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Tax payement in India
Tax Payment in India In India out of 100 people who give vote only 7 pay tax Norway holds the top position in which 100 voters 100 pay tax Followed by Sweden 98/100 Canada 94/100 Netherlands Australia India is too low in this list Out of G-20 countries Indi...

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Preparing for exam 2017
What is your outlook towards the Board exams, barely a month away? Are you confident or unsure? Well-prepared or iffy? Exhausted or energetic? It is probably a bit of all these. At this stage, uncertainties about your level of preparation are as normal as t...

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India Digitalising
Pankaj Bhanwani Instructor’s Name 4 February 2017 Digitalising India A robust broadband network is imperative for the many digital scheme The union budget for 2017-18 clearly highlights the centres resolve to promote the digital economy by reducing cash tra...

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Class 11 Statistical Practice Questions 2016
  Class 11 2016 Half Yearly Exam Practice Book to be refereed Sandeep Garg Statistics Numerical Practice Chapter Questions Number Organization of Data Page 4.17 Q 3,4,6,17 4 Tabulation Page 5.10 Q1,3,7,11 4 Diagrammatic Representation Page 6.5 Q1,3,4,5,7,8,...

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Tips to score best marks in your class
MARKS ·          Always feel
Positive Positive attitude is the key to
solve many problems which you face in your life. During exam time, this is an
important feature to have in you for the success and crack your exam with

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Class 12 Why does fuel price goes up
You have been wondering about the change in the fuel price An interactive video is there which shows the concept of equilibrium price and quantity I wish you should see to understand the concept

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Class 12 Sample Answer Sheet for Class 2016-17
Dear Kids As you know that exam are approaching Here is sample question paper along with answer for your reference Question Paper  

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Class 11 2016-17 Question Bank on Economics
Question Bank for class 11 2016--17 1. Economics-An introduction (3 marks) Very short questions 1 marks question 1. Define the term scarcity as used in Economics? 2. What is meant by Economics? 3. How has Marshall defined Economics? 4. Define the wealth def...

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Production Possibility Curve - A short Note 2016
Production Possibility Curve  A production possibility frontier (PPF) shows the maximum possible
output combinations of two goods or services an economy can achieve when
all resources are fully and efficiently employed The PPF will shift outwards when: Th...

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Multiple Choice Questions on Demand
Please solve this Quiz and come for any type of problem Multiple Choice Quiz Which of the following is not a determinant of a consumer's demand for a commodity? a. Income b. Population c. Prices of related goods d. Tastes The law of demand refers to the a. ...
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