HALO6 // HALO)))1.3 // Franco Mako Kernel // Kbrsmlk T-Shirts

So this one is PACKED. I am actually trying to keep it short. : D

Paranoid Android 3.55

Fresh new rom + fresh PA-GAPPS (http://goo.gl/sAv9L)

HALO sees first style re-touches (decent looking bubble, shadows, etc.), + images and avatars shouldn't be pixelated. App crashes (twicca, etc.) are fixed, it was all the same error causing this.

+Yamil Ghazi fixed his launcher, had some padding issues and there are several bugfixes for the calendar, which we track ourselves from now on to fix Googles higher layout bugs.


HALO)))1.3 delivers cleaner images.
You can get it for free from Google Play: http://goo.gl/Jk8d6


+Francisco Franco  made a custom PA kernel. The kernel is kept simple from the looks of it, uses PA colors, has all needed interfaces exposed if you want to tweak it. You can tweak with his app (http://goo.gl/H1pES) and calibrate, if you dislike the colors still, with that one: http://goo.gl/zDUVo --- there are also free alternatives like trickster, perhaps with a little less functionality: http://goo.gl/aknmi 

Here's the fulll changelog:

- Less msm_hsic_host wakelock count after merging CAF patches
- Merged latest Ondemand from CAF
- Toggle on/off fsync()
- Sound Control: path: /sys/class/misc/soundcontrol/
- Gamma Control: path: /sys/class/misc/gammacontrol/ (as always, needs screen off for changes to apply)
- Two IO patches from Linux Kernel to improve efficiency of IO operations
- Ditched thermald and uses Francos custom msm_thermal Kernel driver. Possibility to choose the threshold temperature in /sys/module/msm_thermal/parameters/temp_threshold
- Proper partition mounts for better IO performance
- Cleaned DEBUG crap from the Kernel config
- Fastcharge

Expect longer lasting battery, better benchmark scores and it should not heat up so fast. All Nexus platforms will eventually see these optimizations, for now Mako is the first guineapig, give it a little time.

Again, big thanks to him from all of us. Let's keep in mind, he did it just like that. Offering to make us a competitive kernel. I'm kind of stunned by this as i'm not used to developers coming out and lending a hand - and for him that meant a fricking weekend gone.


Last but not least, some of you have been asking for shirts and +Tina Krebina has heard you. She's made some and you can get them here: http://www.zazzle.com/krebsmilk

NONE OF US IS MAKING A SINGLE CENT OF THIS. This is Tinas and Arz initiative, they'll collect pocket change back from Zazzle which takes the bulk for material, print, shop, sale and shipping.

Should anyone get one, make pictures!!! We'll be so damn proud! : D
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