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It's been great, there's more to come! #stayparanoid
Any fan of Android knows about the Paranoid Android (PA) team and the innovation they brought to the developer community. I’ve supported PA in the past and appreciate their commitment to stable builds, innovative and intuitive features like Pie navigation controls, all while staying close to stock A...
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Waiting for angler nougat pa version :]))
NexbitOS es igual a Paranoid Android? Nunca escuché nada de NexbitOS necesito más info
Hopefully i can get some love on the honor 8 and mate 9.
+Daman Waraich PA and Nextbit were collaborating sharing their code to get the fastest and the more stable N rom possible. PA devs have nice knowledge, and Nextbit devs have source, and together they can make Nextbit source better. Then, PA will run better than ever on Nextbit, and stock N Nextbit rom will run better thanks to PA devs help. At least that's all I understood
Both people who purchased a Nextbit Robin are going to be stoked!
Robin Nexbit es un smartphone comercial que lleva NexbitOS, Paranoid Android colabora con ellos y comparte su código para una mejor Rom. 
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