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4.3 Beta 7

During the past few days, we at PA headquarters have been working on a lot of improvements to the new features. Yes, we’re talking about Hover and Peek. A lot of bugs have been fixed, the logic behind them has been improved, and some UI changes have been made for a better user experience. We also have some exciting news to share with you! As many of you may already know, our co-founder +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo  (Responsible for the original Peek algorithm and UI) and +Francisco Franco  recently released Peek as a standalone app to the Play Store. The idea behind this app is to bring this useful feature to the masses. The app went through a major redesign (concept by +John Xionidis) coming from PA’s Peek in order to make it more appealing and easier on the eyes. You can get the application at 4.09$ / 2.99€ on the Play Store by clicking the link at the end of this post.

It’s true that some of the users want the functionality and customization of Peek’s app to be ported to PA, but it deviates from our philosophy. PA Peek was designed to be a quick, straightforward way to check your notifications, a concept that will be kept, and, therefore, most of the features from the Peek app will not be added to the ROM. There are, however, a couple of fixes and improvements to UI and functionality that were made while developing the application for all Android 4.4 devices. Those will be ported back and open sourced within the next few days. In addition, latest Peek app (1.76) will now disable PA’s native peek in order to avoid unexpected behavior.

We hope your questions about the possibility of the new peek features being ported to PA have been answered. Enjoy this release, and don’t feel obligated to buy the application, as the functionality is similar. If you like the new design, go for it, otherwise you can still rock with the included version.

Bug tracker:
Peek App:
IMPORTANT NOTES: -This application was successfully tested on stock Android...
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Damn I wanted to be first :-D change log? 
I would be careful. This is very very similar to the moto x notification feature. The app developer for AcDisplay was asked to stop with his development and I wouldn't be surprised if you guys will be too. Just throwing it out there
Thank you PA dev team and everyone who contributes! 
Nic Z
+Paranoid Android But isn't the peek on PA better since it is baked into the rom thus providing better integration than the playstore one?
About hover, i Cant find how to Put and edit apps on it blacklist. Anyone can help me pls? 
+Karan Rajpal hmmm.....not sure why labeling a constantly changing and evolving product a BETA is a bad thing.  
I'm a huge fan of paranoid Android, it's the only custom rom that I used on my devices, but I'm tired of waiting for new PA. 
Thank you very much, +Evan Anderson! :) 
It's a shame people get hung up on a label like 'BETA' like its going to melt your phone and kill your puppy.

It's a tag, because it isn't complete.  Do you think we should throw an 'M' on it once in a while just to give you an illusion of a finished product?
was the systemui crash bug addressed in this release? It doesn't look like it was according to atlassian...
well we'll see. I hate having to go back to older versions of any OS, but this particular bug was super annoying.
+Hojune Kim yes it has been fixed, just because it doesnt say so in bug tracker yet doesnt mean it isnt.
+Matt Flaming well the last release crashed on every action on notifications. That's not melting my phone but that's making it less usuable.

Not bitching about the bug though, but it justifies people being hung up on the 'BETA' label. It's pretty justified.
How is Peek different than Active Display from ChasOS? Just wondering. I used AD on a few ROMs and it always worked great though I don't think it's available as a stand alone app
Have a problem with hover/ SwiftKey integration.
Everytime that i Will type it on top like Google bar search or the search field at google+, theres a hover window of 'choose input method' from SwiftKey. Ive already inserted on the blacklist from hover and turned off the notifications from SwiftKey but it stills showing.
Where's the old PA (pre-kitkat) spirit that we used to see in the development team? Now all is sarcasm and pompous answers from you. It's a shame you've got tired of the community and now you just treat it however you want without any respect even when the question wasn't bad. This team was much better than that. 
+Yan Murakami you could read the changelog from prior have 2 choices:
blacklist android system
turn off IME under language and input
+David Sánchez it is comments like yours that really put everyone off.  This thread was fine without that comment.
i think the beta tag is reasonable. more stable than something like an Alpha, but you should still expect some bugs.
i mean, look at what google did with gmail. It sets a reasonable expectation for users.
Where i can find these changelogs? Sorry for my question but i really didnt saw it.
Thanks for your attention, +Matt Flaming
I can't believe people whine about something that is being done as a passion / interest and shared with the community for free. If you pay for it, seems reasonable to expect them to meet deadlines and give ETAs. Don't you people get it that they are people like us who have their job / lives to attend to and do this in their free time. Anyway if someone is not happy with PA in general, change your rom and move along. Stop spamming here, this is supposed to be a place for useful information. 
+Matt Flaming didn't mean to put anyone off but sorry, it's the truth. I understand it's tiresome to answer the same questions over and over again and deal with odd comments but it feels better if you'd just ignore them instead of replying with sarcasm or making fun of them. Anyways, please carry on I just wanted to speak up my mind. 
Can you please add option to Peek to view text along icon when screen lock is set? Without it it honestly it's not much of a use.
Sfera Dev
+David Sánchez Some of us still share that spirit, but sometimes sarcastic comments are needed. But I agree with you that not all of the team members are public relation savys, anyway we all know how to do our jobs! Apologies for the inaccurate perspective you may face and please keep with us ;)
+Sfera Dev no need to apologize, your reply was more than enough to realize there's still good people with that PA spirit and I truly appreciate that. You're all excellent devs and indeed, you know how to do your job (for free, which we all appreciate I'm sure) that's why it's sad to see a reply like that from someone with all that deep knowledge about a system like Android which is complex in my opinion. Have a great day, sir! :)
On my Nexus 7 2013 the Google Partner Setup crashes whenever I try to search from Google Now.
Running the latest beta with Dalvik and no Xposed or anything
+Alex Jordan I think I had that issue too on Nexus 4. Cache n Dalvik Cache wipe fixed it if I can remember correctly. Maybe worth a try?
can you give us a short changelog please?
+Ilham Hamzah the PA project looks forward for on-the-go settings, very straightforward. Not as CyanogenMod who make use of a lot of steps to change settings. PA Peek itself won't have many (if any) settings on it, but you can always buy the app and it'll disable PA Peek letting you tweak as much as you want your Peek experience :D
+Matt Flaming just noticed XDA change log isnt eddited after BETA4.

