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Stampa ingrata! XD
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Non Ti Scordar Di Me questa?....naaaaaa
O questa?
Ma no forse questa...
Questa non mi convince….
Ohhhhh Iniziamo a capirci ma…..

ORA SI!!!!!!!!!
"Don't Forget Me", a song by Mark Lanegan from Field Songs

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+Tapion +orzino +Hazzard17 +Andythesniper

Bidocchini Field Singer

Umbriachi Field Singer

Resistance Royal Philarmonic

Pareri della critica

Il resto del fieldino
Robetta, il festival non ci propone niente di nuovo. La prima serata non ci piace, altra storia fossero state le 5 di mattina.

ENL news 24
Intervista ad Anghiari. Ahhhh non avessi avuto la mi ragazza che rompeva avrei bloccato tutto.

Intervista all’amiata. Ehhhhh avessi avuto tre palle ero un flipper.

il Fieldo Quotiano
Entusiasmante chiusura del festival, 27 acuti che lasciano un segno nella storia della manifestazione. Dopo un inizio un po’ titubante con un paio di stecche ad Anghiari e uno strumento che non ne voleva sapere di suonare a Marsciano la performance sale agli altissimi livelli cui ci hanno abituato.
Con 11.640.434 MUs vincono il festival!

Il Corriere della Fieldatura
Tanta complessità

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Paolo Donadeo

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Se non sei trusted, godi solo a metà.

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Paolo Donadeo

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Diciotto mesi dopo aver partecipato alla registrazione del celebre album Kind Of Blue, John Coltrane rende My Favorite Things un pezzo modale
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Paolo, non so come ti poni nei confronti dell'animazione giapponese, ma ti consiglio la visione della serie Sakamichi no Apollon. È ambientata nel Giappone del secondo dopoguerra, e il jazz scorre pesantemente! 
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Paolo Donadeo

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Paolo Donadeo

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I wrote an article on the new OCaml 4.03 release for It was published last week to subscribers, and is now available for everyone to read. I would warmly recommend subscribing to; it's rather cheap (starts at $3.5 a month), and supports what I find to be an excellent source of technical journalism -- mostly about the Linux kernel development, but also the free software and open source community at large.

Writing an article for a general audience takes a fair amount of work, but was a pleasant and interesting experience. I wrote a first draft, then Jake Edge, the editor, asked for many clarifications on things that were not detailed enough, and of course the result ended up being too long and too specialized and we cut a lot of it -- the article originally mentioned the ongoing projects of multicore runtime and modular implicits, which I was sad to see go away.

One thing that was forcefully reminded to me in the process of writing and polishing the article is that the general knowledge about programming languages is rather poor among the community of (open source and free software) programmers. Some things that I'm used to take for granted, such as "type inference", "module system" or "pattern matching", are actually niche ideas. I think that it is a bit sad, and that we should work on improving it. (Not sure what is the best way, I guess writing blogs and articles and talking at the right conferences.)
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Paolo Donadeo

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The first 100% OCaml client-server app is now available on Google Play… and Apple App Store! Test it!
‪#‎BeSport‬ ‪#‎Ocsigen‬

1 single OCaml code for server and client sides, that runs on the Web and mobile apps.

And soon in Ocsigen Eliom 6.0: create your own multi-platform app!

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Paolo Donadeo

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Concerto degli Snarky Puppy stasera a Milano, in Castello. Chi ci viene?

Grazie +Marco Winnie per la segnalazione!
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Jazz, funk e world music con il collettivo di Brooklyn, passato dall'underground ai Grammy Awards.
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E niente, alla fine non vado.
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Paolo Donadeo

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For the last three years, one month, and seven days, Edward Snowden has been living in exile from the United States. On May 20th, 2013, he boarded a flight from Hawaii to Hong Kong after setting in...
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Why should he pardon a traitor?
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Paolo Donadeo

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Insegna agli angeli come ci si incazza davvero. 
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+Michele Ballardin​ quando torno a Milano controllo la qualità dell'immagine e vediamo cosa si può fare :)
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Paolo Donadeo

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Just discovered Deferred.Or_error.

It's life changing and also my TAB key says thank you.
t >>= f returns a computation that sequences the computations represented by two monad elements. The resulting computation first does t to yield a value v , and then runs the computation returned by f v . val (>>|) : 'a t -> ('a -> 'b) -> 'b t. t >>| f is t >>= (fun a -> return (f a)) .
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A functional, sometimes lazy, programmer
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