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HALO6 // HALO)))1.3 // Franco Mako Kernel // Kbrsmlk T-Shirts

So this one is PACKED. I am actually trying to keep it short. : D

Paranoid Android 3.55

Fresh new rom + fresh PA-GAPPS (

HALO sees first style re-touches (decent looking bubble, shadows, etc.), + images and avatars shouldn't be pixelated. App crashes (twicca, etc.) are fixed, it was all the same error causing this.

+Yamil Ghazi fixed his launcher, had some padding issues and there are several bugfixes for the calendar, which we track ourselves from now on to fix Googles higher layout bugs.


HALO)))1.3 delivers cleaner images.
You can get it for free from Google Play:


+Francisco Franco  made a custom PA kernel. The kernel is kept simple from the looks of it, uses PA colors, has all needed interfaces exposed if you want to tweak it. You can tweak with his app ( and calibrate, if you dislike the colors still, with that one: --- there are also free alternatives like trickster, perhaps with a little less functionality: 

Here's the fulll changelog:

- Less msm_hsic_host wakelock count after merging CAF patches
- Merged latest Ondemand from CAF
- Toggle on/off fsync()
- Sound Control: path: /sys/class/misc/soundcontrol/
- Gamma Control: path: /sys/class/misc/gammacontrol/ (as always, needs screen off for changes to apply)
- Two IO patches from Linux Kernel to improve efficiency of IO operations
- Ditched thermald and uses Francos custom msm_thermal Kernel driver. Possibility to choose the threshold temperature in /sys/module/msm_thermal/parameters/temp_threshold
- Proper partition mounts for better IO performance
- Cleaned DEBUG crap from the Kernel config
- Fastcharge

Expect longer lasting battery, better benchmark scores and it should not heat up so fast. All Nexus platforms will eventually see these optimizations, for now Mako is the first guineapig, give it a little time.

Again, big thanks to him from all of us. Let's keep in mind, he did it just like that. Offering to make us a competitive kernel. I'm kind of stunned by this as i'm not used to developers coming out and lending a hand - and for him that meant a fricking weekend gone.


Last but not least, some of you have been asking for shirts and +Tina Krebina has heard you. She's made some and you can get them here:

NONE OF US IS MAKING A SINGLE CENT OF THIS. This is Tinas and Arz initiative, they'll collect pocket change back from Zazzle which takes the bulk for material, print, shop, sale and shipping.

Should anyone get one, make pictures!!! We'll be so damn proud! : D
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Great progress. Can't wait to see where it ends up... :-)
I hope this means you're getting closer to leaving alpha. I'm getting anxious with my non-nexus phone! 
How can a kernel have colors? It's a kernel. Or are we talking about screen color calibrations? Isn't that a user space job? What am I not getting here? 
+Daniel Gultsch They just changed the default screen calibration, of course a user can do that too, but maybe not all users know how to calibrate colors
HALO))) is wonderful thanks you paranoid anDrone
+Daniel Gultsch stock kernel doesn't have any color calibration , while PA kernels (for nexus 4) have some calibrations , and stock kernels for GNex don't have color calibration active for use by trickster , now you can change screen color just by using the "stock" kernel from PA 
Damn the price on the shirts is pretty pricey
+Daniel Gultsch a kernel has a factory preset, this is where the hardware calibration sits. what you mean is RGB calibration which comes into effect later. PA has always had a calibrated kernel, which made a drastic difference since googles mako kernel is testified uncalibrated (read anand). thats why you cant calibrate a stock rom, because rgb sits on top of a flawed factory preset.
But I think we should let users decide what kernel to use because AFAIK Franco uses a different ramdisk so it has to be a clean flash of rom to install other kernels.
Lets keep in mind that this latest PA does not come with franco.Kernel per-se, I simply collaborated and added appropriate fixes and interfaces to PA's Kernel to help you all that stay with the rom Kernel We're very happy with the final result as its very close to stock but still pretty feature packed!
What if you were already using Franco kernel? Lol :p
i'm using FRANCO kernel, i'm a  fan ;)
Shirts are sic, trying to get but different language. 
Is the franco pa custom kernel built in the Rom or not? If not where can i get it?
Built with the rom, but you can grab the boot.img inside the rom .zip.
Okay thx for the fast answer :)
Please have us English link for shirts
This made my Monday. 
Thank you to everybody responsible for this!!!
+Gonçalo Vaz old PA kernel was stock with colour tweeks, the new one has the features listed in the post.
May I ask that you add this "Calibrated Kernel" to your page as a separate download so we can switch back and forth from it to a different kernel and back again etc.. etc..?
+Paranoid Android idk if you guys could pass it on, but I will buy a shirt with the paranoid android sumo wrestler (its my background on my phone) once she makes one
+Paul Henschel thanks, running Carbon right now (aosp based). Well looking forward to the port :-) when available
Can we flash another kernel to this version? Will it cause any problems?
+Grant Rees I see. Thanks. I didn't know PA was stock with color tweaks. I thought PA's kernel already had some tweaks of its own. That explains a lot actually. :D
A million thanks to the whole +Paranoid Android and +Francisco Franco for joining efforts and providing us with this goodness.
There where I live its 2:24 am . ill flash it tomorrow gn8 everybody ;)
Benchmark comparison between new Franco PA Kernel and Franco.Kernel 139? I'll run them myself if I knew which benchmark test to perform.
Also, are RGB values available for the new PA Kernel calibration, just for curiousity?
Common I just moved to the 14th May build of yours . Now this ones released. . . Oh here I go again flashing the new one :) . Love your work +Paranoid Android ... 
Forgive me guys - HALO will not come back. settings > toolbars > halo options unchecked. reboot, comes back for a sec and disappears, new notification? nothing happens. came from another rom so I wiped data, cleared cache partition, dalvik, even formatted /system.