No big deal since all change logs are findable with in G+. But might be partly a cause of why ppl some times ask over and over.
Ok, I tried beta 7, sure thing this is beta.
When you implement hybrid settings I'll be back. :-)
Now this is just rom like 50 others, sorry but this is not real paranoid.

Sorry just noticed the XDA change logs are adressed in an other post. You can ignore mine :p
Sry for a maybe noobish question, but i couldn't figure out whether the standalone also needs gyroscope or not ? The description @ playstore say nothing about the used sensors. I know that the implemented one needs proximity and gyroscope. THX in advance for a hint 
+Frank Ronin for what the description says, i guess it's gyroscope and proximity, picking it up from the table would trigger peek by gyroscope, while taking it out from your poket will be toggled by proximity
+Alfonso Casado Diez i would assume the same - just asked because playstore told me that it is compatible with some of my devices - but none of same has a gyroscope. So does it work anyway ? (I think playstore looks only at the used android version) On unofficial PA beta 6 and before PEEK works only with proximity sensor somehow ;)
+Paranoid Android - Lately, my battery has been draining faster than usual and I had to charge my phone at least twice a day. Thought this was a problem with the device as it has been 18 months since I bought it. So as an experiment, I reverted back to stock ROM and installed the same set of applications I had on PA. However, the charge lasts much longer now. 

Can you kindly invest some time in optimising battery consumption? 
Dat momment when you go through the release post comments! 😙

If there's no release or for some reason (devs have lives - who would've know!?) it is delayed people complain.

If there's a new "Beta" people complain because it's "still a beta".

And people complain just because the devs are sarcastic.

People complain for any reason really! If you're not happy just leave! If you are happy then give your support or if any of the above just STFU!

Thanks for the release guys! Flashing ASAP! 😎
Speaking of Peek/Hover, how do I blacklist the 'Choose Input method' prompt from it?!
+Frank Ronin I use the stand alone version of peek ( one released on their gerrit ) not paid.
For me it shows for about 10secs regardless of moving my phone.
If so its not utilizing gyro , as it goes off after 10secs , without coming back on with movement of my device.
Is this not normal ?. Thought it was ?
+jason sutton  Because i'm on an unofficial build i'm not pretty sure how it should really behave. I tested it with a sheet of paper above the proximity sensor. It works as assumed within 10 seconds. but it responds only to the proximity sensor. moving it causes no reaction because of the non existing gyro. 
I got a system ui crash when I dirty flashed this.. Note, I did a wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache before flashing.. I had to reflash it and its working now.. Hope there are no more crashes or bugs!
+Frank Ronin Thinking about it , its probably coming on as my phones proxy is up , facing the light.
Everything's working fine. Thanks PA Dev team. ;)
Keep talking shit about PA and watch... They'll never create another ROM for us... Watch your mouths! Idk about you guys... But I want PA forever... Lol their philosophy is great. I honestly feel like I'm on stock android. When I flash cm its just way different and not as snappy.
Bugs from last release seem to be fixed, thx a lot guys. Why did you stopped posting changelogs in xda? These were a great help.
The idea behind the app is not to bring it to the masses, the idea is to make money out of it, let's be honest :) This is not a bad thing at all, a talented devs like you guys deserve to get paid for the work you do, but don't fool us, the reason behind new peek not coming to PA isn't some sort of your 'philosophy', it's way more commercial than that in my opinion.
Didn't want to be mean, Wish you guys the best. 
+Djordje Tosic you're an idiot. The new design doesn't fit the google design philosophy. They made it an app to allow everyone including non-root users to have the option. Yes it has a price tag but you're assumptions are mostly incorrect.
+Paranoid Android I love your work and I am proud to use PA as my daily driver, but I do hope you decide to implement a toggle for  auto-wake on receiving a notification in Peek when the phone is lying on its back (i.e. the device stays locked in-pocket but auto-displays notifications when lying next to you on your desk).  

Picking up your phone should not always be necessary and this simple addition would make quickly viewing your notifications even easier, which is what Peek is all about, and would not even spend extra juice to poll sensors.

I have loved all your design decisions so far, and as someone who is on-board with your vision I think this would be a great addition.  I have purchased the Peek app by Jesús/Franco to show my support, and I could not be happier that they have included it.  The only way it could be better is by having it baked into the ROM.
Waiting for screenshot function....on my acro s
I don't really get it. Why not add the features if people want it? Customizability is what made Android big, yet PA's "vision" seems to be "this way and no other". 
+Jason Efstathiou They want to streamline things, which is something Android has needed for a while, but I do think we have the right to bring features to their attention and push for them if we feel they fit their polished vision.
+Jason Efstathiou Dude have you tried other roms like PAC and LiquidSmooth..No offence to those guys but because they have loads of features, they will inevitably have bugs. Sometimes errors will pop up and some features may not work properly...What PA have done here is slowly add one feature at a time so they can iron out the bugs.. Just remember: The more features there are in a ROM, the more likely the ROM is to have bugs...
please get the CM Theme engine in your next updates
Is this a joke?  It's either a joke or the devs think very little of their users.
+Jason Efstathiou you're under the impression that the rom/vision is for the community, you're mistaken. This is the developers image of android.
+Jason Efstathiou so if you want customisation features, stick with it then..No one is telling you to use Paranoid Android...
+nick martin huh? Then why are the additions open source? Why is there a Gerrit and an official community? 
I was looking to come back to PA  once themes were added, but after all this with needing to pay for a closed source feature in a ROM to get full functionality I'm done with it.  CM for life.
+David Sánchez I feel like that's how most of the XDA community has become lately honestly. More than ever people are more likely to flame and less likely to help. I find myself now searching Google for a really long time about things instead of asking here or on XDA because I feel like I'm going to get flamed for not having the knowledge of a Dev. I used to feel welcome there when I first started out with the custom Android world and now I don't think my post count has moved in months...

