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Who you gonna call? Bug Busters!

Thank you all for your feedback and reports. This has been extremely helpful, and we've been working hard to squash every bug reported by our users.

Fixed pocket lock media control interaction issues
Tethering fixes
Launcher layout fixes
Fixed sensor related issues
Fixed PIE sensitivity
Other minor bug fixes


Added Three fingers swipe down for screenshot (Under Gestures)
Various performance enhancements
Various changes to telephony handling, including improvements for wfc and volte
Updated PA browser
Improved handling of carrier provisioning
Other stability fixes and minor improvements

Boot animation

With our Marshmallow flavour a beautiful boot animation was released. One which was greatly accepted and loved by our community. With this new update we are introducing a fresh new boot animation made by Espen Flagtvedt Olsen - Our very own talented in-house designer. The bootanimation has a small surprise to it, check it out.

Sony devices

We're overwhelmed by the response of the community. Over a 1000 of you have replied to our survey regarding Sony devices. We already had two devices ready for a while and are happy to add the Xperia X (suzu) and the Xperia X Compact (kugo) to the lineup. We'll continue to keep the survey open as we decide which devices to support further.

Please cast your votes here -

Added devices

With this minor but important release, we are also proud to announce that a few new devices are joining our official list, including a really beloved device by the community and which we feel very excited to have on our list:

Nexus 5 - hammerhead
Xperia X - suzu
Xperia X Compact - kugo


Oneplus 3/3T:
Reworked GPS setup
Various telephony improvements
Fixed possible unexpected reboots
Fixed frame drops when starting to record a video
Various enhancements for power management
Updated shipped firmware
Improvements to the fingerprint scanner experience
Improved memory management
Various other minor fixes and improvements

OnePlus X - Onyx:
Fixed WiFi hotspot
Addressed poor connectivity issues in some regions
Brought the kernel up to date with CVEs
Enabling gestures no longer requires a reboot
Addressed critical SELinux denials
Fixed SafetyNet bypass leading to some banking apps being incompatible
Firmware is now shipped to avoid potential related issues
Stability fixes and improvements

Nexus Devices:
Updated security state to July

Nexus 6P - Angler:
Fixed NFC issues
Fixed power issues

Nextbit Robin - Robin
Added VoLTE/VT support
Fixed audio related issues
Improved automatic brightness
Various performance improvements

OnePlus One - Bacon:
Updated the GPS HAL
Stability fixes and improvements

LeEco Le Pro3 - zl1:
Updated to latest Kernel tag from QCOM
Fixed wheezing/noise with Type-C adapter
Added lift motion to check notifications
Set button backlight to maximum on touch
Changed the speaker phone to stereo


Kernel sources are already online. The rest of the device specific sources will go online within the end of the week.

Official community:



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Paranoid Android 2017 - Release 2 (7.2.0)

Over the past month, we’ve been working hard squashing bugs and implementing new features. We have also managed to increase our device roster so more of you could enjoy Paranoid Android on your devices.

Pocket Lock

This feature prevents any form of accidental input when your device is in your pocket by disabling input sources. You can simply release Pocket Lock by long pressing the power button as highlighted by the minimal UI incase of any sort of obstruction or dust on the sensors.

Accidental Touch

Accidental Touch is a feature useful for many, especially the gamers out there. It prevents any sort of accidental touch on hardware buttons while the touchscreen is in use. This means you won’t experience any unexpected behaviour while playing games, web browsing or even when attempting to reach your finger out to the edge of that humongous display.

Improvements to Color Engine

With this release, we are introducing gray as a new primary and accent color which will sit alongside our already present colors. Also, we have fixed all known compatibility issues with Substratum Theme Engine.

New Devices

As promised we now feel that the OnePlus One, OnePlus X and the Nextbit Robin are stable enough to be included in our roster along with several other devices detailed below:

bacon - OnePlus One
onyx - OnePlus X
gemini - Xiaomi Mi5
shamu - Nexus 6
Robin - Nextbit Robin
zl1 - LeEco Le Pro3

You’re probably wondering why the OnePlus 2 didn’t make it to the list but worry not, it’ll be up as soon as we can ensure good quality for it. Same goes for the Nexus 5 (Hammerhead).