now that I think about it, even if I do get it would I turn it off momentarily to sideload an apk?

thanks in advance.....
Oh hell yes, awesome news! Oh, I'll be snagging a shirt for sure!
+Connor Barnes Folks on the official XDA thread report that so far it's working fine on dirty flash :)
My frigging DSL is down. SMH 
+Josh Vet these are the same values as in the halfbreed pa kernel. values are on git and xda. i was using contrasty though, halfbreed is too bright for me - but since this one exposes the interfaces it'll be easy to change without flashing 
+Josh Vet ps. im getting ~ 21.500 without o/c. the old one could pull this off since this is mainly krait doing its job - im curious about battery and the other aspects, this is where it gets interesting
+Paranoid Android  stoked you replied! I dont use tabUI though. I do use apps like wave launcher, sidebar etc not sure if that would have an effect on it. 
And I notice FB messenger chatheads goes away in PIE mode and comes back when not in expanded desktop. 
+Paranoid Android one feature I see aokp has nailed is the notifications and toggles. For instance they the tile toggles active all the time. Whether you swiped from left or right you'll be presented with the toggles. The neat trick with theirs is that. When you get a notification. You swipe down to realise it has gone to notification instead of the toggles. Soon as you swipe the notification. You'll be back with its tile toggles. Any chance you can implement this. I really will miss this feature.
+Tina Krebina I would love love love if you could do a shirt with the Pet Semetary logo, just throwing it out there!
+joseph pastor chatheads dont like fullscreen. its affecting allroms from what i have heard. on PA you're using halo though - find out which is causing the issues, its worth it
Can you tweak gamma settings on the new kernel?
+Paranoid Android Will there be colour variants of the new kernel? I used the contrasty kernel before, and the colours seem a bit dull on this new one (I'm assuming it's using the Halfbreed preset).
Mirror to the GAPPS anyone? Goo is being Goo right now :/
Jeff G
So if I take the update from goo on my phone now and of course the gapps ....I'll get all this goodness? Will I lose all my app data? Thanks for all the great work.
I am currently running the PAC ROM, installed it yesterday, do I have to wipe my device to install this ROM in the same manner as I did when moving to PAC from the stock ROM? 
+Jeff G if you're updating from an older PA build then you just need to wipe cache and dalvik cache. You will not lose any data

If your coming from a different ROM you should do a full wipe in which case you will lose data
I am using helium to restore, is there a better app to restore following the flash? Thanks. 
+Matthew White I believe (carbon) helium is your best bet at the moment. You can use titanium backup too
No support for Franco updater app? Says not compatible 
where can i find screenshots of the new halo6????

and, its not compatible with francoUpdater?? ... i have franco kernel its great, and the updater app is great too!! sop, make it compatible :- )
Will the custom pa Franco kernel continue to be put of pa now or will we need to update seperately. Noob question I'm sure. By the way love your work PA and Franco.
Ooh seems like this could be a bumper update. Can't wait till I can run this on my nexus 7 as well. 
+Curtis Mayers 100% clear on what it is...Franco's kernel app will no longer download. Hence the no support for Franco updater...thanks though 
+Curtis Mayers ...I'm on a 100% clean install of PA using the newest gapps and clearly it says not compatible...
Any chance of getting touch control support with the included kernel? 
Brian Z
+Aliriza Tasdemir it's mpdesicion. And nobody gives a fuck about
touch control. Its up to developer of that to update his mod for it.

