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Windows 8 won't be on my machine regardless
Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system will not play DVDs unless customers buy an extra upgrade, the company has announced.
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"...will not play DVDs unless customers buy an extra upgrade..."

Or install VLC, which works better than any of the crummy commercial DVD software I've seen, and costs nothing.

It's like saying you won't be able to check email without an extra upgrade o.O
Realistically all that will happen (my opinion) is that OEMs will bundle trialware DVD software, just as they have been doing for antivirus etc. for years.

People will pay for it, or find some other way (F/OSS or pirated software).
+Brett Legree I hate garbageware. That's why I stopped buying HP. It used to take me days just to get rid of the crapware :D
Yes, there will be many workarounds to this. The problem is that customers don't want workarounds. They just want it to work out of the box.

I think we in the technology fields lose sight of the fact that, for better or for worse, not everyone wants to futz around with their computer. Some just don't have the time, the patience or the aptitude. DVDs are not dead yet and I think this is a bad move by MS.
+Panah Rad me too on the garbageware. Many people ask me for purchasing advice, and if possible I steer them towards the "small/medium business" section of OEM websites rather than the "home user" section, since most OEMs don't care whether you really are a small/medium business or not - as long as you pay. Plus, I have found that even the lower-end corporate machines tend to be more robust (as they are focusing on that rather than giving you 31 pretty colors and chrome accents).
You're right +Michael Fullerton though as I mentioned above, I would bet you $50 that OEMs will just step up to the plate and bundle in some 90-day trial to some DVD software, just as they do with Norton and even Microsoft Office.

Microsoft is just downloading the cost to the OEMs. Whether the savings will be passed on to anyone after that is questionable.
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