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Panama Yacht and Fishing Charters
Luxury bespoke yachting and fishing vacations on the Pacific and Caribbean
Luxury bespoke yachting and fishing vacations on the Pacific and Caribbean

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We had a great time at the #PanamaBoatShow  where we were seen by many Panamanian families whose main interests are cruising around the islands rather than sport fishing for giant Marlin or Tuna. 
You can read more on our website post linked below.

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Amazing plans for floating private islands revealed.
Meanwhile our charter mothership in tropical Panama is the best thing!

#LuxuryVacation #LuxuryYacht #IslandVacation #TropicalIsland

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Fishing and cruising in style in Panama
#fishing #cruising #panama

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Getting a little admin time on the computer from the soft leather sofa.
#PanamaCity  is in the background and we are preparing for our next #IslandHopping  and #SportFishing   #YachtCharter   #adventure  
Find out more here =>

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A refueling run aboard #CherinIII  in the Bay of #PanamaCity  in preparation for our next #IslandHopping  and #SportFishing    #yachtCharter   #adventure

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Best places to catch large Tuna.
We're not surprised to find Panama in the shortlist. #sportfishing #tuna

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I found an article on us from Dave Lewis Worldwide Fishing.
Dave came and fished with us at the San Blas archipelago along with Doug Olander, editor of Sport Fishing Magazine, Bill Shedd CEO President of AFTCO, Marc Mills from Shimano US, renowned underwater photographer Jason Arnold, and David Morel, publisher of Sport Fishing Magazine & Saltwater Sportsman.
It's a good read.

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We're delighted to find ourselves in a Sport Fishing Magazine article, in which they write about a trip to the Pearl Islands not far from Panama City

#sportfishing   #fishpanama   #PearlIslands   #PanamaFishing  
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