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With the release of KitKat, not only did a few icons and applications change, the entire environment shifted. Android is becoming easier to use; something that “just works.” As previously mentioned, we’ve decided to take a new approach to the ParanoidAndroid ecosystem due to these changes. One of the “flagship” features of PA has been Pie, a simple, straight-forward replacement of the navigation bar that optimizes the screen space available to the user. Due to the introduction of immersive mode, we were faced with a challenge. The soul of what Pie was in Jellybean didn’t belong in a KitKat world. So, we decided to redesign both the functionality and style of Pie while maintaining a familiar feel. After countless late nights and internal debate, we are happy to announce the following.

* Pie has been redesigned to match the KitKat design philosophies, with new typography and cleaner animations. 
* Pie is now fully integrated into the core user experience with the introduction of on-the-spot preferences. Gone are the days of sorting through endless settings, it can now all be configured on the fly.
* Pie gives you all your status information at a glance, when your status bar is hidden, allowing you to get the full immersive experience without missing out on important information.
* Pie now integrates the stock google now gesture. Your cards are never more than just a quick swipe away.
* Pie no longer features access to the notifications and quick settings panel. Immersive mode means there is always quick access to the status bar. 

We hope these changes improve the pa experience you know and love.

So... care for a slice? Nom nom nom

Graphics by +Arz Bhatia 
Wallpaper by +Justin Maller 
Change log:
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Yes I want some pie right this instance! keep up the great work!
Holy! That looks amazing. Good work guys! 
Awesome wish you guys were on the note 3
Where do I sign up? Lol :-) looks good can't wait.
You guys are awesome keep the good work and thanks a lot
This is what 4.4 Roms need. I have stayed on stock, think I'll try this 
Great Work! Guys, not to look negative here but if switched to immensive mode and using pie? We have to scroll down notification every time to see notifications?  Is there no other way?
I think I'm calling in to work tomorrow.... 
Yes love pie and it looks even better!! 
Thank You guys... Been using PA for a month and a half from beta 3, and I doubt I'd ever use any other Rom for my Nexus 4.  Really appreciate all the work and the promptness in dealing with queries and updates.  Keep it going guys.
The quick swipe up to the notifications/quickpanel was my single most favorite part of PIE, but I guess I'll get through it. Whatever.
Can you guys please make a ROM for the Moto G.
Thank you guys and looking forward for hover too...
+Paranoid Android I appreciate the choice of completely reworking on the codes.  I believe it is a good practice to do once every while.  Gets all the creative minds do more and the refreshes are also good (though it may not go well with everyone). 
Thank you! I've been waiting on KK for an update worth upgrading to from stock. 
Amazing work, but what's with the monkey thing :D
Allen A
Fantastic! Knew you guys had something special lined up for us!!
Awesome. You are the best!
Keep up the more than great work. GG guys.
The download speed is not good.. 😈😠 
About the notification bar: I have always opted to leave the status bar visible at all times. I use it for a quick overview of my phone's status (battery, signal and time). I feel that having those three things visible at all times is crucial to my phone experience.  I can get rid of the nav buttons because I don't have to see them for them to be useful.

My question is: Am I missing something? I know that many have opted to hide the nav. bar beginning with the arrival of expanded mode.  Are those people simply sacrificing the convenience of the always-visible notification bar for the sake of a small sliver of screen real-estate? 

Don't get me wrong; If there are advantages I'm not understanding that make losing the nav. bar totally worth it, I want to get on board. At this point, I feel like a granny trying to hold on to her old crappy Windows XP desktop because she doesn't like change!
I hope the build for the kindle fire "Tate" gets this soon!?
Amaziing & Gorgeous!! 
Wow, and new builds for everyone right off the bat! Impressive roll out, guys!
Great job Paranoid Team..Keep Going.. From Portugal with love 
Getting a wee slice for me self. Thanks PA!
+Matt Flaming like what.. I have a slow 1mbps connection and even if I download beta 6 i get 130 KB down.. But on pa 4.1 ain't no higher than 20 KB.. 😢
+Paranoid Android are there currently any user defined settings for PIE? I am looking and I don't see anything yet. Is that a planned addition?
+Vibhor Mittal perhaps the server you are hitting is being hammered with people updating and downloading?

It's a little hectic right now, and the servers can only provide so much bandwidth to so many people.
I'll miss quick access to notification and quick settings from Pie. I could get them with a swipe of the thumb, now I have to stretch index finger all the way across my 5 inch screen. So much first world pain. 
great job guys :-D I was waiting for this since kitkat was released. It's like second birthday :-) 
Well I am going to give it a try. I am disappointed that you have decided to take the one handed functionality out in the rewrite. As a parent of young children I loved that about 3+. I bought my N4 partly because of this feature. My purchase of a N7 was in part because of PA also. Thank you for your dedication. 
OMG. This is beautiful. PA has one of the most innovative peeps out there. Keep up the good work! :) 
Darn. Just after I sell my nexus 5, this releases. My life in a nutshell, but hopefully it will be just as fun on my nexus 7.
Well I tried it and nope. Like all the other pie clones it has no gravity option to keep it at the same location in portrait and landscape. Maybe this will be added later? No options, settings, or toggles to change it. I can't find a way to deactivate it and go back to a nav bar in immersive mode. 
can't wait til Halo hover.. :P but i will..

