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I just saw this great comment by +roger clark

"I'd say the simple truth is, mankind for all of its supposed knowledge is still stumbling around in the dark. I respect science and the many advancements we have today but we are still babies intellectually, spiritually and obviously emotionally. Maybe if we learned to respect eachother we could level up a little more. :)"

I love the idea of society "leveling up". Image all of humanity working together (wearing stupid headsets and periodically yelling into their mics 'Heal Me!') to better our Fellowship / Guild / Team as we conquer disease, hunger, lack of housing, and so much more.

I wonder what I have to role on my d20 to irradicate just one science misconception in just 1 person.
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Roll a d10 six times. If they all come up zeros, you're successful.
roll babby roll, no more crit misses tho
The lack of team dynamics in society is very sad. I definitely love the idea of people working together to "level up" society, humanity, intelligence, etc. as a team. There's so much risk to us not doing this, and so much to gain otherwise. We're a tiny, insignificant people on a tiny, insignificant planet, circling a tiny, blah, blah, blah. And if we're not careful we can easily wipe ourselves out and be forgotten forever. Let's not settle for that.
So we could sidle up to someone, inspect them and whisper " Dude, your stacking to much neocon, you need more integrity".
If you think of us as chimps, it all makes so much more sense. We've got some special talents and abilities compared to our chimpanzee and bonobo cousins, but we're still very much like them. We've learned some long-term thinking, and extended our basic ape empathy to include people on the other side of the world, people long dead, and even fictional people. But all this stuff is relatively new, compared to how long we've been chimps. It's pretty amazing we've gotten as far as we have. Hopefully we'll continue improving our branch of the tree, instead of just using our chimp+ skills to fashion ever more complicated weaponry.
With you, there. I was looking out the window at work yesterday, thinking how people just do the same thing, day after day. Very seldom do we rise above, seldom do we do for others. So little of our advances really advance us. How to change it? How to get everyone thinking ahead?
Forget d20, you need exploding dice. :)
Should concentrate on learning to spell rather than how much of a meanie everyone is. ":)"
lol, Erik. But learning to respect each other would b a nice step :D
\o/... Ok gurps is my game, i'd role on my 3d6. Great comment... We still are babies and nothing more
Once society stops using Education as a dump stat, we'll hit the next level in no time!
We have leveled again and again over the last few hundred years alone. I would strongly suggest reading Stephen Pinker's "Better Angels of Nature" for a little better perspective on how far we have come in treating each other better, and checking out Hans Rosling's" 200 years, 200 countries, 4 minutes " for perspective on how much things have improved in a material sense. Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Stats - BBC Four
Jennifer, sure. Maybe I just want people to "level-up" their intelligence. In my opinion, that will do the world the most good. I can't help that I'm a crotchety young man. 
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