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Introducing Peek

As a team, Paranoid Android has been working to overhaul the Android notification system . Today we are proud to present our version of active notifications codename Peek. The design philosophy behind peek was to deliver a smartwatch convenience. When you receive a notification Peek will start listening for movement like being taken out of a pocket or lifted off a table. If movement is [detected] within 10 seconds of receiving a notification A minimalist UI displays your active notifications. No need to press any buttons or unlock any screens, just click or slide to select a notification and the app is launched.

Demo - Paranoid Android - Peek

To activate:
Settings > Display > Peek notifications checkbox (right under notifications title)

Visit our blog:


Change Logs:

Bug Reports:

The notification revolution is upon us. More to come.

#StayParanoid #AOSPARevolution
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Woo hoo! So is this somewhat like Active Display? Been waiting for this for a long time. Keep up the good work guys!
Sounds pretty sick! Nice work!
Wow this sounds actually pretty cool! Keep up the good work guys! And thanks! 
Léo Ji
I want to see that
Wow. This is one of the most amazing yet simple minimalistic features. I know it took time to write and come up with, but my god is this simple and should have been in Android a LONG time ago. I love you +Paranoid Android
Very interesting... and curious to know
Please don't share posts while I'm driving home from work, I'll easily run off the road due to excitement. 
Today is a good day. Thanks guys! 
You guys cheers up my day, thanks so much for your all efforts!!
I want to install this ROM on my Nexus 4 but need to know if you bring Spanish language. Moreover what are the google apps that go with the latest version of the ROM 4.2
Awesome, need a way to test it out...
I just realised you guys have awesome mobile website. Good job. And any demo video on peek so far? 
+David Johnson done it already but I haven't received any notifications 
guys to activate peek: go to settings > display > peek right under notifications check it off
It doesnt work :/ sent a hangout, text and whatsapp from another phone and it doesnt work
hey guys, just wondering how this peek feature affect the battery life?
If ui get it on my moto x, would it still use the dedicated core?
Yesterday I had the idea of earphones with a capacitive sensing area so the phone knows when the earphones get plugged into your ear and can then perform a specific action, for example play music or read your missed notifications. 
+Paranoid Android +Andre Saddler It seems you don't care about Maguro too much, there is still that annoying bug with max brightness after restart. You should more contribute on bug fixing instead adding new features. Peek looks exactly same as AcDisplay app. 
Can somebody please help me? It is not working at all...
Hmm. Can't get much better than AcDisplay imo though...
+Andre Saddler Isn't AcDisplay does what peek does and then some more? #JustAsking. I would prefer Peek over AcDisplay because it's built into the system and will be more reliable. However, functionality wise, I like AcDisplay more than peek
Guys does the Paranoid OTA works on the CWM recovery?
+Evan Anderson So far I only know in theory how Peek works. Let's wait and see the implementation of it. I would love to see a demo of it. I hope +Paranoid Android develops for Oppo N1 too some day. 
+Praveen K i hated AD, great concept and engineering but, its still buggy as well as too much going on just to unlock screen. This is a trimmed, cleaner coded version. Meant to enhance experience more than just another feature dropper
Hi guys! You're doing a great work. Just something I have been thinking of for a while now: is Paul fine? Haven't heard a word from him for ages!
Brian Z
+Martin Šindler That bug is not exclusive to that device.

And it's not the same as a AcDisplay. That app turns the screen on WHEN a notification arrives. Peek doesn't do that. It checks your devices sensors and if movement is detected only then it is supposed to turn the screen on.

What's stupid is turning on the screen when a notification comes in on a device with a led notification light. Even on mute I can see with the light that a notification came in. I don't want my screen to turn on too. Now if I pick up my device to act on / actually see what the notification is I would like the screen / AcDisplay come on.

Franky what's annoying is post like yours. Essentially demanding that they fix a bug that just effects your device ( which is doesn't) and not include feature that you don't want / like / get
+Andre Saddler an option for disable persistent notifications from peek will be implemented? I really don't want to see Antivirus and tasker persistent notification in peek... 
This sounds fantastic! Thanks PA Team. Downloading now and looking forward to putting it on my Gnex.