This is the on-the-spot settings that have been mentioned and detailed in changelogs
+Terrance Andersen reset your preferences to choose to go back to old nav bar. No options will be in settings for users... everything has been tested and optimized for user experience. To deactivate pie, leave immersive mode. Keeping it in same location in landscape makes no sense... it will re orientate based where you put it in portrait 
I was a huge pie fan since the maguro days and now my hammerhead's gonna love this. Thanx alot!
+Andre Saddler interesting. I assume in the future you will be able to disable it without resetting settings though, right? Any reason you guys like it hard coded?
Loved this ROM on my gnex, please release for moto g!
Pie pie finally new kitkat pie.😁 going paranoid here waiting for the zip to finish downloading.....
Damon right after I wentback to stock on my g2 and updated... Loki was patched now I have to wait on a new exploit
Thanks for the update +Paranoid Android. I've been waiting to get rid of GravityBox and Xposed for a while now, and this works just brilliantly. Only thing I can see as being an issue is the pie controls disappear against a light background, such as Gmail. I still know the button is there, just looks odd. 
+Alessandro Eppacher it's not perceived as something you would toggle on and off. You switch immersive on and off, which is still possible and in essence enables/disabled pie. But when in immersive you use either stock nav bar or pie
Wooooo!!!!! Been gladly waiting for this update. Loved it in 3.99 and happy to get a slice of it again. Great job +Paranoid Android
I for one am sated.. at long last more of a custom feel than enhanced stock.. /salute
+Andre Saddler The case I use prevents me from swiping the sides of my phone. I have to bend the case in order to touch the screen and access the pie. Thank you and +Paranoid Android for your time, effort and dedication. +Alessandro Eppacher They have made it very clear in the past that while the ROM is beta the features will be added when ready, polished, and essentially finished. Thank you as well for your input. 
PA gave me a great reason to be happy when waking up on Monday. Thank you guys <3
+Tom Burgin the background dims if you hold for a while. Outside of that it should be a quick swipe. To dim the screen for such swipes may sometimes seem as though it's a flicker effect (according to how fast you gestured)
Forgive me, but is this update a minor to prepare for bigger features, or are there new features added to this update? I have flashed it, yet nothing has changed? Perhaps I read wrong, so there is no complaint, simply asking!
Now I will wait for the settings, because I used the fast effect.

Pd:sorry for my bad English 
+Paranoid Android Yeah true, I wouldn't notice it if I wasn't staring at the controls just to see it working, and swiping really slowly. Usual swipe speed works and looks just fine. 
My bad...I guess its visible in immersive mode
Going to try this on my nexus 5 thanks!!
It look the same to me? :|
Will download anyway.....let see what happen :P
i might be completely stupid here, but i updated and i turn on the immersive mode, and pie doesnt show up?
::points at everyone :: I told you muffukin bumm asses.. great work guys 
Fantastic! Thanks PA Team...I can't wait to flash it!
Can I install on top of beta i need to wipe anything? 
How about theme chooser ? 
Please let me know, where can i download this version for Samsung S2?
+Paranoid Android if you don't think android is going to be white. What do you think it's going to look like?
Awesome, thanks alot for the great work
Love to hear new update but pie without swipe access to notification bar and quick setting is a bit disappoint. Do you have a plan for these?
Awesome update. But I noticed the download bar on the pull down stutters. But so far everything else works great. 
Anyone have a link for that amazing wallpaper? Creators G+ doesn't have it.
I would like to see a demo
Thanks a lot for implementing Pie again! But I have to say the delay between opening pie control and showing status info is far too long for a quick peek at the clock for example. Is there a way to adjust/reduce this delay? 
Forget it, just noticed it opens immediately if I swipe further. Sorry :P
ragazzi siete i migliori ! voi non lavorate per i soldi, ma per noi, per felicizzarci 😊😄 siete fantastici 👏 👏 👏
please bring back the notification and settings through PIE???? i am really annoyed using the notification drawer and status bar. PIE in Jellybean is much quicker in glancing those.
...and it's my Birthday today 🎂 
Suggestion: Make status bar in full immersive mode expandable with just one swipe. For a quick peek one can use pie, for details swipe from the top. The top swipe to show the collapsed status bar makes no sense if you have all the info in pie already. It's just one more unnecessary swipe till you see the expanded notifications. 
Finally arrivedddddd ! !
Thanks for your effort !
No Quick access? What a shit, I hate immersive Mode, Why you did this?! 
Brian Z
What do guys think about moving the target area that triggers Google now from pie just a bit further away from pie itself. I know it's new and will take some getting used to so that plays a roll in it.

But I seem to trigger Google now often by accident when I just want to swipe to the back key for example. 
What +Brian Z said + give me a visible feedback that I'm about to open GNow.
how can i deactivate pie? go back to "normal" inversive mode? didn't find it out yet.
Works really well. Loved the smoothness with pie. Much Much better than the GravityBox alternative.
+Paranoid Android I always had this idea of an alarm clock that always would go off. Let's say I accidentally set my alarm to silent. The alarm app would know alarms labeled with "Work" "School" etc. would always go off regardless of volume state. They also would have an option for a non dismisssble notification.
I cant see the pie control on my system can anyone guide me the settings
I've got to say that I really don't like this implementation of PIE. I can understand where the logic came from but in actual use it doesn't really work IMO. 
I use to use gravity box this way so now I don't have to good stuff 
+Paranoid Android it works and looks great, but it's too slow for me... In 3+ I used "quick option". It's just taking too long to see time or notifications. Could you speed it up just a bit? 😊
Can't seem to get any phone signal after this, what do I do?
can anyone help me to get my pie control on nexus 4.
I must be tired. I can't find the Hybrid settings on my Nexus 10. Any ideas? 
Looks great :)