I don't understand why the hybrid engine has been passed over for these features... What happened to this ROM?
+Jason Efstathiou devs build what they feel is what they want then share. PA open sources because it's the right thing to do and has a community to help others with issues and allow people to work things out. If they only built a rom to kiss the users asses then it would be a convoluted mess. you guys can bring valid ideas not give us the kitchen sink.
All I can say that on my #galaxynexus  that has long been abandoned by Google, PA has force-fed new life into it.  I use the 4.3 Beta as my daily use unit.  

I have little issue at all.  Any 'bugs' or 'interruptions' are not more frequent that what was happening with JB on the #galaxynexus  anyway.

For what its worth, most of the Trolls best go back under their bridges or at the very least crawl down off their high horses.  This is free, we are engaged in the development process.  Trying to be a ROM-snob is no better than being some crazed Android or Apple fanboy who argues for their favorite like some crazed sports fanatic who ignores any inadequacies of their chosen idols.

Its good.  It works.  Personally, I don't care for Hover too much.  I see its use and its not a bad thing by any stretch. I just disable it and use it more like stock.  Thats my choice as a use and I am not about to contaminate threads with statements like 'Hover sucks' or anything.

If you like it, use it.  If you don't... don't use it.  Just STFU about it.  Unless you are cranking out your own ROMs it is more a user preference thing and I could care less why someone configures their devices a certain way.  I care about as much about that as I do what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast (no offence to Ms. Kardashian).
And if anyone complains about the dev's having a more 'feature rich' peek available for purchase they should just go away.

I think that is a pretty decent monetization strategy.  It can provide some funding for their projects seeing 99.9999% of us cheap-asses don't as much buy them a coffee.

With PA get basic Peek.... buy the full feature one in the Play Store - sounds fine to me.
I've updated paranoid and nexus 5 is gone :( fortunately i was using multirom
V!5HÂL k
+Paranoid Android Seriously? I understand that you guys have a thankless job and nobody pays you for your awesome work. But this is too much.... You could have created a PA donate app than something like this. Sticking to the Google Experience seems like a rather bad excuse than a reason. I do appreciate your work and all that. It's like you provide a trial version of something and want us to pay for the full version. This isn't what PA was about. PA was about teamwork and customizability. The latter seems to have degraded quite a bit. You used to actually listen to the suggestions of the community but now you just put us down saying you do this job for no cash and hence you use what we give you or otherwise get lost. This is no longer the PA I knew. And more than that your replies to our requests are getting more rude and it is more like you are abusing the community for suggesting something. At least you could be kind enough to answer us directly in a more appropriate and kind way.
+nick martin I will defend +Shawn Meilicke a bit.  I reported a bug that i saw and I included an entire log dump as I had no real idea what would be useful.  I was snapped with comments regarding doing that.

If I didn't have a thick skin for that sort of thing, I'd probably never tried to contribute again.   

I figured it was just someone being a bit of a dick.  I see that every day anyway, so why should a forum be any different.

But yes, self-education is fine if the person has the time or the implied expertise.

As a Technical Writer for a software arm of an aerospace company, and former TW for Nortel I can assure you that the 'SME-End User' gap in language, knowledge, and implied understanding is HUGE.

The SME's will relay the information with so much hidden detail that is taken for granted that all users will have their level of knowledge.  End-users often try and present themselves as more knowledgeable than what they are and by using a few words or phrases, can lead an SME to assume that the end user understands more than they actually do.

My job is to translate Techinese to User-ese.

Its an ongoing battle.  With no buffer between the two (as in a forum) there is little to stop conflict and irritation from both sides.

In the end aren't we all just friends?   :)
+nick martin Sure, I'm just thinking that PA's understanding of "valid ideas" is extremely limited. Great user experience shouldn't necessarily mean lack of functionality. I really do love Peek and Hover, I often flash PA when a new feature is released, but I quickly go back because even very straightforward things like Slider customization are missing for me. I guess PA isn't for me then, which is a shame because the features it does offer are extremely nice.
Thanks guys! Everything running nicely, lots of process crashes on first boot buta restart fixed them.
+Tate Kwiecinski I agree, or the peek screen should be more persistent with some way to dismiss it other than touching the black bg
+Jason Dawe if you lack time to find the answer to something that's likely already already been answered then you have no business dealing with a subject. Pa has supplied a ton of resources for users to read and understand.
+Jason Efstathiou this rom isn't yours so if you don't like it then compile yourself and do it better or move on.
+Jason Efstathiou so you expect others to build your vision whilst destroying their own... great logic, you have a real drive or lack of one.
+nick martin I'm not expecting others to build anything... This is a discussion right? It's my opinion. I'm not demanding, I'm just saying that I don't agree with something. Not even running Paranoid ATM.
I prefer pa's method of less is more so your opinion and my opinion differ the only logical thing is for pa to do what they want and ignore everyone else's personal preference. It's open source so anybody can pick up and build or change as they see fit.
+Rob Loranger yea, I love the UI of peek, but never really see it because I either pick up my phone late or already have my screen on. I don't need the screen to turn on when I pick it up, I just want to see peek every time I turn on the device to quickly see my notifications etc.
+nick martin you're being really hostile and this is exactly what I was talking about. I see users with less than ten posts come on XDA and ask "hey when I can I expect the next update, not sure if I should flash the current version or wait" and people reply with "Fuck you stop asking for ETAs devs don't cater to you".
Well, people who have been in the community for awhile (read: the last six months or so when people started actually getting pissed about that) know that its not something you do, but treating someone who's brand new like that makes them leave with a sour taste in their mouth and no answer to their question.

