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39 Quick and Verified Techniques to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate
Techniques to Increase Your Website's Conversion RateIt’s important to drive traffic to your site, however, if the traffic driven to your site doesn’t convert, it’s completely useless. Well, that’s why we have compiled this article revealing 39 verified techniques of compelling your visitors to take a desired course of action, whether it’s handing over their email address, filling out a form or making a purchase.
Include as few fields as possible
Ask for as little information as necessary when requesting for information in an opt-in form.
Below is an instance of how using one extra form field reduced conversions by 11 percent.
Add a guarantee
To increase sales and reduce risk, include a no-questions-asked refund policy across all purchases. These usually will more than make up for possible returns.
Use tangible action verbs
In testing various calls to action, endeavor to use action languages that compel visitors to take action. For instance, “reserve your seat,” “order now,” “grab yours.”
Utilize testimonials
To give social proof and reduce risk, use testimonials. Use them on your email opt-in and product landing pages.
Clearly state the benefits of your product or service
It is important to list your products; however, it’s even more crucial to explain briefly to potential buyers how exactly your product intend to solve their problems.
Pay careful attention to your headline
The single most vital element of your landing page is possibly your headline. Try to think hard about ten at least before you eventually settle for the strongest one.
Keep conversion elements above the fold
To get optimal results, your opt-in boxes, as well as other elements, should be above the fold.
Use video to humanize your brand
A simple video included on your landing pages go to show there is an actual person behind your brand.
Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads
Ensure your visitors are sent to your dedicated landing page and not your homepage if you are using AdWords or other forms of PPC ads.
Add social media follower or subscribers counts
Similar to testimonials, including social proofs assist reduce risk and boost conversion.
Include strong calls to action (CTAs) into each bit of content on your site
Your readers should always know what you expect next from them, whether it’s to read a blog post, click a button or fill out a form.
Recommend related products
Links to related products or contents should be incorporated into your site to keep visitors engaged.
Include stock numbers
Try to always include the number of remaining stock together with product description if you have a tangible product. For instance, “Only 5 left in stock. Order now.”
Lose the hype
Many people are too knowledgeable to fall for hype-based copywriting. Discard the hype and put your attention on writing a clear and compelling copy that assists your potential clients to make a purchase decision.
Test variations of your CTA button
Your “order now” or ”buy now” button may work quite differently based on its positioning, color and how big the size. See which performs best by testing various variations.
Tell visitors precisely what they are going to get
Furnish your visitors with everything they ought to know about your product – the features and benefits, looks and designs, possible usages, people who would benefit most from it and method of delivery.
Include a clear value proposition
Let potential consumers know what’s special about your product. Why should they buy yours instead of the ones already in the market? How’s it better and different?
Give your visitors tunnel vision
Remove things that could possibly distract your visitors when creating a landing page – such as navigation bar and other CTAs. The sole aim of your landing page should be to get visitors to take the desired action.
Include a privacy statement on opt-in forms
The privacy policy has a massive effect on your email conversations. In one testing, replacing the words quite slightly resulted in a 19 percent increment in conversions.
Get your visitors excited
Use amazing storytelling and emotionally powered language to attract your visitors and get them excited about having to try your product.
Keep input fields optional
If you must request for many information, ensure you keep as much as possible optional to increases the chances that visitors would complete the form. You can request for additional information over time.
Meet the expectations of your PPC visitors
If your visitors arrive your landing page through a PPC ad, ensure your ad copy is in line with your landing page copy. Your ad copy should inform them precisely what they will get one they click through your website.
Offer multiple payment alternatives
Take it or leave it, not everyone prefers using PayPal. Consider providing various payment alternatives to satisfy the choices of all your potential buyers.
Include buyer reviews
There has not been any doubt that buyer reviews are tremendously influential in assisting other people to make a purchase decision. In actual fact, according to research by Zendesk, 88 percent of people who responded mentioned that their purchasing decisions were influenced by the positive or negative reviews.
Try out different color blends on your landing pages
Various colors can mean different things to diverse individuals – for instance, red can evoke a feeling of anger or even stress, while blue can be soothing. To see which color results in optimal conversion rates, try out a variety of palettes.
Incorporate high-quality images
Incorporating cheap stock, generic photos can translate a wrong signal about your brand. Use professional and high-quality photos where possible.
Use Call-To-Action buttons rather than links
Buttons rather than a link are more noticeable and more clickable, mostly when viewed on mobile devices.
Use a chat tool
Offer live chat to assist responding to inquiries and ease any concerns prospective customers may have.
Use directional cues
Use arrows or any other visual cues to move the attention of your visitors to your most vital on-page elements. Remember flashy red arrows don’t usually work as they used to, so just be careful to stay tasteful.
Test a One-column layout
When experimented, there was a conversion increase of 681 percent when changing from a two-column layout to one-column layout.
Include a headshot
Do not be scared to add a personal headshot in your sidebar or close to your CTAs. It can decrease the feeling of risk by showing that there is an actual person behind the brand.
Give a price-match guarantee
Although some people will not take your offer, it assists in expressing that you are concerned about keeping your rates or prices competitive.
Try out different content lengths
Depending on your audience, product and niche, a long copy may outperform short copy (or the reverse). Ensure to try different lengths to see what works best for your audience.
Use photos of happy or smiling people
It is normally believed that these kinds of images produce the highest conversion rates.
Ensure to include contact info
Offer your consumers confidence in purchasing from you by integrating a complete contact info of yourself in an easily reachable location.
Give bonus discounts at checkout
Provide a percent-off discount or offer free shipping to buyers on their next purchase.
Do not request registration to purchase
Some sites request visitors to complete a registration form for them to buy. Ensure to provide a one-time, “express” checkout to reduce likely roadblocks.
Match the reading level of your copy to your audience
Using languages that are too simplistic, obscure or difficult can alienate some of your users.
Explore tools like Readability Score to ensure you are matching your copy to your visitors’ preferences.
Don’t provide too many alternatives
When presented with too many options, people may become paralyzed or totally avoid a specific task or decision. Where possible try to be specific about who your products are designed for, or suggest which product is a “popular choice,” mostly purchased by the majority of people.
Bonus tip: Keep in mind that the secret to a highly converting website is continuous testing. What is suitable for one website, niche or audience may not be best for another, making it tougher to provide a one-size-fits-all technique or strategy for achieving optimal conversions. Find out what works most for your business and then flow with it.

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