Sorry if this was Asked before
Are there any settings for pie? And how to get the notification over pie 
I like the little battery bar, nice touch. It's indeed cleaner, sleek, polished. I'll continue using stock Android (rooted of course) until PA is fully released. Keep up the awesome work.
A naïve doubt.  How do I enable pie control in my Nexus 4?
cant i flash back to 4.0 without problems?  
- Disable safe headset volume warning (on-the-spot preference)
Oh man !!!! Thank you so much !!! This message was such useless !
Thank for the pie control too, awesome release !
+Aravind S go in the quick settings and enable immersive mode and then you will know what to do. 
Boris B
Disable safe headset volume warning (on-the-spot preference) yeah tks !
+Thibault Vieux Are you kidding!?!?! They got rid of this?!?!?! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Worst Android feature ever. This alone is reason for me to keep on with PA :D
downloaded 1times for toro+ on my device
is there any way to change some settings of pie? eg speed?

and thank you PA team!! i love you so much!!
I appreciate the work you have done, but i always hated immersive mode and i don't like the new direction you are going. Stretching my thumb out to the top of the screen, pulling down to make the status bar visible, and then pulling down again to use it is slow and uncomfortable. And don't get me started with the hidden pullup navbar, Always moving the appscreen when trying that.
That's why i loved your pre-KK-pie, it had quick-access to settings/notifications. Without it there is little use.
If pie stays the way it is now, i might aswell just  move to stock+gravity box, i can set quick-access there :/
If I hold my finger on any of the white half circles, they start to grow. After a second the screen flashes and jumps back where I was, but after that the pie doesn't work till I reset the preferences. Am I just the only one?
Apart from that, great work guys! :-)
Would you let use pie from the side while landscape mode? The case makes it unusable in it... :-\ 
+Ádám Makk The white growing circles means you've moved the location of the pie hotspot to that side of the screen.
+Daniel Ware Depends. You could always have widgets on home and lock screens to give you that info. But I appreciate that moving from one setup to another can be jarring and uncomfortable. For now, I'm trying to give PIE a go and see what happens in day to day use. 
Cant wait to get back home and try this... :)
Needed to ask one question.. I have set immersive mode to hide just the status bar but I still need to swipe twice fr top to see my notifications or go to toggles.. Is there anyway to reduce that 2 swipes(one for seeing the status bar and other for the notification/toggle) to one (meaning a single swipe from left top should get me notifications and from right should get me toggles)
I watch your progress from some time and wonder if I will able to install it on my SGS4 LTE?
This is unreal, well worth the wait, big thanks to all the guys at PA :-) 
Great work as ever guys. Honestly, the remove headset volume limit dialogue is almost as good as pie for me. Hated that! 
Thank you for pie. I miss swipe access to qs and notification but I understand shy you decided not to do it
So how to deactivate Pie? I personally don't like it, it's a pretty messy pie. Or maybe I'm just used to the old system.
I want the wallpaper.
Is there a way to turn of the Google now feature one pie?
Am I the only one having problems with my keyboard? The local dictionary is no longer working thus also the swiping feature.
Love the speed improvement I am getting with the integrated pie in immersive mode, thanks! But took a little time to realize I had to turn it off and back on. 😀
Amazing work.
But really I personally hate immersive mode other than for games. I really liked the access to the notification shade from pie :'( . Immersive always is a pain in the neck..
Initially I was disappointed with this new PIE. Now that I've figured out how to set up immersive mode with the statusbar I'm all for it. I do think PIE could be a bit more than it is right now but I'm happy to wait and see what you come up with. I really like the direction you're taking this ROM and I regard your approach as highly professional. All in all this has been my favourite on my Nexus 5 so far. 
Nice update. Enjoying pie. +Paranoid Android can we have the battery notification led feature ?This is the only little feature i am missing apart from hybrid engine or hoover.
Nice, but still, while immersive mode is just plain shitty and working randomly, could you just gave us access to notifications and quick setting like in old pie? Just like option
Is It possible to keep it pinned to the bottom(right side in landscape mode). 
+Paranoid Android one bug/imperfection of the new PIE: swipe up from most left or right from the bottom does not call PIE. Only from the center. This slows down a lot.
Good work guys! It will have been worth waiting for. My full support! ;)
Is there any way PIE could have a link to drop the notification shade? Without that and with Immersive enabled, your notification shade is now two gestures away. This feels like a step back if you ask me. I had hoped Nova Launcher gestures would help address this but it seem they can't show the shade unless the top status bar is already showing.
I'm excited as hell yet feeling sad about the PA 3+ days. Ohhh change - more than just silver and copper coins. 
Also, LOVING the see through lock screen. Looks awesome.
Official made halo not any more useful than any free app on the store. Why remove quick access to notifications or quick settings?

Officially ditching AOSPA. No other feature set sets this ROM aside besides a solid and unique pie menu, which they've gone and killed entirely!

Great job guys, I was looking forward to great changes. Didn't know removing unique and useful features was what you had in mind for changes.

