Papeeria News, 23 Sep.
TL;DR: Papeeria has graduated from alpha, became beta and we’re now offering paid plans.

Why do we call it “beta”?
Because of availability and reliability (keep on reading!)

Our data storage was reliable from the beginning, thanks to Amazon services. But now we have our own backup procedure which makes backup copies of file contents and project structures. And yes, Joel, we have tested restore procedure [1]

We have been constantly monitoring availability of our server “manually”, and it has experienced two big traffic spikes (aka slashdot-effects) which went smoothly and only once was down for a few hours. Now we have a monitoring process which sends us SMS when something goes wrong. Ciao, our quiet life!

However, there are outages which don’t happen often, but when they do, they require manual intervention. For instance, if Amazon datacenter goes down, we’ll handle it, but it will interrupt our service. That’s why it is “beta” and not a “mature” service.  Just like GMail used to be for years.

How much do we charge?
What has been free so far remains free [2]. It is Epsilon pricing plan where all existing users have been moved to. There is plan Delta for those who uses Papeeria regularly and have more than one project. At the moment being, the only difference comparing to Epsilon is private projects quota [3]. but please hold the line, the story just has started. Plan Delta costs $7/month if billed monthly and $60/year ($5/month) with a single annual payment. We accept PayPal, which means that all major credit cards are welcome.

See you on !


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