+Andre Saddler Question...Will the PA Team be developing on the soon-to-arrive Oppo7? I didn't get my N5 yet, and now considering the Oppo7, but only if it will get official support by you guys. Do you know? Can you say?
Guys, does the active display take more battery or no?
Thanks man! Great work! 
Another question : does peek use proximity sensor too? If I'm walking with phone in the pocket, peek will detect movement but I haven't act for read the notification
+Andre Saddler
Again really love it! And again great work to all PA team! 
+Andre Saddler the important thing is that he's fine. He didn't make an announcement, or I missed it, and was wondering if something bad happened. But this is not the case, so..
I LOVE how face unlock works in the background so I don't have to unlock the phone... :D
This feature is really cool! The only thing holding me back is that I'm so used to a variable dpi. Is there really no way to change the dpi per app in paranoid, even with mods like gravity?
It amazes me that people can write a better operating system in a small team than an entire company has with hundreds of great minds.

Keep it up guys, loving the new PA. 
Probably gonna get crucified here because of all the fanboys but:

Meh at best.

Nothing really revolutionary here.. It's more like "we started from scratch so we need to rush something out for all the fanboys so they will be happy"

Don't get me wrong, it's fine if you love it, just don't be blind about it.

+Dan Katz then show me some mind blowing and revolutionary stuff you made.

This feature is awesome and made fresh from this guys and not just a cherrypick from another Rom. 
Anyone having issues after clean flash with phone force closing constantly?
+Dan Katz lol your so off, especially since code was written in matter of hours. Was meant to enhance notifications... you say meh to this but your gunna awe at hover
+Paranoid Android this is why I keep coming back to your ROM. Cool, useful features like this one. Can't wait for this. Looking forward to the new PIE, the replacement to HALO, and any new innovations for the ROM. Love the dedication and hard work you guys put in. 
+Marc Schermesser Never said I made anything and don't go "show me something you made". Never said I'm a developer. This is just the fanboism I was talking about. Don't do that, give me real argument.

I'm just not blind and taking it like a word from God or something but I also not just taking it all for granted. I know they put work into it and not just pulled it out of their ass.

Developers get my respect and my support.

As for revolutionary there are a few over the years. Even original. To name a few are the previous features of PA like DPI or pie, AOSPA lock screen notifications, CF Open Delta, Alpharev tools.

Even the new commits to ART that almost all developers refuse to acknowledge because "art is experimental" (since when we aren't trying new stuff on android) even though it make ART stable and overall better. For nexus devices at least.

+Andre Saddler glad to hear that 😊
Never bother with a lockscreen so this will be perfect for me. Thank you!!! Could you add tap to wake if the light sensor says: 'yep, I'm not in a pocket'? Maybe a 'back to sleep' button would be cool as well? Just a thought... REALLY great feature though.
Nice to see +Dan Katz lulzing it up on G+. I like it when people are arseholes for no reason.
Simple.. elegant.. awesome.. 
Just a question... How difficult is it to bring the KnockOn feature from LG G2 to PA? Is it a hardware provision?
Is this gonna be available for legacy devices? Seeing as we still don't have pie for them.
+Richard Chapman talking to yourself? Why starting getting low on a civilized thread?

Was saying my opinion about this and that's it.

As I said, knew I'll get crucified by fanboys.
Awesome! Damn it, I wish my phone could dual boot...
The peasants ask you to tell us more about Peek, oh Lord&Master. :-D

But really, can you tell us more? I saw that there is some kind of pocket function in Peek, but is there more? What kind of tricks does it have too? :-P ^_^

Paranoid android team, you are the f** best! :-D 
At first it didn't work, even muting my notification sounds. then I rebooted and boom, I love it. Thank you.
+Dan Katz i don't take it like a word from god, cause i don't believe in god. But i believe in people like +Andre Saddler, cause they always comes up with new and nice things.

Ofc it isn't revolutionary, but it makes the usage of your phone more comfortable. and isn't that the main idea behind thoose features? I love peek from the first second, because it is so simple and makes sense.

It's always the small things, that makes the different, and IMO peek is more then just "meh". 
anyone have any idea which kernel to pair with this awesome rom for maximum performance??
Super excited for this but since its 430 am here haven't gotten any notification to see it yet. Posting here should help solve that fairly quickly.
I've always been a cm loyalist. Tried different ROMs, always ended up using cm. But this time, I just can't leave pa. I find pa the most innovative, and good looking of all. Great works, devs. Great work.

