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That's right. I'm buying 👶 Tylenol AND 🍷 because I'm an adult AND a parent and papa needs his medicine too. Oh, and also a 🍩.

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The Real Reason My Second Child Will Be in Less Photos:

Plants face onto bed, drool pouring out of both corners of the mouth, pulls blanket up and farts.

*I have become one with the toddler.

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According to science, my kid is going to be smarter than yours.
Thanks for validating #SAHDs everywhere mr. Paul Raeburn

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Science proves "Stay-at-home dads rule and working dads drool." Don't believe me? Read this Dave Lesser article:

There's almost always something effed up about kids movies. Take Polar Express for example: Kids getting abducted by a man on a magic train.

Ever feel like getting constantly interrupted from literally everything you do? HAVE KIDS.

Once you hear "You look tired" enough times, u start to assume it as a personality trait. What kind of person are you? Um... a tired one?

I just discovered the fountain of youth but it's too late because it's just "don't ever have #kids" and I have two already.

One of the best things about having a newborn around: People offering to bring you food. #yum #yesplease
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