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One Minute Physics takes on my favourite physics homework problem:
Whether tis drier of the body to walk through the stings of drops of outrageous rain fall, or to take foot against a sea of droplets, and by running, escape them.
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Clever rephrasing of Shakespeare soliloquy (I was forced to memorize it is grade 11 English class, I think) :)
Mythbusters did this very early on, but I don't remember the outcome.
Also, to minimize the wetness of your front... you should clearly run as fast as you can while spinning in circles. That way the rain is spread out over your whole body and you'll dry faster once you get inside.  You can thank me later.
+Jay Knight Damn You! I just tried this, and while yes I dried off much faster- I had to spend several minutes cleaning up vomit. :P
... and if you can create a 60second video explaining something sciencey about our fabulous world/universe ... you could enter your vid in the video competition ... $10,000 in cash prizes will be shared in several divisions ... closes August 2013
Take an umbrella with you, problem solved:)
Jk! Really enjoy these 1min videos :)
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