PS: will we get the theme chooser anytime soon, or will it take time? I really need it for a theme I'm working on, so curious to know.
Thanks :)
Works like a charm, also with covered case :)
Oh! Thanks!
Btw, I get a play services not supported error after flashing the latest build. Anyone know a fix?
What's even funnier was someone asked for a screenshot and I thought someone else was trolling with such a minimal picture, and made a sarcastic comment. LOL
+Ben Wharton wrote: " I LOVE how face unlock works in the background so I don't have to unlock the phone... :D"
That gave me an idea for a feature request. I'd love to use face unlock but it annoys me that it doesn't work in low light conditions and then it takes a few extra seconds to switch to a different unlock method. So would it be possible to utilize the light sensor that is used for auto-brightness to check if there's enough light for face-unlock and otherwise switch to pattern or pin immediately? If something like this was properly coded by, let's say, PA team, i think it would be an awesome feature! Unfortunately I don't know if it would even be possible... 
Soiz Z
+Paranoid Android thanks for you're hard work, it's appreciated.
Could you please post a video of Peek on your YouTube channel? Because I don't understand yet how it works...
It is due to my lack of notifications I believe
+Paranoid Android its high time you had incorporated.... Then tow the cyanogen line by partnering with OEMs...send a marketing team to Chinese OEMs
Thanks PA Team!!! Absolutely love the ROM, philosophy and everything you guys stand for! Keep up the excellent work!!!
+Karan Brar just click on it and you should be able to update it via the playstore. Had the same issue ;)
It just shows an option to close the popup. Also, I just noticed play store is missing. Perhaps I should reflash gapps?

Edit: reinstalled play store and it works great. :)
Do I have to make a clean install or can I dirty flash over the previous 4.1b2?
Does anyone else has a problem when earphones are plugged in? I can hear a constant noise when I'm moving my phone while Peek is turned on. And it stops either when I put my phone on desk or turn off Peek. So it's unuseable for me because I listen often while walking and this also triggers this noise. Nexus 4. +Paranoid Android Maybe you know something about it?
I can't confirm this but I just got a call and peek was on, I.e showing me a notification, and I only heard my ringtone, I wasn't able to see the accept/reject call screen
+Paranoid Android it's a great feature, but, as everything, It could be batter and i would suggest some correction :
- The icon could be a little bit bigger and with higher quality (appear grainy)
-10 seconds seems to be a too little time... I don't know if setting sensors "always on" the battery drain is unacceptable, but you should work in this direction
Hi can you fix the download link for Tilapia PA 4.1 20140318 it directs to a blank webpage

Edit: Ok Refreshed the page and DL started, lets see
Could you please make it possible to completely remove the navigation bar while keeping notifications and using PIE, because the last time I did that, it pops up whenever I swipe from the bottom which is annoying and the worst part is is that it creates a mirrored image of anything that is on the sceen at that moment on the navigation bar place.
+Benas Bagdanovas You can already do that. The Immersive-Mode-Tile is a Dual-Tile. One sets it on and off - the other one lets you choose exactly what you would like to have.
+Paranoid Android and the GREAT Team: Any news, bits of new information about hybrid? some behind the scene? would be really appreciated!! THANKS!!!
Not sure it's working on my nexus 4. Or maybe I'm just holding it wrong
this is beta3, right? i think the flo version is labeled wrong: the upload from 18.03.14 is labeled beta1
+Paranoid Android have been playing around with Peek and its really an awesome enhancement of the notifications. Well done with keeping an eye onto privacy by not showing the content of the notification but only the app icon.

