understood it right, the unofficial build by Jesco is built on the latest source for the HALO things, but with framework and such inserted from the 5th May Gnex rom. So it sounds pretty safe to me. But I might be wrong. Don't know if it's okay to just mix some parts from different builds for different phones into one.
+Paranoid Android Just wanted to say great job and that I love this rom. I know yall are pretty busy with Halo but I wanted to know if you can bring back the LTE button on the quick setting please. My battery will appreciate it lol.
I would also like to see the halo be able to remain in view in hidden mode until the notification has been read. With maybe some sort of clear all gesture? 
+Paranoid Android  What kind of customization options in terms of editing the Halos appearance/colours? Will I be able to make Halo stock Holo colour again? I much preferred it :)
+Stephen Slattery wouldn't that cause persistent notifications to force halo to remain in view, seeing as they cannot actually be "reviewed"? 

Maybe when whitelists are introduced that could be an option. As for now I think it works best the way it is. 

Either its always there or it pops up only when a notification is received, giving you the option to respond or ignore.
Yesssss i like paranoid halo and i ready for try. Sorry my English.:)
Yes it pops up when a notification is received but if you don't have your phone on you in that point you never see it because it disappears
+Stephen Slattery yes, but in such cases you have the notification led to indicate there is a notification, and you can view it the traditional way of accessing notifications. Either the notification shade or through pie. No need for an overlay

The multi tasking aspect of HALO is that you can respond to notifications while not exiting the activity you were performing.
If you're not performing an activity, there is no need for a multi tasking overlay.

Else you can have the HALO visible at all times as the option allows.
No one else having issues with searching from Google now?? 
+Richard Greene I am, I thought it was just me. I can no longer use the search with camera on it either. Other than the cards, google now is essentially unusable 
OK in on the halo4 build and I rebooted and halo is gone. No where to be found. I have multiple notifications and halo is neither active or inactive
Thanks John McDonald glad I'm not the only one.
+Paranoid Android I use pie and Halo and the new alpha feels prett god, but I miss two things which I wanted to ask if implementing this would be possible.
1st: Remove manually single items in Halo (like a Whatsapp notification)? Like tapping on the item and move it to X. This might be helpful in some situations.
2nd: Blending the status bar (like fading it in and out at top of screen) in pie when switching through tasks/notifications? With pie you don't see the status bar and so you don't see on which item you are (in status bar it would be highlited).

Enabling Halo using pie is annoying.. Deactivate pie, activate Halo in status bar, activate pie... (installed Whatsapp+, so I had to temporarily deactivate Halo) ;)
+Paranoid Android great work! My toro loves this! Just a suggestion. What if when scrolling side to side to select different notifications in the bubble you can also scroll the notification windows themselves.
How can I try the pre beta
+Paranoid Android this is great! Pretty stable so far, fast and all. The double press and slide is great - maybe a list showing up for those on full screen, but it's great as it is.
Only thing not working so great is that it always stops background activities. If memory serves, the intent of windowed apps was keeping background apps running, like YouTube. To me, it pauses and stops as if I just switched apps using Android's stock multitasking. 
For some reason Facebook is one of the only apps that won't work with Halo. Also when I receive multiple Whatsapps, it opens the conversations overview in Halo but goes to full app when I click a conversation. Must just be the apps but, thought I'd put it out there. Great work, guys! 
And a third idea came in my mind: Is it possible to implement the feature that the notification option (like reply or delete/archive in gmail when receiving a notification) can be use with Halo?
Any way of getting MMS.apk with quick reply/emoji buttton to work on this build? I've tried getting the apk from older builds, but they dont play nice with halo, causing whatever app youre in to close and go home. 
+Curtis Mayers Okay, you're right in this case. But maybe some apps have other notification options which can't be select quickly in the app itselfs.
+Fabian Scholz that's exactly what happens. if you get several mails it gets you to the main view, if that's a single one you get to the reply fragment. Android apps are not like in Windows, they consist of several so called activities all made to carry out one task. all these apps have reply activities and that's where their intent usually points to ... that's why something like halo can work, thanks to Google's ingenuity