You don't fix problems by being hostile and not providing the person with a better understanding of how and why you're reacting the way you are. I understand not everyone has the time to reply to these same questions over and over but there are thousands of users for PA and oftentimes someone other than a Dev can answer a lot of questions or even give general advice on proper community etiquette. And that reply doesn't have to be hateful.

If we all stopped being so pissy about little things I feel like this community would grow and flourish. Maybe its just me, or just the Samsung crowd compared to the HTC crowd, but I feel like things are shrinking and not growing. And that's not good for anyone. 

Edit: I say Samsung vs HTC because I left my Evo 4G which had a great community to come to the S4 where everyone hates on everyone else. I don't know for certain whether the shift was community-wide or if it was just the users I was interacting with. I am NOT here to say either brand is better in any way. 
I've been with paranoid since I had my nexus 4 and now with nexus 5 too, but since I go through the errors of beta 6 now I'm in the ROM mahdi, I must say that I liked Mahdi, but obviously not as much as Paranoid, Paranoid could again if someone could confirm if this beta 7 is already corrected the errors which had the beta 6 as the PEEK is very important to me since I use Knock2+.
Regards Friend´s!
+Vishal Kumar You shouldn't criticize them unfairly, from my understanding this is a Jesus David the developer app and not a Paranoid team app, if you noticed it's released under Francisco's account and not the PA account for a reason. What he does with the money is his own business and if it goes to the team so be it, they're finally getting paid for their hard work. 
Greg W
Fanboys, fanboys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they shit on you?
Get back on your knees.
I've spent good money on apps that fit my needs $4 is a fine deal.
+Matt Flaming liking this new peek.. brings the old lock screen notification wake up feature.. any chance this wake up will be added to a PA update ?
The app has over 1000 downloads so it would seem there are plenty ok with the price.
Look you guys. This ROM has very little customisation options and I get that. I'm used to customising everything from quick launch shortcuts to status bar. I've accepted the new direction of the ROM simply because it is a lot simpler to use and can still be customised using xposed. However if you guys feel you want PA with customisation, use Paranoid Saberdroid. It's based on PA but with a lot more features. Instead of having this massive argument, just choose a new ROM. There are hundreds out there and everyone is free to choose their own and do with it what they want...
The hate and complaints ....keep them coming. I shall bask in it knowing you have freedom to use any other ROM if you have problem with our new approach to make logical implements and features - not to clutter ROM with things a majority will not use.

The entitlement people feel when they think their suggestion is required to be implemented. The entitlement to demand when features and code will be released. The entitlement people have to request we need to add this or that feature because they don't pay us but use our work. This all gets annoying. Best we do is keep it professional and keep it moving. However this approach has breed a trend of people not reading changelogs or release posts. The inconsiderate rants about our speed of coding. Now imagine seeing this trend multiple times a day x multiple times a week x multiple times a month. Makes it pretty much past our threshold and start ignoring everyone altogether.

What was the # 1 request? "Oh I wish peek was a standalone app" ...when we did that.... "Oh why are you charging for it, money hungry bastards" ... Then I look at the time +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo spent on the app this past week and I'm sitting feeling a bit disgusted. No wonder developers fall off the face of the earth especially most devs live off the apps they make.

Now to those calling us pompous or "we lost our vision" our ROM was never here to compete with the others. Its served to bring aosp to a enhanced state. It was never done to be a "toggle all the things" type of ROM. So here is some logic (in bash):

if [ you don't like the ROM or direction we're going ]; then
Use another ROM that will have all the "customization" you want;
Else if [ you want a feature implemented ]; then
Code it then push the code to our gerrit;
enjoy the experience

To those reading this calling me "pompous" or "le douche" need to toughen up your feels life is x 10 more douchey

/rant over
+nick martin now, now...  hold the phone my friend.  What if...  the person is UNSURE of the question to be asked in the first place.

I see no reason to take a combative approach.  If you or anyone else lacks the time to assist, then don't.  Its pretty simple.   

I have poured through countless bytes of forums (from Android to Zeinith TV support) and suffered through poorly written explanations that, by all accounts, are answers written for people who probably would not need the question in the first place.

Audience focus is not normally a skill of those crafting the material.  There is a reason that there are people who specialize in customer relations and marketing.  If left to 'technical circles' most products would struggle in the wild.

I'm just saying that if you don't have time to help someone who didn't have time to research...  then everyone should just shut up and stop the cross flaming.
+Andre Saddler you sir have won an interwebz today. I respect pa because you guys don't bend or take the bullshit. Keep doing what you guys do. The freeloaders can learn.
+Jason Dawe or I'll just continue as always because learning doesn't need to stop and people should strive to do more.
People fail to realize from day one pa was meant to serve as a enhancement of aosp. Simplicity with enough customization that will allow users to enjoy their device more with out sitting in menus for minutes on end, setting up toggles and preferences to just do a few things. I love being able to have something optimized for me so I can just change a few values. Makes device work flow so much easier. I'm on the move a lot and having to do a 360yynoscoop1shotkillcollateral to just change wallpaper is annoying 
And I agree.  Its just the assumption that the end-user is not trying sort of gets to me.  Granted, it is possible and probably most likely.   But there do lie those that may not have the expertise (arguable should not be tinkering around with ROMS anyway as its risky when you know what you are doing) and are probably looking for free lessons.