Terrible, utterly terrible.
+Brandon Gibbs they are making design decisions that are trying to eliminate settings overload. All ROMs are now getting crazy whilst our rooted user base is becoming more stupid (you being a fantastic example) they are going for a much more natural Google feeling experience. Don't like it build your own.
+Andre Saddler I guess I'm just used to the navigation bar not moving from the right edge. I'll have to get rid of that filthy habit now! 
+Andre Saddler like I've told you before I'm about all ROMs pa has a vision and personally I understand it. Those that don't are typically the "I'm a L3ET H@x0r type" who think they need ALL THE BUTTONS. You guys are cleaning up and simplifying creating a unified minimalistic design philosophy which is both for the android enthusiasts as well as the root newcomer.
Quick question; did this update break the swiping keyboard input method? Mine no longer works.
+nick martin this was literally ONE setting. Quite frankly. I'm becoming more stupid because I'm one of millions who find on larger phones that it's hard to pull down the notification bar especially if the action is swiping once to show and twice to pull down? And from there one more tap for quick settings? Am I really the only one who thinks having both notifications being one EASY swipe away was a feature that should have been left in?

If we wanted a Google experience wouldn't we be using stock AOSP? And I did build my own. I have a custom gesture setup to fill the hole not having pie on kitkat has left. All my actions take place on the lower half of my screen.

Why not go back to AOSP if that's the experience you want?
+Andre Saddler are you saying no one on the dev team finds pulling down the notification bar in immersive with one hand difficult?
+Brandon Gibbs give it up man you won't win especially with +Andre Saddler trust me at best it will end in a stalemate but trust me you won't get that far lol.
+Brandon Gibbs nope, no one in the group had that complaint as far as i know, also we recognized that "small hands" issue however its deprecated and redundant functions. Like we are telling people dont expect a 3.99 functionality clone... things will be removed
Why is the Paranoid Android easter egg still stuck on jelly bean? :P
+nick martin I just think, even as a 6'4" male with larger hands, that the notification bar isn't worth bothering to try to reach with any phone nexus 5 screensize or larger (I have the g2 personally) and everyone I've talked to complains about the notification bar being a pain to reach, and most just end up dealing with it but complaining. This feature on pie made it still stand out from endless clones and was one of the most useful features that wasn't part of it's core purpose. It was only one setting in the menu, and one that could have been hidden for more advanced users. I just can't wrap my ahead around that choice
Reality check PA team.
If making this took you countless late nights and internal debate, I can guess the debates were all won by the wrong person.
Instead of writing things back again from scratch, we are probably better in doing new things. That's because I'm yet to see any improvement due to your "start from root" approach.
Either features have gone missing, or they are a regression from earlier work.
Taking months to release a half baked pie, introducing confusing on-spot settings trying to do new things, without actual settings in menu, going for hardcoded pie settings, because you think users are too dumb to have the customization, still going with a plain aosp kernel, you are doing it wrong PA. And if doing a free ROM is part time no-pay job and it takes time, then there's also the community based help you get, pulling commits from other ROMs too. Then why do you behave as if you guys do all the hard work alone.

Not that it's something I could sue you for, because under the same argument of being a community based free ROM, you can altogether overlook my comment and carry on doing whatever you please.

TLDR: stop being cocky and don't take away features and customizability of what we are used to have, otherwise there are hundred other options
+Brandon Gibbs I dont get this "do it better then" argument I've heard since kindergarten and really belongs there.

I do hate what google is doing with it's immersive approach aswell and the reasons you have stated are the reasons I don't like what PA is doing right now. It isn't really usable for me without Xposed anymore, and the reason is, my thumb is NOT that one of a giant! I just can't reach the statusbar easily, and doing it TWO TIMES to pull it down is stupid aswell.

So, Pie in itself is not the "google expperience". Its an addon to the AOSPA approach. I don't follow the argumentation  that it can't have settings then. If we swipe up and to the side, we get Google Now. I don't see the problem to set it to show the notifications/quicktoggles instead. Where does that make the rom a "I'm a L3ET H@x0r type"-rom with "ALL THE BUTTONS"?
+Ananda Bibek they don't like to pull others commits they prefer to create their own version that in their eyes functions better for them so again don't like it move on.
😨 I am going Paranoid!!!
+nick martin I was tagging him not for my kindergarten line, it just seemed this was the response he got for his valid arguments,  and it's the response anyone in here gets for criticizing the PA decisions. 
Because of that, the rest of my post was to support his arguments. 
Maybe that came off wrong.
+nick martin I feel like if you owned a business you would just punch any customer with a complain while pointing to a sign hosting your company slogan "deal with it"
+Andre Saddler let the haters hate.

Also how's the legacy branch I know you guys have someone who's done the 989 but is it still a big hassle to build for non nexus.
+Daniel Uersfeld nah your comment made sense +nick martin just doesn't get along well with these things called "humans" that he sometimes sees posting on the internet.
+Ananda Bibek wasn't it stated they were going to add as they go? We will get back the features just not right away? Be self righteous elsewhere 
+Andre Saddler I really hope the developer team is NOTHING like you. A good reaction would be, if users want a feature that was removed, you either post to them why it's gone, and leave it gone, or you say you will look in to adding it back. Picking petty fights is never the way to go about things, especially if you want to appear professional.
+Andre Saddler trust me I spent days getting it on 4.3 luckily I've seen the 989's commits for 4.4 so I can get the rocket once I'm ready. Gotta say glad I bought the skyrocket because it works on tmo lte lmao.
So there's no way to resize pie?  It looks good on phones, but on Nexus 7 it's tiny.
+Brandon Gibbs this isn't a professional environment. They aren't marketing you are coming to them. They aren't being paid. They are normal people who just happen to have more knowledge on the subject matter than you. They build for themselves you just happen to be fortunate enough people are sharing.
+Brandon Gibbs erm...we already posted what we are doing with features and that we are removing some.... selective reading is your issue. We consider users feedback but, we make the decisions based on what we see fit, if you dont like it then tough luck to you bucko, you're a small majority. I'm being as professional as I can here trying not to hurt your delicate feelings.

