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Did Einstein discover dark energy?

"But today, Alex Harvey at New York University in New York, adds an interesting twist to the tale. Harvey has unearthed and re-interpreted a note by Erwin Schrodinger about Einstein’s addition of the [cosmological] constant and also studied Einstein’s reply."
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I often wondered this about other scientists as well. If we scoured Newton's notebooks, would we find hints at relativity? I love that we still have this history, many many years later. I wonder sometimes whether this info will be preserved for our future generations from our current digital documentation.
The notebooks of many scientists indeed still wait to be mined. Consider for example what Stillman Drake was able to do with Galileo's notebooks after 4 centuries worth of historical research. If I were a scholar in the humanities, I would publish English translations of Hevelius's works instead of tackling Caesar for the gazillionth time.
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