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Pamela Gay hung out with 3 people.Nancy Atkinson, Alan Boyle, and Emily Lakdawalla
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Pamela L. Gay was in a video call with 3 others
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It's also saying that people are hanging out even if they are just watching..(as in my case).
I think you right click on the video for the embed code (not sure if different for the hosts, tho)
...not visible on CosmoQuest...
...just some glitches.. :-)
what paul said is right - there's an option for copy embed html which might work
Thanks for coming on, inspite of the immature Google+ software update.
If you have the embed code, can you share it in the comments?
I'm sure the US Navy is keeping a watchful eye on all this...
Joining for the first time, trying to get the hang of it
Moon-shine would've been more appropriate me thinks :P
Unfortunately, does not work (or cannot figure out) on my iPad
[Question] Does this distillation idea have long term applications for making food or useful chemicals in deep space/colonization missions?
Do the host know how many viewers are watching and their identities? Just curious
Would it be possible to use "natural" neutrinos for communication or are we looking at needing ways to generate them efficiently? I'd think using the LHC or similar would be a bit OTT :o)
Any recent developments with regards to NASA's budget custs to planetary science?
Is the North Korean space program their own? i.e. have they developed it in isolation or have they had external help? Might be interesting to see their solutions if they have developed in isolation - see how they differ from the rest of the worlds.
Really, they need to develop special barley, hops and yeast strains optimized for various space locales, then brew beer with those in recycled water that originally came from the Moon or somewhere. This would be true "space beer", with provenance.
Whats your take on object G1.9 and the idea we might have a brown dawrf in the far Outer Solar System?
Of the three ESA missions that are up for for launch in early 2020s (Juice, Athena and NGO) would you like to see selected?
I'm voting for JUICE. This mission will orbit Ganymede and do a few flybys of Europa. ESA will soon decide which one of the 3 proposals will launch.Check BBC website for a great article on this.
We need less politics in science and more science in politics.
Maybe we can start a kickstarter for the plutonium. ahaha
Would seem that a cooperative mission with ESA, etc could reduce US costs for outer planet mission,,,, but NASA, I believe has backed out of previous commitments
As ever thanks for the hangout & thanks for answering my question! :o)
After sign on, could only see my own comments on my PC, but could see eveyones on my iPad ????
Could you send out a notification when this is available for later viewing? Thanks!
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