Learn some basic knowledge of the device before you insult people with stupid ass are you serious? 
I'm very excited to see franco kernel in here. Franco + PA colors = AwesomeSauce
+Aliriza Tasdemir What are you talking about? Touch Control is not my or PA's problem, ask the dev to fix its shit. Also 1026MHz is not min frequency. Behaviour is 100% same as stock on cpu frequencies, no changes. Its good to do a little research before claiming stuff like that, people will read that and get confused.
Does anybody that has a gnex know proper color settings? I play around with them but want to get my screen to pop...
Everything is running awesome on this new build. I confess though, I'm still running Franco 139 though. So far everything is flying though!
Phenomenal update. Great collaborative effort with your ROM and Franco's kernel. All of these timely releases are appreciated. 
I'm planning on buying a Nexus 10 today. Is PA still supporting Manta? 
Is it supposed to show Franco kernel in the About now? 
I think halo))) should have a blank icon space so that the Halo can be blank 
Monday was never that exiciting before.... Now I know what will I do at work..;)
How long till source drops? I would love to compile this for my device!
+Paranoid Android still having problems with some apps being cropped instead of scaled (IE- SNapchat) makes it hard to use the app. Also, apps that require the back button for navigation because they don't have an embedded one don't work within Halo because it closes out of the overlay. Any way to fix this? (perhaps makes it a longpress of back to get out of overlay so you could use your back button as normal in the overlayed app)
+Jesco Walker yeah I know, I've had it my Gnex and N4, but there has been no Manta releases lately with halo... As far as I know. The latest one I can find is 3.15.
Also are you still using the 10 +Francisco Franco? IIRC you don't like the exynos... 
great job! Tasker issue has solved! thanks 
You guys are freaking awesome, thanks so much for all the hard work and now T-Shirts 2. Getting me wallet ready to donate, you guys really do deserve it. +Paranoid Android where can we send the pictures too? 
After months of using PA on my Nexus, with all of the updates and features, I just want to thank the team for their brilliant efforts.
Awesome! PA Keeps getting better and better!
Just gets better and better! Thanks for all you guys do, this project is amazing (can't really call it a rom anymore, as it's so much more)!
Does anyone know where I can get the updated ROM for the Verizon galaxy nexus? I can't seem to find it anywhere
+Rahi Patel it's not out yet, they are testing it on the mako version at the moment. 
+Paranoid Android I think you will save yourself about a million explanations if you give your kernel an official name. That way people will stop asking about franco.kernel
+Paranoid Android has anyone else mentioned any Google now issues? Specifically saying Google no longer launches the voice search in the app.
+Vik Arya Working fine on my Nexus 4.. Try reinstalling Google Search, I had a similar bug in a prev build till I got a Google Search update. Hope this helps :)
There's a strange thing happened after I flash this new rom. When I activate the halo, I can't press the install button of the installing apps window then.
+Frank Qian please read more before asking. This is due to a Google security feature for overlays. Disable Halo and install. Then enable Halo.
Amazing! Coolest feature since pie control! But +Paranoid Android gMusic and FBchat open in fullscreen while opened by halo,why?
Flo Mi
Will there be flashable kernel versions for contrasts etc?
I know, I can change the values manually, but you know..
Should I stick with using Franco kernel or should I just use the new default PA kernel?
+Paranoid Android hi I just got a nexus 4 and wanted to flash pa ROM...but I read somewhere on this page that u don't need to root a nexus to install custom Roms that true ???can someone guide me with the process plz...thank u.
+Vance Boo sorry, first time try the halo. And not sure where to find known issues or changelog.
PA's old kernel is stock google with new colors, the new/current kernel is the same with enhancements from franco. Then franco's own kernel for mako is different. 
Hmm, thinkin about trading in my S3 for a Nexus, just to have the latest PA Version! ;-) Awesome work, can't wait for it to be ported to S3....
+Paranoid Android , just want to ask.... i updated my Nex4 with your latest build, i saw your version it is 3.60? it is in the settings of my device.... is that 3.55?
Its just an amazing project! Respects to everyone collaborating!
So much faster than alpha 5
Will the franko app have the old pa presents for colors 
+Frank Qian it's alright, please do read more in other PA post next time though. Lots of answers can be found. :)
If switching Kernels with the latest alpha, does one have to install stock kernel and components before switching? I am going to see how far francos kernel has come since I last used it but I prefer Semaphore personally. 
+Paranoid Android +Aaron Gascoigne +Paul Henschel Can you guys please add a toggle to disable the 'Safe headset volume' dialog? It's quite annoying to have that show up each time volume is increased when headphones/car speakers are connected, especially while driving. It would be great if you could add that.
Pressing the Halo when in an app for a G+ comment notification still minimises foreground apps before it displays G+ in the Halo window. 
+Yash Raj Chhabra check out xda, just search for unlocking bootloader for your device. You just need to download some drivers and run a command in command prompt. Then flash a custom recovery
You just need custom recovery, clock or twrp, twrp is the recommended 
Can't wait to get home from work and try this!!!  You guys are my heroes, Thank you for everything you are doing for all of us!!!!
I'm just using pa 3.50 with Franco kernel 139. Just installed and configured all my apps.

Then this new pa comes out.

Can I flash this new pa without needing to reinstall, reconfigure all my apps again?
Hope someone gives a review about the new release with new features and benchmarks
I'm glad to hear that Franco is dedicating a kernel to PA! I've been using lean kernel. Lately, though, I've noticed my G Nex acting sluggish. Battery seems to hold out ok, unless it gets heavy use, then it need to be thrown on the charger by the end of my 8 hour day. Not sure if it's an app running in the background killing it, or it's just PA/kernel doing it. The sluggishness seems to be everywhere. Might have to perform a clean install when the non beta hits.
will this be out with franco kernel for maguro as well?
Only been on this 2 days and find it amazing. And now an update :-D donation time for sure thanks guys!! 
James T
+Paranoid Android +Francisco Franco so I incrementally upgraded to 3.55 19May and pa_gapps 17aMay wiped cache dalvik rebooted and still had Franco updater installed showing I'm on milestone 2 ever since I did this my mako randomly reboots every hour any ideas
Went to update from alpha 5 for my Nexus 4 and got a status 7 error in TWRP. As I recall that means I need to update my recovery so I did to the newest TWRP and the status 7 went away but now it fails to execute the updater binary every time. Any suggestions? 
+James T Wipe Cache + Dalvik then install the ROM & gapps and check. Worked for me :) Hope this helps, or you might have to do a clean install.
Anyone noticed that in the phone info said ,paranoid versión -> 3.60
Okay.. so i finally switch to PA!
For first time ever! :)

I had some problems with gapps on previous custom rom, i saw this post, and i decided to switch! :)
This build is so incredibly smooth! I have been using franko's kernels for a while but damn, this is something else. This goes from strength to strength. 
The pa franco kernel is included?
or we have to flash it seperately?
Thank you guys, great work!
So far HALO works as good as advertised. However, there is still only one app not working properly with HALO, it's called Wechat, it's the most popular IM app in China, here's the link
The problem is that it cannot properly be exited once it started with HALO. I hope someone can have a look, I bet the problem is probably not on your end but it's still good to know why.

