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That looks magical to me
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Yes, magical is the word to describe it!!! (I just hope that the people who live there are not somnambulist / sleep walking) hehe
haha :) Somebody lives there? :)
I saw places like this all over Spain & was just FASCINATED in thinking HOW did they get all those building things up there to MAKE that & my VERY NEXT though is always, OMG!! HOW do they get their groceries up there!!!! But you are right, it IS MAGICAL & can you just IMAGE their VIEW!!! I'm SURE it's SPECTACULAR!!
I KNOW +Isabelle Cardinal but SOME of them just seem to CLING to the side of a sheer cliff with no obvious way to get there it just astounds me. lol
I'll pass... It's a beast to commute to work from there... :)
This place looks awesome for meditation. That's really all that matters to me :D I am sure workplaces will be understanding if you are a few days late to work. haha :)
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