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Paranoid Android 5.0 Alpha 2

We are rolling out PA 5.0 Alpha 2 builds to the public right now, but first off, a big warning. As of right now, addon.d backup functions are not included in the build. This means you are required to manually flash GApps, SuperSU and all your other extras after flashing the Alpha 2 ZIP. Seriously, you have been warned - do not reboot without re-flashing the GApps package you use. (Unless you have backups.)

A large and fairly important part of the changes consists of Theme Engine improvements, but we are not skipping out on in-house changes. These builds feature the re-introduction of App Ops. Initially made available back in Android 4.3 as a hidden away feature that was later removed and left fairly untouched in AOSP, it has been revived for Android 5.0 and should make your permission restrictioning much easier to do. You can now also reorder your Quick Settings tiles. The layout for them is still the same - two expanded tiles at the top row and a slew of smaller tiles below that, but dragging tiles around allows you to pick their ordering manually instead of being restricted to the AOSP way.

Experiment with tile ordering and protect yourself against all the applications wanting to access all the things.


- Quick Settings are now reorder-friendly
- App Ops re-introduced in the Settings app
- CM TE updates included

#StayParanoid and, as always, get your builds at 
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1. What's the diff between this and N4 w/ PA 4.6b6 & FDE on? tl;dr: is it worth updating (or updating to stock 5, like notifications keep asking to do)?

2. Can that update be done dirty?

Paranoid Android

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Our OnePlus 100 invites giveaway has now ended & the winners have already been announced on our blog post! Our friends at +OnePlus will send the winners their invites as soon as possible. Thank you for the overwhelming response! 
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Paranoid Android

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Always Paranoid

Before you get too worried, we do not plan to stop being Paranoid, but things are changing. You see, a while back cough #NotALeakAnymore cough we were approached by a specific OEM, to pair up forces to make the best product ever. Considering you should be working with what you love and since everyone in the team has a passion for the green little robot, talks were had, and papers were signed. What happens next is still a bit mysterious and a lot of things are going on, but nobody shall ever forget you guys were and will be the driving force behind Paranoid Android.

To celebrate this amazing news, we’re giving away 100 OnePlus Global Invites. All you need to do is, open up the blog post linked below, fill in the required details in the giveaway form - 100 random users will be selected. These invites remain alive for 7 days, so you have plenty of time to make your decision! The giveaway runs for 2 days straight! 

Blog Post

Do not worry about Paranoid Android.

#NeverSettleBeParanoid #StayParanoid
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Yes, it WAS a great ROM and it's still dead. Why OnePlus used them was anybody's guess. 
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Peek sale, 50% off!

Hi there guys! I'm sorry there are no new updates for Peek lately, I've been really busy with my graduation project. Since we're on Black friday, I thought it would be a good time to make a sale for a couple of days. You can get it 50% off from stock price, yes, just 0.99$! Go ahead now, what are you waiting for?
This app unlocks pro features for Peek. You need to install free app first ...
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Paranoid Android

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At Paranoid Android, we go for providing the best usability and design. All day, every day. This is accomplished by dedication to the work. To celebrate that, we are pushing a brand new website. 

The website follows Paranoid Android's new design language aiming to help new and experienced users alike learn about us and our features through simple animations and short descriptions. You can learn about our team members through the Team page on the site, download the official AOSPA wallpapers for both desktops and mobile devices or easily reach important links from the menu. 

The downloads section also received an overhaul following a clean and bold design. You can now reach downloads for both Official and Legacy devices at the same place. 

The website is responsive, looks great on all displays and can be checked out right now at so head over there and #stayparanoid.
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+Matt Flaming it's so bad....rly... Like this custom)))
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Dynamic System Bars for all!

This week, we decided the time has come. The time of open-source Dynamic System Bars (DSB). This doesn't mean much for you if you just use the releases day to day on an official device. What this means is that unofficial builds (be it personal or 'unsupported' device), can pick the appropriate commits providing even those builds with DSB. Keep in mind that DSB is not merged into the main kitkat branch as of right now and must still be manually merged from Gerrit.

Change I3bc7102b:
Change Id2b105df:

Take care and #stayparanoid !
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can you send me the github kitkat commit
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Rainbows and Unicorns!

Now that we have your attention, we're sorry we won't be able to release any new build due to some DSB-related issues.

Just like you, we're also excited about the release of Google's new devices. Which device(s) are you getting?