Thank you!
+Joel Smith where is panel to control gamma color, contrast, etc? if I check kernel version I read molesarecoming@build1
Either use trickstermod or franko kernel updater, although I found the latter was messing up the colours for me and they were very slow to change. At the moment I'm using franko's nightly and it's running absolutely beautifully. So if it is being buggy try that
Hey guys, could I ask a question? when i updated to the new build (of PA 3.55 and Halo 1.3), the quick launch from the notification shade went missing...
+Joel Smith ok thanks, I bought franco kernel updater app and I was using it but without instant changes. I turn off display and at turning on, gamma colors was like my loaded profile. 
+Paranoid Android any WIP to make apps in halo not restarting every time you open them? It's not useful to play games on it right now. 
+Francisco Franco will it be possible to adjust the gamma settings on this kernel using your app? I'd like to give this tweaked kernel a try but I simply can't stand the high contrast preset, so I was forced to install your latest nightly. Not like that's a bad thing, like I said, I was just interested in checking this new kernel out.
can the latest PA 3.55 be used on a  galaxy s3 i9300?
I guess the difference between francos own kernel and this new PA stock franco kernel is ? None?
+Jakob Wångö I think the differences are pretty signifigant, I didn't keep the new franko PA kernel for more than an hour but the fact the colour adjustment is completely different is a clear indication there is a big gulf between them under the hood. But i've been wrong before.
Sorry maybe i'm a bit retarded, but where i can download the custom pa kernel from franco?
+Nick Scarantino who said they're gonna get scaled? this, perhaps, will come one day but its in the stars because that would be complex to realize.
menu button apps do fine, i can easily halo apps like airdroid.
apps that go out of the overlay do that by themselves. they trick us by sending an emoty/windowless intent which in turn launches fullscale intents of its own - and these we cant flag.
+Nick Scarantino 
again, apps going home - thats what the apps do, its called Intent.ACTIVITY_TASK_ON_HOME these are the limits of what halo can do. we may be able to get around this one day but right now there are still graver issues than that
+Edoardo Varani because they trick us. put them both into halo))) and they'll launch overlaid - but their intent simply dont allow it for now. fb messenger though works.
+Paranoid Android Is a darker underlay/some sort of window border or shading still on the agenda? When the UI of the overlay app is similar to the fullscreen one it can look blended which detracts from the otherwise impeccable GUI of the rest of it. 
+Raymond De Jesus yeah i compiled it like that. aaron said its too steep. i didnt wanted to compile again and just renamed the file
+Alex Richards the app itself minimzes your forground app by code. and i mean there is actual code in there saying getForegroundApp().minimize(); why? i have no idea. it remains to be seen if that can be changed. it will be intusive through.
+Joel Smith Okey;) But is it positive difference and changes? Or is francos nightlies a bit sharper on everything?
+Jose Angel Galvez Saez what do you mean restarting. you launch the app and it starts the original intent, just like if you tap it in the shade. most apps will not be stopped - some 3d heavy games will still pause.
+Jakob Wångö The performance on both was really noticably improved, probably from optimisations of the build to work better with franko's kernel outside the kernel itself? Or maybe some sort of voodoo magic. However I didn't test it long enough to get a good indication of battery and performance comparatively. May as well give it a try yourself ;)
+Joel Smith Ahaaa okey. Sound pretty good.
So you can say that this new franco kernel is optimized specific to Paranoid ROM..?
So you are currently running the kernel? Or did you flash back to standard franco? 

Im currently running francos 139, so i wonder if the difference is noticable .
+Paranoid Android open "candy crush" using HALO))), start a game, press outside the box to close the window, open it again and game restarts from the beginning loosing the progress on the game.

Am I missing something? Is there any other way to minimise apps without closing them using halo?

This happens on every game, it's just an example. 
And one more thing, is it only me that thinks that the battery is draining more when using Halo? = One app running over another= double power? 
+Jose Angel Galvez Saez I beleive the HALO app is designed to merely keep these apps accessible as notifications, it doesn' keep the apps backgrounded, and may actually prevent it in some cases? Otherwise it would obliterate your battery.
+Jakob Wångö I'm on 139 as well. the PA kernel is optimised for PA but it's early days yet, I can't imagine it being vastly superior to the basic franko kernel but hey, like i said, haven't tested that theory. 
As for the battery drain, I have not noticed a difference? Often this can be due to people using their phone more frequently to appreciate a cool new feature, or because they're turning the screen on more often to check the battery or mess about to test performance. 
+Jose Angel Galvez Saez like Joel said, HALO isn't designed for what you are attempting to do. It's suppose to keep your foreground app active while you quickly switch to another app, perform a task and exit back to your original app without losing context. So I would say your game needs to be your main app and you can open other apps on top of if it in HALO without losing the progress in game
Okay +Paranoid Android , thanks for the info, i was just confused, i just saw a bug i think, example... When i have an SMS if i open it using halo it's fine, after closing it if i will open the Messaging app it will open the same window size that of halo whereas i am expecting a full window opening, if i will close the app and open again it will open in full window or the expected size since halo was is not used.
I had a question. I've flashed the new PA and Franco 139. Not fully tested battery performance yet. I've been using my phone more so it seems to be draining faster, need to give it a few days to normalize usage patterns. Interesting thing is that when I plugged it in last night it only charged up to 99% and it said it was still charging. Is anyone else finding this? If so any idea on how to resolve it. Thanks 
+Juan Panlilio That is odd, When in doubt switch it off and on again. Then if that fails wipe cache and dalvik cache. 
If that fails then call the president because some serious shit is going down. Or, just reflash the rom, kernel and Gapps. That works also. 
+Jose Angel Galvez Saez halo))) just launches an app. nothing more, its a convenience function. 
+Jakob Wångö no, it should be fine. your phone displays hundreds of views at any given moment, go to settings/dev/show boundaries to see them. many of them are transparent.
+Raymond De Jesus that used to be a real issue in the beginning. i know i spent alot of time to get around it. if that still happens then i must have overseen something. can you reproduce it? if yes pls tell me the exact stept to go there
+Joel Smith thanks, will give it that go. I'll try your three suggestions in the order given. I'm still a bit new to the whole custom ROM scene, just a clarifying question, if I reflash the ROM/kernel/Gapps, I don't need to do a full wipe right, just a clear of cache and dalvik cache?
Hi paranoid android, I could not quick launch my apps from the notification shade...that was what I meant. I couldn't see them anymore after the update 
+Juan Panlilio  That is correct. The full wipe is for issues that don't resond to any of the 3 steps. Which is pretty lucky because wiping all my data for every update would be more than irritating. Good luck!
I think it is occuring in a random manner +Paranoid Android , i am trying to reproduce it but the occurence is not consistent, the step is the same as that of my example.
Fantastic ROM and HALO))). You guys ROCK.
+Joel Smith Yes, I know but I usually use Harsh...
Flashing PA 3.55 then Gapps, then Harsh kernel (so Harsh will overwrite build in kernel) : the phone is very laggy (settings takes seconds to appear...) and I get 6000 on Antutu (just to prove there's a problem, I'm not a bench guy...)
Just flashed again PA 3.55 without Harsh and all is fine...
Harsh was working great with all previous build of PA... There's something making it wrong with PA 3.55 (modified Ramdisk or something else...) 
Had I been living in the US, I'd buy a shirt for sure! 
were can i get this kernel and the gapps? someone send me a link please
please i need this update were can i download it??? link please..
+fabian waite The kernel is part of the /new/ ROM, the gapps are just a few folders up on the page. The gapps link is :) The May 19th ROM is also needed

