HALO alpha 4 rolling out

This perhaps can be called a pre-beta already as it marks a big step from the previous alphas. I guess this is the first time that even very picky people will start to use it - although much work needs to be done for sure.

I give you a small rundown:

- This is the first HALO build with options, you find them under Settings/Toolbars/Statusbar

- Option #1 can hide HALO from sight completely after inactivity, its for those that want to use it as a ticker.

- Option #2 can reverse the gestures that drive its interaction. Its set to reversed by default now, that means tap-drag selects tasks, doubletap-drag or longpress-drag can move it around. Unchecking the options reverses that. In either way, a single tap launches the current halo'ed task and when dragging through tasks if you lift your finger tasks will be launched as well. if you drag back while tasking the last real notification that came in will pop (but not launch).

- When selecting tasks HALO will temporarily show all statusbar icons to make it easier for you. That should be your point of reference, just follow the icons as they light up and select what you want.

- Minor fixes, it dims a little again, some things that wouldnt cause HALO to pop do now, tasking is more straight forward and probably bug-less by now.

Rom is ready for mako, others will follow.

As we slowly wrap up Phase 3 this is what will happen now

1. We divide our efforts. Our designer +Arz Bhatia  will start to dress it up. Everyone not involved with design will go low level and weed out activity-related issues (HALO apps dont react to orientation changes, some get dimmed inside, some still cause a black screen for a sec when popping up, the install-button-overlay-gate, etc.).

2. When these things are cleared it will get a few more options, especially a WHITELIST which users might be able to turn into a black-list by themselves. HALO will be offically beta by then.

3. We will try to get this through Googles compatibility test suite. If we are 100% sure that our work is safe and clean we will release source. We flag the feature as stable,move on and invent the next big thing.

One last thing, it has come to our attention that the root scene is already trying to pull  the "for all roms" thing again on us. HALO is impossible to do as an app, you will loose all the integration and floating/multitasking capabilities. This project will be open source and available to all roms as always!

Just remember, we are here, doing all this work for free, to push Androids boundaries. That's why we put so much effort into design, integration and execution - to the point of obsession. Do your part and support actual innovation.
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