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The Moon and Saturn

Saturn close to the Moon on April 17, 2014. A composite of two shots +Stephen Rahn took with a telephoto lens to bring out detail in both objects, which he then put together keeping their approximate relative position in the sky.

Be sure to zoom in and check both the Moon and Saturn.

#Moon #Saturn #Astrophotography
Saturn and the Moon.

This is a composite of two images. One was set to bring out Saturn, and the other to bring out the detail on the Moon.

Canon 60Da
Tamron 150-600mm lens
ISO 100
Saturn exposure - 1/15
Moon exposure - 1/400
Images combined in Photoshop CS 5.1
Final processing in Lightroom 5
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Paolo Amoroso

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A centrifuge run

+Samantha Cristoforetti in a centrifuge training run. No big deal.

Composite image by +SpaceHumor aka my friend +Riccardo Rossi. Original image:

#Humor #Space
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Paolo Amoroso

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Rising Moon and Mars

The nearly full Moon and Mars rising over Milan, Italy. Mars is the white dot at the top left of the Moon. I took this photo on April 14, 2014.

#Moon #Mars
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How large is a neutron star?

A composite image comparing the typical size of a neutron star with Vancouver, Canada. Not in my backyard.

Neutron Star near Vancouver

Courtesy: Chrisian Joore

This dramatic montage by Christian Joore demonstrates the relative size of a Neutron Star if hovering over Vancouver.  The diameter of a Neutron Star is approximately 10 kilometers.
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetups

+Angeliki Kanellopoulou wrote the very useful tutorial The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetups: All you need to know for your first time. A tweetup, aka social, is an outreach event in which space agencies and science institutions bring their fans and followers behind the scenes of their activities.

Here’s the original English version of Angie’s guide in PDF format:

I translated the guide into Italian as Guida ai Tweetup per gli autostoppisti, which you can read at the linked site or download in PDF format here:

#Tweetup #Space #SpaceTweeps
Che cosa è un Tweetup? Come ci si comporta? Guida completa per il tuo primo Tweetup. Siete stati scelti per partecipare a un Tweetup organizzato da un'istituzione spaziale o scientifica in Europa, per esempio ESA, DRL, CNES, ASI, OEWF, CERN, ISU, ecc.?
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How to shoot with Google Camera’s Lens Blur

I took this photo with my Nexus 5 phone and the new Lens Blur feature of the newly released Google Camera app for Android devices, see

Immediately after shooting a photo, Lens Blur requires that you move the camera vertically in a specific way. At first I was unable to make it work, it was frustrating.

It turned out I moved the camera incorrectly. The proper way is to raise the camera, i.e move it vertically to increase the camera’s height above the ground without changing its orientation too much. Keep the object of focus centered and don’t move too slowly or quickly. While raising the phone, you may tilt it a little as needed to keep the object in the camera's viewfinder.

This video demonstrates how to shoot with Lens Blur:

[Android Apps] Google Camera [2.1.037] - Lens Blur Mode

EDIT: I've updated the post based on the feedback and information I got.

#LensBlur   #Android #MobilePhotography
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+Wahyu Sudiro aha, i thought it's the link to the play store app. lol
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The ISS through a small telescope

+Sarah Fisher took these great photos of an International Space Station pass on April 15, 2014. She used a 127mm Maksutov telescope.

The images are pretty sharp, I can make out some detail in the solar panels. The instrument had good focus, and the seeing was probably also good.
Our best prime focus single captures of the International Space Station to date! Tonights pass over Worcestershire ;0)

ISO 1600, 1/500
Canon 600D attached to Maksutov 127mm telescope

#Astrophotography #ISS

Flickr set:
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If the skies are clear tonight we will have another attempt, not too many visible passes left for us this mth... But great advice for future photographs, will let you know how we get on +Riccardo Rossi ;0)
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An oversized Mars globe

An awesomely huge, inflatable Mars globe, about 3 meters large, featuring an accurate map based on spacecraft images. In these photos I took, the globe is hanging off the roof of the Planetarium of Milan, Italy.

#Mars #Astronomy
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Google Docs Viewer

It’s a little known but useful tool for viewing in the cloud many types of online documents and files, without leaving the browser. I tell about it in this short article I wrote for the +Engeene Italian technology news site. Here’s an English version machine-translated with Google Translate

#Google #GoogleDrive #Cloud
Google Docs Viewer visualizza i file nel cloud

+Paolo Amoroso ci parla di Docs Viewer, uno strumento Google che permette di visualizzare in pagine web i documenti e file multimediali presenti online, senza lasciare il browser e accedere al file system locale.

Postato da: +Gabriele Visconti 

#google   #engeene   #googledocsviewer  
 ·  Translate
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Video of a Mars imaging session

Raw video recording of Mars seen through a telescope, with the final processed image made by stacking the frames. It gives a good idea of the visual observing experience, with atmospheric turbulence making the planet image wave like a flag.

+Shahrin Ahmad recorded the video on April 7, 2014, one day before opposition and closest approach to the Earth.

#Mars #Astrophotography
Raw video recording on Mars, 7th Apr 2014 at 1400 UTC. Equipments used were Skywatcher 120ED, F=1800mm, Img132e camera. Processed via Autostakkert 2 and PixInsight
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Science education and outreach activities for Civico Planetario "Ulrico Hoepli"
Google products, Android, Linux, Writing
  • Planetarium of Milan, Italy (contractor: AstrOfficina)
    Astronomy and space educator, present
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Astronomy, space and science geek
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Used Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli's Merz refracting telescope. Viewed STS-120 Shuttle launch at KSC VIP site. SpaceTweetup alumnus. Google Top Contributor (Producer/Newsstand).
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Nella mia recensione originale con voto 5 stelle avevo scritto: "Il bar offre croissant di pasticceria originali, gustosi e di qualità a prezzi in linea con quelli di un buon bar. Una varietà di scelta rara anche per i bar eleganti. I panini sono buoni ma piccoli in relazione al prezzo." Ora la direzione, nonostante il gradimento dei clienti e la perplessità dei baristi del locale, ha limitato la varietà di croissant eliminando quelli più originali e gustosi. Ho quindi diminuito il mio voto a 3 stelle perché il bar ha perso la sua unicità ed è in linea con la media degli altri.
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Il locale non è mai troppo affollato e si trova facilmente posto anche il sabato sera.
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Pizza buona e servizio ragionevolmente veloce anche il sabato sera con il locale pieno.
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Un viaggio nel tempo fra luoghi, arredi e accessori originali della prima metà del '900.
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