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For anybody interested on a very cool tool for teaching logic, interactivity and game development, you can get the Clickteam's Fusion Developer Edition and all the Exporting Plugins with just 15$ right now with the Humble Bundle!

It's not a full throttle game engine like others, but its great for teaching logic and quick prototyping.

And it's a killer deal, if you consider that the bundle of Fusion alone should cost around 700-900 euro, and now you can get it with 15$ and you also get a bunch of great indie games too!

Hurry up, you got 3 days left!

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Just received my Certificate on Social Marketing from Hootsuite Academy. Very nice eLearning experience and a lot of valuable info gained!

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Testing the Waves NX Head Tracking Monitor Plugin.

Pretty good responce, nice tracking, although I would like to see more FPS on the tracking. Overall, a very cool idea and nice easy to setup implementation. Great way to mix in surround headphone too!

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We should all take action about this!
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