just observe it for a while and notice how it always goes to the right screen. Joe schmoe writes you in gtalk, you tap and you're right there to reply
+Paranoid Android I really like that halo allows you to use other apps on top of whatever you are doing, but I don't like the way it is implemented as of now (granted it's in the ALPHA stage now and I'm sure it's only going to get much better). That being said, would it be possible to get the mini window to open upon long-press from the notification bar?  It was idea that I had and thought it was worth suggesting. Keep doing what you do best PA!
+Brian Hurtado the app is programmed to go home. there is no point in using quick reply, this is what halo does, and our mms shouldn't go home either
+Paranoid Android Thank you. And can you say something to my two ideas in the comment which I wrote for about 40 minutes? I find that two ideas very interesting and good and hope you guys implement this.

Good job :)
+Denver Lobo we can only flag the intents as floating that we get from the notification. if these apps start further intents they go unflagged. Facebook messages work fine though, requests open full scale Windows because of internal intents again. who knows one day we might find a solution
+Michał Żukowski no point in doing that. they can have it of course, even before source is out. but Google would go for an api driven solution if they wanted to go that way. 
+Andrei Luswarghi shouldn't stop anything. YouTube for instance goes on, just tried. perhaps that's Android using to save resources, on nexus 4 at least I can play even heavy games and launch apps on top of it without interruption
+Don Kaczmarek not sure I understand but if you mean the app window, we don't control them. it's safer that way and we don't need crazy bridges throughout the system
+Paranoid Android There seems to be a glitch with just Mms stopping video playback and games. I tried every single thing I could while watching Youtube.... gmail, google now, facebook etc and the only thing that stopped playback was when I selected mms, it makes the screen go black for a second and then youtube returns but it's paused. Something is still off about the Mms.apk with halo.
+Shabtab Quaiser why? That's simply how it works right now, the last real notification charges halo if you click it or not. I see no reason making it empty just for the sake of it, you might wanna come back to it and you can still switch tasks
I'm testing it now, it's god damn awesome! but has the DSP / EQ been removed for mako? I can't seem to find it.
Hope a future build gets kik messenger working with Halo. Everything else works great. 
+Paranoid Android is there an alternative launcher being used with pa beta 4? When I long press the home screen, I'm able to open launcher options (changing the number of home screens, etc) I wasn't able to do so before. I thought stock launcher didn't have these type of options. Other than that, great job with halo it's awesome. 
+Paranoid Android Although, I see how quick reply is redundant with halo, I still dont think the expandable notifications should be dismissed entirely. Especially since Halo doesnt work with the lockscreen, having the user be able to take some action (mark as read, call back etc) from the locked state would be great. Besides quick reply, the older MMS.apk still had some extra features that I'd love to see make a return (Custom vibration, emoji support/quick emoji button). Any chance of seeing those in future builds? Thanks for being so responsive!
Is the camera now working in this built??
The only app that doesn't work with halo for me is the Facebook messenger. Ironic, isn't it? It always launches the full app when I tap the halo (I turned off chatheads) 
Maybe this has been addressed so please forgive me, but is SMS/MMS supposed to work with this too? When I get a message, it leaves the app I'm in and takes me to the homescreen, then opens up the little window. 
+Paranoid Android blitz! really impressed with the speed of development, I thought it will take month(s) to see it working. Outstanding :).
+Paranoid Android Any chance you guys could let us know what was changed between the halo Mms.apk and the old Mms.apk? That way we could add that to the old Mms and keep the custom stuff we like. Or is that not possible?
It would be cool if the halo could hide in the navigation bar... As a fourth "button". 
Can anyone share how to donate to the developer? Thanks
+Paranoid Android and then 4.3 rolls out, and after that you run like crazy guys to merge again... Thnx for the effort guys! :-)
Thanks so much guys for all of your hard work & dedication.
Seriously, who deleted the grouper folder for PA? Its been gone for 2 days!
+Yousef Huggz if your blogging tips are so good, you wouldn't have to resort to spamming to get traffic to your site.
+Paranoid Android my nexus 4 gets very hot .. its was usually on 28° celsius as is used alpha 3 now with franco kernel its very hot and even on 38° can you give me a solution i used franco kernel before too
i have no means to test it - i forgot my charger so its constantly on usb and tethering 3g so its as hot as it gets. when im home in a couple of weeks i can test. all alpha whatever does is add a tiny view though, that should do nothing.
PA is one of the reason why Nexus 4 is worth what it's worth. You make my phone shine, guys! <3
Wish I had the nexus 4 right about now. Haha 
Very, very impressive. nex4 and its definitely a feature I would want having now tested it but the white/blacklist options are must-haves for me.
+Paranoid Android just a few things about PA -- not halo specific. Any consideration to adopting CM implementation of expanded desktop where we can choose visibility of the nav and notification bars? Right now its all or nothing.
Is there any options for white/blacklist apps with PIE? Slight irritating to have to toggle expanded off and on to play games or run certain apps.
Alternatively, can I run your expanded desktop BUT disable PA PIE -- Then I can use any other 3rd party such as LMT