I shall ignore your posts from now on so if you mention me again i will respond to you with a tl;dr... leave your whining somewhere else
Bryan I know +Andre Saddler I just didn't realize he was adding rocket commits lol. Either way though I self compile I don't use others builds, my own version of control.
Thanks PA team! I'm very glad you guys are starting to bring the major features back to the rom. Although, I agree that the idea of not having any settings is bad. I kind of understand your intentions with the "on the spot" thing, but I honestly think that having the options to tweak the feature a little is crucial. For example, I've ended up in Google Now while trying to simply hit the home button several times, and pie moving to side of the phone while in landscape makes no sense to me, since my hand is still on the bottom of the phone. Having the option to change those things would make pie a perfect feature for me. I've read a lot of comments here asking for this as well (some of them are quite rude tho), so please consider bringing the settings back.
I just flashed. I can't find the Pie! Please help! 
Well, wasn't there a post a few weeks ago hinting something along the lines with building an official rom for some smartphone or something? I can't remember exactly.

But here is the thing. If anyone of the PA team would like to get any money ever out of this, calling the userbase stupid for wanting features apart from what google is giving us is not the way to go.
And Brandon Gibbs and I are certainly not the only ones asking about this.
See, i could move on. But there was a time when PA did something innovative and I really appcreciate what you made possible. But ever since the release of KitKat you come off as ignorant asses everytime someone suggests not outerwordly features that even were there previously.
If you don't like communicating with your userbase, stop. But don't tell us to get the f**k out if we don't like what you have and only read the comments from people that praise you whatever you do. That's just not how customer-relationship management works (even if it's free)
+Brandon Gibbs They are not bloody professionals! They don't need to do customer servicing and pleasing, cuz they are doing it for freaking free! If anything, they are paying you, instead of the other way round, so you should be 'customer servicing/pleasing' them. 

All that said and done, +Andre Saddler +Paranoid Android and everyone in the team: I know you will probably work on this in the next couple of weeks, but I must say, we need pie controls back, size, gravity, trigger area and sensitivity, and, honestly, notification and quick toggles shades... You can give that as an advanced option or whatever, but that is what made PA's pie so awesome! I've always hated CM's pie, it was simple, barebones, and useless as shit. The new look is great, but I miss pie... Right now, i'd do anything to find a zip to replace this new pie with the old one with all of it's bugs and problems... the productivity value it had was tremendous (some used it to do things so well and so effeciently that maybe the developers themselves didn't plan, and that's the beauty of a great feature!) Don't try to lock it down too much and go the apple way of 'apple-knows-the-best' .... we all are control freaks right here :D Cheers! Just a friendly advice, love you guys! (:
If I choose to use pie, disable sound message etc... How can I revert this? Another thing, I have Google now launcher and launcher 3. How can I uninstall launcher 3 (option is grised) ? 
+Daniel Uersfeld this isn't customer management it's people and people welcome to open source you can always pick up fork and do it better.
Fantastic release, so happy to see PIE integrated again. Stop whining and appreciate that these folk are doing this for free. Plus its a BETA, wait for the official release if you don't know what you're doing.
There is so much awesomeness here!!! When can we expect theme chooser?
+nick martin Haven't you responded to my previous comment where i was complaining about "do it better" arguments?
I don't have to knowledge nor time to learn it, and I'm not interested. I just don't want my onve favourite everyday-use-rom to turn into a stripped down version of what it once was. And even if it's not a business i would guess you still want to please your userbase, otherwise, why release it to the public?
+Andre Saddler That's good enough! I understand you brother. (: also one week is such a long time :P
it's compatible with samsung galaxy s2?? coming from ParanoidAndroid 4.0 BETA 6??? thanks for the help
+Daniel Uersfeld you miss the point of ROM development bud. It's not about the userbase it's about a ROM you would use everyday, if others enjoy great but it's something the developer must believe in and be happy with otherwise what's the point in developing. We share because sometimes there are others who share a similar vision. The point of open source is to allow the different ideals to expand and improve by people consistently doing it better for them. Your issue is you see things as an end user whom sees this as the user being necessary which is incorrect.
I can't find pie controlls Evan though I have immersive mode on
+Daniel Uersfeld allow me to elaborate.

All of the non nexus devices are not officially supported by pa. So the ROM is built by others meaning they share a similar vision to want to compile. They share because others on the device may want to use it.

Cm pulled pie and edited it to meet their vision. So clearly they are trying the do it better approach (for them).

Tl:Dr step up or shut up.
It's amazing how entitled people are. Here we go  with more people who have great ideas about how they want their free stuff done up just for them. Perhaps they should take a time-out from this comments section to burn some of their own midnight oil, brain cells, creative juices, ingenuity, intelligence and valuable time so they can create what they want.

Then they should make it available for free to all on the planet who can access and use it. Then they could spend more of their valuable time and energy answering the same questions a thousand times and responding to people who are unhappy with the result. Especially to individuals who are actually suffering because of the pain, discomfort and annoyance of extra gestures.