We personally also want to support the Sony Xperia line of devices and we teased a post of the Xperia Z3 Compact and the Xperia X both running AOSPA somewhere in the community recently. However, our infrastructure is not able to cope with the vast number of devices. We’d like all Sony users to answer in a poll for which devices you’d like to see added and we’ll support the devices with the most amount of votes.

Please cast your votes here -

Winds of Change

We are proud to announce that the Paranoid Android team has managed to strike up a collaboration with the creator of Shuttle+ to bring you a feature rich, modern music player.

This brings benefits like:
Google Cast to your TV
Scrobbling to
Embedded lyrics
ID3 tag editing
Batch creation of playlists
and much more

We’re excited to have this partnership and believe it will bring a better user experience for our users with a lot more functionality.

Release Management

After the first release a while ago, there were several device specific issues reported. We did not roll out device specific hotfixes as our OTA system (Paranoid Hub) was broken and forced us to provide an update for all devices at once (this release). This release fixes all issues for ParanoidOTA and you should receive device hotfixes whenever needed.


Global Changes:
Option for double tap to sleep on status bar
Screen off action for button settings
Fix for navigation bar swiping
Notification light fixes and improvements
Updated PA browser based on M60
Pulse on pickup fixed
Different fixes for contacts handling and integration into Google apps
Various Bluetooth connectivity fixes
Improvements for hardware key lighting
Higher quality wallpapers
Optimized fingerprint unlock speed
Fixed reboot to recovery message
Various performance enhancements
Various power related enhancements
Other fixes and improvements which will have to be discovered by you :)

OnePlus 3/3T:
Fixed various camera crashes
Fix for manual ISO control
Improved quality and post-processing in our custom camera HAL
Improved GPS performance and accuracy
Improved Wifi performance and power
Optimized NFC toggling speed
Fixes for specific Volte setups
Reworked automatic brightness tuning
Fix for lid support
Various major performance improvements
Improvements to memory management
Fix for the known idle drain issue
Various power related enhancements
Note: We generally recommend f2fs users to switch back to ext4 as f2fs has GC issues which can result in performance issues over time. This issue is not specific to this update and exists in stock as well.

Fixed Google camera crashes
Fixed NFC tile
Updated kernel to latest EAS upstream
Merged latest security patches
Backported changes from O preview
Improved memory management when under pressure
Note: OTA updates for these devices are currently unsupported and also a reflash of gapps would be needed after installing the update.


Kernel sources are already online. The rest of the device specific sources will go online until the end of the week.

Official community:


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Web Developers Line Up

With our successful release of Nougat for several devices, we would also like to bring a refreshed look to our website. We have produced a new sleek design that we believe fits in with our project and promotes the polish users expect from Paranoid Android.

However, to do this we are looking to add a Web Developer (or two) to our team to bring our vision into reality. If you feel you have the skills and ability to get this done please get in touch. A portfolio of your previous work including a GitHub profile will be beneficial and will help us understand your skill set better.

We hope that many of you will want to join us on this adventure and as always #stayparanoid

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Paranoid Android 2017 - Nougat Resurrection

We’re really excited to announce that we are releasing our Nougat flavour of Paranoid Android. We have a lot in store - with a mix of both features & improvements.

First & foremost, we have moved our code base to be fully CAF based. This brings many improvements to your device. The key improvement here is that Qualcomm hardware is better tuned on the CAF base and with our additional optimisations we can provide a smooth and fluid user experience that will let you enjoy using your device without any lags.

On first launch you’ll notice a clean setup with a beautiful wallpaper from Hampus Olsson who’s teamed up with us again and created several beautiful pieces of artwork. For those of you who don’t know, Hampus is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work stands itself and we’re glad to have him onboard. We have also added several new features and made improvements to the UI of the system that we believe would enhance the overall experience.

We’ve been working hard on redesigning this key feature of our portfolio and we’re really happy with how it has turned out. The whole design has been reworked and it fits in well with the overall feel of Google’s Material Design. This gives you the opportunity to use more gesture based control for navigating, rather than using the standard Navigation Bar at the bottom of your screen. Expect improvements and additions in the future.

Color Engine
We’re proud to announce our newest feature - Color Engine. Color Engine allows you to seamlessly change the colors of your device to be in Light, Dark (Pixel) and Black modes with a variety of accent colors to choose from. This makes changing the theme of your device really quick without having to install any extra packages on your device.

