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+Solwolf  it's okay man. Even if it's just today, even if it's the week. Take a breath. Take a break. But realize that this was a HUGE undertaking, and that most people would have prerecorded most of the month and only done like the Sunday episodes during the month.

You took on a massive challenge, and you could easily have uploaded a video of the meta breaking not working and said "oh well" but you consistently try to give a good performance on champions, even if they only work for half the video.

Have some fun, do something else, maybe do an opposite series, like, "Following the Meta" or something stupid.

Either way, you have provided a ton of entertainment this month so far. I lost my job at the end of May, and your videos have been giving me something to watch while I look for work, or do my projects.

Much love and respect for everything you've done.

Pangoria Fallstar

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That first cart is $130 today.
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Plot Bunny Pen  - 
So I have a story I blocked out for a Sailor-Moon/Scooby-Doo Fusion. As a fusion, the idea is that one set of characters operate in the rules of the other world, while still being themselves.

So I was planning to do Sailor-Moon in a Scooby-Doo style mystery, and not only grab some of the tropes from Scooby-Doo, but set up some of the relationships like Scooby-Doo.

Usagi - Scooby-doo - Eating, not brave unless bribed
Ami - Velma - Losing Glasses
Rei - Daphne - Danger Prone Daphne
Makoto - Fred - Split Up
Minako - Shaggy - Zoinks, large sandwich - gymnast?

Usagi (Scooby) and Minako (Shaggy), short skit to confuse the monster - use transformation pen

Convoluted plan made by Makoto - has to fail (almost purely a SD trope, have it involve her beating up monster at some point).

Usagi (Scooby) jumping into (Minako's) Shaggy’s arms

Explaining away the mystery at the end. Especially unexplained monster abilities.

The girls should transform at the climax to face the monster. Monster has to be NOT REALLY a monster that they would blast to win. There should be an unmasking.

I did an outline very threadbare, you can use if you want, or do your own thing, I'm kinda giving this away.


Villain dressed in costume - does something, evil

The accidental investigators or The Curse of the Ghastly Mansion

Before the Main Characters
Someone is killed via the "monster's" style.

They get involved
Girls stop at a diner before going to the mountain retreat
Hear an urban legend of the monster

Rei (Daphne) keeps wanting Makoto (Fred) - Makoto is more interested in the monster
Minako (Shaggy) and Ami (Velma) are dating - they share a drink
Usagi (Scooby) and Minako (Shaggy) are best friends - Usagi wants to share the drink too
Usagi talks about Mamo-chan (playing this straight from SM)

First Meeting
Monster shows up - Usagi jumps into Minako’s arms

They go to stay at the hotel, they hear that people have been disappearing there
An investigator is staying at the hotel as well - looking for someone who killed his wife

Monster shows up in the middle of the night to attack the girls

Makoto makes a plan to take down the monster - They split up

Minako and Usagi run into the monster, but they disguise themselves to get away.
Rei gets kidnapped
They go looking for Rei, and she says what happened.
Ami - “I don’t think this is a monster”

The monster attacks the investigator, injuring him and he has to go to the hospital

Makoto makes a plan to capture the monster
Ami loses her glasses - plan gets messed up
The monster chases the girls down, but Usagi and Minako manage to get it stuck in the trap

They unmask the monster, only to find out that he was the wife killer.

“I guess he was a monster all along.” - Ami
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cooool japanese names. i might have done this if i didnt have so many things im currently working on
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Pangoria Fallstar

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Pangoria Fallstar

Play My Game  -

Today is the release day of my game. Its free! So please let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
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Pangoria Fallstar

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Yay! Got to meet Raph Koster! Along with everyone else I got to meet at GDC Next!
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Whoa! Twin-zies!
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A new fairytale this good is hard to find.
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Pangoria Fallstar

Writer's Block  - 
So I've had part of the Sailor Moon/Scooby-Doo fusion written, about 1k words, but I haven't had time/felt like writing in about a year. Recently though I've been getting the itch, but haven't had the time or focus.

I want to start doing short stories to sell, and writing fanfiction feels counter productive to doing the short stories. So, I feel conflicted, which is part of the reason why I'm not doing ANYTHING. >.< Which makes me feel bad.

I do want to at least do the one story, I've been thinking of SM/SD fusion since I was in Highschool O_O But I never got around to it. Now I have it plotted out, and I have the intro and the first scene done. But I can't seem to finish it.

Figure, I'll share it with you guys. I'll put it up in the plot bunnies pen.
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Pangoria Fallstar

Show Your Work  - 
So I made my first Chrome app. To load it up I had to create a manifest (I was not ready for that as I've never worked with JSON...), but after doing some research and looking at the manifests of some apps I had installed, I was able to make one.

But it turns out that with Chrome Webapps you need to do the correct manifest the first time if you want it to be a "Desktop" app. This means that the manifest needs to point to a .js file that works before the page is loaded. You use this to set up a window etc. Unfortunately, since I discovered this AFTER the first upload that I successfully pulled off, it won't let me upload the manifest with the change.

Eitherway, I have my "html5" (.js) game up in the Chrome Appstore. Thought I'd share it, and my experience with Chrome so far! :D
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really nice job man congrats
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Have to keep calling to get the prescription ready. Several times had to wait.
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