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Weekly Science Hangout: Venus Transit
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I look forward to the Transit! I hope you all can get some live feeds from out west!
Feel free to ask questions
Question: Will Venus appear as a solid disc or will we be able to make out her atmosphere during the transit?
CosmoQuest hangout viewer not working... ? :-(
If it goes black, you may have to leave the page and return to the hangout.
Not getting CQ viewer to load at all... just see the red "the end" curtain.
Carter Observatory, Wellington, NZ have them at NZD$3 each.

These things are cheap.
Hangout page is now fixed
Where's the best place online to find out how to build a device to view the transit?
Saw the last one. It was a sunny day. Amazing view. Jump on a plane you two!
Heh. Just occurred to me; light pollution isn't an issue for this sort of observing. :)
I've been reading BadAstonomer's blog, he's been answering most potential questions about this pretty thoroughly.
Yeah, thanks, you guys. Very interesting. Clear skies!
Ack! missed it. Well, at least there's a playback button.
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