The beauty of android is end user flexibility and developer innovation so kudos to your work.
Do you need this Rom in order to get it?
+Teddy St.N I used to have the same issue, I'm on alpha 4 and latest Hulu+ app off the market and it works great.
Is the halo theme-able through a CM10.1 theme??
+Sean Gooding use per app expanded desktop. it goes into pie/fullscreen when you start your game, goes back to normalif you quit it.
you can set the visibility of mostly everything, i dont think any rom can rival pa in that aspect. check your hybrid panel, theres lots of tools for that in there. taking out statusbar forinstance makes no sense, you use tablet UI for that. wiping out navbar and leaving statusbar is possible too by setting navbar to 0%, even pie works in that mode.
+Paranoid Android hey I know it is likely an android prerequisite for memory management, but it earlier alphas when I opened the halo notification system the background operation did not pause [games such as the Simpsons tapped out and real racing would continue to run] which was nice because some games require a quick network refresh (tsto) and that way I did t have to refresh, on the newer version is pauses the background operation .. I love it regardless but just wondering if there is a way to continue background application while the notification display is active.
I started using the newest one for my gnex this morning.. I will probably never switch back to cm this rom is ridiculously smooth..
If i flash the latest for grouper, will it automatically flash and overwrite my current kernel? 
+Paranoid Android loving this ROM and all of its features! Excellent job! I'm only having one minor nuisance and I'm pretty sure it's just because it's alpha but my phone gets crazy hot when doing anything graphic intensive like games and stuff and the battery drain has been pretty bad. The only modification I've done is install Franco kernel r134. Could this be a possible compatibility issue with the kernel? 
I just installed this on my n7 the may 12th updated and now I dont have halo. Its not there anymore. 
+Paranoid Android Thanks for the tip. Will experiment. However, I did find when I set navbar to 0% it automatically activates PIE - I assume by design. But what about disabling PIE if I wanted to use 3rd party. Will experiment but thanks.
no 3rd party for pa. even 0% will go away when theres a clean solution replacing it. pie strip was in the talks for that before halo kicked it over.
+Cory Ruller seems diverse - the app i trieddone pause. youtube, temple run, etc. perhaps there are some more complex rules that guide this
+Aaron Endsley yes, officialy. pa is mostly focussed on nexus. or aosp compliant devices at least with actual developer support from the vendor. what we dont do is hack devices.
+Edgar Irizarry i dont know but i think its not a good idea to install mods over an alpha. nexus 4 got alway hot, especially gaming, thats why lg had to throttle it after all so i dont know how much any of this is involved. it is an alpha for sure and things can go wrong in these stages - 
Sorry to go off Topic, The grouper update just reappeared on Flashed perfectly but Halo is gone and its not in the toolbar settings.. What do ? :3
I think it'd be interesting to have a setting that allows the Halo to display the original message that is displayed when a notification comes in, as you are scrolling through the notifications. That way you have a better idea of what exactly you are opening and can avoid opening spam emails and such
Please Please provide a Nexus 7 (3G) release? Still no Alpha 3 for the N7(3G)-tilapia
It's amazin', so amazin', so amazin', so amazin'
It's amazin'
Alguém sabe se o Paranoid Android 3.5 é compativel com o Razr i ?
Looks like the May11 build for the #OPPO  Find 5 is out!
Loving today's version... Thank you guys for yall's hard work...I do have a question though...possibly a dumb question and its not halo related but anyway here it goes: on the recent apps window the button changes to swipe away all of the there a way to make that just close the recent apps instead? 
+Joaquin Naranjo no it won't..wipe only cache and dalvik cache...flash the new ROM and latest pa_gapps.
As long as you don't wipe data or factory reset you should not lose anything