Of course none of this is a problem, because it's their choice to spend whatever free time they can spare from their lives to do the work, share the outcome and their vision. Since it is their choice to do it, they deserve and are ready to endure the sniveling, bitching, moaning and whining that comes their way; all the while being professional tolerant sensitive and caring to avoid hurting the feelings of those who have issues. Especially with people who actually profess that they are potentially capable of doing it themselves, and those who don't have the time to learn to do it themselves.
+nick martin I give you that. I have not the tiniest idea about that developer part.
And currently, i just use Xposed. The reason im still keeping up though is, I still hope for PA  to being my out of the box rom again. I don't want to fiddle around with a thousand apps and settings. Previously, this was possible.

Somewhere someone said there won't be any settings, because that distracts from the google experience. And now, that there will be 3 options, people just have to keep calm. So, why only include options people ask for, you as a developer just dont seem to use? There's going to be a menu entry there anyway. 

Well whatever. I think hope is lost here. I still check in every now and then in the hopes of finding a usable rom again but I've learned today that feature requests are not what software developers want to listen to.
First of all : THANK YOU all PA team!!! PIE was the feature i waited for the most!!
But why PIE no longer features access to notifications and Quick Settings?? Immersive mode is all but quick to get back status bar (with unwanted behaviour on active app), then pulldown notification tray or Quick Settings...
Maybe you could divide the PIE in 3 areas, in center for Stock Google Now gesture and the two others for Quick Settings and notifications.

But if Hover is going to replace PIE access to Quick Settings and Notifications, just forget about this...

Again, thanks for your amazing work! All of you! ;-)
Why don't you improve a total 4.4 look like no more light blu settings and switch button? ;-) 
* Pie no longer features access to the notifications and quick settings panel.

Would the PA team add it back if we paid for it? I'm willing to go to at least $100 for that. I'm sure if the others chipped in $1 you'd be at at least $500 to add that feature back. 

Before nick jumps in with "do it yourself" I don't think forking a whole ROM to add one setting is justifiable, especially in stages this early of a ROM.
+Eric Graham the intent is for it to be exactly as it it's right now. White accents were added to specific things in order to blend with any other color modifications. The status bar icons, over scroll accents etc. Minor things that show system wide but may clash with an apps custom holo theme (not blue).
It has been stated by members of Google that they wish to encourage developers to add there own custom colors into their apps and not to rely on holo blue.
+Harsh Doshi i remember that too, but the floating qs and notification panels are ugly on kit kat to me. Its redundant coding and functionality and since Gnow, that would cause issue with launching it
+nick martin officially or not, it's compatible with s2 i900?? Because many versions of nexus roms are compatible with s2
Will you make it that when pie is on the side that it's easier to read the text and not having to tilt you head to read it? 
+Andre Saddler redundant code, yes, but ugly or not, those were some powerful things, and we all miss those... You sure know your code better than me, but could it be done, like someone mentioned earlier, Gnow in the middle, and notification shade on one side and qs on the other ? These features were like the 'swyping' feature in Swype keyboard. We all got used to it so instinctively and so strongly that staying without them didn't seem right.. but, that happened, and we are dying to get them back to start leading a normal life again :P However, in the end, it's up to y'all mahn, you know your stuff best, just saying some power to the user would be nice (:
Glad a version of PIE is back, but about the lack of settings I gotta say, thinking there's a one-size-fits-all solution for wildly different preferences is not such a "Googly" idea. (If anything it smells more like Apple's "walled garden" approach) 
GT-i9100 it's the same than i900??
+Harsh Doshi functionality wise it will be ugly and cause more problems, we will look at it though. We like clean code and we love clean ui/functionality over jam packing features into the rom. Its why you love the rom so much and like how stable it is. We're not removing things to be assholes, just want the most optimal experience you can recieve
To PA or not to PA, its never a question...keep up the good work
+Paranoid Android It says Pie can be configured on the fly, but I don't see how. I can't seem to find a way to change it at all?
Why nom non nom? That's the PAC ROM thing.
I really like having access to the status bar while in immersive mode along with the functionality of pie. Works well and is beautiful. 
+e ewa I think the settings will come later, this seems to still be a work in progress just like the ROM itself...
+Jeffrey McELroy If you turn on full immersive mode in the quick toggles, it will pop up as an on the spot dialog box.
Man i wish this was coming to the moto x.  Keep up the awesome work guys. PA has always felt like the most well thought out and experience minded rom.  Glad to see that hasnt and wont be changing.
+Andre Saddler  Is that gonna run on the non dev?  Biggest mistake of my life was getting the consumer edition lol.
Soiz Z
Thanks +Paranoid Android for great experience. Just a question, I have a little issue with pie, I swipe to the left edge and pie disappeared, impossible to get it back even with wipe cache and dalvik. Am I missing something?
I just wanna know if it works with my Samsung s2 GT-i9100 coming from Paranoid Android 4.0 BETA 6
+Paranoid Android  BIG PROBLEM!! After flashing, when Nexus 5 starts up, has message saying "Phone has stopped ".  Cant go any farther.  Wont even let me turn phone off to get to recovery mode.  How do I get to recovery mode??? Phone is useless at this point.
+Andre Saddler Thanks a lot for the positive response mahn! I'm happy that ur in a good mood today (: you all our guardian angles, guardians of an innovative, open, and free ecosystem (:
Just to make sure...
When the file says does it mean it is Android 4.1 based or is it aktually 4.4.2 and the actual versionnumber of PA is 4.1
+Andre Saddler Gosh, I actually don't get why sooo many people dislike the new PIE. Personally, I love it and most honestly, you guys couldn't have possibly done a better job. Hardcoded, no need to change anything, it's simply beautiful as it is. Keep doing it the "googly way", your aesthetic efforts are highy appreciated. Thank you!
Oh my. I cant' say "thank you" enough.

