Edit 2017-09-29: me and Zak exchanged emails. We discussed stuff. Not the easiest discussion I've ever had, I must admit, but stuff got straightened. Updates soon. Be kind.

Today I learnt that, sometimes, reaching out and explaining yourself to someone that defames you might only make them more self righteous, and they will not flinch, but keep on attacking you.

It felt like trying to communicate with an autistic, narcissistic, vengeful volcano god.

Even when I told them that something they wrote online (and later was deleted) made me feel like they were threatening me and my family, they managed to ignore that threatening people and their families is kind of bad. No "sorry, I did not mean to sound threatening", no "oh I did not mean it that way", not even "I was obviously not threatening and you are an idiot for thinking so".

Just "do not assume guilt before investigating.".

This is lack of civility.
I feel threatened.
I brought this up with the person that made me feel threatened.
They see nothing wrong with their behaviour.
I feel less safe.

Trying to reach out made it worse.
Trying to sort this out made it worse.
Trying to explain made it worse.
Trying to walk the walk made it worse.

I quit social media, as it's becoming less livable. I really want zero to have to do with this person, and I blocked them, but they recently started to read my messages in incognito mode and tell off people (some of which I have some small work engagement with) for interacting with me.

I start to think that I might become a liability for these people, some of which are friends. I'd rather not.

Maybe the only way is to just stop being here.

At least I hope.

Threatening people online works.
This is not a place for me anymore.
Expect only Lost Pages releases posts from now. Not even the occasional goat.

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