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I got so excited when I saw there was an update, but still didn't fix my problem. I have yet to create one watch face because the stupid thing doesn't let me add any custom images.

Any help or does no one still have no idea what I'm talking about? 
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Happy +Game of Thrones Week! 

I really enjoyed writing this up. It's so simple, yet, carries with it so much story. I think I'll make it tradition in my house whenever someone comes to visit.

#GameOfThrones   #ontheblog   #ASongOfIceAndFire   #recipes  
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Great post, Los.
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Seb's 4th Birthday Cake! While the imperfections bothered me, he loved it like crazy. This kid is crazy for Legos right now and it's great to see him get excited over building and playing with them. 

I also did a little tutorial on fondant and how easy it is and how you shouldn't be afraid of it. Keep in mind, it's coming from a beginner! So don't get intimidated. 

Go check it out!

+Wilton +LEGO  #WiltonTreatTeam  
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Thanks guys! :-D
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Papa Los

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Put the kids to bed.. It's time to start uncovering some hidden truths!

Disney Movie Theories Pt. 1 -

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Been reading some of these thories. Kinda cool
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Papa Los

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So yeah, this happened.
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This is the first skylanders we get into. I haven't sat down with Seb yet but he's enjoying the heck out of it.
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Papa Los

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This is important stuff. You think something as simple as pizza wouldn't be so fucking disgusting.

Sorry. I'm mad. I love pizza and this is disrespect in my eyes.

Guess we're not ordering out for pizza anymore. Homemade or maybe local pizzerias from now on.

via +Juan Vazquez
Surprise! Pizza is bad for you!

We'll to be honest I did not expect it was packed with that much nastiness. 
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Good find +Peter F. Thunders. The US Food and Drug Administration did its own review and found that high levels of MSG had no effect on most people...moderation is key here. Large portion of food would mean larger portion of MSG to thiis sensitive souls.
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Enjoy my first Humpday Update! Featuring #IronVan, Game of Thrones and @ChefTheFilm!

I don’t always do it, but I try my best to keep up with fellow bloggers. I honestly feel like I’m doing something wrong with how I go about my days because I hardly ever have time to juggle my small list of hobbies. I mean, I’ve been itching to read a…
I don't always do it, but I try my best to keep up with fellow bloggers. I honestly feel like I'm doing something wrong with how I go about my days because I hardly ever have time to juggle my smal...
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Yeah that's the problem with these movies. While I love them, there are others who don't particularly care for them.

As far as making a living from it.. I don't recommend anyone do it. Haha. It takes a very specific type of person to live that life. And if you love it, then you're probably already doing it.

Thanks for checking it out Franz! 
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Papa Los

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This makes me wonder..

With Gyroscopic Precession, how does the average family not have a flying car yet? Or us humans not have a better way of reaching space?

Am I thinking wrong or what?

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Oh I agree but there are powers above us that will never let some things change. Consider that we have highly advance computers in our pockets but our best means of transportation comes from a 100 year old designed internal combustion engine. Automakers and oil companies will not let that change without a fight. Thank God for +Tesla Motors and +Elon Musk 
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Papa Los

Gaming News  - 
Know what this tells me?

That pretty soon we're going to be getting a sweet ass Star Wars game!

Congrats to you +Amy Hennig!
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Didn't think I was going to be blessed with a +David Hasselhoff photo bomb.

I feel like printing and framing it.
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I am a Domestic Engineer. Some of my duties include raising my son and annoying my wife. I get paid in Love.
Not suffering from a heart attack from having to chase my 3 year old around. Also, I know my way around a kitchen.
  • Home
    Domestic Engineer, present
    Job description: Cooking, cleaning, childcare, wiping butts, picking up dog poop, stepping on small toys with bare feet, watching Disney movies and the Disney Channel 24/7, peeling stickers of places stickers should not be placed, anything else that calls for my attention - usually every other minute. And I wonder why I can't game like I used to.
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Burlington, NC
Bronx, NY - Orlando, FL
The Once and Future Gamer
I’m a something year old proud father of 2 boys and happy husband to an amazing wife.

Currently residing in North Carolina. Formally of Florida, formally-formally of The Bronx. I still consider myself a gamer even though I don’t play as much as I used to. It's funny how things like responsibilities and priorities get in your way. 

In case you're curious about some of the main things I like to chat about here on G+, here it is in easy to digest, list form. If I have "Circle" next to the topic, let me know to circle you there if you're interested!:
  • Parenting/Kids (Circle)
  • Video Games (Circle)
  • Game of Thrones (Circle)
  • Doctor Who (Circle)
  • Food (Circle)
  • Movies
  • Star Wars
  • Disney

Before I was hired as a Stay-at-Home Dad, I used to work in the culinary field. I'm now harnessing my powers for good and am trying to keep a food blog updated. The Man, The Chef, The Dad has been up and running for a little more than a year and even though it doesn't have my complete dedication, I still love what I do on there. If you'd like to follow the G+ account for my blog, you can do so at +Papa Chef.

I’m a simple man who loves to hang out with my family more than anything. I’m an Android user, a dessert lover, a Disney admirer, I’m a complete sucker for Collector’s Items/Editions, I dig musicals and I like Nicolas Cage movies.

Some more of my favorite movies/series/actors/random things include (in no order whatsoever): 

Harry Potter, The New York Yankees, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games (just mentioning it makes me want to read the books again), Pizza, Wearing Yankee Hats to Formal Events, Spring, Jurassic Park (yes, all of them), Poetry, My Galaxy Note II, Collecting a Wide Range of Things, Cheesecake, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sandwiches (in general), Dreaming, Catchy Melodies and Goosebump-inducing Harmonies, Tom Hanks, Cinnamon (the spice, not the stripper), Ghostbusters, Baseball, Egg Cream, Video Games, Treasure Hunting Movies,  Clearance Shopping/Bargain Hunting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Corny Jokes, Pizza, Back to the Future, Podcasts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Toe Socks, Space (in general), Prince of Persia, Dessert before or totally replacing Dinner, Fall, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Technology (in general), Catch Me If You Can, Panini’s, I’m a fan of Switched at Birth on ABC Family and I like Bunheads a lot more than any man should ever admit, Emma Stone, Pizza, Bakeries, Winter, Matthew McConaughey movies, Cable (actually having it, not necessarily the providers), Wallpapers (for desktops and phones, not for actual walls), Star Wars (yes, all of them including The Clone Wars series, and I’m crazy excited to see what Disney will do with the franchise), 24 Hour Local News Channels, Indiana Jones, Mmm Pizza, Pixar Movies, Fight Club, New Tech and Electronics, A Knight’s Tale, and I’m currently working on my Whovian and Browncoat badges. I've been reeeeally into Doctor Who lately...

I’m just an overall nerd/dork/geek who loves pizza and pretends he has control of The Force when no one is looking.

Bragging rights
Bragging rights? How about a 3 year old boy. I deserve a medal everyday an ambulance is not called
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Went here for the first time the other night hoping to scratch my fix for Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse. And they did a pretty good job! Service was as expected, ambiance was cool. The cooking tables were a little small, has to sit closer to strangers, but it was ok. Food was salty, but I'm sure that's a slip of the hand by the chef. I'll go again, for sure.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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