10,439 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Nexus 6
Nexus 9
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Anyone down for some drinks.
I'm in Barcelona for #Mwc15... Come hang out with me for some drinks tonight! Ping me for details 
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This rom was so good, money destroys everything you guys are trash
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The #WeAreBackBaby  Edition

It’s been a long time, but we’re finally back and ready to start tasting some lollipops. To start our lollipop journey, we added some goodies to improve AOSP’s state along with some tiny and useful features for a sweet daily use. Lollipop has changed almost everything, and we must think with a different mindset in order to create new features that can provide meaningful improvements over stock while following material design.  We’re on it, so don’t worry. Our sauce will have new spices soon enough.

First and foremost, if you are flashing from kitkat, stock, or any other ROM we highly recommend a factory reset first. Not doing so may cause strange issues, so if you don't you're on your own.

Second, Galaxy Nexus is not supported anymore on official branch from lollipop. If we manage we'll bring it up within legacy sauce but is not mantained by us anymore like it was before.

For OnePlus and Oppo users, you must flash the latest CM nightly before flashing this release. The CM nightly contains firmware updates necessary to avoid bootloops and broken sensors.

Also Oppo users, The device trees are now split into two variants: Find7s (QHD-2K) and Find7 (FHD-1080p). 

Some 3rd party kernels have not yet been updated to include Theme Engine support. If Theme Engine breaks after switching kernels, simply re-flash the build and Google apps to revert to stock kernel.

Other than that, these builds are fairly stable and ready to be used in public, but this is still an alpha build. Hope for awesome buttery smoothness, be ready for a bumpy ride.
In this new iteration of Paranoid Android, super user access (rooting) will be left up to the user.


- Update the baseline to AOSP Lollipop 5.0.2
- Improvements to Heads Up, such as an option to disable heads up interruptions completely
- Add Quick Unlock
- Extend the power menu
- Animate the volume panel in a more material manner
- Make it possible to skip songs using volume buttons when the device is locked
- Add CM12 Theme Engine
- Fix various small annoyances from AOSP

#StayParanoid   on
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+Gurjit Soggi read the posts by +AOSPA-L

You have a lot to catch up on
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Soon you will be able to enjoy all your favorite PA features on Vsenn Devices, all while keeping your warranty and the stock features you love.

#StayParanoid #PaAllTheThings
Approved ROM Partner (ARP) Program. Oulu, Finland, November 12, 2014 - Vsenn is proud to share with the world the birth of the ARP program, and with it, our first certified approved rom partner: AOSPA(Android Open Source Paranoid Android). With the ARP program, Vsenn aims to provide its ...
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+Paranoid Android :/ but can i install rom even if the device is different. If no, :/
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Open Source Card Stack View

Another day, another open-source push. You can get your Recents UI source on Gerrit as of right now. Stay curious, stay paranoid.

Change I47a021df:

Take care!
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How do we see this changed in the gerrit? it says "Code Review - Error" :<
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4.6 BETA 5 - Release Playful Pitaya

This week, PA team members have worked overtime to unravel the previously encountered DSB issues. The product is back to the usual stability, with a bunch of tweaks all around, but still deserving the beta tag.

Most of the work was put into hardening DSB, but an additional configuration option was also added as an experiment mainly for those interested in increased speed. This is more of a "power user" setting as it can have an influence on the battery life - you have been warned - and is not guaranteed to stay around for later releases. To mess around with the setting, just run adb shell su c 'settings put system experimental_dsb_frequency 2' on your computer, replacing the 2 with any other number of choice. If you find frequencies that seem to work fine for you and still provide solid battery life, feel free to share them.

Quick pointers for the setting:
The default value for a newly set up device is 2.
- Lower numbers mean slower, higher numbers mean faster.
- You probably don't want to go into negative numbers. It's the ones that are lower than 0.
- The counter caps out at 20. That is CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.
- Going above the maximum of 20 is not going to change anything... Trust us... Just don't try it at home.

Changes new in this release:
- Provide a better flow for bar transitions and DSB
- Add the experimental_dsb_frequency setting (for now)
- Include a pair of themeability changes
- Tweak OPO device-specific code

#staypositive   - #stayhappy   - #stayparanoid  - #grabdownloads   

PS. Sorry for reposting the third time. Google+ doesn't play well sometimes.

Bug Reports:
Official Community:
Legacy Community (For devices which are not listed on the official site):
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I flashed this on my z1 and while i can install from playstore, i cannot install most apk directly. What may be the problem?
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Project AOSPA - Android Open Source Project (Paranoid Android)

Paranoid Android is known to bring various innovative features to various Android devices. Some of them include -

Hybrid Engine - Per app color, per app dpi & per app layout
Pie Controls - Alternate unobtrusive navigation controls
Halo - Bringing multi-tasking to a whole new level
Hover - Our take on redefining notifications and enhancing multitasking abilities
Peek - An intuitive way to receive notifications
Dynamic System Bars - Immersing you into a whole new experience using design tweaks

Contact Information
Contact info