This truely makes the on screen time question of Jesus making any sense. Instead of 2-3 seconds before getting phone out of pants pocket, and screen on to see the time .. Now its 1-2 seconds with Peek enabled.
Any way to use inmersive mode like on stock ROM? No pie. I accidentally selected to activate pie on the popup but can't find the option now. Thanks +Paranoid Android

EDIT: nevermind, found the way.
Soiz Z
Not sure if it's ROM related but I'm using nova launcher and since I've installed the new pa I can't add icons on the dock. I just can move them out. Anyone?
disable immersive mode, add icons to dock and then enable immersive mode again
Neat. Looking forward to playing around with this on my Note II. Keep up the interesting tweaks, Paranoid Android. I love it when rom developers add legitimately new features (that are intuitive too) and you all have always been doing that with your roms.
Is there a way to expand the activation area of PIE?
Curious about pie, its great to use in portrait but difficult to access in landscape on a phone with a thicker bezel case. I feel it would helpful maybe for the option to have it rotate with the screen similar to the way the stock navigation bar does instead of say having to manually move pie to the edge. However very awesome so far and much prefer peek over active display!
I have activated Peek, rebooted my phone (Nexus 4), but it doesn't seem to work for me. I have tried all kind of things (different notifications, taking it from my pocket, from the top of the table...), but it doesn't work
I've noticed, using WhatsApp, that the emoji panel does not fit perfectly the lower space, it ends where the navigation bar should be (I use PIE, of course and SwiftKey) and when I reduce my keyboard I see a "navigation bar" gray shadow that covers the smiles/input/vocal note bar. Have anybody encountered this issue? 
Amazing work! Paranoid is taking everything and making it look and work better than any other rom!
You are the rom to follow! Thank you for the hard work! :) 
Maybe having possibility to fix the delay during wich you can make peek appear could be really great from a minute or half a minute to  10 sec
+Paranoid Android. Do you or anyone have a video or a screen shot of this? I want to take a look before I flash. :-) 
It looks awesome, is working well for me on nexus 5!
Nandroid backup, and flash if you don't like it restore!! Have fun! :) 
Fantastic update! Peek notifications checkbox is an awesome update. Keep up the gooooooooood work!
Thanks PA!!! This is awesome, love you guys!! 
Amazing.. ♥ new to pa and love it since first glance.. 👍
+Dan Katz I completely agree. People are losing their minds for nothing more than an active notification clone and they think that's the most innovative piece of software on Earth.

It does the same thing as Active Notifications with pocket mode ON.

"So... Guys, we need to reintroduce this feature. People are not gonna be very excited and will probably ask for other features."

"Put a name on it and ship."


Come on, guys. Time to stop overrating PA. This has been going on for months now.

So far, it's just a shadow of its former self.
Thanks guys, everything seems to be working flawlessly so far
I just installed "AcNotifications' a couple days ago, and it is awesome, let's see what you did here.
+Eduardo Pratti. How about you don't come in to someone else's thread waiving your jerk flag around like a 5 year old? Sure, having your own opinion is fine but share outside of a post that's meant for their users/fans. They don't walk up in your house and start pissing on you walk for they? So don't come up in here acting like a douche bag. 
Yeeehaaa!! One of the greatest features in Android-WOrld, now in the greatest Android ROM!!!!
+Paranoid Android +Andre Saddler I just have one question: does this effect our choice of using a custom kernel? This sounds like it could be kernel level stuff (with access to sensors and all), and while I would loveeeee to use peek, I also love me some Franco kernel.

Keep up all the awesome work, and ignore the haters. You guys do some amazing stuff!

EDIT nevermind, I see how you did it, thanks guys!
Thank you guys, we really appreciate it all this you do for android! 
We have no control over icon quality... it's pulled from the app. Which is also why the size is what it is... the larger you make it the more artifacts that show on lower quality icons.
As for the time limit, it's meant to be a quick response mechanism. You receive a notification, have a peek at what it is...launch the app or ignore.
Great approach! :) Pushing it further as always. May I suggest to hide all permanent notifications in peek? Would be awesome! :) Thanks for your hard work!
Same here....dosen't seem to be working on my Nexus  either................ :(
I don't like apps based on moves, but if it's made by PA I will definitely give it a try! 
Is location working on toro yet by chance? Its been broken on the last 3 beta builds.
Switched to omnirom but gonna switch back to pa because of this .
Love the new peek and 10 sec display,but after 10 sec even if not used a normal display is displayed to unlock :(.I would like it if after 10 sec no motion is detected when you unlock the screen to see that nice ui with the notification.
Yes... Active display from Motorola...
May I make a suggestion? A quick overview of the content of the notification. Nothing extensive, but just the ability to actually tell what the notification actually is when we pick it up. 
+Paranoid Android the icon size could be a secondary problem, but for the time limit i think it's more useful if the sensors are "on listening" until the notification is shown /read.... I don't know if it's possible or if t's to hard, i just suggest some feature that improve usability
+Andre Saddler I meant, for example, being able to tell what a message is before actually clicking on it. Is this already possible and I'm missing something? All I see is the icon, but I haven't experimented with it. 
Anyone else having the OTA app crash every time you try and add a file to install? I can still flash in TWRP but I'd prefer to stick with the OTA app. 
Can not wait and i should install it by tonight