Major features
Reworked Pie
Color engine
Immersive mode
Buttons customization (including navigation bar)
On the spot controls (OTS)

Other features
SafetyNet Compatibility
Battery/Notification LED control
Recent tasks locking
Battery icon customization
Google now page in default launcher
Substratum support (Color engine will be deactivated if you use Substratum)
Quick pulldown
Various performance and battery improvements
Display Burn-in protection (for OLED screens)
More to explore :)

Device specific
Oneplus 3(T) custom camera HAL: Resulting in better picture quality than OEM.
Implemented custom picture background processing leading to very fast shutter speed (OnePlus 3(T) specific)
Offscreen gestures
sRGB support (OnePlus 3(T) specific)
Alert slider customization
aptX and aptXHD support

Device Support
Currently we are only supporting a few select devices.
OnePlus 3/3T, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel and Pixel XL.
We are currently undergoing final testing for the OnePlus One, OnePlus X, Nexus 5, OnePlus 2 and Nextbit Robin which will be released as soon as we feel they are stable enough.
With more devices to be announced soon.

All kernel sources, a major part of device specific support and some features are already online. The features that were kept private initially and the missing device support parts will be uploaded during the next hours and days.

Device Maintainers
We are currently looking to expand our roster of supported devices and to do this we would like to recruit some more developers to our team. If you think you have what it takes and have a device (or two) that you’d like to see supported by us we’d like you to get in touch.

We have built a more functional internal infrastructure and we plan to deliver bug fixes as well as major updates with new features quicker than we did it on our M release. Also the support time for our N release will be longer than previous releases.

Official community:



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It's been great, there's more to come! #stayparanoid

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Another one, another one!

The device lineup has been updated to include yet another device - The Nextbit Robin. Huge thanks to Nextbit for hooking us up with devices and believing in the open source project. This release is only for the Robin & the OnePlus 3.

As we continue to iterate and add in features to the ROM, our main focus still is to make full use of our resources and get the most out of each device. This time around we're giving utmost attention to overall performance & experience. Our developers +Alex NDS & +Jake Weinstein spent two good whole months to optimize and test the Robin so as to make it ready for public release. As always, we aim for the best experience possible.


- Added switch to last app button action
- Added custom routines to maximize performance on kryo devices
- Improved system wide performance
- Improved battery life
- Stability fixes for Quick Settings
- Various improvements and fixes for the Camera app
- Fixed a few encryption issues
- Other various bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 3:

- Added DASH charging indicator
- Added full support for VoLTE
- Improved power management during the dexopting
- Improved Camera quality
- Improved GPS
- Improved audio platform and quality
- Improved memory management
- Improved resolution for graphic textures
- Reduced power consumption in specific cases
- Fixed camera flash issues
- Fixed internal issues relating to the display driver
- Fixed a device specific issue with encryption
- Fixed Camera app crash when trying to access settings
- Fixed Wifi Hotspot functionality
- Various other minor improvements

Head over to to get your builds!

Let's talk about update cycles & nougat

Since the 2016 relaunch, we have done a total of only 3 updates. This might seem a bit slow or not up to par to some users but it aligns well with our “release if perfect” vision. Updates are to be released only with significant and/or critical changes from now on however we’ll be trying to expedite the process of doing so to provide faster updates. As we've been giving most of our attention to performance & bug fixes, it's safe to say all of our public release versions have been relatively stable and daily-use worthy. This is to continue for Nougat.

Oh nougat? Yes, we're already on it. We've got a few devices up & running and feature-port will start soon. Some of our already existing features are going to be dropped as they are officially a part of the system now. Although, not to worry we do have a few awesome things in mind to make Nougat even better.

Also, we’re now actively developing on Gerrit / GitHub and everyone out there is free to contribute by submitting to gerrit @

Cheers and #stayparanoid!


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Paranoid Android 6.0.1

Let's keep it short and simple: This one's for the dreamers longing for bug fixes. A lot of bug fixes and support for some awesome devices!

The release device lineup has been updated to include the one and only OnePlus 3, the beast Pixel C and the Sony Shinano family. We have made sure each device gets the best and most robust firmware and the newest, shiniest and most polished features ever.

We are also announcing that with the help of Sony and their Open Devices Project we will be able to support all 22 Xperia devices on the SonyXperiaDev GitHub Instance. This initial Sony release is for the Shinano family, but the Rhine, Yukon and Kitakami platforms are expected to follow shortly. This is really exciting news for us and it allows us to give you the Android experience we all love on a much wider range of devices.