So here is an interesting business model.  Why not offer well formed answers and discussions for a few dollars via paypal :)

Sounds like a way to turn those looking for some help (that grab the free time from those willing - and sometimes abuse it) and then fors a $ value to the time spent.  

I am sure the 'freeloaders' will slow down and those that truly need the help will pay a little to get some focused assistance.
Too bad there's no market for ROMs.

I would like to see this team succeed financially but their public relations strategy seems to be generating some blow back.

Perhaps, if there were to be a larger distinction between app development and ROM development, there may be less confusion among the users.

If you dont like PA, dont use PA! Ur hate and negativity effects users that rely on PA. My S3 has life in it again thanks to PA. There are so many Roms to run, go find another but dont say anything when u come crawling back. I cant wait for beta 7 +Andre Saddler!
+David Sweet Public relations is a difficult job ;)
In fact App Dev is part of ROM Dev, all the android ecosystem depends on other Apps. The distinction is minimal in certain cases!
PA, PA, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when your community leaves you?

Probably keep developing all on their lonesome, because fuck everything and anyone else that offers a different opinion -- they're all just incompetent users anyway...
+Chris Payne why dont u just leave then and take ur song parodies with you. No one asked you to run PA or agree with the decisions the Devs make.
+Chris Payne a community is only great when it's members are competent. You clearly are not. 
Wow that close ime button on pie sure is robust
+Andre Saddler it's cool man people will never understand what it's like being as awesome as you and I are lmao. They be thirsty bitches.
The PA team either needs to stop responding to comments, or take a passive stance while replying. Random members abusing random users and vice versa is too much of a dirty mess.

Even though I rebuke PA, I don't want to see such a mess
all the discussion aside, the Peek version is very nice. Running it right now with only little issues. The few bucks are completely okay even for a buggy release IMO, and if you use it for some days and feel like you don't want it just request a refund through Google, it only takes 3 minutes usually.
BUG: I just drank a beer and now its gone. Unacceptable. 
Question: does buying Peek from the Play Store contribute to the PA team in any way? I will be willing to do that if so.
How am I supposed to make a decision about downloading this release without an updated changelog? 
+Andre Saddler "our ROM was never here to compete with the others. Its served to bring aosp to a enhanced state. It was never done to be a "toggle all the things" type of ROM. "

I am sorry but that's just not true. Everyone who used PA 3.9 knows what type of ROM this used to be. Until 4.0, P.A. was Toggle All The Things type of ROM. And users LOVED it.

Now, with the release of 4.0, everything went to trash. This ROM gained recognition from its amazing features and the ability to customize basically anything you wanted.

You could customize PIE the way you wanted to, you could customize the size of things with Hybrid, you could choose a certain layout and if that didn't work for you, you could change it back. But now there's NONE of that.

I think what I'm trying to say is that they keyword for the ROM, as it stands, is: "You can't."

Oh wow I wish I could pull my notification panel from PIE, that would be usef-You can't. This is not part of our philosophy anymore. Seek other ROMs.

How about giving Hover this function-No. We know better. Please put it in our Git and we'll review it.

Do you see how closeminded this is getting? Some team members put themselves higher than the users and basically bash them from trying to interact and/or suggest more features.

This is not a sense of entitlement, and to be considered a prick for talking about the ROM instead of simply bending over and saying "Great work, fuck the haters!" is offensive to say the least. There are people, including myself, that have been loyal to Paranoid Android for a long  time.

And what happened? The passion is no longer there. The features are no longer there. People are being rude and all we see is - indeed - a polished, well executed and clean ROM, but with no flavor to it. 

If we wanted to be assholes for the sake of being assholes, we would not try to provide feedback. We would post all over the community walls and all over the comment section about how "THIS SUCKS LETS ALL MOVE TO PAC BECAUSE FEATURES AM I FUCKING RIGHT GUYS" and that is NOT what we're doing.

I just want this Paranoid circlejerk to end, and people to open their minds a little bit about the state of what we're dealing with here. Power users are pretty much gone but my love for the ROM still remains and I look forward to the day where I can go back and say I'm proud of this ROM again.
+Sfera Dev I understand what you are saying, from a computer science perspective. Granted, I'm not looking at the code or how it is being managed.
I'm just suggesting that the apps not be pushed into the ROM if they don't need to be, similar to the way Google releases their apps pakages separately from the Android OS.
The distinction exists; in the code, but in the minds of the users as well.

If "Paranoid Android" means that I'm a beta tester for apps that are too buggy to sell, then so be it. The devs shouldn't be surprised at the hostility though.

A stable release without the beta bloatware would be refreshing.

+Eduardo Pratti Thank you, you captured exactly what I was trying to say earlier. I really hate how criticism in this thread is dealt with by the devs and other users. 
on the nexus 4 using peek while listening to music if the screen is off there is a buzzing like sound when it's polling the sensors
+Andre Saddler yeah it's been bothering me lol, then it hit me that it's been doing it when I use peek or active display. Wasn't spreading blame just wanted to know if I was the only one with the issue 
From Reddit, "LOL that excuse for keeping features exclusive to the app instead of the ROM cracks me up. What a joke, just be honest and say you need to make some money" and I agree.
It says something when that's the most upvoted comment ^
I'd rather have a chance to donate to the group than by an app, so the functionality could be available for everyone. Are black lists available yet? I keep getting the keyboard selection pop up far too often annoys the s*** out of me cuz it takes a while to clear
Dan S
In beta 4, immersive mode made full use of the screen. In 6 and 7, the bottom section where soft buttons would be, the area is still 'reserved' when in immersive mode.