+Donald Wyman when in recent apps, if you want to remove specific apps just swipe the app you want to get rid of. The clear all can't be changed as of right now
+Paranoid Android If an option to hide Halo only after all notification have been seen cannot be added, could an option to set the delay Halo should wait before hiding after activities be added? Just dreaming a little bit. ;-) Halo is great as it is. Great job!
Updated to MAY12 and halo disappeared I guess it's not a halo release for grouper. 
+Jason Dyer Wouldn't expect PA to upload a recent release of any older build. Check to see if the "Halo Options" are there (Settings/Toolbars/Statusbar) and nothing it check to hide Halo.
I would look for myself but I have the tilapia (N7 3G) and nothing has been release since MAY5 for it.
+Marshall Baer - thanks for the tip. I checked, but I don't see the settings for Halo Options. No worries, I will just have to be patient. 
+Paranoid Android I feel stupid asking this but I cannot find where to enable halo. I looked under toolbars/statusbar under settings 
+Jason Dyer Sorry mate.. Maybe try the MAY11 release and don't forget to wipe before flushing. I have to be patient too; but its hard... really digging this Halo 
+Thomas Smith first off you must be on one of the 3.50 builds. Secondly you cannot be using tablet UI. To enable HALO, pull down the notification shade (exit full screen pie mode if it's active) and you should see a blue circle icon with a message it to enable HALO
+Paranoid Android just installed it over alpha 3 but now my Google search force closes. Should I update Google apps? If so where do I get the one I need? 
+Thomas Smith to enable (when notification bar is visible) you should see a Circle w/ a Chat icon when you pull down the notification bar... click the Circle. (screenshot: )
+Curtis Mayers I just flashed the newest grouper just now. I am also on the stock UI. When I pull my notification shade down I do not have the blue circle. It was there for the previous build. 
+Marshall Baer its strange. I thought they moved the location because I have been using the previous alpha build fine. 
+Thomas Smith Others are also reporting it missing from the Grouper build... we're waiting to hear from PA on the issue.
Dang, shouldn't have updated to the new grouper build... Goodbye halo :(
Can confirm that the most recent grouper build has no halo enable option. Nowhere under settings or status bar pull down. Rom works fine though. 
+Paranoid Android There are times when halo is not in immediate effect, like after the "hide halo after activity" effect when quick reply for sms notification is missed. Also when halo is well as from the lock screen where halo does not take effect. Really missing that option at times. BTW....GREAT work and thank you for every thing you've done!
+Paranoid Android newest grouper update has no halo enable option in status bar. It is essentially gone from ROM
Bug found : when install APK file, Install button unable to press but it works only on Cancel button.
+Mohd Azrull Masnam this is already known. Simply turn off Halo temporarily, hit Install, and then you can re-enable Halo. 
+Roshen Raju Don't update to the May 12th version... It has no Halo. Download the app from play store it is under devs/paranoidandroid/grouper
Love you guys always ahead of the game. 
I'm gonna try the May 11th ROM and see if it has Halo because it is new as well since the grouper folder disappeared. 
So we established that halo is not there in the grouper MAY12 build but is it present in the MAY11 build? 
+Paranoid Android Can I use Goo program in the ROM to update??. I got the notification, will that include the new Holo? Hold for your answer. Thanks.
+Paranoid Android  or anyone else testing this alpha, Is there a different home launcher being used with the alpha. I noticed this one comes with options for number of screens among other options, when long pressing the wallpaper in any of the home screens. 
The only grouper build in their with Halo is the May5, apparently. May12/11 don't have it.
+Paranoid Android I would love to see Halo for however long I have pending notifications. Once all notifications are dismissed, .the Halo can go away

This would be perfect implementation in my (and I'm sure other PIE users) point of view. Like a notification bar that only appears when there are notifications.