+Sean Gooding The kernel is Franco-optimized, but it's still PA kernel, so it should say that :)

+Karan Rajpal Working fine over here (Nexus 4), try to uninstall it via your backup software and reinstall.

(Edited for clarity in first point :) )
so once i flash the gapps i will have the kernel? or do i ave to flash the rom too?
ok thanks much and the rom is in the alpha folder right?
this is a bit my first time just got my nexus 4
General question, does Halo only track notifications while the screen is on?  I've noticed the texts, emails, etc, I get while screen is off do not register in Halo.  Doesn't really matter, just curious...
+Carl Seay On my Nexus 4 I get texts, chat messages, emails, Google Now updates et al. registering fine in Halo when the screen is off. Sounds odd. Edit: Sorry, mixed up what I meant, not sure what it could be.
+Sean Gooding because its PA Kernel, not franco.Kernel. I merely colaborated with PA to deliever a better kernel for users enjoyment.
+Paranoid Android I know this great ROM built on AOSP but it doesn't contain new wallpapers of Android 4.2.2. It's not a big problem, but I hope PA Team will add these things and make AOSPA like Google Experience + ParanoidAndroid Innovation ROM. Thanks.
+Paranoid Android i have a Problem. Kik messenger is still not delivering notifications through halo. The notification is just in the notificationbar but not in halo
+Marvin Bermudez it was only released to n4 not even n7 or oppo yet... They put out for nexus devices but the ones they have first... It's only a couple of days behind those... Relax... Trust me I'm waiting too..toroplus here
it says version 3.60 on my Nexus 4, interesting. 
Are you guys still working on a blacklist feature for halo? I'm a devoted Tasker user and it keeps popping up. And I only wish to use halo for notifications.
+Giel Blankestijn Notifications from Tasker that tasks/profiles are running or the Tasker icon that shows Tasker is running in the foreground? If it's the latter, you can turn it off in Tasker Preferences, you don't need it unless you got a Froyo-type phone :)
I am downloading it now. Hopefully it supports 802.1x EAP-SIM authentication. If not, could you add? 

You guys have been one of the most innovative developers out there...and that's including the big dogs like Google, Samsung, and Apple.

Is there any chance you might be able to develop a feature that allows apps/services that get pushed into the foreground (the Phone functionality for example, or maybe even alarms) to launch in HALO instead of overriding the open app. In other words, if I'm playing a game and a phone call comes in, can the call pop up in HALO instead of overriding my current app? 
+Karan Rajpal works fine. no problem with the latest PA gapps that i know of. make sure you get the correct ones.
+Daniel Chrapek no, thats the gmusic update itself. the new version opens in fullscale unfortunately. read through the comments, i have explained why some apps do that
+Carl Seay i think it reacts, that means the last notification is in halo but it doesnt matter much because a ticker is only good if youre there to respond. you can always browse through your notifications by tapping and dragging halo
+Rodrigo Menes 802.1x EAP-SIM  no idea whats that. it reposnds to the same things that stock android responds to
James T
+Aaron Khare I already always wipe cache + dalvik in TWRP and then flash ROM and add gapps so it does both and then right after i click the wipe cache/dalvik button right before rebooting and still within the first two hours i was in 2 diff applications and force rebooted. since then i have re-flashed +Francisco Franco milestone 2 so far so good.
Halo is awesome! Is it possible to relaunch a halo windowed activity as a regular activity?
+Brian Z +Francisco Franco "And nobody gives a fuck about
touch control.", "Touch Control is not my or PA's problem, ask the dev to fix its shit."