Additional: via the OTA app, gapps always comes up as an md5 mismatch.

(This is all on an n5).
Also from reddit:
"The year is 2016
Paranoid Android 4.3 Beta 23 !
No one likes it anymore"

>"Hybrid engine is coming guys! Just give us a little longer!"
+Chris Payne I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to achieve here. Whether or not i or anybody else agrees with you (disclaimer: i dont and who cares) this is such banal behaviour. You are rabble rousing for literally no reason. Chill.
"If you don't like the ROM then don't use it"
>if you don't like my comments then post somewhere else.

Obviously we know we could use a different ROM so it's a stupid rebuttal.

This is my way of telling the PA dev team to wake the fuck up because they're losing support fast.
+Chris Payne Im not telling you to use another rom but you are correct in thinking i dont like your posts. Although you using a different rom may lower your blood pressure. Posting what you are certainly isnt. 
Is the build server going to build for the DLX this week?
Love the ROM..... But the team might want to get a PR person....
+Matt Flaming well I'm a marketing student with experience handling communities. I'd love to help.
+Alex Merriam then please offer your input. Send me a proposal of changes and we can discuss. 
Biraz kamera ile ilgili gecikme ve takılma oluyor..
Hızlı işlev tuşu google yay nasıl kapanır?
+Eduardo Pratti I agree in the fact that PA has changed a great amount.  But what gives you the right to tell the PA team how to run?  It is all your choice to use the rom, there are PLENTY of others.  I for one love the simplicity and I think all other roms are becoming overly customizable.  PA is simple, OCD friendly, and stable.

They've mentioned before they are sticking close to AOSP so if you want customizations then why not use another rom?

It is like buying an Apple iPhone and complaining that you can't customize it as much as Android.  Well then switch.. no one is stopping you.  If you have complaints about PA I would suggest complaining about what is there already (or don't complain at all) and stop complaining about what they don't have.

They have changed yes, we all know that.  But in my opinion the rom is now better (let's not talk about how they treat the community etc, only talking about the rom).  There is a reason why Google did not throw a million settings in allowing total customization, to be more user friendly.  Just because you root your phone doesn't mean you want every possible customization possible, it's the simple things that intrigue me into using a custom rom.  Even the fact that you can click a quicksetting tile to toggle WiFi instead of long clicking in vanilla.

edit: I am not trying to argue over this, just stating my opinion.  You had some very valid points and I wanted to debate a little.
+Andre Saddler didn't know who else to ask, but is Google Now Launcher known to switch between a 6x4 grid and 5x4 grid app drawer randomly?

I want the 6x4 and even tried immersive full (reboot after to make sure) and immersive none and both stayed 5x4.  Yet I have seen it 6x4 at times on my device.

Nexus 5 Beta 6 & 7 (I just now started using GNL so it is most likely a bug on their end and not PA.  Just curious though.

edit: As I was writing this comment my grid was 5x4, (immersive full) and after closing g+ and looking again, it is now 6x4 (still immersive full).
Before you get flamed for not readings every single comment, let me say that there's no changelog back at xda yet, because the guy who keeps it updated has been very busy IRL.

If you're curious about the bugs that apparently plagued the previous version (crashes with notifications and stuff), they have, apparently, all been fixed, though it seems that a clean flash is suggested/preffered. 
+Roberto Storm sure, no problem, good luck with that, and if it all works fine with a dirty flash, be sure to tell us so in here; I've yet to flash this one since I don't have the time right now to bother with a clean one ;) 
There is no need for a clean flash unless something goes wrong. You can always do a dirty flash. It has been this way for a long time. If you have issues, clean flash and then report your issues if they persist. It's just common sense.

I haven't clean flashed in a while
This is the worst fucking community I've ever laid eyes on. Devs ripping in to the users and they just sit there and take it like proper little fanboys... I'm away to cyanogenmod ... Real devs
Will hybrid settings come back? I know you don't want this ROM to feel like it was thrown together, but god I miss that feature!
Hybrid, one of the first and biggest features of PA , a feature wich was unique and a feature that made PA popular. People even bought the donation app for hybrid settings , paranoid preferences pro, to support the devs (app is deleted or pulled?). Now its a feature people are not allowed to talk about or even ask info about it. If you want to stop people for asking about it, maybe give some official updated info about wich was one of the biggest features of PA instead of keeping silent about it for months and tell us to stop asking because your working on it. not asking for an ETA, just some info about the new hybrid engine compared to the old one. What can we expect of the new engine, what is the current progress of the new hybrid. thx!
+Sean Millar first of all, switching roms because of their community is quite pathetic.  I use my rom far more often then I am on the community page so therefor rom comes first.  Also, if you think the devs at cyanogenmod will massage your back for you, you're wrong.  PA is actually more involved imo.  They are people, just like you and I.  People who have feelings and get angry just like you did in your comment.  Don't have unrealistic expectations and life will be a lot more smooth for you, the fact that you get that worked up over a group on the interwebs is a whole other topic.
+Tate Kwiecinski are you being serious, these guys were literally slating YOU about 6/7 months ago, an I was the one backing YOU up because you had complied a better build with extras than they did.... This is exactly what I mean, pull your fucking tongue out there ass. I'm moving to cyan because they don't give you the sly sarcastic shit when someone asks an honest question. I remember this whole PA4 was delayed to make a "Fresh, better, user experience" only thing fresh is the G+ app, only thing better is android itself, and user experience with PA? Are you having a joke... Worst user experience ROM. Community is full of cunts.
+Sean Millar community still sucks but if you hate it that much then leave.  Like I said before, I am staying for the rom.  Cyanogenmod feels so bloated to me, and my OCD is keeping me right here.  I appreciate you backing me up before because yes some members are dicks, but my point is that PA is much smaller than cm, and I would rather be able to ask questions etc. (even if I do get a sarcastic reply) then feel like just another user over at cm.  just my two cents.
Anyone else got bad battery life/slow charging after the beta 7 update?
+Matt Flaming I have also a lot of battery drain with my GNexus. Not in stan-by mode but if I start to use normally my phone battery die before mid afternoon. I'm using PA 4.2 from beta 2. Do I try with a clean install? Or change kernel with Franco r295?
+Eduardo Pratti moles isn't here anymore and it seems that customization went with him. If PA wants to do something new, then get over it. It sucks that some of the customization isn't here anymore but so far the new implementations are incredibly clean and make this ROM more professional looking. I for one love it.