Thanks for the great product!
+Paranoid Android Super minor but can the halo toggle in the notification tray be colorless so as to fit better with cm theme chooser and hybrid colors?
+Paranoid Android Given you just mentioned Pie Strip, let's just put my thought here, see if you find it interesting: I think HALO can totally replace the need for Pie strip when it fully develops -- say, as an option, after 10 sec of inactivity, HALO's current notification fades out and HALO displays time, wifi, cellular signal and no. of active notification instead. Clicking it displays the live tiles pop-up. Sounds neat? 
+Paranoid Android I'm using the new auto hide feature and is working great as a ticker when using pie!

The only thing missing is a way to quickly manually trigger the Halo to show up, for example when you missed the notification and it hides, there's no quick way to access it again.

Maybe a button in pie control, and not in the notification shade. I rather have it in the pie, next to menu or on the opposite side.

Thanks for all the work, amazing feature! 
+Olle Månsson or have an option to make Halo show itself when there are unseen notifications and hide completely when you review all. +Jeremy Kaminski, +Matt Terk and +Gerard Umbert seem to like the idea. ...Yes I am trying to get followers on this option. ;-) I believe it aligns with stock Android behaviour. What do you think +Paranoid Android ? :P
Finally got to flash the ported Halo alpha 4 build for Maguro, thanks to Jesco. It is horribly awesome! Halo is phenomenal! I can see Google implementing this in AOSP in the near future. Perhaps it'll come with Key Lime Pie :D
Agreed with +Nadir Comoglu . The ported build by Jesco works smooth! They plan to update the build more tomorrow
+Paranoid Android hey, thanks for letting us select the behaviour, gotta luv it when devs take suggestions seriously.

Since i may have your attention, or maybe someone elses, i have a question about the gapps, why does the rom exactly need a different set of gapps?

Thanks again and keep up the good job!
+Gerard Umbert so that they behave properly with all the PA ROM features and options, like Halo. PA gapps have been tweaked to improve the Android experience.
+Gerard Umbert I think it's for the different preferences for each app since PA changes its setting per app such as ui and dpi and such 
This switcher is sleek and very minimal design .. hope lot more to come out of halo in coming builds from +Paranoid Android . this build is like stable for me.
Are you planning a build for s3 as well?
Niko H
Love it so far !!
I just had an idea for halo where you can double or tripple tap drag to get to quick settings almost like on the ubuntu touch preview
+Paranoid Android I have a suggestion. Can halo be integrated with recents tab like it is integrated with status bar notifications? That way, all the apps can be run in window. The browser, games, everything. 
just read the last paragraph.That's why this is Paranoid Android !!! :D Good job guys :Thumbs up:
Awesome work :-) I have one question, is there landscape mode in hallo? After opening gmail or any other app via Hello i cant get landscape mode.
+Kerry Ambroise ask the porter for your device. PA only supports nexus devices and the oppo find 5
How do I download this? Retard question but can't find link! 
Great work! I have one question that is not HALO related :) Do you plan to implement in this fantastic ROM support for inline volume controls on earphones? This would be really awesome :D Keep up the great work guys!
+Paranoid Android I have have to congratulate you on your amazing work. I use halo now so much that I can't imagine not being without out. Well done guys :)
Oh okay, just discovered the grouper may 12 build doesn't include halo.... why not?
Now lets start thinking what the next big feature may be. Multi-window? Some crazy unimaginable feature?
Next big feature might be an Xbox live type party chat feature that would be great
Next feature should be a function that turns the phone into a transformer and fuck shit up like they do in transformers.
+Igor Kostanjsak Inline remote control is implemented in all Android ROMs, the problem is that there are virtually no manufacturers that produce headphones compatible with Android. HTC have released headphones with this feature and they should work with our phones. I believe beats by dr. dre and Boss have headphones compatible with our phones as well, you will have to do a little of research. iphone's ( Blasphemy! Just kidding... (-; ) headphones inline volume control are not and will not be compatible with Android ever. (Patent reasons...)
+Paranoid Android I love the implementation of the hide HALO functionality as it currently is. However, seeing as some ppl have an issue with HALO hiding while there are still active notifications I was thinking maybe the option to shake your phone when HALO is hidden to make it temporarily visible again can be a suitable alternative.