Congratulation, your ROM is actually the best. Be proud
Hi, a frind of mine get a problem with PA; he has no customization menu in the settings. So no Pie, no color customization, no nav bar customization and other feature of PA. Is it normal? he tried to flash it 3 times but nothing change. He tried with the last 2 betas and none of them works.. Anyone can help me please? Thanks +Alberto Righi is the man
+Andre Saddler Thanks.  Will have to try ADB, because I cant get past the message to turn it off.  Every time I hit "ok" the message pops back up. 
im happy :D I would like a link to this money picture .(I like flat style)
I have to say PA is really an awesome ROM and I'll support you all the time! By the way, every time you post a picture is really beautiful but I can't find a high resolution one. Can any one share this picture at 1080p?
We now need an Xposed module to configure the Pie. I'd like the time, status etc to pop up even faster like in older times, have smaller Pie, etc. Would have liked to be able to pick those options. If not, does the PA team plan on adding hooks so that an Xposed module can tweak those?
+Travis Williams I can only assume you had the Google dialer installed. If that's the case you need to wipe system in recovery before flashing
+Paranoid Android i can't so far, included the beta of today, there are no settings for the customization? No pie? No hybrid proprieties? Nothing? 
Great! The faster animation speed of pie works much better for me than plain old immersive did. Thanks

Sorry to ask again, but do you guys are planning to add the sound quick tile toggle? I think it is quite useful and I really miss this one...

In any case, keep doing the good work,
The amount of entitlement is too damn high 
Just got up! Damn missed a lot already.. Here we go
Loving pie this time around. Very well implemented! 
Meh, looks pretty much like pie has always looked like.... I thought it was redesigned?
it is ok to just flash the 4.1 ROM w/o the latest gapps?
+Travis Williams no. Go into wipe/format menu and specifically select system. Factory reset only does /data and /cache
+Paranoid Android +Andre Saddler 
PIE is hardcoded right now, but will settings like Middle alignment, PIE size, and Bottom angle return in future versions?  Current implementation is great but with my sausage sized thumbs the current size and position of PIE doesn't really work for me. Find myself hitting the wrong button a lot of the time.
+Paranoid Android I'm referring the problem of my friend not mine :-) now I understand how use it! Now everything works thanks!
+Rameez Shaikh The menu button is dynamic. It shows if the app implements it in the nav bar. 
Pie controls is meant to simply be a replacement of the nav bar, as such, it acts the same.
I understand PA is a nexus first rom but I am somewhat disappointed to see that you won't have access to notifications or quick settings from pie anymore. One of the main reasons I use pie on my Note 2 is so that I can access my notifications with one hand as it is too difficult to reach all the way to the top. Other than that great work guys, can't wait to try the first builds 
+Paranoid Android on Android "stock" immersive mode if PIE was enabled for "forced" immersive mode but "forced" immersive mode was disabled, bottom up geasture doesn't work and no PIE or standard navbar pop over.
How can I disable PIE on "forced" immersive mode to workaround the problem?
+Paranoid Android thanks I miss that menu.
I hope you fix the problem next week.
Any chance to have accelerometer gestures in alarm app?
would be very useful during meetings, on CM11 I shake my legs or flip the phone to mute the alarm.
But cm11 isn't clean like PA and I don't tolerate anymore.
I'm getting graphical blips every now and then when using pie. 
Sorry for the dumb question but I cannot figure out how to enable PIE.  Everywhere I look it says go to Quick Settings Title and enable Immersive mode.... but where is that?
+Cade Michaels in your quick settings.

There is a change log thread that goes into detail, every feature of the rom. If you don't know what quick settings are I would suggest you read that thread to familiarize yourself with the rom
N5 has such tiny bezels its sure hard to trigger pie on the bottom. I would like to keep pie in same spot instead of gravity bottom. I'm sure this is coming though. THANKS PA!!!!!!!!
Is there a download link for that ape wallpaper ? 
I've been on 3.99 RC2 forever waiting for Pie on my Mako. I have been unable to get the 4.1 beta to flash successfully yet. Will check MD5 on the most recent download attempt and will try again.
+Scott Ledet update your recovery. We say that all the time because nobody pays attention 
+Matt Flaming Will do, thanks for the help. Hard to parse these comment threads for the pertinent info!
Finalmente ... isso é muito bom.
Ahora no me reconoce la Nexus 7 el pc. A alguien más le pasa? 
So does paranoid android no support other devices than nexus
+Damian Xvolt Officially Nexus and Oppo only...there is a PA legacy branch that supports other devices. You can find various ports on xda
+Paranoid Android this is PA 4.1? What happens with 4.0? Are different forks? or the development will continue under 4.1?
+Matt Flaming I know, but the BETA 6 was 4.0 and since there is not a final release, I don't get why this one is 4.1 :)
+Paranoid Android ,  you guys are doing an awesome job implementing custom features and making it feel so smooth and stock. 
Well, when I read a book in google play books, the pie control isn't available so I'm not able to exit the app.
+Miloslav Schmied assuming you have global immersive turned off but pie enabled? If so it's been reported. If not can you please provide some details
I really liked having access to notifications and quick settings from pie...
Yes. But it's working now, I just didn't notice that pie control moves to the bottom edge when the display is in landscape mode.
Thanks a lot guys! I was trying to lose some weight, but this one looks to good.
+Paranoid Android suggestion to align with Google design for future. When pie is pulled up with a keyboard up perhaps change the back button to be the down arrow?
After I flashed the ROM half my apps were gone including the camera app, am I the only one experiencing this issue? Good work btw PA
Is there anything in the works to avoid DOUBLE swipe to show notifications if status bar is hidden?
How do I relocate my pie control to the right side of my phone? Miss this thing
+Alessandro Eppacher From the looks of things it's not, they'll probably want to fix some bugs before releasing it to the public.  It took them quite a long time to release halo to github.
Hope to see some love on the LG980 someday! 
I restart my Nexus 4 and PIE don't work... 
The font looks awkward for the clock, and I prefered having the notifications and quicksettings in pie
Thank you +Paranoid Android for this awesome update on my birthday :-) Really glad to see pie again, and it has been integrated beautifully into KK. Great work!
+Paranoid Android +Andre Saddler I read all the negative comments and just wanted to say I love the direction you are going with the ROM! The simplified settings and hard-coded features make this ROM feel like it came from the phone manufacturer instead of a bunch of "hackers". Just a couple options for pie would be nice, but I already read that they are coming. This is absolutely awesome! Thanks guys! I think I need to stop reading the comments on these posts because they just make me annoyed with all of the ungrateful people...