Why are you so angry with Touch Control ? People just didn't know that was up to the dev to adapt his app, not PA/kernel. We're just talking about awesome things there, no need to rage.
Seany B
Is there a ruff timescale were this will be available on non nexus PA roms ??? Its sooo awesome 
+Height Boredum can't say. if we release now google kills it. im working on it hard you can believe that. if im happy with its state im gonna put it to git for all.
Hello, are you going to upgrade the rom with the lastest 4.9 toolchain?
+Tom BERNARD No one is angry. You have no idea how many messages and posts I get daily about touch control, its very tiresome since its not my problem. If someone pokes your arm for 15m dont you get pissed? Imagine users poking me for 7 months about it after I explained it 10 million times :) trust me if I was angry you would notice :)
+Luigi Di Lauro trust me if it was it either be posted above or made news in a new post...gnex is usually last on the list due to its age and the devs don't have one i believe...but you ain't the only one waiting...once maguro or toro gets it, toro+ maintainer will be able to update...just keep your eyes peeled man, unless there is some kind of huge bug i haven't seen anyone report here it will be rolling out very soon...I'm just as eager as you are!!!!
+kenny layne For now Maguro is on PA build 3.50. I think that the next few days there will be news for us! ;)
does paranoid android preferences app work on cyanogenmod rom? im using paranoid but i want to try CM. the problem is that i can't live without paranoid hybrid properties. btw i really love your work! keep up :)
Idk if its a bug or my foolness but With the New update i can't use cClock. The time is there but it can't detect my Position even Wirth GPS and a-gps on. In the Version before there was everything fine :P
+Francisco Franco Yep I can understand you. Hard to be famous :p. You just made me laugh with the poking arm comparison : reminds me my little brother poking me like that^^
So does the notification bar do an automatic roll up now on the home screen as default behavior when not being used, or am I missing something here? Not in PIE, fyi- toggling hybrid off and on. 
+Paranoid Android You're right.  The notification is in Halo when screen is off, but Halo shows the last notification that was on the screen.  Scrolling though shows the new notification.  Thanks for the info!
Lol, you wrote it, so I guess you already know you're right....
Ooh was fast charge always working on PA Halo Rom or is it due to +Francisco Franco tinkering with the kernel. Either way... excellent =]
Does anyone have a mirror for the rom? I've had a look on xda and only found one for the gapps. Much appreciated! (:
+Paranoid Android I can not activate the halo notification bubble unless I'm in stock DPI mode.  The button to activate is only present in 360 DPI.  As soon as I switch to phablet or tablet hybrid mode the button disappears until I revert.
+Scott Wilhelm thanks for the mirror Scott. As for your question, halo is only supported on phone mode atm.. I think?
+Daniel Kim Thanks for the reply.  I thought it may be something like that, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't just having a moment of stupidity lol
Thank you guys for this awesome ROM and this new version. Runs like fuck! 
Best Nexus 4 ROM ! And the collaboration with franco is such a great news !
Howerever, please fix the app install issue when using halo
+Rod Guillaume it's not an issue's a Google security feature. Something may be implemented in the future to work around it (automatically disable halo) but for now actual bugs are being corrected first
Is this rom for the galaxy nexus toro as well because I can not find the rom, only the gapps package???
+Rod Guillaume I've been using the adb install command to get by without disabling halo when installing an apk.
+kenny layne thanks man. They've been doing good so far, I'm running the 15 May update now and I'm loving it...Can't wait until we get 3.55
+Paranoid Android getting issue where power button menu not appearing. will reflash and do fix permissions. started on this most recent build.
Why HTC One X hasn't an official support? I mean, why Halo6 doesn't work with all the PA roms? 
For some reason halo keeps closing my apps when I open it, any thoughts ?
+Gianmarco Ottavviano , because PA officially gives its love to Nexus devices, unless someone offers to port it to another (non-Nexus) device. Thus: the HTC One X to-go guy may be busy with his everyday chores and tasks or there could no longer be a mantainer.
+Paranoid Android halo))) is a great app, especially if you are using the PA Halo, one thing seems great, if you can add a Tasker plug in with which I can automate the apps in the notification bar when I am home, at work...... Etc. 
I want a t shirt...... But i can go see a band and buy thier shirt for the same amount....... 25 bucks max and I'm in. 
its the shop selling em, not us. tina sends them the design thats that. if you want you can have the raw file and you print it yourself, that would work.
I have a kinda urgent question, but I'm sure that it's not a big deal. I use faux123 kernel, and as you can see, the first thing on the kernel's thread ( is that flashing faux kernel right over franco is dangerous. Since PA now uses a kernel developed by franco, do I also need to be careful of flashing faux after flashing the PA ROM?
Noticeably cooler during gaming and battery looks really good so far. Thanks Franco & PA Team! 
As far as I have figured out from the posts, +Francisco Franco  made a custom kernel for +Paranoid Android, so there should be no issue. If you want to be extra safe, flash a stock kernel and then your kernel of choice. 
+Alex Simon just flash rom, then the faux reset kernel, then flash the one you want to keep immediately after. no need to reboot in between kernels.
I really hope this comes to the d2att soon, I would love to have this. I love Paranoid Android, but I have to unofficially supported roms to use it, and the version always lags behind quite a bit. I hope it gets support soon.
+Sean Kerr You should probably learn to read, it's been said more times than I can count, all NON-nexus devices besides the Oppo Find 5 will NEVER EVER be supported, so the d2att will NEVER EVER be supported. PA Team only supports devices that have pure google aosp on them, that will never change.
Hi paranoid android. Eap-sim is authentication method for 802.1X that is not available in nexus 4 for some reason. Even though it is included in the android source code 
Just flashed faux without reset, everything looks fine.
+Jeremy Kaminski Sorry, I have been looking for that answer all afternoon, and I couldn't find a straight answer anywhere. Either way, I hope they release the halo sources sometime so it can be developed for some other devices. I even found an old post by them saying that at some point they supported the i9305 because a dev's cousin wanted it.
ive change the coulour value according to contrasty value for the PA 3.55 but the colour still doesnt change! i dont like the colour of the kernel inside 3.55.does anyone has another solution? 
i cant download romzip from goo it seems the server is down
Nice...ty PA team, arrghh i need this on S3, hope someone can port it soon
+Sergei Ramon No one can port anything until PA Team goes beta with Halo and releases the source.  Mako is the only device that has even gotten 2.55/2.6, Galaxy Nexus hasn't even been updated yet.
+Jeremy Kaminski does that mean that they could build for Xperia phones currently present in the AOSP project, should Sony give them the devices for free? Basically, it's what happened with the Oppo Find 5.
Just asking, I don't own an Oppo. An Xperia either.
Any word on fixing the obscured password input box on the lock screen? It not a real functionality issue, just and annoyance.
@antonio giovinazzo they've also got galaxy s2, but they abandoned it. 
+Antonio Giovinazzo no. aaron had no phone - thats why. its hard enough to support nexus and we even need help for that. company sending us devices and all is nice - but this isnt about number or getting on as many platforms as possible. 
+Sean Kerr yes sources will be out when its safe. i doubt this cousin story, i have never heard of it and we have never supported the 9305 whatever that is. +Bidyut Mukherjee , a good friend of us, ports to the s3 - but development is focussed on aosp. i just think you shouldn't buy these devices at all. you support google, you support aosp, you support us by buying nexus. without anyone caring for google android because of missing sdslots they will terminate it eventually - then all of this will be gone.
i/o 2013 is hint enough that google can focus on apps or web if they wanted to. if their work, the design, and everything they do becomes a sole mule for touchwizz, whats the point of going on.
If I flash this ROM will it erase all of my internal storage on my nexs 4?
+Jordan Ryan if you mount PA 3.5 or previous version you have to wipe cache and dalvik cache. Your internal data are on safe in this case. Different is if you have another ROMs.
+Jordan Ryan No. You can do a wipe data/factory reset (clean install) and you don´t lose your internal storage (photos, videos...), better a clean install and backup your apps data (Titanium, Helium) if you want to save some app data
I'm guessing the color calibration is only for nexus 4? Can't find it on my nexus 7.
Franco kernel seems buggy too 
Can someone tell me the features of Pie 2 and can anyone show some benchmark scores and battery life for this rom
Its getting worse with each update
+Ibrahim Önder Because I just want to test it. What's the point in doing all the proper steps for an Alpha build? You're not going to use it as a daily driver.
When come out the PA 3.55 for tilapia??
+Ibrahim Önder Understood. For me I'm happy with CyanogenMod though I may put PA on my Nexus 7. I'm still not sure I'm sold on the benefits of Halo though
I just flashed the new Rom on my nexus 7 and then I flashed faux kernel afterwards.. Now I'm stuck at the booting animation... Can anyone help me figure out what I did wrong and how to fix this??? 
+Jason Whiteford +kenny layne +Guilherme Ramalho +Rhan Candia Posting about it on here is not going to get the builds out any faster. I am on Toro as well and very very anxious to see the new build but it just annoys the developers having to see people on G+ posting "where is toro?" or "no maguro build yet" etc all the time. The only devices that currently have alpha6 are Nexus4 and Nexus7 so that means 70% of us don't have the build.
+Tim Burton I wiped cache then dalvik cache then flashed the kernel... My tablet actually just turned back on but it took a very long time(like 30 minutes)... I've flashed kernels this way before with no problems and this has never happened before... Just a coincidence? 
+Jeremy Kaminski I'm very well aware me saying what i have isn't going to make it happen any quicker, however this is social networking and if i want to chime in I'm well within my " rights" to do so, not trying to be a butthead about it, but i don't tell you what to post so..... Thanks
+Tim Burton the kernel was also successfully installed if that's helps... It was really weird
+Jeremy Kaminski wasn't complaining. I know these guys work real hard for free. It just didn't seem to have taken this long with the previous builds. So I was just kinda wondering if there were issues...
+kenny layne Dude, seriously, regardless of this being a social network environment, this community is about Paranoidandroid development, not about having 20 different people asking where a release is for their device because it took more than a day. I'm not trying to tell you what to post but people should have a little patience, I could understand if it took a week to get a build but none of the Galaxy Nexus devices have gotten a build yet, it's not like you are behind everyone else.