For Nexus, the most important changes are the inclusion of June Security bulletin and Theme Engine updates. The bundled Browser application has been updated as well and all system update notifications will now come from us, and not from Google as it did for some specific users on the last release.

For CAF devices, Theme Engine has been updated along with the bundled Browser, Camera and Gallery applications. Gestures should no longer launch when the phone is in your pocket. General bug fixes include faster charging with the circle battery icon enabled, being able to change the mobile network settings in all languages and - a fix that many of you will enjoy - the Gallery application not force closing anymore when trying to edit a picture.

For Nexus 6, you will be happy to know that the lock screen PIN crash has been fixed.

The Nexus 6P image now includes all the proper vendor files so you only need to flash the Paranoid Android image and do not need to manually download the factory image by Google.
For OnePlus 2 you will get improved power efficiency along with less heating during the application optimization (dexopt) phase. You will also receive bug fixes for inverted gestures, audio, power statistics and improved fingerprint sensor support for some third party applications.

The OnePlus One and OnePlus X have received some love in form of the addition of ambient display, Kexec-hardboot for multi-ROM support and fixes for volume issues and the CPU configuration. The new build also has new firmware for the OnePlus One in order to fix the proximity sensor and additional fixes for AUX on the OnePlus X.

Please note that you won't be receiving an OTA update for this version. We're still testing Paranoid OTA behind the curtains and want to make sure things work well before we release it out to the crowd.

Grab your builds at and #stayparanoid for #aospa2016.

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Paranoid Android 2016 Launch

We are launching brand spanking fresh. All new features. New team members. New everything and we have made sure that everything that we are releasing has been polished to our best.

The main features and enhancements that you will probably end up noticing are our custom Quick Settings tile reordering functionality, floating window support, immersive mode, the new on-the-spot interface and CM Theme Engine.

Quick Settings tiles can be managed with ease - you can reorder the tiles by simply long pressing them, remove them by dropping them in the trash bin and add them back in from the add panel. The hidden tiles will be out of your way when checking the notifications but will still be usable from the add panel without any hassles if you want to do that all of a sudden.

You can make an application float either by long pressing a notification and tapping the floating button or by tapping the floating button for the application in the recents list. Additionally, you can make peeking (heads-up) notifications open floating windows by enabling that behavior in the "Floating peek" tile.

Those are not the only changes and features we have added. There are a variety of improvements to CAF devices (OnePlus, OPPO and others) which add custom kernels, advanced gesture and buttons control and more to provide a great experience on those devices. Of course we have spent a lot of attention on making all the visual details look right and on making all the functionality work right.

Over the months we have gained a bunch of new team members. We are now ready for all varieties of work - be it low level, aesthetics, user experience, motion design, testing or anything in-between. What we strive for is the best and we are stronger than ever to reach that.

On Paranoid Android 2016 launch we are supporting popular Nexus devices (6P, 5X, 6, 5, 4, 7 2013, 9) and the OnePlus family (One, 2, X) along with some Sony devices. The lineup is this way to make sure we release the best possible experience on all the devices we release for. No compromises, pure greatness.

We highly recommend everyone to use BANKS GApps package (hold off on OpenGapps for now, we have heard some complaints). Nexus 6P users need to make sure their vendor partitions are up-to-date (6.0.1). Our Nexus 5X builds come with a prebuilt vendor image so no worries for you folks!

There is more to come in #aospa2016 but for now, grab your builds at and #stayparanoid!

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OnePlus 2 International Invite Giveaway

The OnePlus 2 recently got released and it’s the device everyone wants to get their hands on. Although, you know how hard it is to actually buy the device. 

Well, as you may or may not know some of our PA team members are working @OnePlus and have enough influence in the invites department of the company.

This is an international OnePlus 2 64GB invite giveaway meaning it covers country-exclusive invites too. We are giving away 20 invites for now and if we get a good response, maybe we'd do more in the coming weeks.

So, what do you need to do to get that precious invite?
Tell us what would you do WITH the OnePlus 2? - A rather more realistic campaign. 

Fill in the giveaway form in our blog post linked below and you'll be all set. The winners will be announced & contacted next week.

Blog post

#StayParanoid #NeverSettle
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