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How safe it is to use Google spreadsheet ( with visible to anyone who has its link ) security option and is used for awesome table?

Because if we add members' email IDs in spreadsheet security then that spreadsheet gets shared with all its members and member can see that sheet in their Gmail account under Google Sheet app.

And member can see all the sheet data information at once.

Instead if we just make sheet's sharing as visible to whoever has sheet link then that sheet doesn't get visible for its members, but I want to know how secure is this way?

I am hoping that there is no way out there b which people can find out the sheet unless its url shared.

Can anyone please advise or share your opinion on this?

Can we have horizontal touch screen scroll for page next action in awesome table?

Can we have awesome directory to just display logged in user's details in a card view?

Can we make Awesome table filter as exact string filter?

Let me give an example what i am trying to achieve;

I want to expose only one filter on my awesome directory as label Password and with zero row card visibility.

And my awesome table spreadsheet will have all the record rows with one Password as column for each records. This means that whenever anybody types in one Password string then only that row should get visible in awesome directory and for this I want one filter which should only return the search by matching exact string of Password column.

Hope I am able to make my requirement clear! :)

Or the alternative, i am trying to achieve is i want to display logged in user's profile page on my awesome table directory. And if i am able to do this then i do not need above workaround.

I want to restrict right click and also text copy on my awesome table.

I could achieve this for image with below code but still the text is getting copied when i open Awesome table on my mobile and press hold on the awesome table using Copy Link Text option.

<img class="photo" class="unselectable" onselectstart="return false;" draggable="false" style="-moz-user-select: none; pointer-events: none; ondragstart="return false;" style="height:180px;width:180px;" src="${"Contact Image"}"/>

css class:

.unselectable {
user-drag: none;
user-select: none;

-webkit-user-drag: none;
-ms-user-select: none; }

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Can we create a button in awesome table directory that can call to the mobile number or at least put mobile number on dial pad?

How we can disable Printing, clear filter and Get Filtered url option in awesome table view?

Do we have stringfilter which is not exact string filter but filter which can search string in any order?

Suppose i have value "Red Chilly Burger", i want string filter which can locate this value even if i type "Red" word
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