+Jason Whiteford I know you weren't complaining, I was merely suggesting a little patience so we don't overfill the thread with requests for a build. ;)
+Jeremy Conn , I have had a similar issue in the past, but not with PA/Franco. Guess it's just one of those quirks. If it booted up, I would give it a reboot to see if it boots up normally the second time around.
+Jeremy Kaminski if u took the time to read most of my post have been telling other people that their toro maguro whatever wasn't up yet... I am only one person so i can't be accountable for the other 19 u described... However i ask what does u telling me or the other people contribute to this thread? I lend a hand or give advice when i am competent on the subject...i never ask for eta or bug the developer for my device i already know we are days behind the 4 and 7. When i do scroll thru these threads i do see people ask the same questions over and over but if you don't have the patience to deal with them respectfully maybe you shouldn't respond... Some of your responses have down right been offensive.. And i love a screen thug... No need for it and I'm done with this subject... You can put my name with a + and say something but either way i don't care be useful or useless your choice
Gotta say, I found the old HALO design more in spirit of the holo UI. The shadows are too much

Also if you ppl need another gfx artist I'd like to help. I can do most stuff from video editing and special fx, 3D and animations to photoshop and illustrator. I'm also up to date with Google design guidelines. 
Hm, sorry but I just cannot figure out how to get Halo to work. I also installed the app itself (but as far as I can see, all it does is letting me pin apps and press play /pause) but without any effect. I haven't seen any bubbles for notifications or or the option to do something to my apps so far. Could someone tell me what I'm missing?
Are you using a nexus 4 or 7? So far those are the only supported devices for the HALO feature
+espen olsen Incorrect, All Nexus Devices as well as the Oppo Find 5 are supported by the PA Team and have the Halo features. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 are the only devices currently with a build of Alpha6 though, the rest of us Nexus/Oppo users are on Alpha 5 Patiently awaiting our maintainers Alpha6 updates (not too patiently though lol)
+Aaron Matthiesen seeing as you said you also installed the app I'd take that to mean you also flashed the latest PA ROM for you device. However to give a full response...

1. Flash PA ROM version 3.50 or higher (3.55 if available)
2. Disable tablet UI (halo does not work in this mode at the moment)
3. Disable full screen pie mode (halo does work in this mode but cannot be activated in this mode)
4. Pull down notification shade
5. Click on HALO icon (blue circle with message box)