PS: I tagged Andre Saddler specifically because I read a lot of his responses to the negative comments and really appreciated his responses.
I don't know where to report bugs but I flashed this beta this morning and my apps refuse to stay put on my home screens after a couple of restarts. Anyone else had this?
Daz T.
+Aravind S I agree! Since I used +Paranoid Android on my first "smart phone" it is the only ROM I feel comfortable with especially on my N7. I use to try out other roms always came back!

Not really a fan of pie, I think the immersive customization is awesome. Nonetheless, thank you team +Paranoid Android for everything you guys do.
Just adding my voice to those requesting access to settings and notifications in PIE, not a fan of it without that option.
Good job PA team,
too bad, the reason i use pie navigation is because i can access notification and get rid status bar and navbar
i'll stick with gestures navigation then.
But i believe you could bring something that can amaze us.
Does your ROM feature SD card as data storage natively? Or is it just another external source I can only put my own data on?
Great!! Finally!!! Thanks a lot. This is the only ROM that I have stuck around because of these features.
Minor things though :
1) In full immersive mode accessing notifications require two swipes from top. I hoped that PIE would finally have a way to get to it in one swipe like in 3.9.
2) In 3.9 color of PIE changed with the app color that was open in front(like on youtube app, the outline of the buttons were red). This made it more good to look on apps with white background. Now it is kind of getting mixed up with the background. Though the semi-transparent black background does give some distinction but I really loved the per-app coloring.
Jim N
Seems like a no-brainer to put the quick access to toggles and notifications back in. No one wants to reach to the top of their screen. On my N4 I was able to basically do everything with only using the bottom half of my screen. Now, this forces me to stretch to the top and swipe twice. Not feeling it at all.
I can't believe you are using justin maller graphics! They are the sickest I've seen, I love his art.
Honestly, the reason I hated pie controls of other roms, is because swype down to access notifications/quick settings, and now, and the only reason I was using this ROM is because of the pie controls, but now, I'd prefer to stay on stock rom.
Had a weird bug where I got stuck with PIE on screen and nothing would work because of it. Eventually had to hold power to restart. Unfortunately I couldn't pull a log because I had to force restart :/
So is the image embedded what we should expect?
I gather that there's to be no customization/options in the new iteration of Pie, but can I make a plea for considering it? 'Cause, as much as I love Pie, between my big fingers and a myriad of disabilities that impact my manual dexterity and visual acuity, I'm having some trouble reliably hitting the button I want to hit, and I'd love to be able to make the whole thing larger and/or adjust the size and sensitivity of the trigger area. 
Fantastic build...all is working beautifully, and extremely smooth! 

Thanks PA Team for the excellent work!
I love ParanoidAndroid!
+Jasenko Pasic click on immersive mode and a dialog will come up asking you if you want to use pie or not.
Why have you removed quick access to settings and notifications? It's not very comfortable to do swipe from top of the screen.
I think you should make option to toggle between old and new style. 
Now if they only had access to quick panel and notifications like they did on 4.3 :(
Everything it's working fine except for the phone calls a can't receive or make phone calls. Does anyone have the same issue on their Nexus 5?
Isn't there a way to configure the size an angle of PIE?
+Paranoid Android Hi. Pie isn't functioning the way it used to in the jelly bean builds. It now has a kind of activation area(like the pie app in the play store),unlike what it was earlier. Earlier it would pop up when we slid from the bezel. Hence,using the scrolling tab was easier. Now it hinders with the scrolling...and also pops up anytime the finger touches the bezel. When it opened only upon sliding,it was much more efficient. 
OMG. This is beautiful. I didn't use pie before but now..... 😱 wow am I a fan!!!! 
Can someone please explain to me how do i toggle on Pie? I cant find any mention of pie in the settings not the toggles... Not sure how to make it work :S i swipe from the left, right, and bottom and nothing happens. 
+Abdulla Sharafi  You have to enable "immersive mode". Then a dialog appears which asks you to enable Pie-Controls. Then swipe from center bottom up.
I haven't updated since the last JB rom. Were the browser and SMS apps removed for good? Are there apk's floating around that I can put these back? Can I just install the ones from AOSP?
+Pascal Meister ah yes it eotks now... Is there no way i could get acces to my notifications like the older versions could? Ot do i have to pull down the status bar? 
Add a comment...