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Windows 7 main work station with mobile backup laptop. Desktop widgets for tracking offshore timezones and other data for project management.

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Why Is Hiring A Project Manager So Hard
Tips for Businesses who want to hire a Project Manager, but are not sure where to start.

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Common Tools For Digital Agencies

Digital Agencies who are having problems scaling up often are lacking various tools to streamline their business.

Integration is a big part of this, because no one tool will satisfy the varied needs of a Digital Agency that has both Web Development and Content Fulfillment teams.

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Hiring Your First Remote Project Manager

Hiring your first Project Manager does not have be a scary, overwhelming project. Avoiding common mistakes is the first step in getting the perfect Project Manger that you need.

Perhaps you have already tried to hire a remote Project Manager, but the Project Manager did not fulfill your expectations.

Or maybe your hiring plan and onboarding process wasn’t in place, and your new Project Manager canceled the contract out of disgust.

Roadblocks to Digital Agency success are common. In fact, many industries run into these problems eventually. But Digital Agencies, who often outsource a large portion of the day-to-day tasks to remote freelancers, have a unique need to balance client acquisition against available teams. There are many moving parts of an active Digital Agency, and keeping that engine running smoothly requires specific processes and delivery systems.

The most efficient solution to these many issues can be solved by hiring a Project Manager on retainer. They can look at your business and offer solutions to the most pressing problems of task management, content fulfillment, team leadership and client onboarding.

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