That's it...HALO should now be activated. You can reposition the bubble to anywhere on your screen and you can go into full screen pie mode if you desire.
The play store app is used to place selected apps in the HALO bubble permanently by creating persistent notifications as you would have realised
+Curtis Mayers Ah, thanks very much! I'm a tablet mode user, but I'll see how it works without it but with Halo. Looking forward to the combination of both, no doubt that it will come to the ROM that rules them all :) 
Love this rom but i would prefer halo usage in tablet ui mode in my nexus 4 :)
Does the franco.kernel Updater app crash for anyone else when going into the Voltage control section?
+Dylon Smith i agree, thats the only thing i miss in PA. Cant they just take it from aokp and incorporate it?
Any way to include Facebook messenger to halo app?
Is this need any wipe for 3.1 to 3.55?
Running Franco nightly and holo))) on 3.55 Toro right now. I must say, fantastic work all around. Excited to see what Franco can do for the PA kernel. Thanks Gang!
hey i know you guys wanna keep the rom as clock to stock as possible, but is there anyway to work the quick reply features for sms into the rom? 
+Jeremy Kaminski no i know Halo is extremely useful, but i still think it's an additional convenience to have quick reply. Like in the case of replying from the lockscreen, it would come in handy. 
Been getting double text messages after updating to this. Any other T-mo users experiencing this?
Maybe I'm just a fanboy, but I swear that even the animations for switching between home screens looks way smoother. So far so good on Toro. Many thanks to PA and Francisco!
I got a reboot and halo no longer there. Neither the icon to activate it. Any help?
Damn so many comments to go through to try to find my Answers. So excited Franco added tweaks. Battery has been crap and speed is a horrible understatement loll but I love halo. Does Franco's tweaks include fast charge? And what's the rgb thing? I'm still trying to learn about kernels. And this build doesn't look safe to dirty flash am I right? Thanks so much for making this a pretty cool ROM! Your hard work is admired :)
I'm on a Gnex and my kernel is Cyanogenmod, is that right?
+Mike Matthews yes. Cyanogenmod kernel wouldn't just enter your phone from the air loll jk PA kernel is cm based and Franco made edits
Nvm got all my answers except for fast charge. Sorry everyone
I've gotten two random reboots on this build...any ideas why?
+Paranoid Android by any chance, can you add a button in the toolbars menu to black out the background of the settings and such. I'd rather not download a theme cause I love everything else about this ROM (TORO 3.55). That option was in this previous ROM I changed from [ROM][4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA]Vanilla RootBox[05/07/13][v3.9.1][Per-App-DPI][PIE]
will paranoid android come to the htc one
+Jeremy Conn , straight from the XDA thread for PA, it says that you should wipe cache/dalvik after flashing, and that booting up the first time can take up to 5 minutes. Seems like it's a normal thing, as I suspected =)
+James Ortiz i experienced the same. Some random reboots. I just switched to franco's kernel and will report back if there are still issues. 
The Faux123 kernel works without flashing the resetkernel. Just dirty flash the ROM and Gapps. After that the seperate kernel. I figure the modified kernel doesn't use the modded ramdisk?
Wow. I just noticed you packed #googlewallet  in with your gapps. I usually have to sideload it, no thanks to Verizon. Now if only there was a way to trick Play into updating it for me.
+Paranoid Android did anybody saw the app floating notification??
Can this be a implementation for halo?? As u know what im saying?? Go on with the app info n see how it shows the notifications..its really cool..
Have they fixed the issue with the HALO causing out-of-playstore apps to install? When I had the HALO on I was unable to press "Install" on apps out of the Amazon Store or plain apk's removed the HALO and then it worked fine. Hopefully its fixed. I'll try it. 
+Martin Rios There is no issue. It is a security measure put into android. This will not be changed so to install 3rd party apps you will need to disable halo and re-enable it when finished. 
I think it will be better that if we can choose which apps's notification can show on the Halo.
+Brandon Padilla , you could say it's "stock PA 3.55". I have not made any additional changes at this point and it's running well.... Probably not as well as if it were an N4 though. ;-)
+Michael Martin thanks for the answer! That's what I ended up doing after all for my Amazon Apps. It makes sense though. Couldn't figure it out at first! It took a factory reset and restore from backup to figure out it was the HALO! I felt dumb afterwards hahaha
+Martin Rios did that too last week lol before i figured it out
Can anyone help me. How is it that my halo disappear and never appears after a reboot? And I have no way of activating it again. I'm on toro latest release. The icon in notification icon to activate no longer appears when hello disappears.
+Paranoid Android How can I completely disable HALO? I don't even want to see the button in the notification pull down.
+Evan Sims flash an earlier PA ROM without HALO. Or flash another ROM. The button in the notification pull down is simply the activation icon. HALO is for all intents and purposes disabled at that point.
+Curtis Mayers There have been other fixes and improvements besides the addition of HALO. I think there should at least be an option to disable it all together. Why should I have to run an old version of the ROM just because I want to get rid of a button? 
+Evan Sims Actually, the only changes outside of HALO that the devs have mentioned would be the updated Kernel... all the alpha builds were focusing on HALO. At this time, the only way to completely get rid of HALO would be to flash a version of the ROM without it. 
+Curtis Mayers Can you not read the change log up there? More things have been done. I just don't want it there. When I go to open my quick settings it's easy to hit it by mistake and then it's like pulling teeth to drag the god damn thing to the X to remove it. If it can't be done right now it can't be done, but telling me to flash a different ROM is an obvious "solution", and a poor one at that. 
+Paranoid Android any chance you could add the option to reappear on new notifications? I'm assuming we'd need a white list ability first. 
+Aaron Khare  - 1) is this PA packed with Franco Kernel and halo feature  work with my Nexus S I9023??.2)  PA do include the photosphere and swipe messaging? right?? 3) Can u give me battery backup status and other benchmarks using this rom??4) I am very new to flashing, so do i have to root my phone before installing a new rom..? 5) while flashing the PA ,will the franco kernel  get automatically installed? 6)Do the Gapps when installed in my phone get automatically updated over the playstore in future??
ssry for many questions..  waiting for your reply..!  :-)
Hm..I see links to franco.Kernel Updater etc. but not kernel itself. I should install some particular version that is specified for PA or just go with the latest version?
is the FF kernel an OC kernel? bought his app but it doesn't seem to allow me to go past 1.2 gHz on my Toro
don't you feel this version consume more power than older when you play video on line ?
The new pie looks generic...what happened to the old one?
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