Doesn't have to be shake necessarily, but some simple gesture to return HALO to the screen
+Andrei Luswarghi Wrong gapps, install PA latest, and do not replace the mms.apk. If you use that, YouTube will pause, but your SMS app will be shown. You can hit play after you finish. 
+Paranoid Android I have a question, are you guys going to get away from the nav bar set up currently in use? I ask cuz I noticed when you go to tablet ui the buttons you reassign go back to default and I always switch my recents and back cuz I'm left handed and always hold my phone in the right... Also to allow more functionality with them like long press for torch, screenshot, menu etc...
Shut up and take me to the donation link! 
I really regret getting the GS3 instead of nexus.. Any chance you will support halo for the S3 soon? 
+Daniel Johansson you will have to wait for PA to release the source and for your device porter to port it. PA doesn't support the s3 officially.
Great update, there are still 2 features i miss, they haven't got anything to do with halo.
+Paranoid Android I miss (or haven't found) a disable volume adjust sound and disable camera shutter sound, is there any way to enable these options/disable the sounds? Great Rom! 
Is Halo in
I can't find it in settings/toolbars/statusbar
+Paranoid Android just out of interest, how much work do you think it would take to get halo as smooth, bouncy and 'fun' to use as Facebooks chat heads? 
+Денис Дмитриев various people here, in the pa-community and on xda have reported that halo is missing in the May 12th and May 11th build.
You will either have to downgrade to the May 5th build or wait.

I'm a bit puzzled why there is so little information on the happenings of grouper (and the goo-incident) from PA. All the posts asking for grouper on this page were mostly ignored. But that's another story.
+Paranoid Android thank you once again newest build is outstanding. However I found one small big. Volume rocker doesn't work. Nothing happen. Could you verify it? Maybe when player is on halo mode something causes problems with rocker?
Thank you in advance
+Paranoid Android enjoying the latest release. You continue to polish Halo and adding useful features to it. I'm sure others have posted these two ideas/thoughts but here it goes:

1. Part of the allure of Halo is not requiring the status bar for notifications and having more screen space. So, having less on the screen is something desired by users. Currently, Halo can disappear when inactive. It would be great for it to remain active if notifications have not been handled yet or opened, disappear when no new notifications are available.

2. At the moment the Halo icon doesn't have a visual way of telling users if there is more than one notification waiting to be seen. So, the only way to know is to start swiping on Halo to see if there are new notifications (or by PIE if active). One way around it could be for Halo to change visually if there is more than one notification. I don't know if a number ticker would work. Another way is the one proposed by a XDA user, have a small horizontal strip next to Halo every time you touch or activate it displaying a carousel of notifications available. That would be a visual way to swipe through available notifications and always know if there is more than one waiting to be handled.

Keep up the awesome work!
+Mario Sernicola The messenger app that has notification bar shortcuts is a moded version of the stock Android messenger app. Added features include: these shortcuts, emojis support and quick messages pop-up. The PA gapps messenger is another slightly moded version of the stock messenger app aimed to increase the PA experience. PA gapps are fully compatible with unique PA exclusive features and options. +Paranoid Android please correct me if I am wrong.
great work, love it! Just found one bug, if Halo is enabled and I want to install a non Play Store APK I don't be able to press the install button...
Unofficial Maguro builds are up on the XDA forums. 
I cant find halo settings in settings-toolbar
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