This is their vision of what android should be. This is their art. Not yours.

takes popcorn
sits down
let da rom games begin
+Paranoid Android a very very silly bug I've always noticed with pa... When ever I make a call, my screen goes to sleep after the default 30sec of inactivity!! Please fix it!! You rock btw!!
Not impressed with peek but appriciate thier work but price tag is too high

+claude leclair the G2 isnt officially supported, so your complaint belongs to your maintainer/developer
Why i have a g2 whit pa ans i buy this app in Google play store if the app is not supp
+claude leclair I was talking about THE ROM....which is what this announcement was supposed to be for.
OK like that... but is not evrybody look that when i see i can dowload its ok
+Jeff Manning The fact thay one of our team members is not fully working on the project doesn't mean a game-change. Customization is appreciated, but if you need to navigate over 25+ check boxes it's not worthy. About the something new, since then we have made peek and Hover and PIE redesign (which offers more stability than in jb days).
Anyway, thanks for your opinion and documented reply!
Are we gonna see an update to the meliusltexx soon? I'm pretty sure others are waiting for it too, we haven't updated since 0508 I'd offer to help but I hardly know coding or c++ or any of that but if you need a user to test a build I'll gladly do it or at least some info on why it hasn't gotten updated to the latest build but other than that I love your rom been having it since before the halo days 👍👏 +Evan Anderson +Matt Flaming +Andre Saddler +Paranoid Android
+Mauricio Lucha as we keep saying, that device is not officially supported.  You should check in the LEGACY COMMUNITY.  
Ammazza quanto vi accollate!
State sempre a batte cassa e volete pure che ve rispondono bene. Anzi che ancora rispondono!

Dev ask to community and the community report to dev!
This is the way the rom get bstter

If community ask to dev and the dev repy to community all we get is a great mass of bullshit

Good job guys tanks

Small idea that would fix complaints about all the releases being labeled as beta. Make 2 update channels in PA OTA, one marked as beta and the other stable. Beta releases are once a week on Mondays as usual while stable are only released after all the betas are over for say a 4.x release cycle. So one stable for 4.2, one for 4.3, etc.
last update was bad on my galaxy nexus (high CPU usage, running hot, laggish, poor battery life) so i reverted to beta4
hope this is better.
Among the other thing, why LockIt app has been removed from Play? I've bought it and was that useful :(
PLEASE fix the AcDisplay and DynamicNotification bugs instead. I've bought them before KK and I'd like to use them with your gorgeous ROM. I don't like Peek that much
273 comments? And I thought Google+ was dead 😂
+David Sánchez thank you David! Search for it never found on play, neither in my app history. Anyway same thinking here. That's also why I'd like a fix to make AcDisplay and DynamicNotifications work on PA beta with Peek. But something tells me it will never come, sadly.
In an effektive structured Team everybody does what he can do best, and nobody does what he can't. What I want to say is that Andre Saddler and Nick Martin shouldn't be allowed to interact with the community, their behaviour is unbelievably arrogant.

The +Paranoid Android Team has to make shure who is responsible/allowed for the interaction with their community members.

Sorry, I have been away a month or so. Is there news on Hybrid Settings or is it gone forever? Thank you in advance.
I really asked myself what he was thinking as he blamed community members.
Now, that I know he's not in the team makes it 'kind of ok' for me.
Even if it's not ok at all to call someone an idiot..
Can any one Plz tell me when I flash the pa 4.3 beta 6 on my nexus 4 running pa 4.0 beta when I flash it my gallery & keyboard go away and system hangs why ????
Help !!!!!
Sir +Chris Payne +Paranoid Android, I have a Galaxy Nexus i9250 (maguro)

My phone is having a severe Battery drain Bug ... I even Factory Reset my phone thrice and installed the PA Rom everything is working fine ... But

The Bug is that my screen Wakes up automatically and when I press the lock button it again wakes up .. My battery goes on hardly 4 Hours ....

I just Love this ROM and Beta 7 Is perfect but this bug is not Solved .. 
And Sir +Chris Payne +Paranoid AndroidTons of thanks to you that you contribute so much of Hardworking Skills towards Paranoid ROM .. 🙌👏

Today no Other Rom is as perfect or Smooth as PA neither CyanogenMod neither PAC 🙀

Just keep coming with such new features and bug fixes (i dont found any in Beta 7)

Only a single bug is that which i discussed in my last Comment .. 😖 (Automatic Screen On Issue )

+Kunal Sharma I don't know if you actually think I'm on the PA team or if you're being sarcastic but hey thanks for recognizing my hardwork in contributing to this community! I always try to do my best lol.