Soiz Z
+Paranoid Android video very appreciated. A great addon for android, I think I would allow more notifications now...
+Paranoid Android - curious. What if your phone is in the pocket and you're simply walking. Does it still activate peek in your pocket? 
Should I do a full wipe or can I just wipe caches and move on. I'm already on the last update before this one? 
Same question as Bharath, would this constantly be on while in my pocket 😱
+Kevin C if you look at PA's posts they just posted one explaining how it polls your gyroscopes, turns it off once it knows it's in your pockets and does wake up until there is a notification. 
Does anyone know how this works with a lockscreen enabled?
+Matt Flaming So when I do click on the icon, I assume it just fires up the lockscreen. I put in my pin or pattern, then it goes straight to the app?
Wish it had a preview of the notification! :/ great work nonetheless.
So after 10 seconds it will not peek will not appear? If so I have no use for it but good on you guys! Keep it up!
+Eduardo Pratti show me how easy it rly is, make a new and innovative Rom, just for me. Looking forward to the end of the week to test it!

Seriously, programming isn't that easy and pls show them, that they shouldn't stop doing it! Cause these guys don't get paid for it and they work as normal as everyone else and do such amazing things in couple of hours per week!
Be thankfull or make your own and stop bitching around.
Looks intriguing. I look for simple means to view critical information without extra taps. Will this accomplish that?
So... AcDisplay, but integrated into the ROM as opposed to being an app.

It's cool that picking up the phone turns it on for you "peek" at your notifications, but if you're lifting your phone, you can just as easily press the power button. If you're using AcDisplay as a lockscreen, then you have the same information as peek. Though, personally, I'd opt for a custom kernel, then you can just tap or swipe on your screen without lifting it to power it on and check your notifications with even less effort.

But, really, though, it detecting that you pick up the phone is really cool. Not saying peek is better or worse than AcDisplay as they're essentially the same thing.

What's the word on Halo, though? That's your ace. 
PROBLEM/BUG: on nexus 4, just installed beta 2 (PA4.1beta2), but the peek option under display isn't present. The updater recognize as a valid updates the previous version 4.1 beta 1 (i skipped it as not so revolutionary). What wrong now?
This might be the addition that makes me switch over to PA. Cheers, guys!
+Michael Perry See, I was talking to Dan for a reason. I absolutely adored ParanoidAndroid between 4.1 through 4.3.1.

However, since their ''KitKat Design philosophy' they've removed everything that was good in 3.0 and inserted pop-ups for every single action you try and do.

That's 'Googley' in their opinion. They forgot about one thing, though: Their power users. Those of us that used to fiddle around with all the settings, DPIs and menus. That wanted to personalize their experience to the maximum. They took that away.

They said they're bringing back features, and I truly admire that, but having people rave about something as simple as an Active Notifications clone makes me think all the power users have already replaced PA with other ROMs that take us into consideration.

Don't get me wrong, I really love Paranoid and I don't want to come off as an asshole, but I'm just... disappointed, honestly. :T 
I wish PA would officially come to other devices, such as the gs4
After a few hours of playing with this:

1. I like the implementation. Looks good, nice and minimal.

2. I would love to see a notification filter.

3. I would like to be able to control the timeout or have the option for it to not require motion to trigger it.

Thanks for the hard work, guys! 
+Eduardo Pratti something building from scratch and removing it are two different things! You don't want to come oft as an asshole? Then stop posting and use whatever rom you want! 
This is basically acdisplay.... But not as good...... 
Can't wait for for to come out for my jfltmo 
I enjoy the features and such and I understand the philosophy and all but I feel like for this particular feature you should have giving us more control over it 
People whom want controls for PA features. Why not working on an addable APK as HALO))) for the previous Halo. With that you honor the PA chosen way of clean googly non hacky addons but do get the choise of installing it for the extra desired control.
For me what comes, comes and i adore the work done by PA
I have a question. Why are the touch sounds so low? This includes the keyboard key sounds as well. They used to be twice as loud as they're now. I went back to stock to check and then back to PA again. Problem is still there. Was this done intentionally?
+Paranoid Android I would like to report a bug regarding pie. If you have Immersive mode with status bar always showing and you try and launch the camera from the lock screen, the camera opens, but pie remains visible even if you stop touching the screen. Also pie stop reacting to touch, while the camera app remains functional. Only way to exit the app is disabling Immersive mode. Bug happens from time to time. Running PA 4.2 Beta1 on Nexus 4. Thanks for your hard work!
I'm trying so hard to stay stock, but this is making it difficult. 😓
Loving peek. I also noticed my apps don't crash anymore when immersive mode isn't on while I rotate the device.

I have 1 minor issue I'd like to address. And that is when I turn on my phone(hammerhead) my auto brightness is set to max and doesn't go to normal unless I turn on and off auto brightness 
@Paranoid Android The USB Removed still can't be swiped. It's annoying, I don't think I haven't stressed this enough. Bug report on XDA Bug Reports Tab and even at Google+. No such reply for this. I know that this is just some sort of minor but isn't getting the base stable still on the menu?
What hapened to gesture typing guys?? 
+Anoukh Ashley check to see if you still have Google keyboard installed. If not you can get it back from the play store
Would love to see this feature as an Xposed module.
+Anoukh Ashley check under language and location if google latin EMI is present and editable. If not try to reflash manualy ROM only and a previous gapps package. Then reinstall newest gapps. Should solve it.
+Paranoid Android Peek will not allow the device to sleep during the upload of video to YouTube or Facebook. The 'status' of the upload seems to keep the screen in a wake-unlock-sleep-wake infinite loop until it has completed upload.
Just installed this update and the APN selection is gone. Anyone know? Am I just missing it?
After update the AdAway don't work, any idea?
Guys, as I reported bug in the bug site (and it says resolved), I am still getting the battery drain by for no reason... Please help with this.. It is eating into my mako battery unnecessarily during idle.
+Soiz Z I have been having the same Nova Launcher issue.. Some PA roms the issue doesn't arise, other roms of PA it comes.. Not able to add/modify icons at the dock.  Could this be a rom issue as I've tried numerous steps from complete reflashing to removing all apps.
Aravind adding and removing to standard PA dock isnt giving me any problems. But you are experiencing it with Nova launcher. And that makes it a PA ROM issue?

I just installed Nova Launcher and im perfect capable to add/remove icons to the dock.
+Wilco van Rossum I don't know.  I am not complaining against PA (I admire and love the work and effort that goes).  But I keep having the Nova launcher issue alone (from PA4 beta 4).  It went off at 4.1 beta1 and has come again.  I tried to flash everything again from scratch and installed only Nova to try and still the problem persisted.  However the PA dock (GEL) does not give any issue.  When during one version its ok and after an update its not, its natural to think that the issue may be in the rom - no?  And my device is Mako.  I am not blaming the rom, but questioning being a non-geek if could be a rom issue.
If I have a note 3 and don't want to trip knox I must not install custom kernals? Right..but I can install custom roms...
More customizations please for peek and all other features
I don't see notification peek or pie controls anywhere in settings, hercules SGH-T989, please help!
Pie > quick troggles menu -> immersive mode ... Peek -> settings>display-> notification peek
Try to reflash and wipe cache. Mostly it will fix it. If not try to redownload the zips and install it manually. Some times the downloaded files are corrupted but do install through OTA
+Meena Salama it's possible it's not yet implemented. The source wasn't released yet and not all unofficial builders had early access
+McKenzie McCarthy I am having the same issues with my phone force closing. It's most un-bueno. Any suggestions anyone? I am going to try a dirty flash.
Flash back to stock and then reflash PA + GApps? That always helps. Im using mskip tool box tot revert tot stock
Hello guys okay? 

I'm using a paranoid peek and this not working. 

Mark your selections and when I receive any notification, nothing appears on the screen. 

Am I doing something wrong?
I'm not getting the peek option at all. Am on 5.1 build on an one plus one 
Add a comment...