Btw about your issue, you'll have to submit a logcat to
+Paranoid Android I'm not sure if this is a bug or if this behavior is intended, but when I select the "Incoming Call in Background" option in the dialer settings, the resulting notification from an incoming call does not trigger Hover. This option used to Tigger Hover in previous versions. Thanks in advance for your help.
+Paranoid Android +Andre Saddler I have no issues to contributing to you guys because I value the work you do. I did a basic kernel for the community and that was tons of work let alone an original ROM. My only hesitation is the projects usually die. I paid for paranoid preferences with the promise that it would allow pro users more features which never came and the app is now useless. I paid for lockit and the development ended almost immediately with no more updates and the app being near useless as it degrades in function. Can you promise that peek will get continued support and development 3 months out? As a contributor I believe the people at least deserve to know that. 
For those of you that are reporting issues, there is a reason we have a bug tracker.  Release announcements are not the place to report bugs.  Your issues will go unattended here.
Jose M
is there a way to auto-unlock the phone when clicking in the peek notification?
+Paranoid Android Just downloaded the

Build for the Optimus G E970, & the ROM won't boot up, used latest Banks Gapps & flashed the ROM, nothing else, CLEAN FLASH. any ideas?
Hi, I'm fairly new to the rooting custom ROM universe. And I was smitten by Paranoid Android. Once I update, will my entire phone be wiped out again for the update?
This is still too buggy for a daily driver on my Nexus 5.
All versions before BETA 5 were fine, they are now bordering on unusable.
+Henry Wait 
1 There were no BETA 5. :)
2 Don't blame the programmers! They do it for us free. <3
3 I have a Nexus 5 as well and having no problem, try to clean flash again or maybe other app or kernel causes your instability. (e.g. I had to delete Battery Doctor and Clean Master) The ROM is stable and fine on it's own and you don't need other apps to manage it.
4 Pls don't spam with a problem you have, all of the posts. One is more than enough. (And just saying, that you can report your bugs on the link, which you can find in any of the posts)

Your welcome! #stayparanoid  :)
There was a BETA 5 you dipshit, I downloaded it through Paranoid OTA, it was removed.
Just because something is under GNU license doesn't mean you can make crappy code. Also I'm trying to warn others.
Just because your NEXUS works doesn't mean everyone's will, by default the PA ROM selected the wrong APN for my carrier for the last few updates and it was a little annoying to change back.
Aside from that though the whole ROM is unusable in BETA 6 and 7 for me, constant reboots, freezes and app crashes.
Also FYI no mods installed and I'm not stupid like you, I don't use bogus  'Battery doctor' or 'clean master' apps.

I already reported ages ago BTW, it was hard though with a phone that freezes and crashes constantly.

BTW switched to a different ROM, works fine.
currently on CM11 Nightly.
+Henry Wait Thanks for leaving! :)

GNU license means, that maybe you can compose a more friendly way and don't name they work crap and unusable shit. People can use nice words! :)
(they make it for us and you can decide to use or not, but you have no right to insult their work)

Thanks for calling me dipshit, the BETA 5 was released only in the team for more bugfixing, they have told it in the Community post, nobody got the BETA 5. If you got, than that was a bug. :)
And I'm not stupid, I'm just new and I used apps, that I shouldn't. ^^ Nobody can be so smart as you in the beginning.

After all, if you want to be impolite and swear and name others shit, than thank you for leaving. :)

PA has a great community and don't need unfriendly people.

Love you guys! +Paranoid Android You are making a great work! :) #stayparanoid  
Am I the only one who's experiencing significant battery drain? 
Been loving this ROM, kudos! Would love to keep ketting updates over OTA since its so handy. 
However, I have the BETA 6 installed on moto G. When i go to Paranoid OTA, it detects ROM version 0.0.0 and tells me there is no custom ROM installed. 
+Li Zhang because your device is not supported officially by the team. Your issue needs to be taken to the legacy community. 
Oh, alright, wasnt aware of that. Thanks for the info!
Anyone know where I can get the gapps from? 
Why is pie only activated in the center of the screen? (by screen i mean the border of) It would be more practical if it activates in the whole extension.
Been a fan of PA since the 2.x days, but I'm sorry to say that this is the metaphorical straw on my camel's back. Since Moles left the team, development of this rom has been a disgrace. Huge features like the Hybrid Engine are still missing, and those ported have ended up significantly worse than they were before, like Halo vs Hover, and old Pie vs nu Pie. The design philosophy has changed for the worse too. Whereas before PA would let you customise anything and everything on a per-app basis, the new philosophy is that all users are idiots and all menus and options should be removed as a result. Jumping ship onto CM11 while I still can, because it's all downhill from here.
+Sam Sales funny you should mention Moles because he has agreed with all the changes throughout the development. My apologies that development isn't as fast as you would like, but perhaps one day you will understand the level of work that is required for something like this.
+Sam Sales Well honestly, hybrid is being redone and needs a huge work on it.
+Sfera Dev Hybrid Engine is a core feature of the rom though, and the reason why the majority of people started using it and loving it. Paranoid Android's biggest feature is still missing after 7 months of being 're-done', and I'm fed up with waiting.
+Sam Sales feel free to step up and throw some code to help squash the bugs...
Could this be a good replacement for the Lockit app that is no longer supported? It would be nice rather than getting a refund for it to get this app for free.
+Francisco Franco I can't install Peek on Nexus 7 2013 Flo. Device not compatible.. The description confirmed that most testing was done on Nexus devices as I thought. Even says tablets. Why no Nexus 7 support?
Peek not working On My non Nexus Device :( Please Update for many Android Device.
Is there any intention of a windows 8 style hover and peek , the default phone style notifications look horrible on a tablet
+Paul Croasdale you need to report those issues to the peek community. We do not track bugs for their project on our bug tracker. We are different entities in regards to the development 
Will this in anyway damage my proximity sensor?
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